Mind Linker ch. 26

Chapter 26


We moved quickly, but quietly. Searching diligently, but were attentive to our surroundings. This whole scenario, walking slowly but steadily through a derelict and haunted compound, where I know that I could get attack at any second, such a place is still horribly nerve wracking. The first time I panicked and killed a demon, I almost losing my life in process. The second time, I panicked again, but I had a bit of experience, and could handle it better. The third time, it was even easier than before.

Even still, I couldn’t help but feel my heart pounding in my chest. There were over ten, possibly even more than twenty different demon’s inside this mansion. That was a lot more than I had ever fought before, and even though I had enough bullets, it still wasn’t something I was completely comfortable with.

Something as simple as practicing martial arts or gun training is completely different than going through and fighting in real life, especially when we haven’t gone over this type of large infestation scenarios.

In this kind of situation, we couldn’t exactly rush in, but at the same time we couldn’t dilly dally. Jones life was on the line, but so was ours. One wrong move or if we miss the slightest thing, and we would quickly be overwhelmed.

Pushing past the kitchen, we quickly went through the hallway. Marcus was meticulously cleared out each corner and room, moving methodically much like a swat team. They way he held himself as he carried himself amazed me. I paid close attention to  how Marcus held himself. Being able to learn first hand  just how he cleared the room made me feel self-conscious about how I should’ve been taking these corners and spots.

The sheer amount of lessons that I was being taught first hand by Marcus was really quite eyes opening in such a short of amount of time. I quickly followed suit, even though I was a bit clumsy with the way I cleared after him, I quickly tightened up my form as best as I could. Marcus did glance at me a few times, but thankfully, he didn’t say a word.

So far, there was nothing hidden around or any surprise attacks from under the floor like in horror movies. Instead, we went through a large dining room, where a large rectangular table was present with chairs around it.

I walked closely behind Marcus and passed by the dining table. Suddenly, multiple chairs scraped against the ground, pushing towards us. Quickly stepping backwards, I swung my sheate downwards, stopping the chair from ramming me.

The screeching of chairs continued, and quite a few was thrown into the air towards us.

Marcus cursed, ducking below a chair that was thrown over his head.

I swung my sheate upwards this time, blocking a chair that came flying from the side. Suddenly, I felt something hard slam into my back, causing me to stumble forward in surprise. The wooden chair splintered and broke all from impact, I turned around and found another flying towards my body.

Dropping down to my knees, I ducked out of harm’s way. Next, I quickly got on my knees, pushing back up into a scramble. Staying on the floor wasn’t an ideal situation, especially when there was a high chance of being attacked from the top.

Without realizing, I suddenly felt my leg get sharply tugged from underneath me, causing me fall flat on my stomach.

“What the hell?!” I shouted, dazed for a moment and looked over my shoulders.

An ugly, haggard, black skinned demon with sharp teeth that reminded me of a shark, and a glowing pair of red eyes stared back at me.. With a snarl, his sharp claw dug into my suit, but it didn’t do any damage. I wildy kicked my leg to free myself, but he got a good hold, dragging me under the table.

I cursed at myself for forgetting to check under the table, making me realize that I seriously need more awareness. Not paying attention like this would get me killed. My heart was pounding hard as I could feel the intense rush of adrenaline kicking in. With another vicious kick, I rolled over, kicking the clawed arm off of me. The twist caused the demon to let go, giving me a chance to scramble out from under.

The demon growled, pulling itself out from under the table with its arms. The way it scrambled outwards was creepy, as it spazzed and contorted like it was broken. Even the way it moved its arm was disgusting that I thought it would break; either way, when it came a third of the way out, I saw the other half of its body.

The legs were flipped over, like he was crab walking while his front part was crawling. Twisting in such a way made my lower back hurt just looking at it, and it made me wonder how it was even able to move like that.

“G-g-ive me y-y-your legsss.” The demon hissed in a snake-like manner. “Your prrrrettty legssss.”

My lips twitched, disgusted at what I was seeing before me. Reaching over towards my blade from the sheath, and with one pull, the blade smoothly came out. I loved it!

The sheathe mechanically clacked like mechanical gears spinning into place as it merged with the sword, becoming a part of the handle.

