Black Moon Epilogue


Beep. Beep. Beep. 

I heard whispers in my ears. 

My eyes blinked a few times, trying to figure out what was happening, but I couldn’t see anything. 

“Do you think she is okay?” An unknown female voice spoke up. 

“I saw her heartbeat start to change the last couple of days.” Then, another that I didn’t know spoke. 

“It’s been over five years since she went into a coma.” The unknown female sighed. 

“Wouldn’t it be better to pull the plug?” 

A loud smack was heard. “Are you insane?! She’s the heir to the Infinity company. Grandfather’s not going to be pleased with that!”

“But, all that money….will be divided with the rest of us.” 

Another loud smack was heard. 

“No, you idiot. That’s not how it will work. It will be ALL donated away if she does not hand it over.” 

A muffle could be heard, “Lucky bitch.” 

The machine beeped once again. 

Suddenly, a loud scream was heard. 

I tried once again, wondering what was happening. My body wasn’t responding as much as I wanted. 

“Who are you?!” One of the females called out in horror.

“No one of your concern.” A familiar voice spoke out. 

My heart dropped. I knew that voice even with my eyes closed. 

It was Phil. 

His confident steps came closer as he stopped in front of me. I heard something ruffling in his pocket. 

“What are you doing?!” Then, in anger, the woman called out, “Are you trying to kill my cousin?!”

Phil ignored her. 

I felt his hand reach down, pulling me up. He slightly opened up my lips, and I felt a warm tingle of energy start to shoot down my throat. 

It was power. The warmth traveled all the way down to the core and to my tippy-toe. 

Slowly, I opened up my eyes. But, unfortunately, the brightness around me blinded me. 

“Welcome back, Berry.” Phil’s voice brought shivers. 

It took a moment to clearly see him. I was impressed that he was much older, making him look even more handsome than before. 

“Phil?” I croaked. My lips and throat felt dry and raspy. 

Phil nodded his head. “I’m glad to see you back, Berry.”

“What happened?”

“You died.” 

“I did?”

“Yes, after you saved the world, you disappeared.” Phil’s voice became heavy. “We searched for you but could not find you anywhere. So I have personally gone to find the Goddess of Light for answers. She said, “You had died and left his world, and your soul was brought back to Earth’.” 

“How long was I gone?”

“One thousand years.” 

I gaped. “That long?”


“I see…” I was shocked to hear how so much time had passed. “What about others?” 

“Not many are alive, but a handful is waiting for you back at home. Coco, Tart, and Mocha have gotten your room ready, waiting for your arrival if you want to come back with me.” 

I thought it over. 

“Do you?” Phil asked with a tense tone of voice. He was waiting for my reply.

I shook my head up and down. 

“I’m glad.” Phil let out a sigh of relief. “Well, we should go then and meet the others.” 

“Yea, that would be great,” I replied back. 

I could feel something strange. My hands started to have white scales on the back of my hand. I was shocked to see dragon scales starting to grow. I pulled back my sleeves and saw more and more scales appearing. 

I thought I was human. 

I looked up at Phil and back down. 

Phil smiled. “Well, it seems that you’re still a part dragon.” 

“Yea, I guess so.” I smiled. I could feel the pulsating power of the dragon’s power, but without the dragon maiden power that I remember. I did not miss it, but I was grateful that I was not burdened by it anymore. 

“Young mistress.” Coco stepped forward from behind Phil. “We have hot water ready for you.” 

“Really?” I looked over. I couldn’t be any happier to see my friends. 

“Yes, whenever you are ready to go home.” 

I pulled away from the cover. I placed my feet on the ground; I felt a shiver that ran up and down my body. It felt alien in the body that I was in. 

I slowly got up. My legs shook, unable to hold my weak body. 

Phil scooped in, picking me up in a princess carry. 

“Phil?!” I spoke out loud in confusion. 

“Shhh, princess. Let me help you.” 

I opened and closed my mouth, unable to say anything back. Instead, I blushed red, ducking my head down. I couldn’t help but feel the heat rising all over my body. Even being in his arm made me feel like I would melt any minute now.

“Wait, where are you taking her?” My aunt came forward, trying to stop Phil from taking me away. 

“Home.” Phil reached over, pushing her aside. 

“Her home is with us.” 

“No.” Phil gave them a glare, freezing them in place. “Her home is where she deems it, and I assure you that her home is not here anymore.” 

My aunt couldn’t say anything as she shivered from Phil’s dark aura that suppressed her from even moving forward. 

I looked over to my aunt. The memories of my human life were spotty, and I could not remember anymore. However, all the memories I had as the Dragon Berry were more powerful, telling me that this was my real life. My life on Earth was over, and I wanted nothing to do with it. 

My aunt gave me one last look, but she couldn’t say anything further. 

“Are you ready?” Phil asked in a loving voice. 

I looked away from my aunt and leaned my head against his chest. 

A portal appeared before us, dividing the two worlds. Through the portal, I could see the profound changes that the city had gone through, and at the other end, I saw the people that I loved waiting for me as they waved their hands in excitement. 

Phil hugged me tighter. “I love you, Berry,” He whispered, so only I could hear. 

He walked through the portal. 

I felt a cool breeze hit my face, and the nostalgia of home hit me hard in the chest. 

I was back home. 

The End. 

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