Valkyrie’s Lament Ch. 34

Chapter 34
Gate #6 – Day 2 (Part IV)

“This is crazy!” One of the elderly cat spoke with a shiver. “What’s going on with this city?”

Silver was watching patiently for her chance to escape. She didn’t wanted to stay near the fire truck any longer than necessary.

“From a giant rat monster, strange blackouts, and now black smokes that doesn’t disappear? Has our city ever gone through these strange crises before?”

“Never! We would have a couple monster grid attacks near the border of the city, but that’s it. Nothing this heavy before.” The lady cat next to her spoke. Her lustrous orange hair was pulled backwards. “This could heralding the end!”

“What bogus are you spouting now! I mean you crazy religious fanatics are going too far with such an idea again. Just from one simple thing you blow it out of proportion.” The young male cat scoffed at her words.

“I do not.” The lady cat gave him an evil glare.

“Oh please~” The young cat rolled his eyes. “Seriously? The end of the world? So far that has not happened once.”



The sound of a trembling building falling off in the distance could be heard. Everyone became silent from the sudden intrusion of loud deafening sound that seemed to ring clearly through the city. Each one of them stare towards the direction of the destruction dumbfounded.

In the cloud of smoke, Silver saw the same similar shadow of a giant rat monster that destroy the city buildings last night. This time this same monster appeared in a different part of the city, causing devastation all around it.

“I told you so.” The lady whispered, almost inaudible except for Silver.

Silver didn’t know if this was coincidence or pre-planned. This was the second time this giant monstrous rat seemed to appear out in the middle of the city walls, creating havoc.

Not even a second later, a tremor could be felt from far away from them. It was the same direction near the metro station that the sound of destruction could be heard.





Another horrifying shriek could be heard coming out from the ground and collapsing debris and an ugly looking rat monster appeared. With a roar, it swung its tail hitting everything around it. People screamed as they all ran for cover, hoping to run away from the monster.

Buildings came crashing down near them, throwing up large debris of dust. People died from the crashing buildings, some buried underground, while others became food for the giant monster.

With its large claws, the rat monster swung towards the fire trucks that were in the way. With a continuous thump, a fire truck rolled straight towards Silver and the three who were sitting down with blankets wrapped around them.




“Kyahhhhh!” The lady let out a blood curdling screaming, causing everyone  of them bolted away like cockroaches, diving out of harm’s way from the fire truck that came straight at them. Silver dove to the side just in the nick of time, when the fire truck hit the fire truck that they were sitting on.

Silver could feel her hair raised up on edge as the fire truck tumbled inches away from her head. During that one second of her life it felt as if an eternity has passed by. Her breath was stuck in her throat afraid that her head would be cut off.

With a crash, the fire truck hit the side of one of the buildings. Windows shattered, screams of people could be heard as they ran away terrified.

Silver could hear the loud pounding footsteps of the rat monster heading towards their way. Quickly she scrambled up onto her feet, her instincts kicking into overdrive. She could not escape this fight between the rat monster. Right now, she was worried that this monster would ruin her spot if it came closer towards the inn. It was right then and there that she decided to fight.

With a sickening thud, the sound of bones cracking and flesh squishing could be heard not to far away from her. The giant rat monster stepped onto the fleeing cat lady who talked about the end of the world. Her life was just a fleeting moment of time, Silver had no time to feel sympathy and instead ducked from the swinging rat’s tail.

The thundering whip of the tail slammed into the nearest light pole, causing it to bend 90 degrees. Silver pulled out her gun in her hand and started to set off a couple of magical fire bullet attacks.

Each bullet pierced its thick skin, causing it to scream out in pain. Fire burst out from the magic bullet, causing a searing pain that scorched its skin. The rancid smell of burnt meat could be smelled wafting from its body.

Silver didn’t stop her shooting. She continually unloaded magical bullets into the monster without any remorse. Her shots all landed perfectly where she wanted them to go. She was glad that her teammates had filled her bullets with magic without her asking.