Reaching over withs its ugly hand, it attempted to grab my leg once again. I kicked the first one away from my legs, dancing away in a hurry. I swung in an cresent arch from the bottom up, cutting deeply into the demon’s hand. It cut through muscles and even bone. Only leaving behind a thin connection at the end as it dangled like thread.

“How were you able to sssssssee me?” With an angry hiss, the demon pulled back its other arm and attempted to stick it together. “You ssssssshouldn’t be able to.”

Without letting it finish thinking, I kicked back the chair that was in between me and the demon. With a quick swing, I attacked. I wasn’t going to let it figure out that I was Ouroboros anytime soon. The blade was cut into a horizontal strike as I slit open its throat in one fluid swing. Black blood spluttered outwards like a fountain, I stumbled backwards so I wouldn’t get caught up in it.

Not even a second later, the body constitution started to change back into its human form, but something stopped it from morphing half way. Wherever I cut, there was a small sheen of magic glow with sigils engraved around the wound. I couldn’t help but gag at the mutilated sight before me. Seeing something like this right after slaying the demon wasn’t something I wanted to see, but it wasn’t possible if the Demon was going to continually possess a human soul. The cuts my sword left wasn’t even the worse thing about the whole picture, instead, was the odd contorted angle that the man was in when the demon was through with its body.
It was just inhumanely impossible for our body to function like that and the demons somehow made it work. Quickly looking away, I had to hold in my dinner. I realized now that it was best that I shouldn’t eat right after when I was supposed to go after the demons.

“You okay?” Marcus was about to help me fight against the demon, but stopped himself and let me handle it. He saw how I was able to hold off my own and let me get some combat experience that I extremely needed.

“Yea.” I coughed, walking over, shaking off that experience as best as I could.

“Good. We got more of them to deal with and clear out. You being wounded right now would’ve been more difficult on me.”

“Sorry. I’ll try my best to keep up with you.”

Marcus nodded, he headed off first through the doorway. Suddenly, when I passed, I heard the gunshot go off twice. I knew then that Marcus found another demon and when I came out, I saw the humanoid demon dead on the floor. The bullets that Timothy made were working very well. The bullets lodged in the demon’s chest left a magically imprint that looked like a mixture of rune or a sigil around the bullet hole.

What was more surprising was that the demon didn’t change back into its human form, it was as if it was stuck in between human and demon unable to either one. Pleased at the bullets working as well as the sword, I was glad that we were having more proof that demons were real. It wasn’t just an imaginary thing that people pointed their fingers at us, but an actual living thing.

I suddenly felt an dangerous intent from behind me. Quickly stepping off to the side, I went into a roundhouse kick. My shin hit against something hard as the sound of broken bones could be heard. A wild howl shouted and I saw an Adult Demon, holding its broken arm close to its body.

Marcus was a bit a distance away, fighting three demons at once.

“You!” He hissed, spitting out in anger. “I’ll kill you!”

Before the Adult demon could jump at me and claw my face out with its uninjured arm, I swung my blade in a flash. The outstretched arm was cut off, falling onto the ground with a thud. The Adult demon howled angrily once again, flailing its stumpy bleeding arm, and kicked me across the chest. I stumbled backwards, the demon went into a series of kicks.

I was surprised that this demon knew a good extensive amount of kickboxing moves, it was fast and lethal. A beginner in martial arts like me was lucky enough that I managed to break  its arm and cut one off, but this time, I had to work for it.

The demon’s leg did a low sweeping kick, I jumped up and landed, swinging my sword down at the demon. With a hiss, the demon ducked under, dipping into a quick series of low to mid-kicks. My moves weren’t as fast as the demons and had quite a few lands hit against my side and leg. Luckily, the kicks didn’t do much damage because of the suit, allowing me fight back more aggressively.

When the demon saw that his kicks weren’t leaving behind a strong impacts, I felt and saw a swirl of dark energy start to swirl around his leg. It was then that I knew that the power and force behind his kicks were going to be even more deadly. We moved around the room, trying not to stumble against the chairs or the table. I had to use the table to create some distance around us to give me some time to figure out what to do.

But before I could think, he slammed his heels into the table, cracking in half. Then, the demon jumped onto the broken table as he rushed me. I dove towards the right, he jumped off the broken table and chased me. It was a strange fight off, he kicked with one broken arm and a stumpy arm that was closing up, while I used my legs to stop quite a few of his kicks, especially the ones that he didn’t put magical energy into.

