Black Moon V3 Ch. 3

(Berry’s view)

Who knew that sleeping in the pile of gold would be so effective in controlling my raging emotions. The soft tinkling sound of the metal running over each other, creating a lullaby to my ears. Even being smothered by gold and hiding underneath made me comfortable as I lay hidden beneath. Only my eyes lazily blinked slowly open as I took insight before me. Breathing underneath the gold is impossible; the circulation of air is low, making it very difficult for me, so my snout poke out of the gold.

I stayed underneath for a while. My mind was finally settling down from the hectic spiral of the unwanted noise of my thoughts. It wasn’t until now that my emotions were finally in check.

Why did that man affect me so much? It just didn’t make any sense at all. I was just Vera Lee on Earth, and now I am Berry in Torren. There wasn’t much of a difference, or was there something more? Was this really my body? Was I really who Elcro said I was, Myrin Drakel?

“Myrin Drakel.”

The name echoed in my mind, and the words slipped out from the mouth like it was some kind of foreign element. My tongue unconsciously flickered like a snake before it disappeared back in my mouth.

“Myrin Drakel.” Once again, I said it out loud. This time with much more strength as I felt a shiver run down my spine.

“Myrin Drakel!” My voice boomed. I could feel my pit stirring like a raging storm making me uncomfortable.

“I am Berry Drakel!” I stood up, and the coins trickled down my side. “Why am I so caught up in a name? What he said is not true, right? What is this uncomfortable feeling in the pit of my stomach? Am I not Vera Lee, the human in the past? Did I really reborn or just get transferred to another world to inhabit someone’s body? What is going on? I wanted some answers.” My fist pounded onto the ground as gold splashed all around me. The tinkling sound of gold helped me calm down. I just didn’t know where this burst of anger was coming from.

It was so alien that I did not fully understand if it was the dragon or me? Am I not Vera Lee? Am I not Berry Drakel? Or was I playing someone else this whole time, but didn’t know who I was in the beginning?

“Bah!” My hands swiped across the piles of gold as the gold flew all over the place. What was I even worried about? I am Berry Drakel, a human that turned into a dragon. Right?

Why am I second-guessing myself? There shouldn’t be much change, nor would it matter… 

Right? I stuffed such a thought away. There was no change in my status menu, right? I quickly pulled up my information in my mind just to make sure nothing has changed.

Name: Berry Drakel

Title: Greedy Gaming Dragon

Race: Dragon

Blessings: Blessing of the Ancient Dragon, Double Trouble, Great Sage, Curse of the Dragons

Abilities: Transform, Magic absorption, Metal Manipulator. Ice (Ice Claw, Ice Armor, Ice Bullet) and Fire Magic (Fireball), Coder

Only in Torren: Blessing of Adventurers.

Only in Earth: Magical Spirit Management,

See, nothing has changed. Not even my name, so I don’t know what Elecro was even talking about. Let’s not think too much about this whole ordeal.

“I am Berry Drakel,” I growled. There was no change in that. Finally, with my resolution made, I took a step out of the pile of gold and started to head towards the exit.

My stomach rumbled, telling me that I needed to eat. I wasn’t sure how long I kept myself stuck in this room. My foot brushed against the mountain of gold, causing a small avalanche. Even my tail swept through, making it rain more gold to the side.

Ah~ I love the sound of gold, I could even taste the sweet apple in my mouth. Scooping up about five, I threw it in the air and snapped it up without allowing a single one to drop onto the ground. 

A burst of sweet taste spread out throughout my mouth as the apple flavor washed through, dulling out the other senses. A swish of my tongues rolled the liquidated metal, and I took a gulp.

My hunger for gold abated, I continue to walk forward. The door slowly opened, letting a burst of air come through. A sweet and delicious aroma of food tickled my nose, making my stomach rumble. In front of me was Coco, Tart, and Moca standing on the side waiting for me.

Tart pushes in a cart while Moca spreads out a foldable chair and table inside the room. They quickly got the food ready for me to eat. I shrunk in size and into my human form.

“Young mistress. I was worried about you. You haven’t come out for three days,” said Coco. She anxiously glanced towards me, wondering what my mood would be like today. 

“I didn’t?” I thought only an hour or two had passed, but apparently, I was wrong.

“No young mistress, there is a slight difference in time in this room than outside.”

