Black Moon V2 ch. 7

“Who’s there?!” Rei called out. He froze, unable to move forward. Pulling out a gun from his pocket, he raises it up to aim. 

“I’m no concern to you who I am.” 

A massive dark oppressing energy flew outwards towards Rei and me. I felt a cold shiver running up and down my back. My mind was screaming to run away for my life. This was pure evil, oppressive energy. 

The power of darkness suffocated my mind, and my body, this anger, and pure malice was something that I never wanted to stumble upon.

“I suggest that you stop what you are doing.” The voice commanded with such force that Rei’s hands were shaking. He looked from side-to-side, trying to find the source of the voice.

“Come out! Do you know who I am?” Rei yelled, trying not to be scared. 

“I don’t care who you are. You have taken what is mine.” The voice commanded with such a force that it made Rei gulp. He took a step backward. 


“Don’t play the fool. You know what I mean.”

Rei turned his head towards me, understanding what the unknown person was talking about. “Who are you? Why do you want my Dragon?”

“Your dragon?” A harsh cackling laughter broke through the building, shaking the very wall.

I gulped, wondering why this voice felt so terrifying. 

“I knew your arrogance will know no bounds.” 

A sharp black energy needled shot out from three different places and aimed towards Rei. Each one faded in and out, making it almost impossible to tell if they were real. Rei slashed through the first needle energy, but he was surprised that it disappeared like an illusion. He ignored the other two, causing him to be injured on his arm. The weapon clattered onto the ground as he grabbed hold of his bleeding arm.

Rei whipped his head to the right and felt an oppressive energy that came from the darkness. A silhouette of a man appeared slowly encroaching upon Rei with malice. Rei gulped and tightened his arms, which were heavily bleeding. The two energy needles disappeared from his body without a single trace.

Out stepped a man with a roosters head. Two snakes were entwined around his body like a muffler. Both of them hissed at Rei with annoyance as they stepped back, ready to strike if need be.

“Lord Abraxas? How?” Rei stuttered. 

“Do you take me as a fool?” Abraxas thundered in anger. The whole building shook, causing a couple of light fixtures to fall onto the ground. 

“I’m sorry, Lord Abraxas. I didn’t know you would come here in the flesh.” Rei bows down onto his knees, unable to move in fright.

Dozens more people with masks appeared beside him. They were each wearing a black tuxedo and surrounded Rei.

“To hire you and to hear that you would turn traitor even to me.” Abraxas slurred his words with a hint of anger that rumbled with malice. “I feel slighted.”

“Not at all. I would never.” 

“Silence!” A wave of oppressive energy ten times stronger than the last was felt. A flock of black ravens flew out from the Abraxas’ shadow and flew towards Rei. Without a single remorse, they tore through his skin and arms.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to impede on your property!” Rei was trying his best to stop himself from being clawed alive. He threw up his shield, but it was quickly broken by the raven’s attack.

“Do you think that your power could match mine?”

“No! I didn’t mean no offense!” Rei was hunched over with his arms above his head. The raven’s continued to viciously attack non-stop. 

I could only stare at the scene before me in complete disbelief. This Abraxas person was on a whole different caliber. It made me cringe in fear of what this person could do.

With a snap of his finger, Abraxas called back the ravens that were torturing Rei.

Even I couldn’t help but think that this was way over my head. This Abraxas person was someone a lot stronger than me. Whoever this person was, it was terrible news. They were no way for me to escape; I knew if I made the wrong move, I could die in a heartbeat.

“Come here, Dragon.” Abraxas raised his finger, and the magic talisman burned to crisp. My body flew towards him and stopped in midair in front of Abraxas. 

Rei was slowly getting up shakily. 

“Leave!” Abraxas yelled. 

Rei stumbled backward and left the building. Heavy silence followed after. 

“So you are the great dragon.” Abraxas sarcastically stated. I could see that he was mocking me as he gazed down. 

“What do you want?”

“Quite spunky for someone who is under my command.”

I couldn’t show this Abraxas person that I was actually scared. This was not the time to show fear here. There had to be a chance for me to escape without getting killed, all I needed to do was bid my time. 

“I never thought a dragon would be a kid.” 

“Do you have a problem with that?” I huffed, wondering why everyone was so caught up in that. 

“Absolutely not, we should leave.” Abraxas turned around and went out the door. 

“Wait, that’s it? No more questions?” I asked, wondering if I just heard things. I thought he would bombard me with more. 

“Why do you want to be interrogated?”

“No.” I quickly replied. Why the heck was I egging him on. These were the times when I should just shut up and quietly watch. Even still, I couldn’t move in the air, and I floated right behind him. If anyone saw us right now, they would freak out. I swear I felt like a ghost following behind a living person ready to haunt them. 

A black limousine stood waiting for us, where a man in a suit opened up the door. We both got in, and the door closed behind us. 

