Valkyrie’s Lament Ch. 15


Chapter 15
Battlefield on Open Land

“Garwough!” The Kilkenny howled with excitement. Fifteen Kilkenny passed through the slim door, until finally the giant door closed shut. The rest were stopped from passing through, but even still fifteen Kilkenny made it through to the ‘safe’ zone. This was a disaster and Silver now knew that her memories wasn’t something she should put all her faith into.

Everyone headed towards the Inn hoping that they could escape.

“Damn it!” Tyler swore, he took a sharp right and turned around. He swung his fist, connecting together on the Kilkenny’s Jaw. With a sickening thud, his fist broke the Kilkenny’s Jaw in half. A sharp whimper could be heard, and the Kilkenny retreated back.

“This is not good, we can’t bring them to the inn!” Jasper exclaimed. “At this rate we’ll be dragging monsters to the others and possibly killing them in the process!”

“Who cares! We need support right now or are you going to fight all fifteen of these bastards behind us?” Rose angrily retorted. Her face contorting unhappily. “ Well Mr. Goody two-shoe is there something you have in mind?”

“No…” Jasper was dodging out of harm’s way from being shredded by a Kilkenny.

“Then don’t spout such nonsense!”

Up before them, they saw a large group of humans that were coming back from there mini-games. When they saw the swarm of monsters, following Sliver’s group, they screamed in horror. Everyone ran towards the inn, scrambling over each other, trying not to get eaten by the oncoming terror. The Kilkenny broke apart and headed straight towards the second group of people that they saw.

Jasper grinded his teeth and ran in a circle, breaking a small portion of the Kilkenny away from the group. Silver saw what Jasper was doing and she too broke away, splitting the Kilkenny down even further.

Silver pulled out her sword, and rushed towards the nearest Kilkenny. With a forward motion, she slashed diagonally on the first one that she came across. The Kilkenny literally ran into her blade and fell down dead with half of its body cut open in half. While the other four circled around her, watching for any openings.

Her instincts kicked in, she felt her body losing temperature quickly from her core, but this didn’t make her shiver or sluggish. Cold air escaped her lips as she could feel trickles of magic escape. Her lips were encased with light frost. She could feel the surging coldness continually wash through her core, spreading out to her arms and legs. Even the swirl of power stretched towards her sword, encasing it thinly with ice.

With a push of her will, she pulled out more and more ice onto her sword. Her muscles tensed and she swung, cutting into the first Kilkenny easily like butter. Upon impact, icicles swept outwards, freezing up a bit of the Kilkenny’s body. A large chunk of the Kilkenny’s side of the body was hacked off, leaving a giant opening on its side. It stumbled and fell from shock of pain unable to quickly get back up onto its feet.

With a growl, another Kilkenny slunk to the side, jumping out of harm’s way. They knew that the opponent in front of them were formidable. Three of them were dead frozen partially in ice, and the other two scuttled backwards, prowling out of Silver’s sword reach.

Silver eyed them wearily, wondering what they would do, her sword was in front of her ready to strike when need be. She knew that these creature were intelligent, but by how much she didn’t know. She took the fight to them and rushed forward. Her sword wickedly gleamed underneath the light, causing the Kilkenny to back up with weary steps.

She lunged forward once again and skewered an Kilkenny by its side. The Kilkenny tumbled sideways, trying to pull itself out of the blade, but miserably failed. Silver took this chance to cut through the body.

With a sharp turn to the right, the final Kilkenny snapped at her head. She pulled back as her skin grazed across its black teeth, causing blood to seep through. She turned as her sword sliced through the head of the Kilkenny as it slide off.

Silver turned towards the rest of the Kilkenny that were chasing after Jasper. She saw him battling. A couple of times, he tripped upon something, it was almost as if he tripped on air, but he got himself back right back up barely missing from the Kilkenny’s jaw. It didn’t take long for Jasper to be done with his kills. He watched for patterns, struck when they faltered, and eventually he took at least four of them down by himself.

Knowing that Jasper was fine, she rushed towards the other Kilkenny that surrounded the Inn. Cole was on the ground being mauled alive, his screams were silenced in seconds as four of the Kilkenny tore him apart. The others shredded through other players who were running away in attempt to stay alive.