“I didn’t know that.” This was something to think about the next time I rolled around in gold. I wasn’t sure if I wanted my life to fast forward so quickly without me noticing. 

“We have been waiting for your call. When we heard you calling for us, we hurried to prepare for your meal.” She gracefully bowed.

“I called you? I’m sure I didn’t.” I was confused about what she was saying. Moca pulled back the chair for me to sit, and I sat down. He spread out the silverware and napkin onto my lap and started serving it in front of me.

“Yes, young mistress. This is your castle. Whenever you are hungry or in need. We always come to serve you.”

Such a fantastic function, I couldn’t help but be in awe. This was why they were coming to me so quickly without me, even calling them every time.

“Did you guys eat?”

“Yes, young mistress.” Coco nodded. She was getting good at eating first, so she wouldn’t always eat with me at the same table. I knew she didn’t like to sit at the same table as me, thinking that it wasn’t proper. One day, I’ll get her out of that mindset. All three of them were my family, and I felt lonely at times eating by myself. 

“That’s good to hear, though, please dine with me next time. It gets lonely eating by myself.”

“B-b-but, young mistress.” 


“As you wish.” Coco bowed. I could see Moca’s lips curling up into a gentle smile as he watched me. 

“Berry?” Phil called out from the front of the door. He stepped in and stared inside the room with a gaping mouth.

“Come in,” I replied.

Phil walked in completely stunned. “Woah…” 

“Woah, is right.” Don followed from behind, and the magical door shut closed, leaving all of us inside.

“I never thought there was such a room.” Phil was having a bit of a difficult time absorbing all this in.

“Me neither. Our little dragon is filthy rich. I don’t understand why she would even need to go out and work with all this gold here.” Don spoke. 

“I don’t either. She is definitely the epitome of greed.”

“No, I’m not.” Hearing the word greed stung my heart. “It’s dragon nature to hoard gold and eat it for dessert.” I picked up my utensil and started to eat the roasted chicken.

“Nobody in the world has this much gold, Berry.” Phil sighed, and he continued to make his way towards my table. “You really surprise me every day. What else do you have, hiding in this castle? Wait, there’s no point in asking.”

Don ran forward with a smile on his face. He jumped into the pile of gold in front of him. “I’m rich! I’m rich!” He manically laughed.

The food that was going in my mouth halted, and I frowned. What does he mean he’s rich? That is my precious dessert.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Don pushed himself up. “I’m not going to steal for real. I just wanted to try that out and see what it felt like. I don’t suggest anyone to jump in. It actually hurts, you know. I think I got a couple of bruises all over my butt and my arm.” He rubbed the side of his arms.

My friends were weird.

The food that was halted in mid-air was once again headed straight into my mouth. I took a bite and enjoyed the exquisite taste of the food that Tart has prepared. He truly was a first-class chef.

“How is it, young mistress?” Tart asked nervously. He was glancing at her, worried that she might not like the food that he had created.

“Delicious as always.” I happily ate.

Don got up and started to climb up on the mounds of gold. He picked around and found large jewels that were the size of a soccer ball. “This is insane.”

“What is?” Phil turned towards Don, wondering what he was holding.

“This.” Don held it up towards him. “This is worth more than gold. You are the luckiest dragon in the whole continent!”

“I’m not so sure if I could eat that. I haven’t tried yet.” I spoke, catching both of them off guard in what I said.

“Eat this? Are you kidding me? Do you know how much this thing would cost? You could get a butt load of gold just to exchange this. What’s even better, this could even fund my whole project.”

“I’m not sure that it would be a good idea to sell that crystal on the market,” Phil spoke. “They’re going to ask questions, nor do I expect the kingdom to even have enough gold to trade it. It’s worth a lot more trouble than you think.”

Don’s face scrunched up with disappointment. “Fine.” He dropped it in front of him, and it clattered against the gold. Something else caught his attention. A silver hilt poked out from the mountain of gold, he reached over and pulled it out.

“Is that?” Phil was stuck with no words. “It is…”

“What? What is it?” Don was glancing over towards Phil, confused. “Come on, don’t keep me in the dark. I can see it’s a sword, but still, is it special?”

“Yes. It’s the Legendary Sword Gala.”

“Gala? Like the apple brand?”

“That’s exactly what I thought, too,” I spoke as I wiped my mouth. The whole time they were rummaging around, I finished my chicken and was moving onto the broccoli.