The pain that Silver gave made the rat monster even more angry, causing three times more destruction than before. Cars and trucks flew out towards Silver from its rampage, threatening to squash her under the weight.

Silver ran and ducked out of harm’s way, trying not to get flattened from the cars and trucks. Even an eighteen wheeler gas truck was thrown in her direction. A heavy metallic sound cutting above her rung loudly and with a horrible crash the truck rolled onto the ground spilling large amounts of gas.

With a thud, it hit against a building, causing it to tremble and collapse. Not to far away from it, the cut phone lines started to spark. The wires were touched by the oil spill, and not even a second later the oil caught on fire. Everything happened so fast that Silver couldn’t help, but be appalled at the situation before them.

The oil truck burst into a raging inferno, and eventually causing the building that it hit to catch on fire. Now a torrent of fire blew across the whole building as the firemen came rushing to put. It was complete chaos.

Even still, the rat monster continued to throw tantrums in anger from the pain that Silver caused, making it a lot more difficult for the others to come forward and put down the monster in hand. Especially now that there were two monsters, stretching the force thinly.

She put away her gun and pulled out her sword, Comet. The sparkle of metal shone blindingly into the rat’s eyes causing it to stumble backwards. This gave Silver a chance to slip underneath its body and slit its tendons.

With a screech, the Rat monster came tumbling down unable to hold its own body weight. Silver ran around the outer edge and jumped up onto the down body. The edge of her sword dangerously slide behind her, creating a trail of blood that followed .

Silver ran up its bulging belly and headed straight towards its heart. It’s thrashing tail hit the side of the road, creating a deep indentation in the ground. Cracks formed and the ground push upwards , creating a large crack. Cars flipped over as Cat people stumbled forward, unable to keep in balance.

With a flick of her sword, she raised it up over her head and slammed it down towards its heart. Just before her sword made contact, the rat’s right hand slipped through and she pierced the back of it.


The rat howled, causing a deafening shout that harmed one’s ears. Silver cringed forward with one of her hands above her ears. She could feel the horrible pain from the monsters screech, causing her to falter onto her knees.

It didn’t take a moment before the rat monster swung its other arm, hitting Silver squarely in the chest. The force of the hit broke a couple of ribs as she was sent flying backwards.


“Ugh!” Silver groaned. She could feel pain course through her whole body. She breathed in heavily, trying to control her spasming body. With heavy hands she pulled out the blood red crystal that she received last night. Her hands shook as it went up to her lips.

She quickly ate it and a powerful increase in energy shot through her whole body. She could already feel her bones starting to mend.

Not even giving her a chance to rest, she saw a shadow coming downwards from the sky.


A hairless tail came crashing down from the sky. Silver rolled out of danger, but she felt a sharp pain in her chest, making her grit her teeth. She pushed up and tried her best to reject the pain.

With quick steps, Silver headed towards the rat’s head. In front of her she saw chaos ensue all around her. A handful of police cat’s were present, shooting off continuously bullets towards the monster, but instead of harming it it made it even more angry.



“Gah!” The police cats dived out of harm’s way as a police car was thrown in their direction.

“Where’s backup?!” The chief police cat called out in frustration. He was behind an open door, shooting off his gun.

“We won’t have any sir!” One of the Police cats was talking on the radio. His face was filled with fear. “The other side is occupied by a second one!”

“What!? What kind of crazy day is this!? Two in one?”


The rat bit into the nearest Police cat that got to close. Half of its body was gone, leaving behind a bloody scene.

“Damn monster!”

Barrage of gunshots were shot, but it did not slow down the scrambling monster that was heading straight towards them. It’s vicious teeth was filled with blood and fur. Dangerous blood shot eyes darted from one to another, trying to get a good look at its enemies.

Anyone who saw it gaze felt a horrible chill run down their spine. They did not wanted to be eaten by the monster in front of them nor be fighting one right now.

The long slender claws gripped another nearby police car and threw it towards the police. With a crash, three of the police cars were destroyed and anyone near it was killed in seconds.

“Kill that monster!”

“Sir! We brought a rocket!” A police cat had a rocket over his shoulder. He placed it onto the ground and were getting it ready to shoot.

