Valkyrie’s Lament Ch. 30


Author’s Note: This is just a picture of the van they are riding in right now. I’m not a Toyota fan, they’re okay, but its something for you to look at. XD.

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Chapter 30
Red Light Green Light VII

Behind them was a large tidal wave of thousands of skeletons, spanning upwards over a twenty to thirty story building.

“Why now!” Jamie stepped on the gas, pushing it past one hundred miles per an hour.

“What’s wrong?” Brianna called out in worry. “Aren’t you going to fast?”

“Lady there is no such thing as going to fast at this minute!” Jamie shouted in a hurry, he swerve the car to the right, completely missing the car in front of them. “Look behind you and you’ll understand!”

Everyone turned around, wondering what he meant. Silver turned her head towards the right and looked through the side mirror. What she saw astounded her, the giant tidal wave of bones was quickly swallowing up the ground, giving off a threatening atmosphere.

Silver rolled down the window and stuck her head out. Her eyes darted from the side, looking at the looming danger that was quickly approaching them.

“This is insane.” Jasper mouth dropped to the floor in complete disbelief. He furrowed his eyes, worried about the encroaching danger behind them.

“Swerving left and right is not going to get us through this place any faster!” Sam pulled down the window, and stuck his half of his body out as the wind ruffled up his hair, making it even more messy.

“I’m trying my best here!” Jamie angrily shouted. “This is not easy you know!” He was already hitting one hundred fifty miles per hour.

Sam pulled magical energy out from himself and into his hands. The wind energy blasted forward towards the cars that blocked their path. With a BANG the car was pushed to the side, clearing up a path for Jamie to drive safely past.

While Sam pushing aside the cars in front of them with his wind magic, Silver also pulled out her handgun. She carefully examined what to shoot down.

It didn’t take long for the large swarm of skeleton to converge into a gigantic skeletal dragon with four wings jutting out of its back. A large heavy-set head was decorated with jagged spikes and bones like a crown. A/The long sinewy neck was formed quickly after as more skeleton bones twisted and turned into one giant mass, forming together into a heavy body.

Silver could tell that the Skeletal Dragon was at least a fourth of the whole city. Its bony wings flapped out a weak gust of wind that barely even lifted up its body. It wasn’t able to create complete wings that could help it fly. A large club like tail formed from the back. Eventually, sticky web like mucus sprouted out from the dragon’s mouth. It slid and merged around the whole body, forming it into a thick hard skin. Patches of holes appeared around its chest, where wind blew threw its body sending out a high pitch whistling sound.

Green eyes that glowed evilly opened up as it searched for its prey. Reeling its head back, a low thundering sound resounded in its belly and outwards into the city. It’s miasmic breath shot out as green flames, melting the building in front of it to create space. Green flames erupted outwards lighting everything that it touched into flames.

Silver couldn’t help but balk at the power that it exude out of its body. She knew that with one touch of its miasmic breath, she was going to die.

Buildings shook and crumbled down from the weak melted supports. The remaining skeletal mass of waves thinned down to at least two story building, but even still the numbers of skeleton left were over two hundred thousand or more.

A horrendous thunderous roar erupted out from the dragon’s mouth, causing the windows to shatter. Everyone cried out in pain as they shielded their ears from the shrieking voice. Jamie had to quickly put his hands back on the wheel so they wouldn’t spin out of control. He had to slow down just to wrestle it for control.

“For crying out loud, press on the gas!” Brianna was hyperventilating in the back, shaking, completely in fright from scene behind them.

“I am! Quit being a back seat driver!” Jamie counter steered, bringing the van back on control. He pressed the gas pedal into full throttle as it lurched forward.

“Incoming!” Silver yelled. Behind the van, the swarm of skeletons finally caught up.

Hundreds of skeleton horses burst out from the skeleton wave. They were half skeleton man and half skeleton horse, the top half were well armored. Trailing behind them were flaming green flames as they speed up.

“We got skeletal horsemen!” Silver warned the others, she slapped in a magazine filled with magical bullets. She took aim and shot.

The first one hit one of the skeletal horses chest, dark magic spewed out from impact as the magical force acted like a black hole converging into itself. Cracking bones were heard breaking,  the bones exploded outwards hitting the surrounding horseman.

