Black Moon V4 Ch. 8

Chapter 8

I flew so fast and so hard that I didn’t notice the days past by in a blink of an eye. I couldn’t leave Coco another second with the Titan and I knew that time wasn’t my best friend. The thought of something happening to Coco made my head swirl with dark thoughts and worry that I didn’t have a wink of sleep for two days straight. It wasn’t until Tart started begging me to take a rest did I actually rest.

Even still, I wasn’t able to sleep well, because of the nightmares that cropped up constantly in my head, making it hard to fall asleep. The most I got was a couple of hours, which surprisingly enough was all I needed.

Once again, flying through the air, I past through the thick lush forest that endlessly spanned out into the horizon, until eventually the trees started thinning out. The forest was quickly gone and what I saw was fertile plains and rolling plains. The hills were like small mounds with lush green grass that was slowly tapering off into a slightly desert like area.

I wasn’t to happy that we were coming back close to the Orc’s land. Just the thought of seeing them possibly again made me frown. Still, I wasn’t there for them anyways, so it wasn’t a big deal.

There was a heavy lingering smell that whiffed in the air the closer I got to the Titan. It made my toes curl, my stomach do strange flips and even my head spin. What was more shocking was that the plants in the areas started to pale and become brown and lifeless. I didn’t know what was causing this strange disturbance, but I could tell that it was going to be a problem.

“It smells so bad.” Tart whined, holding his nose with his fingers and breathing through his mouth. “Young mistress, I can’t go any further….or I might lose….consciousness.” He looked like he was melting on my back as he sagged. His whole body and expression looked so miserable that I couldn’t help but feel bad for him, but at the same time he wanted to come here.

I understood him perfectly, the smell was just getting worse and worse. Any further and my delicate stomach would hurl up all my breakfast.

“What is this vile smell?” Cathy spoke disgusted. “It smells like the Durian Lizard’s Fart mixed with the Hairy Armpit Monkey’s pisses when it goes foul.”

I wasn’t sure what each one of those monsters individual smelled like or what they look like, but I might instantly knew what she was talking if I ever met those creatures. Though, I had to wonder what kind of strange monsters they were for Cathy to spew out such strange names. They’re many strange monsters and creatures that I had seen in this world, but they were many more that I didn’t know of.

“It’s the Titan.” Phil growled, even he was having a hard time trying not to inhale the foul air. “I brought some purifying plants to help counter the smell.”

“You have something!?” Tart bolted up and grabbed Phil’s hand. His eyes twinkling as he stared at Phil with hope.

Phil flinched from Tart’s sudden closeness. He peeled off Tart, who was desperately holding on to him. “Yes…..It’s going to help lessen the smell, but it won’t completely get rid of it.”

“I don’t care! Just anything to stop this horrible smell!”

“Then you shouldn’t have come.”

Tart expression changed as it turned serious, the light in his eyes sharpened, he frowned at Phil in what he had said. He was offended, and he balled up his fist. “Coco and Tart are my friends and family. I will never just sit back and wtch them get hurt or worse, die.”

The words that Tart had said made Phil a bit surprised, he nodded his head. “But then why are you complaining as if you don’t want to tag along? We all know how bad the smell is, having you add to it doesn’t make it any better.”

With a huff, Tart turned his nose upwards. “I can complain can’t I? My sense of smell is keener than all of you guys combined, and it’s 100x worse than what you smell now. Do you think I don’t have any right to complain after that?”

The air was getting tense as the two was squaring off. Both Phil and Tart was right, yes Tart got a bit annoying whining, but his nose was far superior than any one of us combined. He had every right to complain about the foul air, and I wouldn’t even wanted to be in his shoes.

Not only that for him to come along to save Coco was truly acknowledgeable and brave. There weren’t many people out there to stick their life for another, meaning Tart and this group was a rare exception.

Phil didn’t say anything for a moment, and finally replied. “I believe that sharing your complaints and smelling it at the same time is not going to help anyone of us. We don’t need a reminder of the obvious.” His words were like a slap against Tart’s face, Tart face started to crinkle up into a snarl. I knew Phil was a blunt type of guy, and had a tendency to spur up unnecessary trouble. Maybe it was his demon lord title, I wasn’t sure.