“An apple brand? What are you talking about? This is the famous sword that had slain the infamous Titan Doravo. Made from the purest Mythril and created by the Dwarves. Then magically enchanted by the elder elves. They are not many swords like this anymore. Legend states that it would choose its master when the time arises.” Phil took the sword in Don’s hand, and he scrutinized it. “The blade is still sharp and clean. Not even a single blemish. How did you get this?” Phil admiringly stated, he then turned to glance at me, taking in a deep interest in what I would say.

“I don’t know. I always had it.” I shrugged my shoulders. 

“So, did you slay the Hero Tokeum to acquire this?” Phil asked, looking at me strangely. “How old are you even? By chance, are you over thousands of years old?”

I snorted. “Hey, I’m not that old. Plus, I didn’t slay anyone. I haven’t even passed.…” Now I really didn’t know how old I was. Should I say I was twenty-five or sixteen? Or am I a thousand years old? “Uh…sixteen?”

I should’ve come out and said I was twenty-five. My wishful thinking of becoming young made me say something so oblivious that it made me cringe.

“Sixteen? The first time I met you, you said you were older.”

“Well.… I mean, I’m twenty-five. You got me.” I placed down my fork. Ugh, I gave such sensitive information away. Being forever young.…impossible.

“Twenty-five? Your kidding, right? Do dragons grow that fast? You were a child outside this town.”

“Look, I said it was a curse. This is what I look like.”

Phil still didn’t completely believe me.

“Holy cow! There is another one!” Don was having a field trip as he excitedly got on his knees and pushed through the gold to fish out another weapon, a scythe. He reached over, trying to touch it but was suddenly blocked by an invisible barrier.

“Yeowch!” He shook his hand and held it back. “Which one is this?”

“Mockingbird,” Phil whispered under his breath. “Another item that was thought to be lost in history. The scythe that slew the ten thousand-headed Hydra. The Hydra Kingdom will pay a fortune to hold this in their hands. So, this is where it has been all this time.”

Don whistled. “Berry. I’m going to say this again. You are one lucky girl. From wealth and now to two legendary artifacts. This is just insane.”

“Young mistresses do not just have two.” Tart proudly spoke with his chest held up high.

“Not j-j-j-just two?” Don’s voice dropped in disbelief. “So, you’re saying somewhere in here they’re more?” He gestured his hands throughout the entire room, filled with gold.

“Mhmm. Young mistress is strong, powerful, and elegant. She is the-”

Coco did a roundhouse kick, making Tart fall forward onto the ground silent. “Why don’t you just tell everyone how many things that she has why don’t you, you brat?!” She spoke with distaste towards Tart. She glowered down at him with a menacing look that would freeze anyone.

“Damn it, Coco!” Tart was shakily getting back up his feet. “Do you have to always use violence?!”

“Yes. You deserve every piece of pain I dish out to you.”

“What?! That’s not fair!”

“Shut it, brat. Before I put my fist down your throat.”

“So, how many legendary weapons are in here?” Phil slowly asked, wondering what she would say.

“I will not let te-”

I raised my hands to stop her. “It’s alright, Coco. They’re not the type to spill out such information. Right, you guys?” I examined their expression and body posture to see if they would move unnaturally. Even with a small flicker of movement or twitch, I was sure I could catch it with my dragon eyes that I had just switched into. 

“Don’t worry about it. It’s not like I’m going to go slaying monsters anytime soon.” Don shrugged his shoulder as if he didn’t care. “I like what I’m doing right now, and I’m not in a hurry to run outside and kill myself. No point in trying to get killed over some sword that I’ll probably use as a picket fence.”

My lips twitched. Used as a picket fence? I couldn’t help but laugh inside my head, Don was the type to do that.

“I honestly wouldn’t say I am not interested in such a sword.” Phil stated, “Legendary swords choose their masters. Right now, in my hand, I feel nothing. Also, I’m not the type to blatant speak about what you have to others. I don’t like trouble.”

“See.” I glanced over towards Coco. “So far, they’re not going to do anything stupid.” Though, I wouldn’t completely trust Phil. He is a soon to be Demon Lord and who knows what kind of Demon Lord he will be.

“I understand young mistresses. This is your castle.”

“Thanks, Coco. Plus, if they do say anything, you know what to do.”