“Stay still!” The demon angrily spat. I could tell that I was getting on his nerves.

“Hell no.” I grunted, there was no way I was going to do something that would kill me. I loved my second life and I wasn’t going to waste it.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a high spinning kick coming from the right. I ducked just in time, moving around the demon to the left. His foot smashed into the wall, getting it stuck. I took this god given chance.

My sword flashed forward, cutting into his leg in one swooping cut. His body collapsed as he fell onto the ground. I didn’t let my prey escape as I lunged downward and strike into the demon’s chest. Suddenly, I felt a large burst of my energy shoot into the sword.

A blast of golden energy erupted outwards, burning into the Demon’s body with an angry hiss. The demon cried out in pain as it shrieked. “It burns!” Eventually, the demon burst into white flames. It was quite a horrible sight, I couldn’t help but took a step back startled.

I pulled out my sword, the demon started to shrivel up as it rolled around on the floor, trying to stop the flames. Even still, the fire persisted becoming a large blazing flame. What was more surprising was that the fire didn’t even burn the wooden floor. For a moment, I just stared dumbfounded at what was going on, until I heard a loud crash from behind me.

Marcus fired off a couple of bullets into the first demon, but the second one he wasn’t able to move in time to set off another. His hand was grabbed down, pushing both the demon and Marcus into a stalemate. They struggled among each other as they attempted to outmaneuver each other.

“Get your hands off my gun!” Marcus shouted, spitting into the female demon’s face.

“Try me!” The demon hissed at him with a snarl.

“Bitch, please.” Marcus headbutted the demon in the face, causing the demon to reel back. He then went into a stomp kick, throwing the demon back. Raising up his gun, he fired off a couple shots, then turned quickly towards the third one that clasped him from behind.

The demon gripped hard, lifting Marcus up the ground. I saw what was happening and rushed over to help him. My blade slashed in an upward horizontal strike, leaving behind an ugly slash.

An painful howl escaped, a burst of flames erupted, searing into the demon’s back. The demon let go, and turned towards me to strike. I swiveled my blade around, and missed as the demon made to my open side, but that didn’t stop me. I was able to move my arm, elbowing into the demon face. Black blood spluttered out from its nose and even broke his teeth.

Marcus was able to kick the demon from behind and double tapped him in the back, killing the demon instantly. My heart was still beating from the rush of adrenaline, especially after the quickly fight that lasted all under one minute.

“Thanks.” Marcus said, nodding towards me as he nudged the demon once with his foot with his gun drawn towards it.

“No problem.” I replied. Quickly scanning around me, I looked for any other possible demon attack. The amount of gunshots that went off in the past five minutes, definitely told us of our location to the other demons. There was nothing we could do but quickly go through the room as fast as possible towards.

“Let’s go.” Marcus quickly went towards the exit. I followed behind as we went through the hallway. Our movements slowed a bit down as we listen to our surroundings. This time, I stashed away the sword back into its rightful place near my leg, where it somehow broke into different parts, conforming to my leg. It was a really cool technology to see it conform along with me.  Then I reached for the handgun near my ankles, pulling it out.

Followed after, I took out a magazine and slapped it in as I pulled back the slide. I was ready, and I knew that I had limited amount of ammos, especially the new bullets that Timothy made. Majority of the bullets were given to the others, while I was limited to about fifty. In which case, I hoped it was enough.

The sword was getting a bit of an handful, and right now shooting was the fastest way possible by the rate that Marcus was moving. My handgun training had extensively improved but I wasn’t a perfect shot like Marcus. Now, my bullets hit at least 60-70% of the time if it was long distance, making it a big improvement. Close quarter, I hit at least 90% of the time, in which case it was more of a point and shoot. My understanding was that there were going to be more close quarter bouts than long distances, so I didn’t worry as much.

Gun training was fun, but putting it into real life scenarios was damn difficult. Just thinking about the past scenarios that I did for practice made me feel so embarrassed and ashamed. Even now, I wanted to hit myself for even thinking about it. Who would’ve thought that it was a whole different beast in itself, even though I had many different experience with demons, having a gun and shooting at actual humans put a lot of stressed in my mind.