She saw a few of them made it into the inn, slamming the door behind them. The last few that couldn’t make into the inn was shredded apart in front of the doorsteps as they eaten alive. Horrible piercing screams could be heard, echoing loudly as people died from left to right.

Silver ran forward and slew through the Kilkenny. Her sword passed through as if she was dancing on her toes. Each movement more fluid than the next. Small ice particles floated around her, creating an sparkle like effect from the light. Her cold eyes honed in on her prey, not letting them escape from her sight.


“Help me!”


The voices of people who were caught up in the heated frenzy of the Kilkenny’s attack. Couple of them were devoured alive and the others were injured.

“Stay back!” Tyler punched a Kilkenny by the nose, keeping a young girl from getting mauled. He ran over and tackled the Kilkenny to the ground. With each and every pound of his fist, Kilkenny bashed in its head until it stopped moving.

Rose threw a rock at a lone Kilkenny, who was trying to maul a young women alive, in which it turned towards her. Its long sleek body slinked towards her with gaping jaws. Rose gulped in air, she hardened her heart and ran forward. She slide underneath the Kilkenny’s body, when it had jumped towards her. Her hand desperately moved in an upward cut as the dagger in her hand cut through the Kilkenny’s belly. Guts spilled out and covered her head-to-toe.

“What the hell?!” Rose exclaimed with disgust, she got up and wiped the blade on her body.

Jasper killed the final Kilkenny with heavy breathe as his blade snapped from the vicious turn. He flopped down onto the ground completely exhausted.

Sliver was quite surprised at how Jasper was growing. His skill and speed was matching in growth with hers, possibly even faster. She knew that he didn’t need her help as much anymore, so instead she went over to the dead Kilkenny’s body and started to harvest them for their crystal and pelts.

“What’s going on?” A young woman’s voice came out from the injured crowd. “Where did these monsters even come from?”

“Did she use some kind of strange power?” The others curiously watched Silver.

“Yea, I saw something coat her sword.”

“Magic?” A young girl spoke in excitement.

People were starting to gather around, coming out from the inn and even other mini-games as well. They were shocked to see a handful people take down a monster like the Kilkenny like it was nothing.

“They brought them here. I saw them!” And rat faced man came forward and pointed towards Silver and her group. “They were trying to dump it on us!”


“Are you sure?”

The voices of the people cried out in disbelief.

“Hey!” A man with a heavy beard stepped forward towards Silver in anger. “You guys owe us for all that trouble that you have given us. Why couldn’t you bring those monsters away from the inn huh?”

Silver glanced up for a moment, she didn’t answer, and went back to work. She fluidly and professionally cut through the pelt and fished out the crystal. She then move on to her next kill.

“Are you even listening to me!” The man got up and grabbed Silver’s shoulder to stop her.

Silver smacked the man’s hand aside before it could even touch her and kept going.

“What the hell!” Angrily storming towards her, he grabbed her wrist.

Silver spun around and punched him straight in the gut, causing him to reel forward in pain. She sighed, shaking her head at the man. She didn’t want to go through the trouble of explaining everything that it was all something the she didn’t foresee. It was too much of a headache. Accidents happened. Once again, she ignored him and went back to harvest the rest of her spoils.

“I wouldn’t mess with her if I were you.” A young man’s voice spoke over the man who was kneeling on the ground.

“Wha-” With a pained breath the man glanced up, and saw a young man with messy curly hair with a handsome face. In his hand, he had the blue crystal being thrown up and down in the air. With a sharp kick, he sent the man flying backwards.

“Sam!” A young brown skinned lady with a pretty face and amazing figure ran over to stop Sam from kicking the crap out of the man on the ground. Even still, Sam started to stomp hard onto the man without a single remorse.

“Always the weak, grouping together and pointing towards the one that save their lives just to vent their anger. How pathetic!” With a sharp kick, Sam sent the man flying backwards once again.

“Sam!” Briana pushed him back with all her strength, but she was pulled forward.

Jasper blocked Sam, he raised up his arm and grabbed Sam’s wrist effortlessly from moving forward. Alarmed, Sam stopped and examined Jasper, their eyes locked in a standoff. Jasper didn’t back down once and stood his ground. “You should leave him alone.”