A glint of understanding dawned on Coco as her smile turned malicious. I suddenly had a horrible feeling when she gave off such a devious grin. “I understand young mistresses. I will make sure nobody else knows.”

“G-g-great.” I stuttered and gulped. “So how do I find them all?”

“You just need to call them out.”

“But, I don’t know their names.…”

“Young mistress,” Coco chuckled. “This is your space. All you need to do is think about them.”

“Oh.” I felt a bit stupid that I didn’t realize by now that this whole castle was my space. I was already learning something new every time I live here. Without a further thought, I followed her direction. Standing up, I moved away from the table, I thought of only the Legendary artifacts present in this room.

The weapon in both Don and Phil’s hand glowed pure white. They zipped out of both their sides and floated over towards me. Other Legendary artifacts made its way out from under the gold and flew over. Seven majestic weapons of different colors and sizes danced in front of me and circled around me like birds. I used my skill to identify all of the swords.

Legendary Hammer Bone Crusher

A legendary weapon imbued with a fire element. Used in the battle against the legendary creature Phoenix. The great Hero Doron bathed the weapon in the Phoenix’s blood. Doron was the one to smash through the core of the Phoenix fire and slew the Phoenix. The weapon chooses the master to wield its great power. Only the chosen Dwarven Species will be able to pull out all of its power.

Bone Crusher was a giant hammer that was jet black. On the hilt were three feathers that fluttered in the air. Red fire erupted all around it, making it difficult to even get close.

Legendary Sword Starlight

A legendary weapon imbued with the power of the stars and the sun. A mysterious weapon that is created from a meteorite. It can increase or decrease its weight and change shapes into a thinner sword, and no other ability has been recorded. The weapon chooses the master to wield its great power. 

Starlight was a large sword that was half the size of a full-grown man. Its edges were rough, but I could tell that it could still cut through a body just fine. Though this sword made me wonder how much power it had. It had a slight pull of energy that I couldn’t help but feel a bit drawn too.

Legendary Holy Sword Gala 

A legendary weapon imbued with holy light. It has been once held by a legendary hero that slew a mighty demon, Leviathan. The weapon chooses the master to wield its great power. It was once held by the Great Hero from the Divine Species, Toekum. For forty days and forty nights, the Hero Toekum and the Leviathan fought till the Hero overcame the monster. Doused in the blood of the first Leviathan, it has the power to confront and slay its descendants. Only the chosen Divine Species will be able to pull out all of its power.

 Gala was a medieval type sword that had a beautiful sheen to it. One look and I could tell that it was made by a master craftsman. I even noticed that they were additional information that I didn’t see before till now. 

Legendary Scythe Mockingbird

Known for its light maneuverability and quick speed, it can take on multiple opponents at once. Doused in the blood of the first Hydra, it has the corrosive ability of an acid that covers its whole blade. A brave Elven Hero, Regali wielded this scythe to kill the first Hydra in existence. The weapon chooses its master to wield its great power. Only the chosen Elven Species will be able to pull out all of its power.

Mockingbird was a ghastly looking scythe that was made of bones and metal combined into one. I couldn’t help but feel uneasy. Why was the elven race so unearthly scary? Where was the enchanting elves that I read about in countless stories? Instead, this weapon was truly fit for a grim reaper. It wasn’t a typical bow and arrow, but a damn scythe! This world truly blew my mind when it came to elves.

Legendary Claw Pulse

A legendary weapon imbued with the electric element’s power, its lightning-fast arrows were known for its deadly accuracy. Doused in the blood of the Black Gryphon, it has a natural shock absorbent ability from thunder. The hero, Silver, slew the mighty beast. The weapon chooses the master to wield its great power. Only the chosen Beast Species will be able to pull out all of its power.

Pulse was an elegant claw that was like golden gauntlets. It changed from a claw form into a bow. For some reason, it did not want to stay in one form, but constantly shift one to another. I had to wonder why it would constantly move back and forth. Was the purpose of trying to show that it could change from one to another, or was it broken? I was not sure.

Legendary Sword Laurel

A legendary weapon imbue with the power of darkness. Created from the black magic, it can summon the undead. Hero Abigail struck her sword into the heart of the Black Dragon. The Black Dragon had cursed the sword and its wielder to fall into a temporary rage in battle. The weapon chooses the master to wield its great power. Only the chosen Human Species will be able to pull out all of its power. 

