Mind Linker Part II: Gluttony laughs at Sloth

Part II: Gluttony laughs at Sloth

[Excerpts of Gluttony and Sloths conversation]

    “So,” Sloth lips twitched in a frown. She look at him disgusted at the way he was just stuffing himself with food. “When are you going to give me what you promised.”

Gluttony stopped, he tilted his head, and look up at her displeased that he was interrupted. “What would that be again?”

“Oh, never mind.” Sloth pouted pissed off that he didn’t keep his promise.

“Whatever.” Gluttony shrugged his shoulder, not really caring about Sloth’s annoyance.

“Damn it Gluttony, why are you so forgetful?”

“I’m not.” Gluttony was offended in what Sloth had said. “Why don’t you just go to sleep and let me enjoy my food.”

“You know what. I’ll do just that.”



Silenced followed after, she stood there with her arms crossed, but didn’t budge from where she stood. Instead, she was glaring down at him with just as much force as he was eating his food, making him feel uncomfortable.

“Okay, fine. What do you want?” Gluttony grumbled.

“You promised to give me one thousand of the finest souls that shines the brightest with passion of hope.”

“Oh. Uh…well about that.” Gluttony rubbed his pimply head back and forth unable to give her the answer.

“You ate them didn’t you.”


“You did.”

Gluttony grimace at Sloths words.

Sloth sighed, getting angry was too much work. It made her complexion darken and caused creases to form that she didn’t like. “I give up. I’m just going to go back to sleep. Wake me up when you actually have what I ask for instead of stuffing yourself.”

“I’ll uh…do that.”

“I get the feeling that you won’t.” Sloth yawned, her eyes becoming droopy. She snapped her fingers as a large bed appeared out of thin air. With a slow crawl, she flops down onto the bed and rolled around as if it was the best thing in the world. She then pulled back the covers and dived underneath, her head slightly peeking out of the covers just like how she liked it. With a satisfied smile, she closed her eyes, but before she fell into a complete slumber she had one last question.

“Gluttony, do you remember the time when we were given a name?”

Gluttony stopped, frowning that she brought up a old memory that he didn’t like to think about. “What of it.”

“Do you like your name, Gluttony the Voracious?”


“Why not? It fits you perfectly.”

“Just because the idiot gave me the name of eating too much doesn’t mean I would like it.” Gluttony grumbled. “Why couldn’t he give me a better name, not the embodiment of eating. I believe, I don’t eat enough at all.”


“No, it’s not. It’s the truth.”

“Uh, huh.”

“Then what about you? Do you like the name Sloth the Unmovable?”

Sloth snorted. “Unmovable, as if.”

“Denial.” Gluttony replied with a chuckle. One side of his lip were curling upwards into a grin. “You’re just like me. You HATE the one that gave you that name.”

Sloth squirmed in her bed. Gluttony burst out into laughter as he saw how uncomfortable Sloth was. There was only one time that Sloth would ever move so much and that was when someone talked about her name.

“Fine, but that’s why they’re dead.”

Gluttony went silent.

“You killed yours, right?” Sloth turned over towards him.

“Yea. Yea. You can say that.” Gluttony quickly replied.

“Good, if you didn’t I’ll make sure to kill you first.”

Gluttony weakly laughed at what Sloth had said, his head flopping down onto the morsel of different flavored food of both souls and organic materials of flesh and bones. For a long time, he just stared at his food, unable to eat as he reminisced of his past.

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