Sitting down on the opposite side of Abraxas, I quietly watched as he poured himself a drink. He pulled the mask off his face, and lord and behold a handsome looking man with golden hair stared back at me. I swear he could run for a supermodel position. The two snakes coiled around his shoulder and slid down his legs. 

“Who are you?”

“Me? You can call me Adriel.” Adriel gave me a brilliant smile that made me wonder where the harsh, evil oppressive energy went. Instead, I felt a calm, soothing energy of positive radiance. 

“Why were you looking for me?”

“Why? That is a question every kidnapper would want to ask.”

I slowly nodded. Adriel took a sip of his wine. 

“It’s quite simple, really. I just need you to help me out with something. Don’t worry, I will let you go free.”

I wasn’t so sure I could believe him. “That sounds highly unlikely.”

“I can tell you don’t believe it. What if I told you I’m not Abraxas that Rei was supposedly contracted too.” Adriel replied, he leaned forward, smiling at me quite handsomely. 

“You really think I would believe that?”

“True, you probably wouldn’t. I’m more of a savior to you that got you out of trouble.”

“I’m not so sure about that. I’ve been kidnapped now twice by two people.” I raised up my fingers in front of him. 

Adriel chuckled, pushing his finger away. “True, but what I ask of you is really simple.” 

I sighed. They were nothing that I could do at this predicament that I was in. The only thing I could do was to see where this was going to take me. The sudden tightness around my body was let go, and I could finally move. 

Stretching out my arms, I felt a little bit better than I could move freely. This didn’t mean I was completely free. Whoever this Adriel was was powerful enough to stop Rei, and I combined. 

“What is it that you want?”

“Oh? Now you are willing to help?”

“That depends.” I thought over what I could do, there wasn’t much. I was lost on Earth, and I needed to go back, or do I? I could go home back to my parents, but then again, they probably won’t recognize me with the body that I have. “Will you really let me go when I’m done with what you need me to do?”

“I promise.” Adriel held up his hands. “I Adriel will never go against my words. God is my witness, and for if I was to break this promise, let God strike me down.” A strange power radiated around Adriel and a white noose wrapped around Adriel’s neck. The bright rope faded away and disappeared.

I stare at him, confused. Was that a contract just like the handshake in Torren?

“You saw the noose?”  He asked, thrilled that I could see what ordinary people couldn’t. 

I shook my head.

“Quite impressive, not anyone can see that magic. Don’t worry, I bet my life on the promise for the both of us.” He leaned back onto his chair. 

“So, you really are not this Abraxas guy?” I asked, wondering what he truly had in mind. 

“Yes, I  heard about Rei snooping around in Japan looking for the Dragon. This gave me the perfect opportunity to nab you under Rei’s nose.” 

I wasn’t convinced. “What exactly do you need me to do?”

“It’s really simple. I would like an ounce of your blood for my sister.”

“Blood transfusion?”

“Yes, a dragon’s blood has the vitality to heal any wounds. Some say people can gain immortality.” 

I couldn’t help but stare at him suspiciously. “I feel like you have something else under your sleeves.” 

“Hahahaha.” Adriel couldn’t help but bark out laughing. “No. No. Really. I have a sister, and her blood is unique. It can not take any human blood.” 

“That doesn’t make sense, how is that possible?” I asked. 

“True, for humans, we are seen as demons in the darkness.” He waved his hand in front of him. 

“Wait. You’re not human?”

“I never said I was. We have adapted to the point where we look like humans.” 

“So, what are you?”

“People call us Fae, faeries, or elves.” 

“Elves!?” I had a difficult time believing that elves existed on Earth. Mostly because such things were considered a myth. A living legend was living in front of me, a native on Earth. “How? Wait? Is that even possible?”

“Why are you surprised? A dragon such as yourself is a magical existence that shouldn’t supposedly exist on Earth. Why do you think they are just stories of our kind bouncing around in the human world? We are real, Ms. dragon. Just as you are really yourself.”

My head was spinning in rapidly, making the logic of Earth come crashing down in seconds.

“As Elves, we are not your friendly tree-hugging, animal-loving, kind beings. That was my ancestor’s time. We were forced to change into who we are now. I barely believe they are such Elves still living to this day.”

“I never said that,” I said, not sure what else to say. I never heard this side of history before, and it interests me.

“Our kind are warriors, and we live mingled with the humans. We are not guardians but are observers to see how the world will fluctuate from human interaction, but it seems that the fate of this planet has been going down a darker path. No matter, our job is to control and destroy the excessive amount of human populations so Earth may continue to prosper.”

I never heard of a dark elf like Adriel before. Then it hit me, they were like Phil. A message appeared in my head. It has been a while since I saw such a message for a long time.

Adriel Dawnbringer 

Demon Lord of Earth.

Nickname: Angel of Death

He is not Satan, Samuel, or Lucifer. He is not a fallen Angel but a Demon Lord that watches over Earth. He is one of the few Demon Lords in the world of Earth. Demon Lord lifespan ranges from 1,500 years to 5,000 years on Earth. Their job is to watch over the human population and control the exponential birth rate of Earth.