“Or what?” A smirk curled up on his lips like a crazed animal.

“Or you’ll die.” Jasper spoke without a single hint of fear. His hands were clenched onto his dagger that was in his right hand.

Sam reeled back laughing. His handsome contorting into a sinister smile. He stopped and compose himself. “Okay. Okay. I’ll stop, though there is no point in saving him.” He pointed towards the man on the ground. “Look, he already hates you.”

Jasper could see the intense hate from the man on the ground, it was scorching to the point where he felt uncomfortable. With a sigh, he frowned, but he didn’t budged from his spot.

“I’ll be seeing you guys around, especially you.” Sam yanked his hand out of Jasper’s grip and walked past him with a smile on his face.

“Quite bold of you kid.” Tyler came up from behind. With heavy hands, he smacked him hard on his back, making Jasper stumble slightly forward.

“Hey, that hurts.” Jasper cried out in pain.

“For someone so young, you have quite the balls to stand up to someone who is stronger than you.”

“I was doing what’s right.” Jasper sighed. “Plus, he’s not strong as you think.”

Tyler look at him, not completely believing in what Jasper had said. “Let’s go in and trade in our reward.”

“Yea, but before that I’ll like to bury Cole.”

Tyler gazed back at Jasper, a smile broke out on his lips. “You’re a good boy, you know that.”

Jasper half heartedly smiled, half of it pleased in what Tyler said, and the other half not pleased in being called a boy. He went to look for a shovel, but suddenly Cole’s body started to shimmer and disappear into the light, leaving behind all his belonging.

“I didn’t expected that.” Tyler brushed his hand against his head. “Now there no point in burying anyone.”

The group of people that were watching moved away to let them through. Silver finished her butchering, she got up and walked with them through the door and to the front desk.

“That was truly a chore. Who would’ve thought that they would come bursting out of the Area. I thought you said they couldn’t escape?” said Tyler with a sigh. All of them look pretty beaten up and tired, especially Tyler and Rose.

Silver was quite. “I thought so too, but I was wrong.” The rules for some reason has changed, and the only thing she could think of was that it was because of her actions that created the change. She frowned, she hope that it didn’t change too much yet, but all she could do was use the knowledge she had now to pave her future.

Archarzel and Angelzel was standing by the front counter, welcoming customers in. Silver, Rose, Tyler, and Jasper went inside. They saw Briana and Sam talking with Archarzel.

“Isn’t that Cole’s,” asked Jasper. He saw the blue crystal on the table. “It is!” Angelzel took the crystal and changed it into Angel coins for Sam. “For completing the quest here is a Small Red Crystal.”

“That was Cole’s!” Jasper angrily stated.

Sam was flipping through the digital menu. “Give me a backpack, tent, soap, cooking set, sleeping bag, dual elemental skill tree, and a small crystal.”

“As you wish.” Angelzel replied with a bow. “Please remember, dear customer, you will only be able to put a total of twenty items inside the bag. They’re pocket size for your benefit in maneuverability. Large objects the size of a spear will be able to fit inside the backpack. All you need to do is pull out the item.” The Angel Coin was quickly switched out and a large heap of items were placed in front of them.

Sam reached over to grab the items, but Jasper stopped him with his hand from reaching forward.

“You,” said Jasper pissed.

“You seriously making this more annoying.”

“Good, because this isn’t yours.”

“It’s called finders keepers twerp. Deal with it.” Sam pushed away Jasper’s hand and grabbed the small elemental marble.

Jasper was about to stop him when Silver grabbed his hands. She nodded her head, telling him to stop. “Sliver?”

“Let it go. He had found it so now its his.”

“But that was Cole’s, are you going to forget how hard he worked to get that? Seriously?”

“He’s dead. A dead person can not profit from the living and we can only have one.”


“She is right you know.” Tyler spoke from behind, stopping him in his tracks.

“Miss speaks the truth.” Archarazel spoke politely. “Only one is allowed for each person. If you are aiming to steal it in front of me, your crystal will be taken and you will be escorted out of this inn.”

Jasper scowled not liking what he was hearing.

“Well then, I’ll take my leave.” Sam and Briana left them behind as they headed to there room to rest.

