Drezo Regalia Update


This is a minor update for Drezo Regalia. This story is not dead, nor will it be on hiatus forever. To be frank with you, I have been in the biggest slump for this story specifically. From having writer’s block to life and finally lost all data on this story, but no fert. I’ll be going back over the chapter to extract the timeline and stuff again. I have the written script, but the digital copy has gone kapoofed.

Truthfully, the goal of Drezo Regalia is 16 volumes for free, maybe less or more, I haven’t decided how exactly to end this story. It is my 2nd most favorite story to write. My first has always been Song of Creation which will only have 8. Fun fact about Drezo Regalia, this story is a little slice of the Song of Creation chronicles universe timeline. It’s not a huge part of it, but one of the stories.

To put it simply, my goal is:

  1. To finish Mind Linker.
  2. All 150 artwork of Monster in Us completed by June 1st 
  3.  Drezo Regalia will be the next project to finish for you guys. 

I’ll have a few stories, already written out. Song of Creation: The Maiden’s Tear volume 3 will be ready soon. However, I haven’t quite figured out what to draw in the cover book phase. 

Anyways, see ya guys around. 


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