“You better watch what you say elf.”

“Or what?”

“Or I’m going to-”

“Enough.”  I let out a loud command, breaking the two squabbles. “I don’t need you both squabbling on my back. If you’re going to continue fighting, I’m going to toss you both off my back.”

Both of them was surprised at what I had said, they clamped their mouth shut and stood silent.

“Phil. Pass out the purifying plant that you have.”

Phil didn’t grumble or complain, in actuality he seemed unaffected by my snarl. He seemed to do some strange hand movement, and I then I saw him pull out five necklaces in different sizes. In each one they was a cute red leaf, the size of a marble, inside the crystal amulet. Instantly, the air around all of us started to freshen up, dampening the horrible smell by four-fifth of its usually smell, making all of us sigh in relief.

Tart eyes became big, he stared at the necklaces in Phil’s hand. “You found the rare Purifying Red leaf? How?” His attention instantly turned towards Phil in shock.

“Is it that rare?” Styrd asked, staring at the necklace in Phil’s hand. “Even before the necklace, I didn’t smell anything.”

Everyone stared at him in shock. I thought he had a broken nose if he couldn’t smell the vile smell that was lingering in the air. It was just too weird, but I didn’t say anything. This could be one of his special skill that I didn’t know about until now. It also made sense on how the Orcs could be fine in the presence of a Titan.

Phil cleared his throat. “It’s a specialty grown in the Leaf’s family home. Their known to cultivate rare plants and sell them across countries.” He started to hand out one for everyone, except Stryd who shook his head no.

Tart took the handed necklace with glee as he instantly put it around his neck in relief. The others did the same and their expression changed. Eventually, Phil reached over, unhooking the necklace. He murmured something under his breath as the golden necklace started to grow in size.

Kneeling on one knee, he reached over and clasped it around my neck, allowing a fresh breeze of much needed clean air that I immensely missed. Who knew I would miss something so simple that I was grateful for it.

My wings beat with more power, no more did I had to hold in my breath every few seconds, which caused me to work as twice as harder in flying. Picking up speed, I flew with determination.

Even when we got closer and closer to our target, the necklace kept the stink under control, allowing me to move forward. Eventually, I was a mile away from our destination, examining down from the sky, I looked for Coco.

Then I caught sight of her, she was standing with a rope tied around her. She stood on top of the hill proudly as she was barely injuried or hurt. I was a bit surprised that the Titan didn’t ravage her or maybe harm her. Coco was considered a beauty, but then again Orcs had a different sense of beauty, which I was glad about. Though, I didn’t know the preference for the Titan or its gender, so it still was a relief to see her okay.

“It’s a trap.” Phil replied from over my shoulders. “It’s not a good idea Berry.”

“I wasn’t going to just swoop down from the sky and grab her.” I snorted, knowing full well that this was a trap. I wasn’t that stupid.

“Good,” Phil patted my shoulders. “Do you see those shadows over there?” He pointed across from Coco not to far away.

When my eyes found what he was pointing, I noticed that they were a large group of warrior Orcs hidden under a makeshift trenches, camouflaging with the ground. I wouldn’t have noticed it Phil didn’t pointed it out.

“There waiting for you to land or swoop down from the sky. They even have ballista hooked and ready to fire to pin you down.”

I shuddered, disliking the thought of being impaled by harpoon looking arrows.

“We’re going to have to break up into two teams. One to extract her, while you distract them. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yea,” I nodded, “I’ll drop you off over there, behind those hills. It should be enough to give us cover from their view.”

“Good idea.”

I banked towards the right, swiveling in the thick clouds as I made my way over towards the hills. What happened next completely surprised me as something whooshed through the air and pierced through the clouds. My body did a weird jerking motion as I dodged out of harm’s way from whatever it was.

Something long and shiny shot past me, knocking my wings. With a flurry of quick beats, I spiraled into a loop, getting my position back on track. The others held on tightly knowing full well that they were going to die if they let go. Majority of them tied themselves with rope to pin them down to my back.

