Hi guys,

I know my story hasn’t been updated in a year. The reason is because of my life and for the past four months I have gone back to re-editing my story I have been writing for 6 years. This is a special story for me because the time and commitment I have put into it has been a very long journey. Honestly, it has been THE story I been wanting to share with the world. Every story I have written on here has been practice and free to read at your leisure.

The story is called Song of Creation: The Legacy


Aurelius Obscurus Lux. The first species of Obscurus Lux to be ever created in the entirety of the universe. He is alone in the universe, a clean slate, the only existence without a pair. But even still, he pushes forward, trying to find an meaning to his lonely life, especially the meaning of his name. Half the world hates him, while the other half finds him a curiosity that has never been seen before.

His life goes into an unexpected turn of event, when Symphonia gives him a sacred task, a task that no Esequi Nuntis has ever been given. To travel the universe, collect the sacred energy and bring it all back to her. The question is why him? Why not someone else who is more qualified, especially because the danger that lies behind such a grandiose task could lead to his death, and where evil thrives in the darkest reaches of the universe. Follow his adventure as he grows up and blooms into adulthood.

Genre: Science fiction, fantasy, adventure, thriller, and romance

Right now, the second pass will be done today, while the 3rd editorial pass for the trilogy will be starting soon. My goal is to finish the 3rd pass by end of this year and get the story really well cleaned up. You can say the first book of the story is all written out, but need a lot of editing.

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