“Hurry it up!” The chief police cat waved his hands for everyone to move.

Sensing danger, the rat monster squirmed quickly towards them with open jaws. It viciously tore through the police cats in one bite. With a wave of its claws more and more were cut down without a single remorse.



“Ugh!” Blood splattered out from the mouth of the police cat that was setting up the rocket. Its body was skewered by the claws and his head was bitten clean off.

“Damn rat! I’ll kill you!” The chief ran forward and dove towards the rocket. He slide and grabbed the rocket in hand. He aimed into the mouth of the rat and fired.


A large explosion went off at the side of the rat monster’s head. A chunk of its face was gone, but at that moment its claws swiveled downwards towards the chief and skewered him alive.

“Damn you rat! If I’m going to die you’re coming with me!” The chief hissed. He pulled out his gun and rapidly shot into the open wound.


The rat thrashed and flung the chief into the nearest car. With blood spilling out of its wound, the chief watched the monster thrashing in front of him. He knew that he was going to die, but even still he raised up his gun to fire, but failed.

Silver blitzed forward, seeing that she was given an opportunity. She jumped up onto its back and scaled her way towards its head. Her sword dragging behind her, she attacked ruthlessly.

Silver raised up her sword and slammed downwards into its skull.

The giant rat thrashed around in pain, causing Silver to hold on tight. She was almost flung off its back, but her strong grip allowed her to stay on. Finally, the rat slowly started to lose energy, allowing Silver to get a good footing.

With a large portion of her magic, she imbued dark magic into her sword. With a burst of black fire, the sword glowed dangerously black giving off an ominous aura. Silver pumped in more magic, causing the black fire to erratically go out of control. It sweep through the rat’s head, giving it massive pain.


The rat bashed its head into the ground, trying to kick Silver off its head, but Silver didn’t let go. Instead, she forcefully dragged her sword down its head towards its neck, leaving behind a torrent of black fire that ate away at its flesh.

A nasty red boils started to form around the monster flesh as it popped and spewed out liquid. Silver didn’t stop until she ran across the whole back, leaving behind a trail of black flames.

When she came to the end, she jumped off and flicked her sword. Red blood and rat flesh were wiped off. With a click of her sheath, she put away her sword with a satisfied smile.


With a dying breathe, the rat monster died covered in black flames. Only a few police cats were still alive from the monster’s attack. They were amazed that Silver brought down the monster herself.

The black torrent flames started to eat through the whole rat monster’s flesh and organs. It didn’t take long before only bones were remained.

Silver saw a shining small grey orb in the middle of the giant monster. She walked through the bones and picked up the grey orb wondering what it was for. Then it hit her, this was a special grey orb that could be traded in for a special items. Memories of how to trade this orb flashed through her mind.

If she remembered correctly there was a trader in this city. Where the trader was, she didn’t quite remember. The only words that rung in her head was at the festival.

Taking a closer look at the orb, she could see a swirl of magic inside it. She didn’t feel hungry to eat this orb, but instead was disgusted by it. Something about it felt tainted, but she didn’t understand what. Either way, she now remembered the second way to gain special orbs in this particular game. It was to hunt down the giant monster rats that spawned like the devil to terrorize the city.

Putting away the orb, she turned her back from the rat bones and headed towards the second location of the giant rat. She wasn’t in any hurry to get to the second location, the reason was simple, she needed to conserve as much energy as possible. Instead, she was on high alert, making sure that people around her were not her enemies. Right now, she had a large painted target to the ‘it’ players after the fight that she went through.

So far she didn’t find anyone who was targeting her nor felt the prickly eye of an enemy. Power walking through the streets, she headed towards the direction of the rampaging monster.




“Fuck!” A man’s voice shouted in anger. “Die, damn it!”

Right next to Silver, the building started to collapse beside her. Alarmed she bolted, running away from the falling building that collapsed right behind her.

A gust of grey dust picked up and floated outwards. People who were caught up in the dust, coughed horribly trying to get the dust out of their lungs.

