New Story Announcement!

Hi guys~

I am excited to share a very special story with you, and today is the release date. It has undergone numerous editing, which took a very long time. The book I have been brainstorming, writing, and editing for so long that I never got to share is finally out at the Amazon and Payhip Store!

The journey to write this story was rough because I had a specific idea that I wanted to share with the world, and hopefully, people would take something from it and grow. Other than that, I personally wish to share with you a glimpse of a world unique in its own way. This is a series, and it is Book 1 of the Song of Creation.

You can buy it on Payhip or Amazon.



If you do buy a copy, I would appreciate it if you could leave a review. Thank you!

You can follow all my Song series stories on where I will be uploading and updating all future stories around this series. Thank you!

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