It’s been a very long time. I first want to apologize for my disappearance. The only thing I could say is “LIFE” but even then it was silly of me to stop everything because of it. In that short span of years of going M.I.A, I have learned a lot and worked on self improvement; especially mental strength that I needed the most.

Well first off, I had just recently started to write again called Angel’s Song: Requiem of the Dreams on the Webnovel app, which have some amazing stories. So far I have written over 18 chapters if you want to check it out. My screen name there is BlackSnow.

This story, it’s more of getting back into the groove of writing that I feel like I have lost.

I have also decided to take down a few of my old stories that I have not finished, well most, because it was bothering me that it wasn’t finished. I rather re-edit the story again and come back to it one more time if I ever decide too. I’ll still keep my completed story and Drezo Regalia up because those two stories have been the stories that always kept me going back to writing. It’s a bit more personal.

Drezo Regalia will be on hiatus for now.

Anyways, thank you and welcome back to the strange and adventurous stories I write and would love to share once again.



Snow never thought she would ever have an Alien Invasion ever happening to her in her lifetime. It didn’t make sense, until she learned that they were more than just an Alien invader. When the Gods called in help from a different world called Earth, they brought in Alien’s called Earthlings, who were dubbed the “Players” to combat against the dark forces that appeared upon her homeland. As a receptionist for a hunter community, Snow must deal with the ever growing bickering of the Hunters and now the Players in her daily life as she balances out her own. Can she do it? Of course, she just needs to calmly welcome them in with a warm smile and beautiful bow. Snap. Crackle. Pop. Get back in line, damn Players and Hunters!


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