“I swear, I don’t get a good feeling from him.” Jasper was trying his best not to get angry.

Silver pulled out the blue crystal, meat, scales, and pelt of the monster. People around her peered over amazed to see so much things on the table.

“Oh. Oh~ You killed quite a bit of Demon Fish, and not only that you gain the pelt of an Kilkenny, though we don’t really have any use for the meat.” Angelzel was frowning, when she saw the pile of meat that was stinking up her desk. “The total from what you have gathered is 690 Angel Coins and here is a small Red Crystal. Though, I will not be able to do anything with the Kilkenny meat, so please take it back.”

“I thought it would be of use.” At that moment, Silver remembered that it would be later that she would be able to trade the meat.

“Wait, we could trade monster pelts?” A woman, who was watching, spoke out loudly for everyone to hear.

“Is it true? Damn, I should’ve  brought over my kill.” Another grumbled at the lost.

“Wait, how come there wasn’t anything about this on the list? Was this a special event thing or something?”

“I don’t know.”

People talk back and forth as their voice became louder.

Silver ignored them and started to pick out the items that she needed. “I would like the lantern, pillows, cooking set, toothpaste, and I would like to check the weapon and armor list.”

“That would be 4 Angel Coins.” Archarzel took the Angel Coins leaving behind 767 Angel Coins.

A digital screen appeared before Silver allowing her to see a long list of all the items, skills, and weapons to offer.

1 Magic- page 1


250- Beginner Level Fire Magic (Z)

250- Beginner Level Water Magic (Z)

250- Beginner Level Earth Magic (Z)

250- Beginner Level Wind Magic (Z)

250- Beginner Level Sound Magic (Z)

250- Beginner Level Fire Void Magic (Z)

320- Dual Elemental skill Tree (Chance of succeeding is low. Once tried you will not be able to get an Elemental Skill Tree if failed. Z-)


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Crystals- page 2


145- Red Crystals (small)

165- Red Crystals (Medium)

300- Red Crystals (Large)

1,000- Orange Crystal  (Small)

1,500- Orange Crystals (Medium)

2,000- Orange Crystals (Large)

3,000- Yellow Crystals (Small)

3,400- Yellow Crystal   (Medium)

4,000- Yellow Crystals (Large)

5,000- Green Crystals (Small)

5,500- Green Crystal  (Medium)

6,000- Green Crystals (Large)

9,000- Blue Crystals (Mall)

9,500- Blue Crystals (Medium)

10,000- Blue Crystals (Large)

20,000- Indigo Crystals (Small)

25,000- Indigo Crystals (Medium)

330,000- Indigo Crystals (Large)

370,000- Violet Crystals (Small)

425,000- Violet Crystals (Medium)

560,000- Violet Crystals (Large)

1,000,000- Black Crystal

1,999,999,999- White Crystal

1,111,111,111- Free Pass to pass one game


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Level 1 Skills (Level Z-)- page 3


130- Beginner Level First Aid

130- Beginner Level Swimming

130- Beginner Level Drawing

130- Beginner Level Writing

150- Beginner Level Danger Sensing

150- Beginner Level Plant identification

240- Beginner Level Handcraft

240- Beginner Level Cooking

240- Beginner Level Sewing

350- Beginner Level Metalworking

350- Beginner Level Woodworking

350- Beginner Level Jewelry craft

350- Beginner Level Pottery creation

350- Beginner Level Clothes creation

550- Beginner Level Lock picking

1800- Beginner Level Monster Tamer skill


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Items- page 4


1- Sleeping bag

1- Soap (24 bars)

1- First Aid Kit

1- Lantern

1- Coal

1- Fire Starter

1- Rope

1- Toilet roll (six pack)

1- Shovel

1- Pick Axe

1- 1 Gallon of gas

3- Cooking Set

3- Tent

10- Wagon

1900- Economy Car of any choice

2500- Luxury Car of any choice

7000- Sports Car of any choice


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Level 1 Accessory- page 5


250- Silver Fountain

250- Timelo

450- Rivera

670- Lo min

800- Raven

1050- Silano

1500- Cara

1900- Avera

2400- Sonius


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Level 1 Weapons- page 6


3- Holster

10- Bullet (100)

20- Magic Bullets (100)- No elemental magic installed

150- Gun

150- Sword

150- Gauntlets

150- Dagger

150- Mace

150- Spear

150- Halbring

150- Bow

150- Scythe

150- Shield


<Previous | End>

“I would like a Beginner level Search Skill, dagger, Beginner level cooking, Beginner Level Plant and Tree identification, a gun, holster and a box of 100 bullets and a first aid kit,” said Silver.

