Part III: Sloth and Gluttony makes a bet

Part III: Sloth and Gluttony makes a bet


“Gluttony.” Sloth replied with a silly grin on her pale face as she smacked her lips a couple of times and yawned. She looked like a young anemic girl with only skin and bones, and when she smiled, it made her more sickly looking than before. “How long have I slept…..old friend.”

Gluttony tilted his head, riddled with acne, frowning at her for being so nice to him. “Are we really friends?” He asked, not liking the way that she was smiling at him. He knew that she wanted something from him once again, and the last time was for him to share his precious souls. They were his food that he rightfully gained, and now he wondered what Sloth wanted. It was always something different every time she awoke.

“Too short to count.” Gluttony grunted, hiding his stash of food and souls to the side of his large body, hoping that she wouldn’t see it.

“Really?” Sloth yawned, smacking her mouth a couple of times before she was satisfied. “Years?”

“Fifty human years.”

“That short?”

“It’s not short on human years.”

“Well….. that’s like,” Sloth yawns again, “a cat nap to me.”

Gluttony shook his head, rolling his eyes at what she had said. Then he popped in a human soul in his mouth, crunching it like a candy bar. “Why are you awake anyways?”

“I…..felt…” Sloth thought it over a moment, she tilted her head to the side usure. “Something.”

“That’s very helpful.” Grunted Gluttony, the short amount of words that crossed through her head when she woke up was barely understandable to him. He wondered half the time if her mind even worked, especially on times like this.

“It felt like it was coming from the east.” Sloth slowly turned his head towards the source of where she thought the strange feeling was coming from. “It’s strange….”

“How so?”

“It’s something I never felt before.”

“Are you sure you’re not half asleep?”

Sloth raised up her eyebrows, shook her head at him. Gluttony still didn’t completely believe her, so he directed his own attention towards where Sloth was paying attention too. He grunted and rumbled at how she was still dreaming, and he waited to see what she was talking about.

Silence followed after, as he squinted his eyes, trying to use his magical energy to see past the building that they were in. A blast of energy spewed outwards, making his skinny pimply body becoming bigger and fatter into his true form. He grew in size, while his skin become hard with thick bumps every inch of his skin like a toad. The outside became slimy, making anyone who touched him slide off. Spine like appendages grew around his face, shooting backwards like hair.

His hands became thick claws, and even his feet became wider. Whenever he exhaled, his chin elongated outwards like a frog, and his belly jiggled with fat.

“Did you have to change?” Sloth stated lazily, the thought of seeing Gluttony’s hideous appearance made her want to close her eyes and go back to sleep. “All you needed to do was reinforce your ears.”

Gluttony snorted at what Sloth had said, bobbing his giant head side-to-side as if telling her that she was wrong. His stomach enlarged as he breathed and let out an annoyed blow of air towards her direction. “This way I can hear it ten times better.” He croaked. There was no way that he was “just” going to enhance his hearing, he wanted to gross her out just as much to see her disgusted expression.

The thought of seeing her twisted expression made him reel with glee for there wasn’t many things that made her cringe. When he took a good look at Sloth, she gave him the expression that he was looking for and even looked like she was about to hurl. What was even more entertaining was that her skin started to bubble up with goosebumps, and she shrieked at how unsightly her skin was becoming.

“Damn it, Gluttony!” Sloth was furious that her pearly white skin was being ruined. She couldn’t stand the sight of his gross appearance, especially the putrid air he gave off every time the back of his skin popped as white puss and the smell followed after. It wasn’t the smell that got her, but the popping of his skin that did that made her skin crawl and cause her to break out every time.

“What?” Gluttony stated with a sly grin. “I’m only doing what I believe is the best course of action.”

“Bull shit!” Sloth was pissed that her skin was breaking out, her beautiful white skin that she always liked was becoming an ugly red. “Hurry up and change back!”

“Yea, sure~” Gluttony was enjoying himself as he saw Sloth in a dismal state that he chuckled to himself at her behavior. If he knew any better, this was one of the few times that Sloth ever made any true effort and that was on herself, especially her skin that she prided in.

‘Hurry it up, frog face!” Sloth was rubbing her arms and then her face, distraught at the predicament that she was in.

Gluttony enjoyed her frantic act, took his leisure time, while watching her. Then when he finally got enough for the pay back of her taking half of the souls and bodies that he collected for himself, he tilted his head and listened. For him, it was different. He didn’t really listened with his ears, but more so felt the energy in the air.

It was a lot easier for him to sense the flow with his body through his skin, feeling the vibration in the air, and eventually tasting it. Compared to Sloth, he was a completely different specimen.

Using his senses, he zoned in on the direction that Sloth had pointed out. In an instant, he felt the strange energy fluctuation that he never felt before, and knew instantly that whatever it was was something he didn’t like. It wasn’t powerful, but it had a sense of holy energy that he had heard rumors about from the others.

There were always a few beings out there that could exude such power without being tainted by the darkness that each of them had. Even the Ouroboros that he had met and ate had a sense of delicious negative emotions that he had personally sought out for. They were stronger than normal humans, making it a scarcity and a top of the line delicious meal. But this energy made him want to hurl, there was no better words for it but that. His stomach already was gurgling and causing a stomach ache where he brought up his hands to stop from going completely hurling.