Laurel reminded me of a Japanese katana. Its slight bend and sharp edge made it look like it was sucking in the light and devouring it. I felt a very uncomfortable feeling of staring at this specific weapon. It was a Dragon Slayer weapon, and I had it in this room all this time without even realizing it. The thought of it possibly killing me in my sleep made me shudder.

Legendary Katar Asphalt

A legendary weapon imbued with the power of Earth. It has the power to create and destroy mountains. Its enormous strength gives the owner one hundred times their normal strength. It has a natural nullifying ability to counter the Titan’s horrible smell. Hero Bo was the holder of this weapon. The weapon chooses the master to wield its great power. Only the chosen Orc Species will be able to pull out all of its power.

Asphalt was Katar that seemed to continually let out steam from the back of the gauntlet. Seconds later, it drew in the air around it and let out a high pitch scream. 

“Bone Crusher, Starlight, Gala, Mockingbird, Pulse, Laurel, and Asphalt.” Phil’s voice was almost a whisper. He was utterly dazed as he saw all seven Legendary artifacts dangerously spinning around me.

“You know them all?” Don expressed an awe towards Phil.

“These artifacts are written in the ancient language of the Elves. I had studied for a brief moment about what they look like and do. The problem is, how did it all end up here?” He looked over towards her with a gaping jaw. 

“What do they do?” Don asked curiously.

“Majority of them are weapons specified to kill the Legendary creatures.”

“Ah.…I see…that would definitely be very useful.”

All of a sudden, the seven weapons started to swirl quickly around me as they started to turn blindingly bright. Even I had to squint my eyes from the jarring light. Each and every one of the Legendary artifacts aimed its blades towards me. Frightened at the sudden predicament, I held up arms over my head as they flew straight towards me. Every single one of the Legendary artifacts disappeared into my body in a blink of an eye.

“What just happened?” Don cried out. He was hunched over and was slowly getting back up. “I swear, I almost went blind. Where did they disappear off too?” He searched around, trying to find where they went.

“There.” Phil pointed towards me. Don curiously followed Phil’s hands and stopped to stare.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes.” Phil studied me, trying to figure out what I was. “Did you get chosen by all of them?”

“Chosen? Me?” I was completely lost in what just happened. Nothing made any sense, nor did I understand why all seven artifacts disappeared inside me. “I-I’m not sure.”

“I read something similar to this in stories that I have read.” Don excitedly spoke. “Can you summon them out with your will or something? That’s what happens when someone gets powerful or something.”

“Um…Let me see.” I closed my eyes, trying to feel out all seven of the artifacts inside and stored around my belly button. Each one had a warm tingling feeling and a light fiery glow around them. They each had a unique feel and even a fruity taste. At first, I tried to tug at the energy, hoping that it would do something, but it didn’t budge. Instead, all seven artifacts started to dangerously siphon off my energy into itself, causing me to bulk and fall forward.

I didn’t understand what was going on, nor could I stop the sudden loss of energy. The seven-way split, to each of the artifacts, felt like my soul was being shattered apart. I knew I needed to stop, but I didn’t know-how.

“Young mistress!” Coco cried out in worry as she saw me collapse onto my knee. She hurried over, trying to help me, but didn’t know what exactly to do.

“Young mistress!” Both Tart and Moca ran up to me to help me out, but they were suddenly stopped as seven phantom weapons appeared around me, blocking them from even getting closer. Instead, they were shot backward and crashed into the pile of gold.

“What is going on?!” Don panicked as he looked towards me in worry. He stepped backward, his hand up in front of him as the power radiated out of my body dangerously.

A blast of energy shot outwards from my body, throwing even Don flying back. The only one standing head-to-head was Phil, who stood his ground with his hands over his head.

“Berry! You need to lower your energy! Whatever you’re doing is going to kill you!”

“I-I don’t.….know.…h..o..w.” My words were becoming a slur as I felt heavy. Any minute now, I felt as if my body and bones would break from the crushing weight.

Phil took another step forward, and a blast of energy shot out like waves towards Phil in attempts to subdue him. He didn’t falter and continued to step forward with pain riddled in his body. I could hear him groan from pain as he got closer and closer. Even I was having a hard time trying to keep myself from going unconscious.

I was desperately trying to cut the thread of my power from being siphoned completely off into each weapon, but not a single one would stop. The artifacts hungrily devoured the energy as if they were starving for centuries. My human body felt like it was slowly breaking apart at the heavy pressure.