Silver covered her mouth and ran away towards fresh air. It didn’t take long before she saw the rat monster emerge out from the cloud, swinging its claws and tail in an angry manner.

Out from the clouds of smoke two familiar bodies jumped backwards, shooting wind arrows and a blast of sound.

Windows shattered from the high piercing sound that came out of the female’s mouth. Silver immediately recognized that both of them were Brianna and Sam. She saw that each one of them still had on a cat ears, signaling her that they were both still not ‘it.’

Sam condensed water magic into his palms and created a water whip. He smacked the rat on it’s nose, causing it to reel back from the pain.

“Is that all you got?” Sam cackled with glee. Blood lust seeped out of his body as he happily hopped around, causing severe cuts with his whips. “This is too easy!”

“Sam! Watch for its tail!” Brianna shot out a sound bullet, tearing the tail in half. Blood spit outwards, spraying the nearby building and the ground.

People screamed and ran for cover as the monster thrashed around causing havoc. It’s hands wildly snapped forward grabbing anyone nearby. With its giant claws it pierced, destroyed, crushed, and skewered many alive.

The pain of the dying could be heard from the monster’s claws and mouth. Sam and Brianna hopped backwards just before it could skewer them alive.

Silver was glad that the two was alive. Even though these two weren’t her team mates yet, she knew that they would later become a strong pillar of support if they worked together. Their fight against the rat monster was proving her gut intuition that these two will become strong.

Brianna speed increase by two folds as she hopped up onto the monster’s back. She scaled upwards towards it head. With wavering steps, she raised up her two tonto and bashed into its head.

A high piercing sound could be heard, blowing up every time Brianna hit against the monster head. The monster stumbled from the strange shock wave sound causing it to lose balance.


The rat monster fell onto the ground from the loss of balance. Sam took this chance to twist multiple water strand into long spears. Each one he grabbed, he flung it hard into the monster’s body. One flew towards one of its eyes and made it go blind. Another one went towards its chest, burrowing itself to its lung and the others flew towards major areas that caused heavy damage.

“Come on~” Sam cried out in disdain. “Give me a better fight!”

“Quit your yapping and kill it for crying out loud!” Brianna seethed. Blood splattered everywhere covering her head to toe. She was able to crack the skull of the rat, causing massive bleeding.

“This is boring. I’ll leave the rest to you.” Sam threw the last water spear through its jaw. The water dispersed leaving behind a puddle of blood.

“What?!” Brianna called out in disbelief. “Are you kidding me? It’s not dead! Why the heck do you always do this to me?”

“Hah? Did you say something?” Sam brought up his hands, ignoring her words.

“Yes! You dimwit! Kill it for crying out loud!” Brianna shouted in anger. More glasses shattered from the burst of her voice, causing everyone to cover their ears.

Sam wasn’t affected by her scream and picked his ears as if it was nothing. “I don’t want to.”

“Damn it Sam!” Brianna pulled in a large amount of magic into her weapon and smashed downwards in anger. The force caused the rat’s head to explode as brain and blood splattered everyone.

People who saw this stared with horrified expressions. A small dark skin woman completely squashed the rat’s head as if it was nothing. Brianna jumped off the rat and landed in front of Sam.

“You always leave everything for me to clean up!” Brianna angrily stated. “For once , clean up after yourself!”

“Ah? Do I really do that?”


“But I don’t like weaklings.”

Screw that. Finish it off when you have the chance for crying out loud!” Brianna growled in anger.

“Whatever.” Sam turned his back from Brianna.

“Boys!” Brianna screamed in anger, stomping onto the ground. “What is with you!”

“Nothing.” He shrugged.

All of a sudden the giant rat started to decay in rapid succession, leaving behind only bones. What they saw in the middle were the same grey orb that Silver picked up. Sam walked up towards the orb and examined it with interest.

“Is it something to eat?” Brianna asked coming up next to him with excitement.

“No.” Sam frowned. “It looks nasty.”

“You’re right….I guess we should throw it away.”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” Silver walked up from behind with a smile plastered to her face.

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