“Another one incoming!” Cathy shouted her hands shimmered with magic as her Legendary weapon, Gala, appeared into existence. With a horizontal strike, a loud metal against metal sound vibrated outwards as she deflected the large metal spears the size of her whole arm and half the thickness as her body aside. Her whole hand tingled as she knew that the power behind the attack wasn’t from a normal ballista.

I flew in an S like motion, trying to dodge as many metal spears as possible. At first it was only a few, but suddenly the amount of spears being thrown increased by three folds, making my flight into an acrobatic.

“Where is it coming from?!” Tart was holding on, straining his neck to find the source. “Over there! On the left!”

I searched, looking for where he was pointing. When I found the being that was throwing the spear, I knew instantly who or what it was. It was the Titan.

The Titan was bigger than all the Orcs, though he didn’t look colossal like I had imagined. He was buff, looking like an overly buff muscled creature, ugly scars and scrunched up face that looked even more angry every time he moved. He wore a very simple armor that covered his chest and legs, while a helmet covered his head. His helmet had three horns sticking out from both sides and the front.

They were tons of metal spears laid out to the side as the Orcs handed them one-by-one. The Titan’s muscles bulked up, he drew back, and snarled. With a powerful throw, he chucked it towards me.

Alarmed, I flipped in midair a bit to short as the spear pierced into my wings, tearing into it. A loud painful roar erupted out my throat as the pain traveled up my wings. My flight faltered, causing me to spin out of control. I had to flapped hard to get back in control, not wanting to lose altitude, I opened up my wings to its full potential to catch my fall. That was my mistake.

Another four spears flew in the air, each one tearing a bigger hole into my wings, causing me to lose height even faster.

Pain, shocked through my whole wings, but it wasn’t an unbearable pain. It was a tingle that reminded me when I stubbed my toes. Other than that it wasn’t a big deal.

I knew at this rate I wouldn’t be able to keep flying with the weight on my back.

The others tried to deflect as many spears as possible, but when the Titan saw that Cathy and Phil was deflecting it, he changed course and aimed for my wings, making it difficult for them to get too.

“Everyone, get ready for impact!” I shouted out of the top of my lungs. There was no way I was going to go down easily, I swerved in the air and headed away the Titan towards land.

My wings tucked in my body, saving whatever was left before it got completely broken and impaled. We dropped from the sky like a bullet, falling with as much grace and safety as I could. Metal spears flew across my neck and body, but none of them hurt either me or the others. In the last minute, before I hit ground, I snapped opened my wings, bringing stability as I braced for impact.

The back legs touched ground first, giving me the stability that I needed to land on my front. But even still, the speed of the fall caused me to stumble a little as I tried to spread out the impact. I was able to absorb most of it with my wings, but it wasn’t enough for me to tumble forward.

Everyone flew off my back, cushioning their falls far better than mine. Both Cathy and Phil did a diving roll at the last second as they unhitched themselves from the rope. Tart was able to slip out just in time. Only Stryd was still stuck to my body, rolling along with me.

It was out of pure luck that Stryd didn’t get squashed and died, in which that would’ve been the end of his life and all his races. My tail was the last thing to slammed onto the ground from the tumble, while my head was knocked around a little bit from the trees I skid into.

“Their coming!” Phil shouted, he had Laurel out, flashing forward as he struck like a snake. Orcs rushed in on all sides, their spears and clubs raised up over their head as they swung.

“Duck!” Cathy shouted, she sprung forward from the roll and impaled into the Ocr that was behind Phil. Gala gleamed wickedly red as blood dripped down its side. It brilliantly sparkled, drinking its blood like a vampire, absorbing it in seconds.

“Thanks!” Phil ducked in time, he did a sweeping low kick to the second Orc that came rushing towards him. His sword flashed upwards, impaling it in its head as he drew back in one fluid flow when he stood up.

“We need to get out of here!”

Tart shifted into his giant black wolf form, he bolted forward, snarling as he tore through his enemy like butter. His teeth glistened with blood, his eyes red and glowing, while his claws penetrated armor. From one Orc to another, he sprung forward, landing on top of them in one go. He struck, tearing into their heads and spitting them out as they became headless.