A burst of black light exploded outwards then imploded in, sucking everything into the black hole. Silver continually shot off more of her bullets, she aimed for the chest, where it was much easier to aim.

More and more skeletal horsemen fell. Silver knew that if the skeletal horsemen reached them, they would be in trouble. Silver’s hair blew forward, brushing against her cheeks. Her brow were furrowed, paying careful attention to her aim but were suddenly covered by her hair. She reached to brush her hair aside and attempted to fire off another shot when Jamie jolted the van to the right, causing her to almost fall out. Her aim was off, and instead the bullet hit the building next to the horsemen.

A loud explosion sounded off, causing the building itself to start to waver. The magic bullet exploded and then imploded again. A large chunk of the building groan and leaned to the right. At first it was slow, but eventually the weight caused the whole building to collapse, burying with it ten horsemen.

“Nice!” Jasper pumped his fist, excited that the building temporarily stalled their enemies. It wasn’t even a few seconds later when twenty horsemen jumped over the building casually as if it was not even there.

Silver aimed again, but when she pulled the trigger only a click was heard. Reaching over to put in more, she realized that there were no more magazines filled with magical bullets. She then sat back inside the van, fishing for leftover boxes that she couldn’t finish pouring her magic into.

“Jasper, help me fill my magic bullets. Light energy is appreciated.” Silver pulled out from her storage accessory and threw quite a few boxes of bullets and an empty magazine towards Jasper.

Jasper and Silver loaded magic bullets into the cartridge as fast as they could. When she was finished with one, she quickly loaded the cartridge into the gun and pulled herself out the window.

This time instead of aiming at the horsemen, she shot towards the passing buildings. Each one of her dark magic bullets ate through the buildings, causing them to collapse one after another. The crashing buildings caused the ground to shake and bring up dust.

She didn’t stop until she emptied all her bullets and reloaded. Jasper grabbed the thrown cartridge in midair and started to load the light magic bullets into them. This time she aimed at the horsemen bodies.

With a perfect shot, the bullet hit a horsemen in the head. A burst of bright white light exploded outwards disintegrating the horseman in a blink of an eye. Even the surrounding horsemen were vanquished in a five meter radius.

“How much closer are we?!” Silver shouted over her shoulder.

“We’re almost there! I think we’re three-fourths through the city!” Jamie called out. He was gripping the wheel as if his life depended on it.

Brianna was biting her fingernails and tearing them apart as they started to bleed

“For crying out loud, wake up Brianna!” Sam shouted towards her. His voice shook Brianna’s senses, causing her to snap awake. “Are you chickening out now?!”

“Yes! I’m not superman who can beat that obnoxiously giant dragon!”

“Nobody told you to!” Sam retorted. He balled up a fist full of air, and pushed it outwards in front of the car, creating a temporary shield of wind that pushed other cars out of the way. “We’re trying to escape and not get eaten!”


“Where is that fearless Brianna that I know, huh? Is this going to be an end to your lecherous days? There are hundreds of guys you want to check out, right? Because, I still need my partner to stay alive!”

“P-partner?” Brianna stuttered.

“What else did you think you were? A garbage thrown at the side of the street?”

“No.” She was quickly coming back to life. Sam’s words were filling her body with vigor.

“Then show us what you got!” Sam thundered.

“Fine!” Brianna picked up the bat that was lying on the floor. She swung at the glass window, shattering it to pieces.

“Damn it Brianna!” Jamie cursed. He jumped from the sound of the shattering glass. His senses were on overdrive, making any loud sound sound like a booming voice.

“Kahahahahahahah!” Brianna cackled. Her voice sent out waves of pure sound energy that vibrated in the air. Any skeletal horsemen that went past or unluckily into the sound waves were turned into dust. “You see that bitches!” She flicked a finger at the skeletons that disappeared.

“That’s my girl.” Sam smirked, pleased that Brianna was back to her old self.

“Bwhahahahahah!” Ronfonso barked out laughing. “You guys are truly fascinating.” He wiped away the tears from his laughter.

“What’s so funny patch face?” Sam growled. “I’ll throw you out of this van.”

“Young man, you can hardly keep your magical energy stabilized. In the next couple of minutes, I wouldn’t be surprised if you are completely exhausted. What power do you think you have to kick me out?” Ronfonso leaned back in the seat. He crossed his legs and closed his eyes, enjoying the tense atmosphere. “ I haven’t even used a single ounce of energy.”

