Valkyrie’s Lament Chapter 21


Chapter 21
The herald of danger?

“What was that?” Tyler was rubbing both of his arms up and down, shivering form the unexpected creepy event. “Is that normal?”

“Normal is a matter of opinion.” Rose spoke with unease. “Do you see this as normal? She needs special care right now.”

Ren gave her a sharp glare that silence her.

“I can’t believe she said another one. This is the second one in three days.” Ronald voice cracked as he tried to control his unease.

Ren was deep in his own thought. His hands caressed his little sister as if she was some precious jewels.

“Wait, this is not her first weird episodic ability?” Tyler was looking down at her with awe. “I understand there being magic and all, but is this considered one as well?”

“This is her natural ability.” Ren replied. He got up with her in his arms. “Follow me.”

Silver felt as if she was in the presence of something monumental. Throughout her whole life and even in her future self, not once has she felt such a heavy pressure that made her shudder. They were monsters out there that were powerful and even the Emperor had an intimidating aura, but this was as if the whole universe was present there, endlessly giving off immense power.

Without hesitation, she followed Ren. They all squeezed into the one room and made themselves comfortable. Silver took a seat in one of the wooden chairs, while Ren placed Salphie on the bed. He gently took off her shoes, and pulled up the cover, keeping her warm.

“You guys need to explain this to us. I thought you didn’t take her premonitions to seriously.” Tyler was leaning against the wall with his hands crossed in front of him.

“It’s quite simple really. There are two ways her ability comes through. The first one you just witness it yourself, and the second one is usually through broken images through her dreams. She has quite an extraordinary ability to know things without a specific reason, but the ones that she dreams are a fifty-fifty hit. There something we don’t completely rely on.”

“So is what she say true?” Jasper voice cut through the silence. He was sitting on the floor with his back lean against the wall.

“Yes.” Ren nodded. “The first one always comes true. There is no escaping it if you even wanted too.”

“Then isn’t this a good thing? We got five hints of what’s going to happen in the future. This definitely gives us an edge.”said Tyler. He leaned forward.

Jasper sighed. The bed squeaked as he took a seat. “It’s not that simple. Does anyone remember the prophecy?” He look at everyone, but no one replied. Everyone was a bit embarrassed that they couldn’t remember. Even Silver didn’t have perfect memory.

“Five stars shall fall in line, heralding the beginning of the massacre. Gates shall be opened, and the horns of the nine reapers shall welcome the herald of the dead. Five seasons, five horrors, five chances to turn the tide. The first shall come with blazing stars, hailing from the sky. The second will begin when the ninth bell rings on unwelcome ground, the third shall rise when the dragon’s sings, the fourth will only open on midsummer’s eve, and the final chance shall arrive when the battle maiden slays her sin. For the great evil that slumbers shall once again rise again, bringing with it the herald of the end.” Jasper spoke out loud, repeating every syllable without missing a word.

“So, what does it even mean? I get there are five disasters and five chances that’s going to be given to thwart it, but does anyone know when?” Tyler spoke.

“Let’s start from the beginning.” Jasper stopped everyone from containing the conversation in a sporadic manner. “Five stars shall fall in line. The day we all woke up was the day when there was planetary alignment.”

“Oh yea. That was on the news the whole day.” Tyler was stating excitedly, but then his excitement was sharply turned into a frown. “That was also the day we all got kidnapped.”

“Gates shall be opened could possible mean where we were all transported here.” Jasper concluded.

“Horns of the nine reapers what is that?” Rose asked. She was sitting in one of the wooden chairs with her legs crossed in front of her.

“There is a possibility that the horns of the nine reapers could be the different types of angels. So far, we met four types of angels. One was Kushiel that brings the news to humanity, testing them through these so called games. The second one is the Angelzel that gives rewards to humanity for completing the games. The third is Archarzel that helps humanity by having these so called inn  and abilities to gift to people to fight. While the fourth is the baby angels that gives out rewards. The others, I don’t know.”

Silver was amazed at how quickly Jasper was figuring out the prophecy. He was right, they were only nine angels types of angels that came down to either help, test, or destroy them. From her memories; she had met four out of nine and the other five were just based on rumors.

“Are you sure about that? It could be games though.” Ronald stated, refuting Jasper’s answer.