Stryd groaned, his head whirling as he fumbled to untie himself. When he did, he dropped to the ground, rubbing his forehead.

I shook my ringing head, the pain from my back, jostling around the ground, and a pretty heavy thump to my head didn’t make it any better. Getting my barring straight, I rolled over.

In alarm, Stryd scuttled onto his feet, jumping backwards from being almost squished by me. “Be careful!” He yelled, “You almost squashed me!”

“Sorry.” I replied, shaking my head as I got onto my feet. My tail flicked back and forth hitting against the rocks and trees, causing them to splinter.

“Berry! Hurry up and get up!” Phil was fighting against an Orc head-to-head, trying to keep them from overwhelming us. “They’re going to surround us!”

With one last shake of my body, I was finally stabilized. The whirling headaches were gone as I was able to see in front of me. My vision cleared and my tail whipped around me, causing a couple of Orcs to fall face forward with a splat. Their armors clattered loudly, and one of them was unfortunate enough to land on their own weapon, impaling themselves.

I was quite surprised that something like that happening in real life, but I didn’t get to enjoy the moment my enemy fell onto its own blade. Instead, I lunged forward, my tail lashing around me like a whip.

Everyone was either flung to the side, thrown across the plains, or were killed with my claws that slashed forward in a couple of swipes. There was no way I was going to allow them to get close to my group.

A couple of Orcs came bumbling over with spears as they threw it at my body. It perfectly bounced off without much harm, causing them to break. They shouted a couple of angry words, but didn’t get much to say after I ripped them to shreds.

My vision was turning red, making me go straight into my dragon instinct. I let my other side of myself to take over, allowing my attacks to be much more ferocious and deadly. My jaws snapped and tore through skin and bone, crunching down on the very armor itself. Cries of anguish could be heard as they died in my mouth as I spat them back out onto their own as they were covered in blood.

It became a mess of blood, gore, and pieces of their body flying around everywhere. The fight was one sided, but they had numbers and pure mindless strength, though it seemed like the others didn’t seem to be phased by it.

Phil was sweeping through them like a flyswatter with his superb sword skill. On the other hand, Cathy had a more acrobatic approach that kept her on her tiptoes, jumping from one enemy to another, dashing across their heads as if they were steps.

“Die you bastards!” Cathy screeched, her lips were plastered with an evil grin that made her beautiful face deadly. Even hearing such cuss words coming out of her mouth was shocking to hear. She then cackled as she swung her blade, magic swirled around her like a wind, sending out a powerful shockwave of energy that splashed outwards, hitting everyone squarely in the body. They stumbled backwards, while Tart dashed in as he kicks off on one and decapitated the other.

The slews of Orcs died so quickly that it made them back up in fear. They didn’t expect that we would put up such a ferocious fight and kill quite a bit of them as quite a bit of them was present laid out in pieces or in a pile around us of death and carnage.

Suddenly, a metal spear three times the size of Phil flew through the air and landed squarely in between Phil and I. I luckily took a step back or my hand would’ve been pierced. With a snap of my head a low hiss escaped my lips as I glared at the being that tossed such dangerous object in front of me.

“Well. Well. Well.” A deep husky voice spoke out loud as the crowd of Orcs broke apart, allowing the Titan to walk through. Each step, he pridefully moved forward as his nose was silently pointed up in the air. “If it isn’t Berry.”

I froze for a split moment, confused.

“Do I know you?” My voice rumbled low, wearily watching him as my hand reached over towards the metal spear. Reaching over, I pressed down upon it as it fell to the ground with a thump, kicking up dirt in the air.

The Titan exaggeratedly gasped, he feigned as if he was hurt. “How could you forget about me, Berry? I am you’re biggest fan.”

My claws dug into the ground, uneased at how he knew my name. I knew that Coco wouldn’t just give up my name, and there was no body that I know that would come to the Orc Village in the first place.

“You don’’t know?” The Titan’s shoulder’s sagged, he shook his head at me not knowing. It bothered him immensely that I didn’t. “I was the one who hunted you down.” He pointed at himself on his chest a couple of times.

I stood still not answering him, trying to remember when he hunted me down. There was no single instances when I met him in this world, meaning that what he said didn’t make any sense.