“This guy….” Jasper sighed with disbelief at all three of them.

“If you have so much energy help us out!” Growled Sam, eyeing Ronfonso for lazing around.


Sam grabbed Ronfonso by his clothes and pulled him towards him face-to-face. “Do it or else.”

“Or else what? You do know that if you take your eyes off the road-”

The van was lurched to the side, causing everyone to fall on top of each other. Silver luckily was inside or she would’ve been thrown out the window. She was glad that her intuition told her to come inside for that split moment.

“We’ll be doing fast and furious driving.” Brianna finished off Ronfonso’s sentence. She fell sideways, her face planted squarely on Amy’s chest who was sleeping. “She got G cup, what the hell?” Her hands squeezed Amy’s chest while she was pushing herself up.

“Like she said.” Ronfonso smiled with an uncaring attitude at the whole situation. Silver wasn’t sure how she should even handle the three behind her, they were just a headache in their own way that she didn’t even have any words to stop them.

“Come on, I only have a D cup for crying out loud! This is not fair! How the heck does an elderly lady have a firmer and bigger breast size than me? She doesn’t even look her age at all!” Brianna pouted and let out an exaggerated sigh as if it was the end of the world. “She must’ve gotten breast implants or something. It’s really firm.” Squeezing it a couple more times to check. She didn’t blush a single time when groping Amy.

“Hey! I did not need to know that!” Jamie called out with a horrified voice. “Stop groping my mom! Do you know how disturbing that sounds?!”

“Ah shut it pee brain. I’m just checking. So, did she ever get a breast implant?” Brianna asked casually as if it was a normal everyday question.

“No! Let’s stop talking about this.” Jamie grinded his teeth. He was not to pleased talking about his mother’s breast. Instead, it was making him feel queasy.

“Silver what’s your size?” Brianna called out. She was using her voice at the same time to create a sound barrier around the car.

The horsemen that were not buried underneath the rubble were running side-by-side towards the car. Their bone weapons slashed forward, hitting the sound barrier. With a CRACK their weapon broke into fine dust.

“B, but I wrap it so it doesn’t get in the way.” Silver unconsciously replied without thinking. There were just too many thoughts on her mind that she blurted out the answer when she was asked. She realized too late, but she didn’t care. She leaned out the car, and shot magic bullets at the nearby horsemen that were running next to the car. A bright flashing light erupted outwards, causing the other two horsemen to disintegrate.

Jasper on the other hand was dumbfounded at Silver’s reply and turned bright red. The only one who saw Jasper was Ronfonso, and he started laughing at Jasper’s reaction.

“For Pete’s sake Brianna – do you have to use your magic ability like that?!” Sam rolled his eyes. He pushed himself up and gave Ronfonso a glare.

“What? I wanted to started a friendly conversation. Plus, right now, I didn’t wanted to shout out a skill name or something to activate it. Even though I need my voice to make it work, this is the best way to use it constantly. Why do you want to compare dick size with the others?” Brianna said it with a straight face.

“No.” Sam rubbed his head, shaking at how blunt his sister was.

Jasper face and ears turned even more beet red. His shoulders slunk forward, making him look even tinier than ever. Ronfonso held in a laugh, while Jamie frowned at where this whole conversation was leading to.

Silver on the other hand was too busy keeping the horseman back that she didn’t really pay much attention to their conversation. Any time someone asks her a question when she is so focused like this, her answer usually spills out without any filter.

“If we talk about our dicks anymore than this, we’ll only inflame my lecherous companion here. So let’s move on to the next topic.” Sam quickly pushed the topic aside as best as he could. “Instead, we can go back to a normal conversation of what we are going to do with that dragon!” He pointed towards the skeleton dragon that lifted off the ground flying with its now covered wings.

“As always, you people are quite strange. At such times you resort to sarcasm or a joke to lighten up the tense mood, though the idiot has a point.” Ronfonso replied with a glee, his sharp eyes stared straight at Sam, stressing the word idiot towards him. “The speed of a dragon will for sure outclass this van. At this rate I wouldn’t be surprised if it-”


The whole van temporarily lifted off into the air when the ground shuddered. With a slam, the van landed on all four and sped shrieking forward. Everyone once again spilled on top of each other.

“What the hell was that?!” Jasper stated out loud in alarm. He searched around and found the source.