You have two options:

1. Help cure the Demon Lord’s sister ailing body. The chance of survival is high, and the opportunity of interacting with the Demon Lord in the future is more elevated. Possible death in the future.

2. Do not help and die in less than one second.

3. Kill the Demon Lord and die along with him from a fatal wound.

I gulped. God of Light, how can you do this to me. I couldn’t help but feel butterflies in my stomach. Why is it that I must meet the Demon Lord of this world too? I couldn’t help the horrible fate that was placed before me. Once again, I was thrown with options in my life. Out of two of them, the option for my future all ended up in death for sure, while the first option gave me some breathing space. 

How come even now on Earth, my death flag just raised up by another one. This time it was, even more, a greater threat than Phil himself. I mean seriously? What is with this wretched luck on Demon Lords? Does this mean that if I somehow go to another world that is neither Earth nor Torren, I’ll meet up eventually with another Demon Lord? Really? I couldn’t help but wanted to cry at this wretched Demon Lord encounter. 

“I am positive that your blood can help my sister. I can tell you have a potent amount of magic inside you.” 

“But why can’t you use your blood?”

“Weren’t you listening. She has first blood.” 

“Yes, I did, but that does not answer why not yours?”

“Because my blood is tainted by dark magic. I can not share my blood with someone as a Holy Maiden.”

A Holy Maiden, and she was the sister of the Demon Lord? This was mind-boggling. 

“Ah.…that would make sense.” 

“The last known unicorn blood had disappeared a thousand years ago. Magical creatures in this world are dwindling every year, especially the Holy Creatures. They are honestly more dark creatures appearing around the world.” Adriel let out a sigh, one could tell that something was very wrong with the way he said. 

“That could be a problem.” 

“It is. Keeping the Dark Creatures under control is a lot more difficult. Humans have been hunting down the sacred creatures since the beginning of time. It makes me furious that they are no more.” Adriel slammed his fist onto the table, making him very angry. It took awhile for him to settle down; eventually, he did. He got up and motioned her to follow. They made their way outside, where a car opened up for them to enter. 

It was a very long limousine, which I couldn’t help but look at with awe. The amount of luxury this car had would make anyone jealous. Eventually, the car arrived at their destination.

“Let’s go.” Adriel got out, and I followed right behind him. I couldn’t help but stifle in a gasp. Wow. Nothing about his home screamed natural, but a blend between nature and metal. A giant white mansion that was possibly worth billions of dollars. 

“You guys live quite a lifestyle.” 

“You like? This is just a sub-branch in Japan. We have more around the world, it keeps the human from snooping around. Camouflaging with the locals is the best strategy to live in this world. The old coots thinking about living in the forest are all idiots.”

The concept of Earth Elves were shattering every second Adriel was speaking. It was just too mind-boggling to see them so different than what I had pictured in mind. Phil pales in comparison to these Elves on Earth. There was high tech.

“Come on, we don’t get all day.” 

We continued to move forward through the large winding hallway and finally came to a large door. The door was pushed open by two elves in black suits. They had the stereotypical pointed ears, but their energy felt oppressive. Where were the fantastical elves that people fantasized about? Yea, they all look amazing, handsome, and pretty, but they are not the type that I would want to be around. 

I honestly felt like my life was being threatened every second. This heavy air was so oppressive that it made it harder to breathe. 

“Sophia.” Adriel power walked towards Sophia, who was on the bed sleeping. 

I couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful young girl. Compared to Adriel, she was like the sun that would make any man stare with awe. Her blond hair matched with Adriel, but the most beautiful part of her was her eyes. The moment she woke up, the greyish blue eyes stare back at Adriel with a smile. 

“Brother.” Her voice whispered with happiness. She weakly got up and hugged him.

“Don’t push yourself, Sophia,” Adriel called out with concern.

“I’ll be a fine brother. You don’t have to be overprotective.” She giggled.

“You must lean on your brother more, Sophia.” Adriel gently pats her head and stroke it. “You can not allow yourself to push yourself too hard.” 

Sophia sighed. Then she shook her head. Pushing him aside, she turned towards me. “Is that who I think it is?”

Adriel turned around. “Yes, a dragon Sophia. There hasn’t been a dragon for over five thousand years. The truthsayer spoke the truth. You will be saved, Sophia.” 

“I’m sorry for my rude brother.” Sophia smacked Adriel. Adriel backed away, frowning at his sister. “I guess he ferried you away from your home. What is your name?”

“My name is Berry Drakel,” I spoke. 

“I’m glad to meet you, Berry. My name is Sophia. Thank you for coming out of your way to come here.” 

I walked over to her and couldn’t help but feel at ease. The more and more I looked at her, I couldn’t help but be at peace. Her whole aura was like a pool of light energy that cleansed the entire room. Even Adriel’s dark energy was being stiffed by hers. She was like a divine light in this dark world.

