Special Update Announcement~

Hi guys.

I just wanted to share a few things. I just got back with a proofreader for the first Arc I of Angel’s Song. You can find the copy here. The story is a three-part arc, and it is now in its second arc. It’s over 80+ chapters now, which is quite a lot of writing. It surprised me that I can write so much in five months.

The other stories on this website, like Black Moon, Valkyrie’s Lament, Mind linker, and Drezo Regalia, will be completed shortly after Angel’s Song is done. Black Moon is probably the first story I will aim to end or Mind Linker. I’m on a weird teether totter between these two. I haven’t quite decided yet, but it might be Black Moon. I have been going back and fixing a few things in that story, as you can see.

Black Moon has about six volumes, so two more volumes to go before it’s completed. While Mind Linker goes by Arc’s and there are three major arcs. So far, it is in Arc II, and I had to change it into a third-person perspective instead of first. Valkyrie’s Lament is a bit long, so it’s going to be put on hold. While Drezo Regalia is long as well, but not forgotten.

Finally, I was honestly afraid to share this new story. It’s called Song of Creation: The Legacy, and it’s an eight-part series. I have been working on since college…I know, why so many stories? Well, all the other stories I put up on this website for free are actually my practice story. I believe Drezo Regalia was my first time ever writing. I wanted to learn and grow on writing, and so far it’s been working. I still got a long way to go, but I’m pleased. My grammar still is bleh though, but workable–better than when I first ever wrote.

Song of Creation: The Legacy is actually my main story I have been working on for god knows how long. It’s embarrassing to say that I have been pushing it aside for too long. Mostly because I was scared and a bit of money issues. But, I realized that it’s stupid and there is only one life. So, I decided to stop being a chicken and get it ready for this year. 

Right now, I have found an Editor to flush it out. Only a few chapters will be posted for you guys to read, and it’s up to you if you want to buy it or not in amazon. Either way, I’ll be posting up my sketches and ideas of this world that I had envision. You can say I poured my heart and soul into this one, which is probably why I got scared of telling this story.

Anyways, enough rambling. I’ll give you a synopsis.

Song of Creation: The Legacy

Aurelius Obscurus Lux. The first species of Obscurus Lux to be ever created in the entirety of the universe. He is alone in the universe, a clean slate, the only existence without a pair. But even still, he pushes forward, trying to find a meaning to his lonely life, especially the meaning of his name. Half the world hates him, while the other half finds him a curiosity that has never been seen before.

 His life goes into an unexpected turn of events, when Symphonia gives him a sacred task, a task that no being has ever been given. To travel the universe, collect the divine energy, and bring it all back to her. The question is, why him? Why not someone else who is more qualified, mainly because the danger behind such a grandiose task could lead to his death, and where evil thrives in the darkest reaches of the universe. Follow his adventure as he grows up and blooms into adulthood.

Genre: Science fiction, fantasy, adventure, thriller, and romance

Here is a sketch of Aurelius. The clothes he wear is just a normal everyday wear, it’s not the final sketch.

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