As Phil got closer, the artifacts spun around me like crazy. Each one, glowing with their respective colors, I felt a searing pain down my back from the hot energy that dripped off the artifacts. They reminded me of molten lava one second, and the next, they were cold as ice.

“Get back.” I ground my teeth as I tried my best to tell him to stop advancing and agitating the situation, but I felt my words weren’t even audible from the sound of the wind around us.

“Berry, you need to quell your energy before it’s too late!”

“I’m trying…ing.”

A shocking pain shot through my spine, making me collapse onto the ground. The wind howled as if a hurricane had blown through. Gold, crystals, and small artifacts that I had never seen before flew around me like a tornado. I felt a burning sensation in my eyes as they changed into dragon irises. The world around me fluctuated with different colors as I saw strange waves of energy around me.

With the little sanity I had, I reached out with my mind towards the light colors of the energy. They were like long streams of yarn that danced around like waves. Each one different in color, and I knew what they were. My instinct took over as I threw out my conscious net to draw in these waves into myself.

Every single elemental energy that was in the air was violently being drawn towards me. Each sparkle of colors disappeared and siphoned into my body and to the Legendary Artifacts. I could feel the hunger from the artifacts that wanted to even devour me. The room shook, making the lights flicker, the gold flood downwards, and even air tense with power. All the energy inside the room was gone in an instant. Following after, I could hear a deafening hum that vibrated throughout my body.

The artifacts stopped spinning around and stood absolutely still. The only thing that blocked Phil from coming forward was the black glowing sword– Legendary Sword Laurel. It fired off black fireballs of muck that fell in front of him and onto the ground, eating away at the stone. The line was drawn between Phil and me, Laurel didn’t want Phil to get any closer. 

I was flat on the ground, unable to move, but started with a terrifying expression. A wash of dark energy splurge out from Laurel and aimed directly towards Phil. My mouth couldn’t shout out towards him to run away, and instead, it completely surrounded him one go.

An overwhelming weight of horror fell in my heart as the thought of killing Phil, because of the uncontrollable energy from the Legendary artifacts. It grated my soul that I couldn’t do anything but watch as Phil got devoured. Yes, I didn’t want him to become a Demon Lord, but that didn’t mean I hated him. Just as he was swamped with the energy, a hand pushed forward from the mass of darkness. His whole hand was covered in black goo, he reached forward and grabbed onto the hilt of Laurel.

“Be silent, Laurel!” Phil shouted with a commanding voice that boomed across the whole room.

Suddenly, the whole room became still. The energy that was fluctuating from all the weapons even stopped as Laurel pulled back the black goo into itself, frightened by the intimidating aura around Phil. I could feel that all six artifacts disconnected with me and slowly went back to sleep, disappearing into my body without a single sound.

The only one that stayed out was the Legendary Sword Laurel, who was still in Phil’s grasp. A flash of black fire erupted around the sword, but it didn’t harm Phil at all. I felt queasy and weak. My body was not responding, and all I could think of before I blacked out was the word, Shit.


“Do you think she’ll be alright?” Don whispered low. Trying not to wake me up, but he didn’t know I was awake. I didn’t want to open my eyes yet. I quietly listened to their conversation.

“Yes, the young mistress had a slight fever from that rough ordeal. I am thankful that she is alright. Her energy has stabilized and is slowly returning. I never seen this happen before.” Coco replied worriedly. 

“You don’t even know what’s happening? You’re the maid, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am. Tart, Moca, and I have only been next to young mistress for a short period. We don’t really know much about her past.” Coco’s voice feels strained. She was gently wiping the sweat off my head with a towel.

“So, you know nothing about her background.” Phil’s voice cut through the quiet catching me off guard. I didn’t expect that he would be here either. The last thing I remember was seeing him, holding onto Laurel’s hilt, when it burst into black flames.


“Not even a single clue, huh.…” Phil thought it over. 

“What are you going to do with the sword?” Don asked.

Wait, Laurel is still out? I tried my best to open my eyes but felt like weights were hanging off each eyelid. I was finally able to open them up and slowly turned my head towards Phil. It took a lot more effort than I thought just to do a simple task.

“Berry?” Phil spoke gently with worry.

“Young mistress.” Coco gasped as she held up her hand, covering her mouth. “Young mistress.” Tears gently fell.