Adriel clapped his hands. Four Elven doctors came in with medical equipment. They surrounded me and pushed me down onto the chair. I struggled, scowling at Adriel and the medics for roughly handling me. 

“Brother, please don’t be rude to our guest.” Sophia pouted, trying to get up to stop him. She fell, causing Adriel to rush over in concern. 


“I am fine, brother.” Sophia smacked her brother’s hand. “Just don’t be rude to our guest.” 

Adriel nodded and turned his head towards the doctor. They understood without him saying a word. They backed up, giving me space. 

This time, only one doctor came up towards me. My right arm was exposed as the doctor stuck a needle in my arm. The process between Sophia and I was underway. 

“She has a high amount of magical power, sir. It’s possible to cure her.” The doctors stated excitedly. 

“Well, then get on with it.” 

“Yes, sir.” 

Both Sophia and I were hooked up to each other. The needle pierced through my skin without unconsciously scaling up. Instead, I felt a slow drain of energy being transferred over towards Sophia.  

As time went on, the little bit of energy that I had was rapidly disappearing before me and into Sophia like an empty void. Alarmed, I pulled back, trying to pull the needle out of me. The doctor wanted to stop me, but each one was punched backward. 

Adriel summoned his magic, tightening around my body, making me immobilized. 

“What is going on?” I yelled in stupor and pain.

Sophia’s eyes became wide in surprise. She was confused, just like me. “Brother, I thought you said you will not harm her.” 

“I never said I would harm her. The blood should only siphon off a small portion of the Dragon’s blood.” Adriel explained. 

I was struggling hard, I could feel the rapid danger that was happening before me. The magic that I barely had was becoming smaller and smaller. I could feel the flames of my spirit becoming lethargic and my body heavy. My skin paled in comparison to how I once was.

“If I die here and now. I will curse you, your sister, and your descendants!” My words were like a hot burning iron. The moment I spoke those words, dark energy swelled around the three of us as Red and black binding energy wrapped around the three of us. 

Adriel paled when he heard my words. “Quickly! Disconnect them!”

The doctors got up shakily and rushed over. They disconnected the wires. The dark energy quickly settled. I didn’t have any more energy to keep myself awake. The whole ordeal today was taxing on my body, and I needed rest desperately. 

“I stand by my words Demon Lord.” I hissed, my eyes barely opening and closing. “My life is in my hands. Not yours.” I don’t know where all this courage came from, but I couldn’t just let them toy with my life. I’m a dragon for crying out loud, not a servant or a slave. No Demon Lords will slay me, I will make sure of that.

“How did she know?” The doctors stare at me with confusion. 

“Nobody should know that information but the few.” 

Adriel glared at the doctors to be quiet. He placed his hands on his hips and stared back with double the force. “How do you know what I am?”

“Do you think just because I’m a kid that I wouldn’t know?” I replied. The cheat system that was in my head was sometimes useful in its own little way. Even though they were not much to go off on. “I’m a Dragon. I am not anyone’s toy!” I stressed those words, so he understood it.

“I saved your life dragon!”

“I appreciate your help, but did you forget that you were the one that kidnapped me without my consent? Do you think I’ll just docile go with all your plans?” The leftover magic around me intensified. 

I was so tired.

I wanted it all to end. 

“No, I-”

I glared, silencing him.  

“Fine,” Adriel replied he gave in. 

“Fine? You can’t ask more nicely? You idiot demon lord!”

“Why this little cheeky little brat!”

“Brother!” Sophia called out harshly towards Adriel. Adriel flinched and slowly turned towards Sophia. Sophia was glaring heatedly at Adriel. The power in this family truly rested on Sophia’s hand.

I could definitely use this to my advantage. 

“Berry is our guest. I have told you countless times to treat our guests with respect. Especially a dragon of ancient times!”

“I’m sorry, Sophia, it’s just this brat. I mean, Dragon is arrogant.” Adriel huffed, trying to persuade his little sister.

“No brother, you are the arrogant one. Leave the room now! I don’t want to see you.” 

“But Sophia,” Adriel whined, looking distraught. 

“Leave!” Sophia pointed out the door. Adriel sulked and turned around. He motioned the doctors to follow, and they left the room. 

Sophia sighed. “I am once again, truly sorry. My brother is truly kind. It just after he was named the Demon Lord, he had changed so much.” 

I walked over to Sophia’s bed. “It’s fine. If you don’t mind.”

Sophia looked at me, wondering what I meant. 

The heavy drowsiness of sleep was washing over me. I needed to sleep poorly. I got up onto the bed and flopped next to her. 

“I need to sleep-” 

The world became black, and I fell asleep. 


”Berry.” Sophia looked over my shoulders, wondering what I was doing. 


“What is that?”

“This is a magic stone.” I got up and showed it to her. I was busily trying out new things with the Magic Stones on Earth. It has already been a whole day since I was stuck in Sophia’s room. 

“Magic Stones?” She asked, curiously peering over. “Why are you using that? Is it worth your time?”