The Titan sighed. “I hunted you down, but you escaped my fingers. If it wasn’t for that damn demon lord back in Tokyo…..what was his name again?” He snapped his fingers suddenly remembering. “Adriel! That was that stupid elf!”

When I heard Adriel’s name, a flash of memory skidded across my mind. Everything was coming back, the day I was kidnapped, almost sold or killed, and even ferried away by a lunatic. If it wasn’t for my idiocracy, I wouldn’t have been in that situation, but apparently it wasn’t so.

“Wait….are you, Rei?” I asked, for Rei to be here was not possible. Transferring from worlds wasn’t something that could be easily done.

A wicked smile erupted on the Titan’s face, giving me a creepy feeling all together. It was then I knew instantly that I was right, making me suddenly feel a shiver up and down my spine. How was this possible? Rei wasn’t supposed to be here or should be a Titan anymore. It didn’t make sense as I stood there stunned unable to say anything.

“Cat got your tongue?”

His words slapped me awake, I furrowed as I stared at him in annoyance.

“Really now, is it that surprising? I thought you would be thrilled that I am here.” Rei gave me a disappointed look as his shoulders sagged a little, but he quickly shook his head and straightened up his back. The same proud expression appeared on his face as he stared at me with a hint of smug expression. “I know you are surprised.”

I finally spoke, “Are you sure about that?” The tone in my voice wasn’t confident enough, but I was sure that he didn’t catch it. His expression didn’t change.

“Yes, I am.” The end of his lips curled even further, but a hint of slight confusion could be seen.

“Are you sure about it? You know, I could probably just not care less.” With a blunt reply, I stood up a bit straighter as my lips slightly showed off my pearly white teeth.

“Lies.” He hissed, clenching his fist. “I would’ve been surprised if your nemesis was right in front of you.”

I snorted, and shook my head. Yes, I was surprised that he was here, but there was no way that I would tell him that, not only that he was no nemesis of mine, but a kidnapper.

“A kidnapper is more like it.” Phil spoke out loud, causing Rei to swivel his head towards him and glare furiously. The intensity that he had gave towards Phil was worse than me, but he snorted once and ignored him for interrupting him.

Phil didn’t care, he lowered his sword, and kept on talking. “What would you expect us to be, surprised? We know that we can move to differents worlds, it’s not any new information. So, what is your point?”

Rei was silent unable to say anything. Phil had a point, we did go back to Earth and came back again. I did make quite a mess, but other than that Phil was right. This wasn’t something that I should be too surprised about and instead worry about what he would do next.

Rei growled, disliking how Phil had put him down. “All that planning I had done to get to this point….it’s all ruined!” He stomped his feet, causing a small tremor.

My eyes became wide, surprised that such a small body could cause such a powerful movement that even I felt it under my foot. How this was possible, I wasn’t sure, but I knew instantly that in his small body, he was powerful.

“I should’ve killed all of you elves! I did it with that damn another one!” Rei smashed his feet into the ground again as another shudder escaped under his feet. It was like watching a child throwing a tantrum, ruining his image that I remembered him before.

The orcs scampered backwards out of fear, the tremors on the ground became more violent, causing all of us to waver. Even I wanted to lift off the ground, and stay afloat, because the shaking was making me queasy.

Eventually, Rei stopped, taking in a deep breath he let out an annoyed breath. “So,” he folded his hand in front of him. “I only have one thing I want.”

“That is?” I was able to get a stable footing as my body was lowered to the ground from bracing myself.

“You.” An evil grin appeared on Rei’s lips, giving me shivers. I wasn’t sure I liked what I was seeing and for him to want me was even more creepier. Did he had a thing with a little girl form, because that was the last form he saw me in?! I think he actually might be a pedofphile.

“P-p-p-pedo?” I stuttered, causing Rei cheeks to twitch.

“No!” He shouted. “I want you dead!”

“Oh.” That was a different story entirely. I let out a small relief that he wasn’t into those creepy things, but realized now that my life was on the line.

“You made a fool out of me! I can’t have you running around freely after what you and that elf has done.” He rubbed his hands slowly, “I’ll make sure all of you die tonight.”