“I’m alright.” I weakly spoke.

“You look horrible.” Don dryly chuckled. “I’ve seen you in bad shape before, but this just tops it all.”

“I feel horrible too.” I couldn’t help but croak out those words. My eyes traveled around, trying to find the Legendary Weapon Laurel that I last saw in Phil’s hand. It finally saw the sword, leaning next to Phil by the chair that he was sitting. “What is Laurel even doing out?”

“That’s what we would like to ask you.” Phil crossed his fingers and placed it on his knee.

“Did you get chosen?” I couldn’t help but feel a bit threatened now. Phil has the Dragon Slayer. 

My throat tightened, and I gulped. 


Damn. Curses were flung around in my mind like a hurricane. The one thing I wanted not to happen was giving him Laurel, the Dragon Slayer. This is too coincidental. He was given the one thing that can kill me, and he was the Death Flag that heralds my possible end made it ten times worse. A horrible sinking feeling could be felt in the pit of my stomach, and all I could do was wish that the weapon would just disappear.

A flash of black light erupted around Laurel and turned into a small orb. It suddenly flew towards me and disappeared. Everyone stared at me in disbelief.

“What just happened?” Don broke the silence first.

“It’s been called back.” Phil softly spoke. His hands were gripped to the side as he clenched it tight. “Did you?”

“Did I what?”

“Recall it?”

“I think so?”

“You think so? You’re not sure?”

“I just wanted it to disappear…”

“That would probably explain it.”

“I’m sorry?” I had a mix of expressions. Happy that it was not in Phil’s hand but was not sure if what I did was the right thing. Laurel chose her master, and I could already feel Laurel’s pull to come out back into Phil’s hand.

“Well, it’s no problem, actually. There is no point in using it now. There isn’t any dragon to slay at the moment.” Phil had said casually as if it was not a big deal.

“Would you slay me if I go crazy?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“I’m not so sure. Honestly, it depends on how bad it gets.”

My lips twitched at his response. It wasn’t a definite answer, stating that he would kill me while there was a chance that something could happen. Unconsciously, I slipped a tendrils of chains around Laurel, trying my best to keep it at bay. It was already a struggle in itself to keep it quiet as it raged even harder. Not only that, Laurel was actually siphoning up my powers as if it was charging all of its lost energy. Shakily sitting up, I tittered for a moment till I stabilized myself.

“That doesn’t sound so reassuring.”

“Look.” Phil leans over. “It’s not going to be the first option I use to stop you. I have my morals, and I don’t feel as if you are a threat. Honestly, I would try another method first, and if all else fails, yes.”

I was quiet. All I could do was keep myself from not holding my breath in too long. I had to breathe, but the stress from his words made me very uncomfortable. Damn. Thinking about all this made my head hurt.

“I won’t call for Laurel. So don’t worry.” Phil tried his best to reassure me, but it only gave me a slimmer of ease. Instead, when he called out her name, I felt a forceful tug that made me have to reel the weapon in. Biting my lips, I tried my best not to show the strain on my face as I battled to ease Laurel. “Though it makes me wonder, can you use them?”

“No.” I flat out denied. I knew now that I had no say in the usage of the weapons.  Not one of them listened to me, and all of them stayed silent as if they were dead. They even siphon up my energy like a starved child, making me weak. 

Every one of them had a heartbeat of their own as if they were alive. Each slowly becoming stronger and stronger. Honestly, I felt like a magical storage space that holds items. “I’m a damn outlet,” I mumbled underneath my breath.

“Outlet?” Phil asked, confused.

Don understood but didn’t say anything.

“Never mind. Forget it.”

“Are you upset that you can’t use it?”

“I wouldn’t say I’m upset because I can’t use it. I’m more upset that I’m being used as a power source and a container. I don’t understand what’s happening and I need an answer. Why is this happening to me? What did I do wrong to deserve this?” I gripped the edge of the bed, rolling up the blankets in my hand.

“Calm down.”

“I am calm. I’m very calm.” I could feel my emotions raging at me, telling me that I shouldn’t contain this for too long, but I knew it was a bad idea to let everything out in one burst. “I decided. I’m leaving.”

Don face scrunched up in disbelief. As the other stood there, confused. 

“Young mistress? Why?”

“Why the sudden change? You need to slow down and take a rest.”