“Well, I got nothing else to do. I’m basically locked in this room with you. Are you always locked in this room?”

Sophia thought it over and shook her head no. 

“I see. So it’s only just me. I get the feeling that they might even have guards on the outside.”

“I’m so sorry, Berry. I know my brother can be overprotective.”  Sophia sighed, looking at Berry with guilt. 

“He is your brother. I never had a brother before.” I said I have heard about sibling love, and I saw it with Sophia and Adriel.

“He’s really kind.” Sophia tried to persuade me. “Just when it comes to me, he can get pretty out of hand.”

“I can see tell.” I felt a bit suffocated staying in this room. It’s not that I don’t like Sophia, it’s just that I felt bad about her being stuck here in this room. My guess is that she probably has been sick for a very long time. Her thin arms and legs definitely state that she has not gone out and used them. “You know I was wondering, why exactly do you need my blood?”

“Well, my magic has a horrible tendency to suck in the dark energy around me and purifies the surrounding areas. This affects my body, especially my blood. Blood is one of the main sources of my magic. Every time I use my magic, the dark energy lingers in my body, contaminating everything.”

“I see.” I thought it over. Trying to figure out what I needed to do to help. “Do you mind if I try something?”

“What would that be?” Sophia asked, curiously looking over. 

“Give me a bit of time. You remember the Magic Stone that I showed you?”


“Well, I’m going to try something out. So give me a moment, okay?” I said with a hint of excitement. I knew whatever I was trying was something never done before. 

Sophia nodded. 

I quickly got off the bed and sat back onto the chair. My mind was rapidly forming up new ideas that I had never ever tried before. I took out six different colored Common Magic Stones that were all Level B. Gathering up my energy, I started to fuse the six stones together to create a Level B Rule Stone. 

My magic was quickly draining in rapid succession. I knew that a Level B Rule Stone would take a lot of my energy but who would ‘ve thought that it would take a two-third of my magic when I had a good rest. Containing the magic from going out of control was another challenge in itself. 

Magic was already pouring out from the six stones as they came closer and closer to each other. A burst of powerful magic of six different elements clashed against each other, trying to devour one another till finally, a final burst of energy erupted outwards. I flew backward and crashed onto my back. 

Air escaped from my chest as I slammed backward. I feebly tried to get up, but the amount of energy that I had used up made my hands shake. The door to the room burst open as Adriel burst through the door. 

“What’s going on?!” Adriel drew dark energy through his hand, and he searched around for any possible danger. “If there is an enemy, come out now!”

“Brother!” Sophia gave him a stern voice. “Calm down, Berry was trying to create something.”

“What?” Adriel flew towards me, and he aimed his gun at my head. The black energy that he had in his hands was already merged with the weapon. 

“Brother, stop!” Sophia yelled with panic. She tried to get up but failed as her body was weak. 

“I can not have this dragon harm my sister!” Adriel yelled, trying to stop me from doing what I must.

“Calm down.” I raised my hands over my head, showing him that I was defenseless. “I was only trying to make something that could possibly help your sister without using my blood.

“What are you talking about? There is no other way than this.” Adriel replied, staring me down as his finger got ready to pull the trigger. 

“You have some serious anger issues. I don’t like the idea of my blood being vampirized by Sophia, plus the way I do it, you won’t need another blood donor ever again.” I replied with confidence, knowing full well that Adriel wanted it done to kill me for good.

Adriel was surprised by what I had said. He slowly dropped the gun to his side, wondering what I would do. “Go on.”

“I was thinking of creating a blood filter using magic stones.” My hands meticulously worked on the stones, concentrating to not slip up. 

“You do know that we have tried that before.” 

“You probably did it with medical technology in modern times, I’m talking about using actual magic to heal someone magical themselves. Just let me finish what I’m doing, and you’ll see what I mean.” I tried to chase him away. He was just in the way.

“Fine.” Adriel clicked the gun into his holster. “Do anything stupid and your dead dragon.”

“Really, you seriously don’t have any respect at all.”

“Shut up and hurry it up.”  

I rummaged through my pocket and pulled out a Blue Potion. It still contained a large amount of potions ready to be used. I was happy that I always wore the Rare Wolf Set Clothes that had a special dimensional pocket for storing a small number of items. I knew that I couldn’t continue working without a large amount of Mana. With this, I would be able to push through my work. 

Taking a gulp, I finished the Blue Potions. 

Already I could feel the sudden increase in the amount of magic that I had around me. 

“What is that? Is that a Mana Potion?” Adriel asked with confusion. “How is it that you can have such a strong concentration of Mana restoration. Even the Chinese haven’t found a way to get such a pure concentration of Mana Restoration.” 

I couldn’t tell him that I got this from another world. Honestly, I felt that it was a terrible idea to say to him that there was a different world out there instead of Earth. 

“Dragon Recipe. Don’t ask. I’m not going to tell you.” I replied to shut him up. 

Adriel clicked his tongue disgruntled. “Fine.”

