Valkyrie’s Lament Ch. 28


Chapter 28
Red Light Green Light V

<Jasper POV part II>

“Noooooooo!” Brianna’s voice boomed out loud, sending out a blast of invincible sound energy towards the skeletal hand as it broke the skeletal hand that pushed down Sam. She quickly ran over, and pulled him up onto her shoulder to the point where he was almost lifted up like a sack of potato.

Sam was unconscious and bleeding. Jasper ran forward to back up Brianna that carrying Sam on her shoulder. He knew that both of them wouldn’t make it out alive at the speed they were going.

With light energy wrapped around both his fist, Jasper struck at the oncoming attacks that rained down upon them. Small skeletons fell from the broken hand and onto the stairs. Their bones groan and crackle, getting up on their feet with excited chatter at the prey before them.

Jasper dove forward and smashed the skeleton’s head. A blast of light energy shot forward, causing it to crumble onto the ground, lifeless. He didn’t stop and move onto the next, keeping the skeleton’s back as best as he could.

Brianna finally made it up to the final step, and Jamie came over to help her.

“Come on Sam! Wake up!” Brianna was tearing up with worry. “You can’t leave me like this!”

Jasper entered into the tunnel right behind her. More and more skeleton fell onto the stairs, coming after them in waves.

“Move it! I can’t handle every one of them!” Jasper did a round house kick, ducked and slammed a skeleton’s head onto the ground. Each blast of light energy sent out a wave of light that either destroyed the nearby skeleton’s near him, but more kept coming.

“Sam!” Brianna’s voice was choking up in tears.

“I heard you Brianna. Quit screaming in my ears.” Sam coughed and groggily woke up. He spat out blood and groaned.

“Sam!” Braina yelled out in happiness, she hugged him. Jamie let go and took a step back.

“Ow! Damn it Brianna, let me go!” Sam pushed her aside. He moaned at the sharp pain on his side. “Bruised ribs.”

“I’m glad you’re okay.” Brianna wiped her tears.

“I’ll be fine.” Sam was wavering on his feet. Brianna came over ready to help him if he fell on his knees, but he stopped her from advancing forward.

“You guys?!” Jasper was bolting around from one skeleton to the next. “I would either like a hand here or run!”

This caught everyone’s attention, they were awed at Jasper’s strength that was single handedly pushing the skeleton’s backwards. Especially for a small kid, he was doing what a grown man could, but three times better.

Brianna nodded and dragged Sam by the arm. Jamie followed after, bolting forward away from the crowd of skeletons.

Jasper took the chance to detach himself away from the skeleton’s and ran. He didn’t wanted to stay behind fighting countless streams of skeletons that seem to never end.

They ran forward through out the long passageway, while the relentlessly chased after them. Until finally, they passed into a room, the ground behind them trembled and shook as the passageway closed.

“What just happened?” Jamie was glancing behind him confused.

“We’re saved?” Brianna spoke up with hope in her demeanor and voice.

Everyone slide down onto the ground completely exhausted from their ordeal.

Scanning around, Jasper noticed that they were in a small room that was the size of an studio apartment. They were nothing else present but them inside the small room with strange looking mushrooms that decorated the wall.

“I’m glad that’s over with.” Jamie flopped down exhausted. “I didn’t think it would be this bad.”

“You thought this would be a walk in the park?” Brianna was flabbergasted at Jamie’s answer.

“No. I just didn’t think it would be this intense. I knew they were a chance for us to die, but still…this is just a bit crazy if you get what I mean.”

“Hardly.” Brianna stare at him strangely. “This must be your first mini-game. You should’ve  taken an easier task than this.” She went back to helping Sam dress his wounds.

“Well, we thought the highest payout would be the best choice in getting what we need.”

“Your an idiot. I wouldn’t even come in here if I were as weak as you.”

“I-I didn’t know it would be this bad.” Jamie head hung low in defeat.

Even though Jamie had a rough thug-like appearance, Jasper got the feeling that Jamie did not live up to his looks. He could tell that he was more soft on the inside, while Sam was a whole different case. The thug-like attitude, foul mouth, and rough demeanor didn’t fit Sam’s face at all. A completely walking contradiction from his looks to his personality.

“Let him be. We all make mistakes.” Jasper voiced his opinion. He felt his stamina coming back to him.

“Mistake that could cost him his life.”

“I know. I was wrong okay?” Jamie was getting more depressed by the second.

“Your a guy for crying out loud. Are you going to cry right here and now?” Sam lazily stated, while he let Brianna finish up.

Jasper couldn’t help but hold in his chuckle when he turned towards Sam. Brianna did a fabulous job in tying up the bandages around Sam’s head and making him look like a mummy.

“I’m not crying nor would I be crying here for you all to see. What do you think I am a wuss?” Jamie angrily stated. “I came here to save my mom and my friend. I have as much right to be here right now.”

