Site Update

Yo, although you probably all wish that this was the legitimate author of the site, no such luck.

To make a long story short, I’ll no longer be updating here, and I have some serious doubts that the author that most of you came here for will return either. I haven’t heard from her, even after numerous emails, so my best guess would be that she either got so busy with life that she just quit writing altogether, or something happened that she just couldn’t write anymore. Thanks to all of you that continued to visit the site, and with this last message, it will likely be the last update on the website. I didn’t know when the payment might run out and no one would be left with any answers at all.

My apologies to everyone who still visited the site hoping to see some update from her. As for me, I have been posting on RoyalRoad for quite a few months now, so all of you can pick up with my story on there. Not many of you continued to read it with my somewhat irregular updates, but I want to give a heartfelt thanks for the few of you that continued to read here throughout that entire time. Looking forward to everyone who joins me there, and thank you again for everyone who joined us here on the website.

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