Mind Linker Ch. 21


Author’s note: This is cuteness overload. Ugh. I been shot in the heart unable to tear my gaze away from the picture. Why are they so fluffy! XD

Chapter 21


“Hey, Crystal.” I walked over towards her workspace that she occupied in floor 12, room A22. Everywhere I looked, from right to left, was a complete mess. Scraps of metal were everywhere, soldering saws were hanging to the side, and a large furnace was closed, making the room feel unusually hot. Tools were scattered on desks, blue diagrams were posted with pins and tapes, and even overturned chairs were used to prop up her Dragon Scale Armor of different prototypes.

She wasn’t in her usual white scientist clothes, but in a blue jeans with a gray tank top. Goggles was placed on her forehead as soot covered around it, making her face a bit black. With her finger, she pulled her hair backwards, and look up towards me.

“What’s up?” She casually stated, looking over her papers.

“I got a couple of things I need to tell you about the Dragon Scale.”

“Oh?” She asked, looking at me interested. Her hand was still busily moving around, drawing up a picture on the blue diagram. “What is it?”

“There some kinks in it. I really recommend it before the next use.”

“Such as?” She stopped what she was doing and faced towards me.

I walked over towards the Dragon Scale Prototype, she had up on a mannequin. “First thing first, make it an inch thicker all around if you can. The impact from falling from a two story building wasn’t pleasant, and I got the feeling will be having a lot of those possibly in the future.”

“Wait, did you say falling out from a second story building? What the heck were you doing to fall out of one?!” Crystal asked flabbergasted at what she just heard. Even I would’ve been stunned hearing that for the first time, if I didn’t gone through it personally myself.

“Let’s just say that the damn cat demon played soccer ball with us and whacked us out.”

Crystal’s eyes became big. “Okay, what else?”

“More protection on the spinal area and neck, more thick plates around the stomach’s side, arm, and legs. Hand gloves, I recommend attaching them so they’re more secure, same with the foot gear. I don’t quite like how loose it feels. My last concern is the helmet. Please, get one ready by the next one, they were way too many encounters where I had my head almost chomped off, cut off, or broken off.”

“It’s that bad?”

“Yea.” I sighed, just thinking about what we went through made my head ache.

“Anything else?”

“Nothing on the armor, but I was thinking if you could you know, make me a specialized weapon, when you have the time.”

“You don’t like the katana? Honestly, I’m surprised that you even use it instead of the gun. You’re more asian than me.” She chuckled.

“I love the sword.” I replied, “You don’t know how many times it saved my ass. Actually, what I did noticed, when fighting Demons, was that they can dodged the bullets effortlessly, if they see it coming. My theory is because the trajectory of the bullets can’t be changed, giving them the ability to bypass it in inhumane speed, while the sword, I can change the trajectory of my own free will, giving it a more erratic path.”

Crystal thought it over about what I had just said. “That does make sense. I might actually have to take up a weapon and use the gun for a side arm after what you just said.”

“Well, you don’t need to completely give up on it you know. The guns are doing some kind of damage to the Demon. I believe we need to change the type of rounds that goes into it.”

“I’m not getting what you’re asking for.”

“I think you might have to talk to Timothy about that. He’s the enhancement wizard.”

Crystal groaned. “Why him? He’ll mess up my babies!”

I wondered why she disliked Timothy so much, but I knew that working with Timothy was the best solution to the measle firepower that we had. Regular bullets barely did much damage, and the Demon Cat just ate it like a pro, during our fight.

“I know you don’t like it, but the watch that you made with him really worked.” I raised up my hand in front of me, where the watch that I used was brought forth. “The demon was shown to the people, but with a bit of a side effect.”

“Such as?”

“A horrible migraine.”

“That’s not a bit, that’s bad.”

“Yea, that was my third thing I needed to ask you guys to work together to figure out. I’m not blacksmith or an techy, so it’s not my specialty.” I replied, shrugging my shoulders. “I believe the others will come over and tell you there problems with the suit as well.”