A giant undead dragon was looming it’s ugly head over the van. A high pitch whistling sound could be heard, every time the dragon sucked in the air around it.

“It’s going to spit out fire on the right!” Brianna screamed at the top of her lung. Her sound barrier covered the car. “Take cover!”

A blast of green acidic fire sprayed across the buildings from the right and spanned out towards the left. The building that were hit by the acid hissed and bubbled, causing the building to crumbled under the intense green acid and flames.

Jamie shifted and drifted the van, causing one side of the wheel to lift off the ground. With a slam, the van speed towards the large building to take temporarily cover, when the blast of fire and acid rush past them. The five story building gave them shelter from the intense corrosive acid

Any skeletons that were caught up in its blast were burst into flames, giving them a ghastly glow. Their bones chattered enthusiastically as if they been endowed with more power.

With a stomp of the gas pedal, the van roared forward with a high piercing screech.

“To close.” Jamie breathed in heavily. He was sweating hard from the intense heat from the dragon’s breathe. Not only that they were barely a seconds away from being roasted alive in the dragon’s flames. They were lucky that Jamie’s driving was considered pro.

“Shake me anymore, I think I’m going to throw up.” Brianna stated with a grown. She was leaning on the side with her head in her arms.

“Throw up out the window please.” Jasper replied. He handed Silver a magazine.

With a click, Silver reloaded, handing the empty cartridge back to Jasper to refill. She aimed and fired, she couldn’t help but feel constrained of having only a few magazines at the time. Reloading and unloading was becoming a pain, especially for something like this. Constant swarms of monsters that relentlessly came nonstop and limited ammo was a big problem.

“Silver, you only have two stacks of ammo left.” Jasper worriedly called out. The loud sound of the gun going off drone out half of Jasper’s words.

Silver realized that she had blew through 500 magical bullets as if they were water through this whole quest. She knew she made an beginner mistake in buying so little. She reassured herself that she would buy more magazines that held more ammunition and magical bullets.

“Did you hear me?” Jasper called out to her.

“Yea. Thanks for your help.”

“No problem. I didn’t know that these type of guns could be so useful in this zombie Apocalypse. I think I might get myself one for backup.”

“If you know how to use it, sure why not.”

“I actually don’t.”

“Oh…” Silver ran through her last magical bullets in her cartridge and kept the remaining last two for emergency use. She then holster it to her side and sat back in. “You can practice once you get one.”

“Sure. If you don’t mind, can you teach me?”

“I’m fine with it.”

“Is that it?” Ronfonso frowned when Silver came back in. “No more?”

Silver was stoic at Ronfonso’s words. “What do you want me to do? Magically conjure up more magically bullet?”

“Yes. Why not?”

“This hand gun won’t hold up pure magic bullets even if I wanted to make them. It’s only going to make it burst apart, making it useless.”

“Ah, true. I completely forgot.” Ronfonoso stated as if it was his first time hearing about the gun.

“I see the exit!” Jamie swung with joy, he pressed the gas pedal down even harder hoping that it would go fast, but the limit of the car speed had reached it max.

“Hell yes!” Brianna pumped her fist up in the air. Her voice cracked from over using her sound magic.

“Finally.” Sam was feeling exhausted from constantly using his wind magic.

Silver and Jasper were still half full on magic and could fired more magic bullets. They were not exhausted like the others two who had literally burnt through the reservoir of energy.

With a slam, a horsemen rammed into the side of the van, causing it to tip. The van slammed back onto the ground, and Jamie had to bring the van back under control.

Silver fired off a ball of black energy the size of a baseball from her palms. It wasn’t fast like her gun but it did what she wanted. The energy speed through the air and hit the horseman in the chest. A crackling sound could be heard breaking the bones into pieces until finally it implodes.

“Oh, my lord….” Brianna spoke out speechless. Her eyes were becoming bigger to the point where it would pop out if someone hit her on the back of her head. She was staring out the back window completely stunned.

“What-” Jasper turned around but was abruptly stopped by shock. “Step on it!” Jasper yelled with desperation in his voice. He gathered a large ball of light energy into his fist and fired out the back.

“SSSSSSShhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiit!” Jamie was cursing up a storm, gripping the wheel until the point where his knuckles were red.

A horrifying large claw overshadowed the van came downwards from the top in full throttle.


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