“Whatever.” Sam blew him off.

“Wait, your mom and your friend is here with you?”

“Yea, a large zombie dog took Sophia away. My mom and I followed after her to save her through the hole, where the dog went through.”

“So, I’m guessing you were helping them out too huh.” Brianna look straight at Jasper.

“In a way yes.”

“Your way to kind hearted. At this rate, you’re going to get yourself killed.” Brianna shook her head and sighed. “Not everyone is as kind hearted as you. Their going to be a day when someone is going to stab you in the back.”

“I know, but I’m careful.”

“You do? I feel like you don’t grasp this situation at all.”

“No, I understand completely actually, I had instances where my so called friend had stabbed me in the back.” Jasper said it with a smile. “From that event, I have found someone who I consider worth protecting.”

Brianna stare at him strangely if something was wrong in the head. “I don’t understand you at all.”

“You will understand one day. If you ever find your someone, when you are at your lowest point in your life, keep them close, because it’s not easy to find another. Plus, like I said, sometimes kindness needs to be shared. A smile does brighten up a day. It could change a person’s life you know, you just don’t know about it.” Jasper’s smile was dazzling that could blind anyone who was looking at him. It was warm giving off a soft tingling feeling to anyone who saw him. His adorable but cute face was even amplified by ten times, making him look enchanting.

The three were caught off guard by his smile and felt a bit uncomfortable at their dark hearts. Not only that, they could see a soft halo like effect glowing around him. Brianna held her breath and stared doey eyed at Jasper, while the other two was struck dumb. They weren’t sure wha to say.

“I don’t get this kid.” Brianna threw up her hand in defeat. “Your crazy. I wouldn’t waste my time on someone else if I were you. This world is already dark enough and there is no kindness in this world without an exchange for something, but then again you being crazy in this world is probably not any different than what we are in right now. This world is already crazy, why not just throw someone in like you and it’s already complete.”

“Hey, I’m not that bad am I?” Jasper pouted. The glow around him disappeared, bringing him back to his soft appearance.

“You’re truly a waste.” Jamie sighed and patted Jasper on his back.


“If you were only born as a girl, they will be so many guys flocking to your side.”

Jasper’s eyes turn into slits as he gave Jamie an angry look. “I am a man.”

“I know.”

“I think he looks great as he is.” Brianna leaned over and tousled his hair.

“Hey! Stop that.”

“Wow. Your hair is even soft. I’m so jealous. Are you really not a girl?”

“I told you I am a man!” Jasper was starting to get peeved that they were making fun of him. Not only Tyler and Silver who teased him continuously, but now the other three were poking fun of him. He always were made fun of by his friends back at home, but it didn’t bother him that much. Either way, it still made him annoyed that they still saw him as a boy.

What he dearly wished for was that he would hurry up and get tall so he could boast to his friend that he was not small anymore. Just the thought of growing taller excited him, especially since his final month before he turned 18, where his growth spurt will change him drastically as months go by. Not only that, he found out that eating the crystals would actually help accelerate his growth exponentially. It did pain him a bit that he gave away the crystals, but at the same time he felt satisfied that he gave it to the people he thought would be a great investment in the future. A guild didn’t just have one members, he was going to make it a goal to make the guild Valhalla into one of the biggest guild in existence.

“What are you chuckling over there for?” Brianna asked curiously. She was looking over wondering what he was doing.

“Uh…nothing. I was just a bit tired.” Jasper quickly covered himself, before he was caught daydreaming.

“We should go.” Jamie sternly stated. “I can’t stay here to long or Sophia and my mom could be possibly in danger.” He got on his feet, his leg was shaking from pain.

“Get some rest. We won’t have this type of luck if we keep moving forward. Your friend Sophia is dead if she got bitten by the zombie dog. I mean it’s a zombie for crying out loud.”

“But she’s my friend!” Jamie angrily stated. “You saved Sam because he was your friend!”

Brianna look away ashamed. “Fine, let’s go. Though, Sam is my half-brother.” She got up and dusted herself. Jasper was shocked that they were brother and sister, the whole time he thought they were friends.

“You serious? We don’t know this girl.” Sam was complaining. “I’m not wasting my life for someone I don’t know.”

“It’s fine. You don’t have too.” Jamie replied. He was already getting up and headed towards the exit.

Jasper and the rest of the group followed next to him. They track through carefully, on edge. The deeper that they went the stranger the hallway became. Doors of different variety of sizes appeared embedded into the walls. Almost all of them was more for decoration than something of actual use. The hallway was opening up into a run down lobby. From left to right broken chairs, sofas, and even the desk were everywhere. Even scattered humans bones were present littered all over the floor.

“Are we at the first level?” Brianna was enthusiastically observing her surrounding.

“I think so.” Sam walked carefully towards the front entrance. He gazed out the glass door, where other city buildings were present further outside. “Yep. We are.” He kicked rock on the floor.

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