Crystal sighed. “Yea, Marcus did. He didn’t tell me as much information as you, but had a couple of pointers about the watch and the suit that were aligned to what you have just said. I might actually have to tailor the suits to accommodate each of you guys differently, I’ll keep all the major flaw points fixed in all of them, but anything different, I have to change it around.”

“I see. Wait, really? Then can I ask for one or two more things on my suit?” My interest was piqued by what she had said.

Crystal didn’t look to happy when I asked for extra. “What is it?” She crossed her hand in front of her.

“I want a couple of daggers, on both side of my legs on the exterior parts, hidden away from prying eyes. Same with the a gun, the size of a Glock 19, near my boots.”

“I can do that.” She was slowly, thinking it over in her mind, mulling it different ways to make the designs that she wanted.

“Oh, and if possible, if you can, you know, somehow work some magic with my sword and the suit. Maybe something cool?” I asked hopefully, giving her the best smile I could muster, hoping it would sway her mind.

She groaned, but I could see a twinkle in her eyes. Her body didn’t show she didn’t like what I asked for, instead she was quite excited about it. “Fine. It going to take a bit of time, I’m going to need awhile to redesign the suits, come back in another month.”

“Thank you so much!” I went over towards her and happily squeezed her, picking her up like a rag doll and swinging her side-to-side. The thought of getting my own personal suit and weapon made me so excited that I forgot what I was doing.

“Hey! Put me down!” She cried out, struggling hard in my arms.

I let go, completely embarrassed in what I had done. The warm feeling was still lingering on my body that it made me slightly flush in embarrassment. My hands raised up, pushing back my slicked back hair. “I just…you know…”

“Got a little too excited there buddy.” Crystal snickered, straightening herself back up.

“Yea, a little.” I turned away, my cheeks flushing. I coughed to clear away my embarrassment, “I’ll leave you to your work.”

Crystal nodded, she grumbled some incoherent words that I didn’t quite catch, and whistled a happy tune as she went back to work. I couldn’t help but smile as she dived back into her drawings. I knew that she was an expert in what she did, especially since what she had created had saved my life way too many times to understand how precious the Dragon Scale suit was.

Walking out the door, I headed next towards Timothy’s work station, making my way towards him on the same floor not to far away from Crystal. When I opened the door, a loud blast of music smacked me in the face, jarring my senses. I had to hold my hands over my ears to stop it from pounding into my head like a sledge hammer.

Timothy’s workspace was clean, not a single thing was out of place. Superhero action figures were on shelves, twenty different monitors were placed all around him, while some were on walls, the others not to far away from on metal arms. A giant TV was plastered on the opposite wall as it was playing the recent news with no sound.

A large workstation with five monitors and a computer was in the middle of the room on a glass table. Different headsets, game gears were present neatly tucked in the side, wrapped in plastic. Other trinkets of his, so called gadgets, were neatly put on shelves like trophies. Some were strange, while the others were some kind of mechanical gadgets that I couldn’t quite put my fingers on.

“Tim!” I shouted. “Lower the damn volume!” I walked annoyed through.

Timothy was jamming to the music as he shook his head up and down, letting his hair go all over the place. Suddenly, he stepped backwards and jumped into his rolling chair, skidding across the room.

My feet shuffled forward, and stopped the rolling chair with my foot. Timothy glanced up from the chair, surprised that I was there. One of his hand reached over towards his wrist, where he had on a watch, and clicked it. The music turned off, allowing me to hear once again. I frowned at his ear deafening choice of music, wondering how he’s not deaf by now.

“Yo.” Timothy replied with a goofy grin on his face. He twirled around in the chair, and pushed away from me to create distance. “What are you here for?”

“I wanted to talk to you about the watch.”

“Yea? What about it?”

“Didn’t you use it at the mission?”

“Actually, no. I got too sidetracked, you know, trying to stay alive and all.”

“What about Marcus?”

“Nope, but we expected that one of you guys did. Words been going around that there been a Demon Cat sighting in Chinatown, and it’s been blazing across the news for hours. That was all the proof that the higher ups needed to know that my experiment worked, giving us leverage we need not to become some kind of crazy science experiment.”