I dove back into my work. I picked up the finished Rule Stone and started up with using my 

coding skill. I first inputted the basic rules into the stone and started to tweak things around. They were a vast difference in inputting words into a level B Stone than a C Stone. It completely 

outclassed a level C Stone by leaps and bounds. 

There was no way I ever wanted to go back to using a level C Rule Stones and below. The durability, magical flow, and even the power was like heaven and the Earth. Also, writing the codes for the Rule Stone was draining my magic three times more than a Level C Magic Stone. In the next three hours, my magic was down to a half. 

Finally, five hours passed with the bulk of the coding complete. I took out another Blue Potion from my pocket. I drank through it like I was taking an energy drink and kept working. Six other Level B Common Magic Stones were used, but this time I didn’t use it to create a Rule Stone. An hour passed, and this time I took out something that I had never used before. 

A Monster Magic Stone or what I like to call them a Monster Core. I could feel the welling energy inside the Level B Monster Magic Stone. I knew instinctively that this monster core was the right level to use with the other magic stones that I had used. 

The Monster Core was a unique monster. It was from a monster called a Blob with a unique ability called ‘Copycat.’ I read in the monster book that Moca had brought over for me one day. It was not until now I thought of trying this out. I have always wondered what I could use these Monster Cores for. They were not efficiently coded, more like they had a life of their own. Coding them was a bit tricky; for some reason, if the monster core didn’t like the code that I wrote, it would devour the system making it useless.

It wasn’t until I tried using the Rule Stone to force it to behave. Like a wild animal, they would always clash against the ‘Rule Stone,’ but using extra Common Stone to control and restrain the Monster Core, the Monster Core will finally listen. If the Common Magic Stone were not in equal or stronger in power, the Magic Stones would break apart becoming useless. 

“Bring me some metal, please. A Lot of it.” I called out to Adriel, who was sitting on a chair against a wall. 

Adriel nodded his head towards a guard that was standing next to the door. The guard turned and left to get the metal that I needed. 

Lining up the Monster Core in the middle, I placed the Rule Stone next to it. Three white and black stones line up against each side. The guard came back with a large lump of metal and placed it in front of me. 

Reaching over, I picked up the lump of metal that was bigger than my hand. I closed my mind and called upon my magic. My ability activated, and the metal turned into liquid. The liquid passed through my hands and dripped onto the Magic Stones and the Monster Core. Intricate designs started to appear around them, forming into a bracelet. I pricked my fingers using the metal as it merged together with the metal. 

Patterns of words were engraved deeply into the metal. With the final drip of metal onto the bracelet, a flash of light erupted outwards. Everyone covered their eyes from the bright light until the bracelet finally dimmed. 

I let out a breath of relief. I actually succeeded. This was my first ever magic item that I ever created. The concentration to make even one of these made my head have a throbbing pain. 

“It’s finished.” I raised my hand to my head. “Give it to her, I need a bit of a breather.” I leaned forward with both my hands on my head. I was massaging it, trying to get the pain from giving me a headache. A message appeared in my head, giving me a small description of the magic item. 

Rare Tainted Blood Cleanser

A special magical item created by a Dragon. Mixed in with potent magic from a dragon, it is ten times stronger than a normal magical item. Using the Monster Core of a Blob monster, it can recycle tainted magic in one’s body and convert it into light magic. 

Adriel came over and picked the bracelet up. He was alarmed that he felt a strong power coming from the magic bracelet. “How? I have never seen such a powerful magical tool before.”

“It’s called a Tainted Blood Cleanser. It will do the same thing as the blood transfusion.”

“How is this possible?” Adriel looked at me as if I was some kind of genius monster. “You created a class, A magical item.”

“Yea, so? Can’t you make them yourself?” I pressed my hand on my hips. It was difficult to make no doubt, but it didn’t mean. It was impossible. 

“Yes and no. Something like this is complicated. Without a high level of understanding of creating magical items, the power could backlash on you if you fail. The damage done to oneself is three times more powerful.”

I knew that failure from coding the magical stones was massive, but I didn’t realize that creating a magical item was so much worse.

“But it seems you know what you are doing, so I don’t think it’s much of a problem.”

“Y-Yea…” If he only knew that was my first attempt in creating a magical item. Who knows maybe I would’ve created a large crater in this room if I was not careful. “You should give it to your sister.” 

Adriel didn’t need to be asked a second time. He walked over and placed it on Sophia’s wrist. 

Sophia let out a sigh of relief. Her pale skin was already slowly turning pink with life. She gave Adriel a beautiful smile that would make anyone melt. “It’s working.” She whispered. 


“Yes. I can feel my magical power restoring.”

Adriel hugged her tightly and let out a sigh of relief. A single tear fell from his cheeks, and he smiled. 

“Brother, you have something you need to say to Berry.” Sophia softly spoke, tapping her brother’s back in a caring manner. 

Adriel disconnected from Sophia and nodded. He turned towards me and spoke, “Thank you.” 