I didn’t like how he was staring at us crazily, I knew he was the type to go for what he had said. My brain was working quickly, trying to figure out how to save Coco and get out of here alive with everyone. Fighting against the whole Titan army wasn’t a good idea, especially because it would harm my friends more than me.

The thought of them possibly dying made me go into a very aggressive stance, there was no way I was going to allow that to happen.

“But,” Rei’s aggressive natured stanced stopped and he was a lot more relaxed than before. He then waved his hands, motioning the Orcs to bring Coco forward. Coco was roughly pushed forward as she walked towards me with a same old proud expression that I have always seen her in.

I was glad to see that Coco wasn’t harmed, she still looked like herself, but I wasn’t sure. There was a high chance that she could’ve been tortured.

When Coco was pushed again by a burly man, she twirled around and did a spinning roundhouse kick into the Orc’s head. The Orc stumbled backwards, surprised by the sudden attack as his neck was snapped to the side, breaking it cleanly in half.

The others Orcs stood their dumbfoundedly at the scene before them, shocked at what they saw. They didn’t expect Coco to fight back with her hands tied to her back and was now more wary about her. Most of them didn’t know what to do, and was mumbling among each other if they should pick her up and tie her or just leave her standing there by themselves.

None of them wanted to get their necks snapped off like the one dead on the ground as they stared. I felt proud of Coco, I knew she could take care of herself and to scare them off so easily was what she did best.

“Come on?” Rei shouted angrily, “what are you waiting for?” He was getting impatient on how slowly they were bringing her.

“But-” One of the Orcs, who had a scar running down its cheek spoke. “She just killed one of my men. How do you want me to bring her when she’s dangerous.”

Rei growled, “if you don’t bring her, I’ll kill you instead.” He threatened him.

The Orc froze up, understanding instantly that he didn’t have a choice either way. It was to bring Coco forward and die or die by the hand of Rei himself.

“I’ll give you five seconds.” Rei rumbled, getting impatient of waiting. “One….”

Suddenly, in a frenzy, the Orc started to quickly walk towards her in the hopes to catch her before she did another deadly attack.

Coco just rolled her eyes, shook her head and snapped her feet into a flury of kicks as she rushed one of them forward. She then kicked off into the air, doing a perfect ax kick down onto one of the Orc’s head as a loud sickening sound of bone breaking could be heard. It was in a mess of a fight as the Orcs scurried around, trying to grab Coco.

I knew this was our chance. Using my tail, I whipped around and slammed it into the nearest Orc, pushing them away from Coco. Coco took this opportunity to escape towards me, she weaved in and out, dodging every attack like a slippery eel.

Jumping out of the way from the Orc’s reach, she dashed forward and jumped onto my oncoming tail. With one fluid leap, she reached the tip of my tail and quickly scaled upwards towards my back. She even use the sharp end of my spine to snap the rope free.

All the Orcs that was trying to grab her was stunned, they wasn’t sure what to do anymore, especially now that I was in the way.

I continued to lash out, throwing the Orcs left and right as screams could be heard constantly.

“What are you guys doing?!” Rei screeched at the top of his lungs. He was furious that they weren’t doing their job correctly and let Coco go scott free. His face was turning red from all the screaming and even had bulging veins that seemed to pop out from each side of his face.

“I told you to get her!”

Phil and Kathy lunged forward, weaved in between the Orcs as they slaughtered them left and right. The Orcs parted like waves, being pushed back by their skill and power. When they saw Coco safely on my back with her hands loosed, they pulled back towards me.

“Young mistress.” Coco bowed, she then straightened herself up and lifted up her chin proudly like her usual self. “I am very sorry, young mistress. To show this unsightly sight.” She replied with a hint of anger in her voice. I knew she was beating herself up, especially because I knew she was the type to be very hard on herself.

“It’s alright, Coco.” I replied, spitting out a ice breath that froze up the ground and anything near it. The Orcs became a standing ice sculpture, frozen in place. My claws came downwards in a diagonal, hitting the side of the one of the Orc ice statues. A loud shattering sound could be heard as the Orc exploded and broke apart onto the ground.