“Did Jones come in here to talk about the watch yet?”

“No, I haven’t seen him all day.”

I realized than that I was the only one that used the watch today. With a defeated sigh, I crossed my hands in front of me. “We got a couple of problems with the watch.”

“Such as?”

“You get a full blown migraine when the effects are over, also a headache when you start it.”

“Really?” Timothy frowned, not liking what he heard. “That’s definitely a problem to fix.”

“Was there any others?”

“Well, none so far, though…” I raised up my hand and stroke my chin. Suddenly, I had an epiphany that I wondered if Timothy can make.

“You got something in mind?”

“Is it possible to put a demon detector on the watch?”

A smirk erupted on Timothy’s face. “I am already ahead of you. I believe, I’ll have a working prototype in the next couple of days.”

I thought it over, and realized there was something else that I needed to ask. “I have a very strange question to ask.”

“What is it?”

“Is it possible to use the Mind Linker program to dive into a person’s mind? We already can somehow force a link with people, showing them the demon itself by projecting what we see. Can’t we use it the other way around?”

“That could be possible…though it’s not considered ethical.” Timothy didn’t seem highly pleased at the thought of jumping into someone’s mind. “The worst case scenario is that we could destroy their mind or even ours if we’re not careful.”

“I was thinking more on the line to use it on a half possessed person. We link up with them to go slay their demon that possessed their body. That could solve the case of, helping partially possessed people.”

“That could work…like I said there are some difficulties.”

“Can’t you put a safety on ours and the host? Maybe just entering toward Demon’s territory, and blocking out the rest?”

“I think so,” Timothy was thinking hard, he scooted over towards the table, and clicked through his computer, bringing up different maps and designs onto the big screen TV. I looked at what he brought up, wondering what he was thinking.

“Well, I have been thinking about two different methods to deal with semi-possessions.” He replied like a teacher, going through different pictures of possessed people on the other monitors. Some of them were strapped to the chairs looking like mental hospital patients, others were normal people walking out in the streets looking as if nothing was wrong with them.

“Matching the demon’s brain wave, human brainwaves, and ours is a lot difficult than you think. I was luckily able to figure out how to mellow out our high level energy brainwave without shorting out the Normals quite easily, and that’s how I was able to tinker around and install a device for us to use in those watches that Crystal created. In which case, her first prototype put shame to all digital watches known to mankind, do you know what she did?”

I shrugged my shoulders, not sure where this topic was going.

“She bought it and fiddled with it to make it do what she wanted it to do.”

“There is nothing wrong with that.” I quizzically look at him not understanding where he was going with this. Using others technology to accommodate one’s weakness wasn’t something bad, especially if it means to help improve something that she couldn’t do.

“There’s everything wrong with it! She can make a souped up suit that stops an Adult type Demon punch by half and even stand up to an Myth type, but she can’t tinker with a watch? What kind of messed up bullshit is this? That girl is a genius in weapon and armor design, her brain and hands could conjure up masterpiece that no Normal’s could think of, but when it comes to hard core computer technology, she’s a complete baby. She can’t even use the freakin’ digital phone correctly.”

“I don’t think it’s that bad.” I chuckled, now that I think about it, Crystal did have trouble with the new up-to-date phones, she fumbled on it for a lot longer than anyone else.

“It is.” He sighed. “I’m going to have to go over there and help her with the technological aspect on the suit. I bet she’s going to have a hard time thinking up a more modern day use than stone age type armor. Come on, I rather have a cool sci-fi type of suit than the olden days, you know.”

“Well, the olden days armor, on her standard, is already considered amazing in itself, you know.”

“Yea, but adding my touch to the suit will have some kickass functions that no Normal’s can even imagine seeing. They’ll piss their pants.” He wickedly smiled. “I played so many cool sci-fi games that I definitely wanted to try and install some into the suit, especially into the headgear. Don’t you think it would look cool?”

Now that I think about it, it does sound pretty sweet. “Yea.”