My hands stopped massaging my head, and I felt a tug of my heart. What is with these siblings? Their smile can capture any heart in seconds. I really need to be careful between these two, or I’m going to become their next victim. “Y-Your welcome.” 

“You may leave. I have promised you that much.” 

I got up. “Really? But where the heck am I? I’m supposed to be at the Blue Rose Host Club.” 

“Blue Rose Host Club? Ah, there. I know where that is. The best thing I could do for you is to drop you off there.” 

“That would be great.” I got up. “I need to get there quickly. My friends are going to be worried, sick.” 

“Friends? You have companions?”


“Sir!” A group of guards rushed in. 

“What’s wrong?”

“We have a problem, sir!”

“What? What’s wrong?”

“We have an intruder.”

“How many?”

“One.” The guards spoke with such seriousness that Rei looked at them with confusion. He wasn’t sure how just one could just breakthrough without a problem. 

 “Only one? Why haven’t you caught the intruder yet?” Rei asked, getting annoyed at what was happening. 

“Sir, this might be strange to say…”

“Hurry up, I don’t have all day.” 

“It’s not a person, sir.” 

“What are you talking about?”

“It’s a horse, sir.” 

“A horse? How is that an intruder? Did one of the horses get loose?” 

“No, sir. A blood-red horse crashed through the gates and terrorized the area. I never saw such power coming from such a horse. We believe that the horse is a magical creature.”

“Hurry up and capture it. Don’t you see that I’m with my sister?” Adriel was getting annoyed fast, mostly because he wanted to spend time 

“I’m sorry, sir.” The guard saluted. 

All of a sudden, the sound of screams and explosion could be heard coming closer and closer. I couldn’t help but wonder who this blood-red horse was? I mean, was there another Blood Red horse like Coco here on Earth? There was a high possibility, especially because Elves are real.

“The demon horse is coming!” Someone screamed the thundering sound of the hooves ran towards us in rapid succession. A blood-red horse bulldozed through the door knocking the guard back into the wall. Electricity radiated out of the horse’s body. The horse reared up on its leg and neighed. 

Jumping forward, the horse came charging towards Adriel.

“What in the world is this?” Adriel growled. He jumped out of the way just in time before he got trampled by the horse’s hooves. “How did a horse get in?”

Adriel shot dark energy towards the horse. The horse sent out a massive outage of electricity that zapped towards Adriel. Both powers clashed with one another, and they both fought. 

A shot of energy missed the horse and instead came streaming towards me. The horse jumped in front of the energy and sent out a powerful electricity that completely whipped out the energy ball. 

For some reason, I felt a familiar aura around this horse. I mean, everything about this horse screamed to one person: Coco. How? This thought kept running nonstop in my mind. “Coco?”

The horse turned towards me when she heard her name. 

“S-Stop!” I shouted, bewildered towards Adriel. I ran in front to stop the attack. “She’s my friend!”

Adriel was powering up a powerful energy ball, and in seconds he reels in his power. “Friend? 

The horse?”

I ran out in front, calling him to hold fire. “Yes, please stop! She probably thinks that you are the enemy!”

“But this wretched horse destroyed my house. It is my privilege to destroy intruders.” Sparks of dark energy erupted out of Adriel’s hand.

“Brother!” Sophia yelled. She gave him a stare that told him to stop. “Stop trying to hurt my friend’s friend!”

“B-but, Sophia.” Adriel looked distraught, I had a feeling that Sophia had him under her thumbs. 

“Brother.” Sophia crossed her arm and scolded him. 

Adriel gave up and grunted. Turning his back as he sulkily looked over here and then. 

Coco huffed out a smoke of fire out of her nose and shifted into her human form. “Young mistress.” She bowed in front of me.

“Coco? How did you find me?” I gaped at her.

“I felt your distress, young mistress. I used my nose, and I followed your scent in the Forgotten Forest. I somehow ended up in this horrible city.”  Coco raised up her nose, looking away around her as if she smelled something funny. 

“I’m glad that you are here, but I’m alright. Really.” I told her to calm her down. Which, I could see that she didn’t believe me. 

“Are you sure, young mistress? I smell a foul air coming from this wretched man in front of us.”  Coco grunted, squinting her eyes as she glared at him. Even in her maid uniform, she looked so cool. 

“Hey!” Adriel grunted in disdain. 

“I mean what I said. You have a large amount of unholy energy around you that stinks of death.”

“You can smell that?” I asked awed.

“Yes, now young mistress. Let’s go home. We’ve been waiting for you for so long.” A few tears erupted on Coco’s eyes, looking at me as if I was some long lost sheep that was finally coming home.


“Wait a moment.” Adriel came over, trying to stop me from leaving. “Your servant destroyed my home. You need to pay for compensation.” 

“Fine.” I rummaged through my pocket and pulled out a level B Magic Stone. “Use the word Activate and right after say explosion together. It’ll go off.” I threw it towards him, and he caught it effortlessly. 