I can do demons all day, but other people whose shooting back at you, nope, the thought of taking a human life was still difficult. The concept of stealing a life without any remorse was the hard part, and the first run through of the simunition was terrible. Getting shot at and being hit with simunition rounds hurted as well as the paintball rounds. Ugly welts were left for about a week. It took a quite a lot of practice to get through without freezing up, when their shooting back. For a normal person who hadn’t gone through such simulations, it’s a whole different experience in itself, opening up to the possibilities of a different fight and feel.

Shaking my head, I tried my best not to regress back into past memories. It wasn’t going to help me right this minute, especially against a demon. Getting all worked up by my past failures wasn’t something that I should even be thinking about. I had to pep talk myself, reminding me that that was just a starting point in my training, and eventually I would get better at it.

Feeling better, I let my thoughts to calmly observe back around us. So far, we past a few more rooms, eventually finding nothing. There were times when we heard quite a bit of gunfire going off not to far away from us, and we instantly knew that was Simon and his group. The amount of gunfires sounding off wasn’t just two to six, but hitted over twenty.

Then we heard quite a few yells that sounded like James going off like an angered gorilla. I swear for a moment there I thought I heard him pounding his chest, but that could be just my imagination. Eventually, everything went back into its peaceful state, and both Marcus and I kept on going.

“We got a room left to go.” Marcus whispered over towards me. “Then we’re entering into the basement quickly and pulling Jones out.”

I nodded, knowing full well that every second counted.

Our movement started to speed up, clearing through the final room without much trouble. They wasn’t anybody present.

“Guys.” Jones radioed in, his voices was low and soft, almost as if he was whispering. “Anyone there?” Both of us stopped to listen in on Jones.

Marcus quickly replied back. “Jones? Are you alright?”

“Yea. Never better.”

“What’s happening around you?”

“Well, that’s a bit difficult to explain. I can barely see in here.”

“Give us something to go off on.”

“I’m in some kind of box-like room. I don’t see any way out honestly, except the way up from where I dropped from.”

“Any demons?”


Marcus let out a sigh. “That’s good to hear.”

“I don’t know man, being in this boxed up room is giving me the shivers. I been looking around for a way out, but I have nothing.”

“Keep trying, we’ll be getting to you soon.”

“Great to hear that.” Jones let out a sigh, telling us that the pent up stress that he was accumulating was getting to him. “I swear I’m starting to understand people with claustrophobia.” He weakly chuckled, trying to get his mind off his situation.

“Marcus, shouldn’t we tell him that he’s surrounded by demons?” I whispered over towards him so that Jones wouldn’t hear.

Marcus shook his head, “We don’t want him to panic, best he doesn’t know about it for now.”

“True, but if he finds his way out, he’s going to get swarmed.”

“That’s why we need to move fast and clear out those bastards before he knows about it.”

I understood his thoughts, but at the same time, I felt that it was a bit better to at least warn him that they were going to be demons around. If something did happened, then it was better that he was ready for it.

“I think I found something,” said Jones. Static started to pick up when he talked.

“That is?” Marcus asked, he went silent, listening in on Jones.

“A switch.”

We heard a couple of rumbling like sound of metal against metal. I turned towards Marcus, looking at him as if what Jones had touched was even a good idea. A very bad feeling welled up in the pit of my stomach as I felt that something was seriously wrong.

“Shit!” Jones cursed, suddenly a slew of static buzzed around the radio. “It’s…..s…..t…..a…!”

“Come in, Jones. Jones!” Marcus called in worriedly, his eyes furrowed as he gripped his gun tightly. Suddenly, loud yell and gunshots could be heard through the radio. Silence followed after with a couple of static, but nobody answered. “We need to go!”

I knew instantly that Jones was in trouble.

“Simon! I need you down here now!” Marcus radioed towards Simon.

“I’m in a little pickle here!” Simon radioed back.

“Kill it and come down quickly!”

“Roger that.”

Marcus burst through the door, and we ran down the stairs. For all we know, Jones could be battling thirty demons right now and that was the worse spot to be in by himself. I hoped that he was going to be alright, but I didn’t know what could happened in the short span of time as we rushed over to help me.

Moving fast and clearing the room without getting jumped wasn’t easy, especially knowing that we could get jumped anytime soon, putting us in danger. Even still, we worked together efficiently and quickly as possible to get to where Jones was.

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