“What the hell is that?” Gluttony turned green from his upset stomach.

“I don’t know, but I bet is another awaken one that just turned. We got to kill it before whoever it is come into power.”

“You want me to go back all the way to the same spot?”

“Yes, it’s not like you had a bad memory there or something.” Sloth replied, waving her hand in the air. “Ah, wait.” She thought over what she had said, then it hit her. “You were almost killed, weren’t you?” A smug smile appeared on her face.

Gluttony didn’t like the way she smiled back at him, honestly, it infuriated him that she was thinking so lowly of him. It was just one mishap and he was already being brought up with one unwanted memory that he didn’t like to remember. What was worse was that the one that almost killed him gave him the name, which he hated with a passion. If only he could’ve killed him then and there, he wouldn’t be wrapped up in such a predicament with Sloth. She always had a knack for poking fun of him for his name.

If he ever sees that wretched rat ever again, he was going to make sure to kill him then and there. That was what all the others have done, killed their namer to be free of their chains of being controlled. Names had power, especially for a demon.

“So what?” Gluttony growled, showing his sharp teeth towards him. “I’m still alive now, aren’t I?”

“Well, yea.” Sloth replied with a no-duh expression. “But that was a close call. If I remember correctly, that was the only time you ever was closed to death, literally.”

“It’s not a problem anymore, so drop it.” Gluttony was getting annoyed by the second.

“If you say so.” Sloth shrugged, not really caring if he died or lived. “Though….”

“Though, what?” He snapped unconsciously.

“Sheesh, don’t get mad. That’s Wrath’s job.”

“I don’t got all day, what is it your trying to tell me?”

“I was saying, before you rudely interrupted me is that we need to go kill that thing. I don’t know about you, but if that being gets strong, we’re going to have a different problem in our hands.”

Gluttony knew what she meant, whatever that was was going to harm them more than help them, and he wanted whatever it was dead. He started to shift back into his original shape, becoming smaller. “Fine then, what do you want to bet on?”

“Bet?” Sloth asked a bit taken aback by his sudden interest in taking a bet, she would’ve assumed he would’ve just jumped on this interesting chance, while she just lays back and sleep. “Why so sudden?”

“Because,” Gluttony knew that she was just going to send him out, before she even attempted such thought, he wasn’t going to let her. “It would be so much more fun.”

“I’m not so sure…”

“Come on, Sloth.” Gluttony goaded her with a knowing expression on her thoughts. “I’ll bet you all the best collection of Ouroboros souls that I have, and what I have are considered the best.”

“Well….it’s true that you have found more Ouroboros than all of us combined….still…” Sloth wasn’t sure on taking the bet. “I want to sleep~.”

Gluttony snorted. “I know you do, but think of it like this. You’ll be able to sleep with a sound mind, knowing that whatever this is isn’t going to down our throats. If I were you, I wouldn’t let something like that happen to me, especially on your precious sleeping time.”

Sloth knew what Gluttony was trying to pull, but at the same time knew what he said was right. Her expression scrunched up not liking it a single bit on what he had stated, until she finally caved in. The thought of her sleep being interrupted infuriated her.

“Fine.” Sloth replied, crossing her arm in front of him. “You’re going to give me all the best ones you have for a full month.”

“What?!” Gluttony shouted out, spitting on her face in shock. “What about me? I’m a growing boy!”

“Boy?” Sloth snorted at such words that he had stated, almost laughing, but was stopped shortly by his spit on her face. She wiped it off annoyed, “you’re no boy anymore Gluttony. Your an obese demon.”

“I resent that.”

“Well, then do something about it.”


“Then there nothing to be resentful over.”

“Fine, then.” Gluttony replied in a childish tone. He wasn’t going to allow Sloth to up him in anything. “If I win, you’re going to stay awake with me for a month to go out hunting, and every hunt the best one’s you’re going to give it to me.”

“You’re asking me to do charity work.” Sloth didn’t like the sound of that at all. The thought of not sleeping for a month was torture on her as a whole. “Plus, I need my beauty skin! I’m not going to run around with tan skin!”

“So? We’re making a bet or not?”

Sloth went silent for a moment, she grumbled some more angry words than clucked her teeth in repercussion to what he had said. “Fine. I’m in.”

“Good.” Gluttony nodded in glee. “The first one to wipe it out wins?”

“Yes.” Sloth’s shoulders slouched, but she quickly bounced with a coy smile of her own. “We start now?”

“Of course, though its surprising to see you so into the thought of doing it so soon.” Gluttony was surprised at her sudden quick decision. If he knew her, she would’ve started a few weeks ago, giving him the needed time that he needed to go after the prize. There was no way that he was going to allow her to win with so much at stake. The food that he ate was his life, and the energy he needed to consume was ten times more than any of the others combined.

“I can be fast when I want to.” Sloth pouted at Gluttony’s statement. “I know what’s at stake and that’s my precious sleep time. Getting this over and done with will allow me to sleep longer periods of time, you know.”

“I guess?”

“Well then, if you have anything else to say, say it now. I’m not going to give you any handicaps.” Sloth slowly, but surely, turned around and started to head outside. “I got too much at stake.”

“Me too.” Gluttony grunted. “I’ll see you around.”

Both Gluttony and Sloth shrunk in size, back to their childlike form that they once were in and left in silence.

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