I shook my head. “No. I’m going to search for my origin. I need answers, and staying here isn’t going to help me.” Pulling back the covers, I placed my feet on the cold floor.

“I’m going with you,” Phil spoke. I turned towards him, wondering why all of a sudden. “I get the feeling you will need me, and I need some answers as well, though right now, I believe you will need more rest. You don’t look so good.”

I waved my hand in front of me, telling him that I was fine. Then I turned to Coco. “Coco. I leave this castle to you. I know I’ve only been here for a couple of days, but I expect you to take care of this place. I know you will do well.”

“Young mistress, I am happy that you see me so highly, but are you sure you want to leave so soon? It’s already noon, it would be best if you are all recuperated for tomorrow.”

“No. I’ll leave today. Staying cooped up in here makes my brain rattle with more questions than answers. One more second laying down, and I think I might go crazy.”

“I’m going too.” Don cut in. He was set on the following.

“What about classes, young mistress? Do you want me to cancel everything?”

I felt a weight on my shoulder. I realized I promised the twins that I would stick around and help out with teaching and, at the same time, learn a bit more about magic. My mediocre ability wasn’t even considered intermediate. I only knew a handful of magic spells, and the rest were instinct.

“We might want to plan this a little more, Berry. The Black Gryphon is still out there roaming around,” replied Phil, trying to dissuade me from doing something stupid.

“I didn’t think about that.” I sighed. There was a high chance the Black Gryphon was still out there with the intent to do me more harm for stuffing it in a crystal. “Then a change of plan. I might be able to get a question from someone.”


“A guy name Elcro Ragnessia. I met him yesterday when I was running away from you.”

“Running away from him?” Don pointed towards Phil. “Did he do something to you? Maybe something naughty?” He gave me a snicker.

I didn’t answer and tried my best not to get embarrassed. With the best straight face I could muster, I spoke, “He’s from the Divine species.”

“Divine!?” Both Coco and Phil spoke out at the same time.

“Divine? Why did you both shout at the same time? Is there something wrong?” Don asked with curiosity as he stared at both of them back and forth.

“Divine…” Coco was uncomfortably shuffling around. She didn’t seem happy.

“How did you meet him? Did you get hurt?” Phil spoke first before Coco did.

“No, but why are you so nervous? Everyone in this city thinks that we came back from Divine’s Country, so they probably think they’re a couple of them roaming around. Seriously what’s the big deal?”

“Young mistress. You need to be wary around a Divine being. They aren’t to be easily trusted. When they speak, they may mean something else entirely. Plus, they are considered the most powerful species in existence. A human doesn’t compare to a Divine.”

“You make it seem like they are monsters.”

“Well, in a sense they kind of are. The strongest of their kind personally went head-to-head with the other Legendary Creatures in the past, but they weren’t able to kill the other five. One Divine soldier equals over 1,000 human soldiers, and to kill them is really difficult.”

“They’re that strong?”

Coco nodded.

“Are they an aggressive species?”

“No. Though they are quite a mysterious group of beings. Compared to the elves, they live the longest, and they’re even more exclusive and secretive. So far, there hasn’t been a single Divine walking outside of their Kingdom. They don’t like to mix themselves with the other species.”

“Apparently, he knows who I am. I’m going to talk with him and possibly leave with him.”

“Are you serious? You’re just going to up and leave with a stranger?” Don asked with disbelief. “Haven’t your parents ever told you not to go with a stranger?”

“I know. I’m careful. You’re both going with me, aren’t you?”

“Yea, though, the thought of a Divine working with us sounds dangerous,” I said. “It’s a simple in and out.”

“Simple my ass. Nothing is simple around you.”


“It’s true.” Don shrugged.

“He got the point.” Phil doubly agreed with Don, making me feel a bit slighted. It wasn’t my fault, but that damn title brought trouble at every bend in my life.

“Look, how about this. We stay around the city a bit longer. Meet up with him and get to know him before we leave.”

“I’m cool with that,” Don replied.

“That would be the best way to go.” Phil nodded.

“Okay, then let’s go find him.”

“You know where he is?” Phil raised his eyebrow.

I went silent for a moment, realizing what he meant. “No.” My shoulder slumped. I ran away from Elcro, so for sure, I wouldn’t know where he lived.

“Where did you meet him again?”

“At school.”

“Then that’s our answer.” Don snapped his fingers. 

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