“It’s definitely so. I’m going to go over and bother Crystal to let me design the spinal area and the headpiece. I’m already thinking of some cool functions to put into the suit so it can even possibly used in outer space. As a human race, we already started to have a moon base and another one in Mars to live in.” Timothy said excitedly. “Already moved 1.5 million people are living on the Moon and another 900 thousands on Mars and increasing every month.”

“Outer space?” I raised my eyebrows, staring at him strangely. I wasn’t so sure that we would even be going out into space anytime soon, though I had heard about the past achievements that people were able to achieve while we were sleeping. It was quite spectacular that made me wonder when we might be able to go up into space.

“Why not? Can’t a man dream?”

“Well, yea.” I shook my head. There was nothing wrong about dreaming about going out into space.

“Anyways, back to the subject with diving into a person’s head. The problem lies with the Demon’s brain wave itself. It’s just completely wonky that it’s hard to figure out what’s the best wave to match. I just don’t have enough data on their brainwaves right now to go into such details.”

“I hope you’re not suggesting we catch one right?” I nervously asked.

“Are you crazy? Why would we do that?” Timothy gave me an appalled look at the thought of going out there to capture a demon.

“I don’t know, you said you didn’t have enough data.”

“I have my ways. From our little mission that we had, I was able to gather some data with my toys that I brought with me. Just a few more test, I would have a better understanding as a whole.”

“I see. Then why don’t you put a scanning type thing on the watch. I get the feeling that we would be going into more demon hunting missions soon.”

“You know what. That’s actually a good idea.” A large smirk appeared on his face. “Thanks.”

“No problem.” I peered over his shoulder, and saw him typing away quickly like a madman. “Oh, and one more thing.”

“Yea?” He stopped typing, and look over his shoulder towards me. He wasn’t so happy that I stopped him when he was getting into his work.

“I suggest that you work on some bullet enhancement for demon hunting. The ones we have weren’t useful.”

“Gotcha. I’ll definitely look into it.” He waved his hand, and reached over to pick up his head phones.

I felt satisfied in telling both Crystal and Timothy on my report on their gadgets, and actually look forward to what other cool things that they would come up in the future, especially if the Mind Linking program worked with diving into a semi-possessed person. The amount of good that we could do to save a person was astronomical. This in itself was a step forward in stopping the demons take shape in our world.

Turning around, I left Timothy’s room and headed straight to the room. This past mission allowed us to have a bigger room in the Seventh Sanctum. The higher ups rewarded us with our own rooms as a good job, even though we made a few blunders in not able to stop the Demon Cat from causing havoc. Our new room were divided into four with a shared living room and two bathrooms.

Light escaped underneath Jones door across from my room. He was in his room, doing god knows what. I didn’t knock and went towards mine.

I got the room towards the window, allowing me to see outside. As I opened my door, I saw Daisy sleeping on my bed curled up into a ball. For a cat, she took over my bed as if it was her own. Daisy opened up her blue eyes, stared at me for a moment, and meowed, welcoming me back. She then closed her eyes, and snuggled going back into sleep as if nothing was wrong.

Soft sunlight entered through the half opened window, allowing the setting sun to bring in the warm sunlight. My room was partially empty. It only had a queen size bed, a desk on the side, a closet on the other, and a empty bookshelf. Not too far away from the bed was my sword, holstered onto the wall. I had plans to put more swords above me or next to me, whichever I felt like doing. There were a lot of redesigning to do, but I was going to leave that for later.

With a sigh, I took off my shirt, placed it on the chair, and crawled into bed. I really needed some sleep, especially what we went through today. Luckily, I didn’t have to go with Marcus to get briefed about our little mission. He said he had it covered and let all of us go to do what we wanted.

I was glad that I didn’t have to deal with the higher ups, just dealing with the pricks sounded like an annoyance that I didn’t want to get entangled in. It was all about politics and money, and I wasn’t the type to understand political aspects of it all like Marcus. Right now, my worries lied in getting stronger by learning martial arts, weaponry, and practicing magic. I wanted to keep on living, and that was the only thing I could do without feeling like I was useless to the team.

With a heavy sigh, I closed my eyes and let sleep drift into my mind as sleep overtook me.


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