Jasper shook his head. “There going to be more games. So far, we all go through either mini-games or the actual main games. From what I can see, the main games are given by Kushiels that every one has to play. While the mini-games are broken down into three types: Retrieval, Subjugation, and Protection. I read through the mini-games on the digital screen and found the Protection mini-game as well. They are a lot more than the ones on board. In each area, they have multiple small games that could be accomplished. This allows us to rack up more Angel Coins. We all have a choice on which mini-game we want to do. To have nine major games in one month might be a bit pushing it.”

“What are you talking about? That angel is crazy. She’ll probably might even do nine major games.” Tyler threw up his arms in outrage. “She’s trying to kill all of us. I swear it.”

Jasper once again shook his head. “If  read about Angel, they are considered helpers, destroyer, messengers, saviors, and even guides. They only move when they are ‘allowed to.’ So far, Archarzel follows the rules that is determined for her. Kushiel is the same. They are only given restriction that they are allowed to do.”

“You sure about that?”

“I’m hundred percent positive.” Jasper said with confidence. “The clues are everywhere. All you need is to pay attention to it.”

Tyler shrugged and went back to leaning back on the wall.

“With that being said the problem or disaster will come five times, followed by something even worse. We have absolutely no clue when that is going to be, except every year we have a chance to stall or stop it..”

“That’s how I understood it as well.” Ronald spoke. He was tapping his hands on his arms, while thinking over the prophecy in his mind. “So each year, there should be a chance to turn the five disaster into our benefits. The problem comes down to when and how.”

“Right now, the first one we should be worried about is the immediate one.” Jasper was biting his lips and he look like he was having a migraine. “All that comes to mind is a meteor shower.” He sighed.

“Meteor shower? How the hell are we supposed to know that?” Rose was impatiently getting annoyed at the cryptic messages before them. “We’re not gods for crying aloud.” She stomped in frustration.

“The end of this month.” Ren spoke slowly. His voice was low, and only Silver who was paying attention to everyone’s movement heard his voice.

“This whole prophecy is bogus,” replied Rose. Not believing much in what Salphi had said.

“No. What my sister say is true.” Ren spoke out loudly, catching Rose off guard. “The meteor shower is going to happen at the end of this month.”

Silver felt her face become pale. She now knew exactly what he meant. The last month’s game was the most horrendous one of them all. It had slaughtered and killed countless people, only allowing three of them to walk out barely alive. Luckily, she was one of them.

“You sure?” Jasper voice had an edge of worry.

“Yes, I study astrology on the side, and I keep those dates memorize. This year, they’re going to be a total of three meteor showers, two already happened and the third will be the end of this month.”

“What about the second one?” Rose asked. “How about the third, fourth, and the fifth?” She was starting to get impatient for answers and was looking at Jasper for more.

“I have nothing right now.”

“Though, the last part of the prophecy gives me the chills.” Tyler spoke out with concern.

“You too?” Ronald asked. “I thought I was the only one that felt that way.”

“You’re not the only one.” Ren spoke next. “The last piece of information is a given. Something bad is coming and it’s coming fast. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t like it.”

“If, what she says is true. We got a big problem on our hand. I’m not even sure what’s coming, but it’s making my head hurt. I think I need some time to think about all this.” Jasper face was drained in colors. He got up ready to leave.

“Before you go. I got something to say.” Silver raised up her hands to get everyone’s attention. “The next mini-game, we should split up into two groups.”

Everyone was confused why she wanted to suddenly split up.

“Why? I thought we were doing good together?” Tyler asked with a bit concerned. “Is there something wrong?”

“Yes. The next mini-game, I’ll be going, is a retrieval request: bringing back an Ancient lost tablet. It’s level is to high for all of you guys. I’m positive you will die. Jasper is the rare exception and I believe he could possibly survive.”

“Wait. Wait.” Rose held up her hand. “I’m not that weak.” She scoffed at the idea that Silver stated such words to her.

“No, but the levels of the mini-game don’t lie. We were lucky we didn’t run into anything really bad in the subjugation.” Quickly stated Silver. “Tyler, Rose, Salphie, Ren, and Ronald will take on the same level subjugation request as today. The goal for you guys’ is to learn how to fight without either Jasper or me and get stronger. If you survive, you’ll have a higher chance of surviving when the main game arrives.”

“That makes sense.” Tyler was rubbing his chin. “We can’t count on you for everything.”

“I’ll leave the decision of the group to you Tyler, until I get back.” Silver spoke. She wanted to see who would actually survive and at the same time, going into an unknown territory with people who weren’t battle ready would slow her down.

