Mind Linker Gluttony Picture


Yes! I finally got a Wacom Cintiq 13hd tablet. The screen feels a bit small, in which case its okay for now. Eventually, i’ll get a bigger one when I actually have the money. I been trying it out for a day and I love it. The close up display as if I’m drawing on paper. I don’t have to stare at the monitor away from my hands anymore, making my lines and drawing much easier to coordinate. The only downside is that my neck starts to hurt, in which causes my shoulders too as well….Staring at a monitor for hours does get to me, but it was worth it. I finally finished up a drawing that I hope you enjoy.  (If the picture is hard to see, click on the tab Concept Art and you’ll find it there too.)

The monster, Gluttony, is a past doodle sketch I had done for the story, Mind Linker. (Spoiler alert!) I changed the color on Gluttony. I used a reference picture of a toad and a dart frog, I liked their color. Gluttony wasn’t completely in his final form in Arc I, or grown enough in size. The doodle is Arc I size, while final coloring is for later on.


I need a bit more practice on it before I take commissions. It still gives me a strange tingle on my right hand, making it a bit annoying.

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2 thoughts on “Mind Linker Gluttony Picture

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