Fear littered the Orc’s eyes as they saw the power that I had. They knew instantly that they would die the moment they got into range, most of them back away, shuddering in fear, but they were still some who didn’t back down.

“We are your family.” I spoke in between my ice breath. “No way am I going to leave you to die.”

Coco started to choke up, a tear dripped down her beautiful face as a warm smile that I rarely see on her erupted on her face. She reached over and wiped it off. “Thank you young mistress. Just the thought of it makes me proud to work under you.” She gave me the most graceful bow I had rarely seen. Then she straightened herself up, her expression became deathly and cold as she glared down at her opponent.

The Orc’s knew that they were in trouble when they saw Coco’s expression. If I wasn’t scary enough, the sheer sight of her gaze made anyone shrivel up. It was like meeting the devil itself as pure power of malice, disdain, and hatred were pointed directly at them.

“Disgusting infidels.” Coco growled. Her voice was low, but clear, cutting through the plains as every Orc in the vicinity heard her and knew that she meant business.

Her gaze swept across the field, and landed onto Rei himself. Rei didn’t seem bothered at all by Coco’s gaze and just rolled his eyes. He crossed his arm in front of him and just stood there not bothered at all what was happening before him.

“You.” Coco coldly replied.

“Me?” Rei pointed to himself lazily. “What about me?”

“I have business with you.” Coco burst forward, jumping off my back in a blink of an eye. She shifted in midair into her blazing fire horse that galloped towards him in full speed. Trails of fire blazed behind her, creating a wall.

With an angry neigh, her eyes blazed with fury, she rushed forward.

“Coco?!” I stopped blowing flames of ice and swiveled my head towards her in surprise. She was free and to suddenly jump back into the battle wasn’t something that I would’ve expected. This wasn’t the way how it was supposed to happen, it was supposed to be a quick in and out, but from the beginning nothing went according to plan.

“Is she out of her mind?!” Phil cursed as he swung his blade. “We’re supposed to go away from him, not towards!”

Coco didn’t listened, she was driven with anger that the words didn’t process in her head. Her pace speed up,creating electric sparks under her hooves as she leaped. With an angry neigh, she stomped downwards towards his head.

Rei sidestepped out of harm’s way in a nick of time as a blast of powerful electrical sparks of energy shot outwards towards the crowd. The electricity bounced off of Rei and went into the earth as if he was an electric conduit.

He raised his hand and looked at them, then he looked up and smirked. “Is that it?” With a simple wave of his hand, he backhands her with a harsh slap. Coco flew backwards, causing her to fly backwards.

“Despicable.” Rei replied, he was disgusted at Coco’s attempted attack. Coco was dazed, confused.

I was shocked on how easily Coco was suddenly put down so easily, it happened in a blink of an eye that I barely understood what just happened.

“Did you really think you can stop me?” Rei spoke in a arrogant manner. “I am the great Titan. The one who will rule the world!” He roared in excitement.

The ground trembled, making the ground jitter with excitement.

I lunged forward, rushing towards Coco in the fear of her getting crushed. With a tail whip, I slammed it across towards Rei and into his body, but as if I slammed into a thick metal wall that has been reinforced a hundred times, causing my tail to shake from pain as it traveled up and down my body.

Rei wrapped his arm around my tail and yanked me forward towards him. Without realizing it, my claws digging into the soil, trying to keep me from going towards him. The sheer power from the pull caused another flash of pain as I struggled to fight against his pure strength.

“Oh no you don’t.” Rei snickered with glee, his muscle bulging as he pulled me closer one inch at a time.

I snarled, whipping my head towards him as I inhaled deeply, expanding my chest. Cold air circulated around me as my belly started to glow blue. With an angry blow of ice fire, I shot it directly towards Rei’s face.

In alarm, he let my tail go as he stumbled backwards. This gave me a chance to slip out and turned around to smack him with my hand as he flew backwards into the crowd of Orcs as they were smashed underneath him.

“Come on Coco!” I yelled towards her to get up, she was dazed on the ground, trying to get back up. Her body shook as she neighed softly, her eyes slightly blinking in a flutter as she tried to get her sense back to her.

