Song of Creation Series Book 2 is out!


Run. Run. Run far away. Keep the power of life and sound safe.

Aurelius is chased out into space with his friends. He was given an immeasurable task that no one has ever completed before, and the daunting task worries him. Who knows that the search for the other strange powers could not only lead him away from home but also on a wild goose chase around the universes?

Thrown into the infamous water planet Oceane, he scours the watery depths for the possible appearance of his next assignment. Still, trouble meets him head-on as he gets separated from his best friend, Lucian.

Volume 2 on Amazon and Payhip. You get a special 10% off on payhip when you share it.

Volume 1: The Legacy Amazon and Payhip

On the side Note:

This story in the making has been a long bumpy ride. Mostly because of the time and effort put into it to correct the loopholes, grammar, and story development. Even though it is the beginning stages of Aurelius’ journey, there are many things that he must go through in his life to find his purpose and himself. Without it, he would never grow.

Like how these past two books have been a growing journey, it has also been a great pleasure to write something of this scale. The other stories do not compare to the time and commitment I put into planning the Song Series. Well, I hope you guys enjoy the story, as there will be new things off on the horizon.

Starting on Feb. 25th there will be a chance to enter in a giveaway for this book. Look forward to it!


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