Adriel looked at it for a moment. Satisfied, he pocketed the Magic Stone without saying another word.

“Berry,” Sophia called out towards me. I turned towards her wondering what she has to say. 

“Thank you.” She blushed, she cast her gaze down, embarrassed. 

“You’re welcome. I’m glad that I can help you.” 

“Berry, Would you be my friend?”


“I-If you don’t want to, you don’t have too.” 

The thought of having another girl as a friend delighted me. I didn’t have many girls as friends. Honestly thinking about my past, I never had a friend that I could remember. 

“Sure!” I walked over and grabbed her hands tightly. A friend like Sophia was awesome to have. 

“I would be honored.” 

“Thank you!” Sophia was elated, and she hugged me tightly. 

Even Sophia’s scent was like a fresh smell of Lavender and Roses. I pulled apart from her. “I’ll be going now.”

Sophia nodded. “I hope to see you soon. Oh, and here is my number.” She reached over and ripped a piece of paper. Quickly scribbling her number, she handed it to me. “Please call me!” 

The word soon made me tingle with delight. Now I have a reason for traveling back to Japan, just to meet my new friend. “Thanks.” I followed Adriel out of the room and the building. We hope in the limousine and drove towards the Blue Rose Host Club. Adriel didn’t say a single word while we were heading back. Coco was on guard in front of Adriel, and her gaze was fixated entirely on him. She was always in front of me, blocking him from my view. Honestly, I was glad he didn’t talk with me anymore. It was already complicated enough to have a Demon Lord with me in the same car. 

We stopped in front of a gas station to put in some gas. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Phil talking to a man. 

“Isn’t that Phil?” I leaned towards the window and plastered my face on it. What was he doing so far out here anyways? Wait, is that really Phil? Opening the door, I got out.

“Phil?” I called out towards him. 

Phil turned around and stood there motionless like he saw a ghost. I walked over to him. “Berry? 

Where were you? I’ve been looking for you. Coco?” He stopped confused, wondering how she was with me.

“Really?” I felt a fuzzy feeling in my heart knowing that he was worried about me “It’s a long story. I got kidnapped twice.” The words slipped out of my mouth. 

Oops. I shouldn’t have said that, but it was too late. 

Phil eyebrows were knitted together in a knot, even Coco flinched. 

“I’m so sorry, young mistress that I couldn’t come and save you.” 

“Don’t worry about it. I got out perfectly fine by myself. Really.”

“No, you don’t understand young mistresses. You are our pride and joy. We would feel awful if we couldn’t do anything.” Her eyes were filled with sorry. “Though I would understand who the kidnapper might be.” She gave Adriel a disdainful look.

Adriel coughed and gave me a glare. His eyes were telling me to shut up and say no more.

“Kidnapped? By who?” Phil’s voice became deadly.

“By a guy named Rei.”


“A Demon Lord.”

“Demon Lord?” Phil did not understand who this Demon Lord was. “There is a Demon Lord in this world?”

I nodded, and my eyes were slowly drawn towards Adriel. Adriel was giving me a fierce gaze telling me not to say another world.

“Yea, and he’s the devil reincarnate,” I stressed the devil part and smiled.

“By the way, who are you?” Phil turned towards Adriel, who was standing behind me.

“My name is Adriel. I can feel a similar feeling coming from you.”

Wow, is it possible demon lords can sense each other out? This could be a mind-opening experience.

“Are you an elf?” Adriel asked.

“A half-elf.”

“Ah, that would make sense. I thought I could sense part human in you.”

Never mind, maybe I was wrong entirely. Having two Demon Lords facing each other off right in the middle of Tokyo is already nerve-wracking enough. There is a high possibility that they can decimate the population by half if they fought. Such thoughts were quite frightening in itself.

“I’m guessing you are a full-blooded elf.” Phil’s voice was strained. I could tell he was not comfortable talking with a full-blooded elf at all.

“Yes, which part of the Elven Nation are you?”

“I am not part of any.”

“I see—the loner type. I can sense a potent magic coming from you. If you are ever interested in joining the elves, you are welcome to join my family: the White Lotus.”

“I appreciate your offer, but I must decline. I am not the type to start joining any time soon.”

“I understand. The door is always open if you ever decide to join.”

“Thank you. I’ll think about it.”

The tense air between the two was still powerful. I mean seriously two distinct Demon Lords right here in front of me. One was a sister loving, and the other was an elf with issues. Was all demon lords elves? Now that I think about it, the message that I read states they were more on 

Earth. This opened up a whole new world that I never knew existed on Earth that it made me wonder what else was out there. What was hidden by the media, and the question of why?

Even though I thought such thoughts, I just couldn’t find an answer. There were just too many secrets that I just didn’t understand.

A high piercing screech could be heard, and the sound of explosion and heat washed towards us like a tsunami. I could almost feel the tingling of my back getting a bit of heat. 

Phil pulled me backward as we flung towards the ground. He covered me with his body, trying to damper the explosion. 

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