“We need to go!” I reached over to gently pick her up in my claws and then I looked over my shoulders and shouted at the others. “Come on! Let’s leave now!”

The others heard me as they pushed back the oncoming Orcs. Phil striked and swung his sword as he cut off one of the Orc’s head. He then jumped around in quick succession, dodging out of harm’s way as he ran straight to me.

“Berry! Start flying!” Phil shouted as he swung his blade, killing another.

Cathy was swinging with pure ecstasy as a mad grin erupted on her beatiful face as she slaughtered left and right. She wasn’t going to allow a single enemy escape her clutches as she continued to devastate the Orc’s.

With a pump of my wings, a gust of wings started to unfurl around me in rapid succession. A tornado started to form, kicking up a sand. The Orcs faltered, they couldn’t get close.

I started to feel my feet slowly lifting off the ground, getting to shoot up into the air. Cathy was the first one to jump up as she climbed up onto my back. Tart, who was causing a frenzy of slaughter inside the army made a wide turn as he came straight towards me. Orcs easily fell by his power as they were slaughtered. Compared

“Enough!” A woman’s voice shouted out towards me with a loud commanding voice, causing everyone to suddenly freeze. The flurry of wind that was helping me stabilize in the air was suddenly turned against me as it started to change direction, causing me to be forced downwards. It was a difficult battle to stay afloat and every second made it that much harder.

Dense magic started to seep in from all sides as a powerful gravity magic pushed down on all of us. I couldn’t float any longer as my wings shuddered and was forced to close. With a heavy thud, I fell, smothered onto the ground unable to lift up even my head.

I was shocked to feel something this powerful pushing me down, it wasn’t often I felt such powerful magic in this world. It made me shiver, knowing whoever it was casting down this power was making all of us unable to move.

“I said, enough!” Her voice was cold as it made all the Orcs shiver in fear. Even Rei paled as he took a step backwards and gulped.

“I-” Rei was suddenly cut off in seconds, by a thunderous powerful display of magic that came zooming towards him and smashing into his side. He groaned in pain as he double backwards, but he didn’t die. Flame scorch mark was present on his body as was reeling in pain.

A whirl of magic came down from the sky as a tornado touched down in the most spectacular way I have ever seen. I thought we would’ve been picked up into the tornado and get sucked away, but it wasn’t large or powerful enough to pull us in.

“Did you forget our deal Rei?” The voice spoke inside the tornado peeved as it slowly started to dissipate.

“No….” Rei coughed, unable to say anymore. He was still in pain from the blast of magic that hit in his gut.

“Are you sure?” She replied coldly as the wind started to dissipate, but the gravity magic was still in place. “You were going to do something that I told you not to do until a few weeks from now. You’re body can’t handle the full transformation until your soul is ready. I have told you a numerous times, but you don’t listen. This is my last warning Rei, don’t make me mad.”

Rei was silent, unable to look up at her as he kneeled in front of her from pain. What stepped out from the tornado was a beautiful lady who looked to be in her late twenties. Her eyes was slightly slanted upwards, her posture was tall and straight as she gazed towards the group with an annoyed expression. All the Orcs shied away from her out of fear and respect for they could tell how dangerous she was.

Her long black hair trailed behind her, shimmering underneath the light from black to blue. Even her steps were light, barely making any sound. Obsidian black dress stuck to her body as her hourglass figure was shown. With a sneer, she glanced around the plains. Disgusted at the how they were easily pushed around.

“No matter, i’ll handle this.” The lady replied coldly.

“Yes….” Rei voice went soft, he shakily got up, trying to brush away the pain as if nothing had happened.

The other Orcs took a step backwards, but they still kept a tight circle around us.

“Who are you?” I asked, having a bit of hard time moving and breathing.

The lady stopped, turned towards me, and gave me a fierce cold look that told me that I was insignificant, but quickly as her gaze swept through me it disappeared. A lovely pleasant smile erupted on her face, bringing with it a warm feel.

“I am glad to see you alive, my nephew.” She replied with a sweet tone of voice.

I froze, knowing full well that my mother’s killer was in front of me.

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