“Wait. Why do I have to listen to muscle head?” Rose cried out in outburst. “I should be the leader instead.”

“You’re not strong enough, nor do you have the mentality to lead.” Tyler coldly stated. “From your narcissist personality, I wouldn’t be surprised if you abandon us all halfway.

“I wouldn’t.” Rose felt offended.

“Prove to me than, oh selfish one.”

“I have nothing to prove.”


Rose grind her teeth in frustration. “Fine! You’ll eat your words when this all over.” She shook her finger at him.

Salphie groaned, stirring awake. Everyone turned towards her.

“Salphie.” Ren look over with concern. Salphie push herself up and was blinking around confused. Everyone was wondering if she would go into another prophetic mode or give them another clue of what she had said.

“Where?” Salphie asked, looking around

“We got ourself a room.”

“D-did I collapse again?” Her voice was low with a tinge of sadness.


“Was it what I think it was?”


Salphie sighed. “I’m glad that I helped in some way.”

“You did more than enough, you should take a rest.”

Salphie shook her head. “No. I got to go out today. Brother, I need to get stronger.” She held onto his arm desperately. Her eyes were screaming at him not to say such words. “I have dreamed of the horrors that is to come, I can’t stay sitting down doing nothing.”


“No! I will come with you.” Salphie sternly stated. Her grip became stronger to the point where she was starting to pull of his shirt. A crisp tan line could be seen on his shoulder that differentiate from his true skin tone.

Ren gripped the edge of the bed unable to do anything else. He could tell that Salphie wasn’t going to give up at all. “Fine. Only if you stay close to me.”

“I will.” Salphie nodded. Then she turned to Silver. “If I am alive by the time that you come back, please allow me to join your guys permanently. In exchange, one of these days I will help you in your darkest times and guide you towards your secret desire.” She replied cryptically as if she knew what Silver wanted. “To slay the life of your enemy that haunts your heart.”

Silver was completely shocked at what Salphie said and felt a bit uncomfortable from her knowing gaze.

“Fated rival? Is that what had been bothering you?” Tyler asked Silver.

Silver didn’t say anything else to Tyler’s statement and got up. “If all of you can come back alive, then it’s a given. I’ll see you guys in less than three days.” Silver left.

Jasper got up and followed. Even Tyler and Rose followed behind her.

“Hey, Silver was it a wise idea to leave us with them?”  Tyler asked a bit worriedly. “I mean are you sure splitting up is a good idea?”

“Yes. I believe you can train them in staying alive.”

“How are you so sure?”

Silver stopped. Tyler almost collided into Silver. She turned around and faced them. “You know how to survive. I’m not good at teaching those things. Plus, I will need Jasper’s help in taking on this next challenge.”

“You put quite a bit of faith in me, girlie.” Tyler said with a smile. He was pleased that Silver was trusting him more. .

“I believe that you would do well. Ah, before I forget.” Silver rummaged through her accessory and pulled out three vials that she had saved. “Here.” She gave each one of them.

“This is?” Rose snatched it out of her hands.

“Drink it now. It’s a power up boost.” She lied.

“Really?” Rose said excitedly. She twisted the knob and down the content in seconds. “Ah, that was refreshing.”

“Really? This is a power up drink?” Tyler asked with shock. He too happily took a drink with a smile. “Thanks.”

Silver didn’t say anything else and waited for Jasper to drink the vial in his hand. He look at the clear crystal vial and turned it over. Raising it up, he checked the vial up in the air.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“This vial. You had them didn’t you.”

“What is this brat talking about?” Rose wiped her lips with a huge satisfied grin on her face.

“This vial is the antidote to the poison that Kushiel was talking about.” Jasper stated a bit too loud. He opened it up and took a sniff.

“Your kidding, right? You had this all along?” Tyler was dumbfounded. “So what Kushiel announced was you who held onto it. Wow.” He whistled stunned.

“I suggest you to drink it now.” Silver urge Jasper. Jasper shook his head. “I’ll drink this later.” He put it away.

“Up to you.” Silver continued to walk, leaving the hallway and out the Inn.

“Hey Silver.” Tyler ran up to stop her.


“Thanks.” Tyler slapped her shoulder, jolting her forward. “I’ll see you in three days. Stay alive!” He waved her goodbye and went back in the inn.

Jasper came out a few seconds after. They both headed towards Gate 1 where there next battle will begin.

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