“Here you go. We have a standard gun type and we personally identify the size best fit for your hand.” Archarzel happily replied. You have 6 Angel Coins left. Anything else for you?”

“That would be all.”

.Silver reached over and grabbed the small orbs smaller than a marble were present on the table. One by one she quickly ate the items, and she felt a warm surge of energy. She took out her card to check her information.

Name Silver Frost
Gender Female Average Level Z+
Race Human Body Status Healthy (Infected)
Age 18 Health 100/115
Height 5 ft 9’ Mana 74/160
Weight 124 Ib Stamina 40/120
Strength 15 Agility 16
Vitality 14 Dexterity 16
Intelligence 15 Wisdom 120
Leadership 5 Luck 8
Magic Ice/Dark
Danger Sensing, Cooking, Plant and Tree identification
Comet (X-), Millionaire Inventory Ring (A)

【Search Plant Identification】 (Level: 1, Rarity: ★)

– Has basic knowledge understanding different types of plans

【Danger Sensing】 (Level: 1, Rarity: ★★)

– Ability to sense danger especially of blood lust

【Cooking】 (Level: 1, Rarity: ★)

– Ability to cook basic foods

She put away her card and check the last two things that she had gotten. It was a regular black handgun that reminded her of a Glock. It came with two empty magazine, beside it was a box of 9mm size bullets and a holster.

Grabbing the holster, she placed it comfortably on her right side of her pants. She then started to quickly put in the bullets into the magazine as if she had already know how to do it. Clicking it in, she holstered it away.

“You got everything?” Jasper asked as he stare at the gun on her waist. He was quite surprised that she bought herself a gun.


“Me next!” Rose walked over excited. She slide over the blue crystal with “I would like the fire magic, sleeping bag, toilet paper, cooking set, toothbrush, toothpaste oil, lantern, tent, a backpack, and the rest to rent a room.”

“Here you go.” Archarzel traded the Angel Coins.

She squealed in delight and picked up the item. “This is what I’m talking about! All you people beware of my power or I’ll burn you alive.”

“Yea. Yea. All you probably can do is create a lighter size flame.” Tyler waved his hands ignoring Rose’s outburst.

“What would you know. I can probably do a lot more amazing thing than you.”

“If you say so.” Tyler leaned on the table towards Archarzel. “I’ll get the same thing as her, but instead I’ll like the Earth Magic.” He slid the Blue Crystal as if he was doing an black market dealing.

“Right away.” Archarzel traded him his items.

“So I’m guessing I’m supposed to eat this?”

“Obviously. Weren’t you paying attention?”

“I was.” Rose haughtily replied. “I’m just making sure you knew your stuff.”

Tyler grabbed his things and turned around. “I suggest we dump her here and now. .I mean what’s the point of having her around.” He talked towards Silver and Jasper.

“I heard that. I’m more qualified than he ever will be.” Rose hissed. She look down upon him with disgust.

“See, what I mean?”

“We’ll see, It’s up to her honestly.” Jasper replied. He was the next person to walk up and look through menu. He traded his Blue Crystal for Angel Coins. “I would like a gauntlets sleeping bag, tent, toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, cooking set, lantern, fire starter, first aid kit, rope, tent, soap, First Aid Skill, and Danger Sensing.”

“Here you go.” Archarzel voice cut in bring Jasper attention back to her.

“Thank you.” He reaches over and placed them away except the Gauntlets. The Gauntlets had metal spikes on the edges of the knuckle giving it an intimidating look.

“For a kid you got quite a taste.” Tyler whistled. “I thought you would invest in magic or something.”

“I’m honestly more comfortable in a close quarter combat. I thought this would fit me better, plus I don’t need magic, yet. Having a useful weapon right now would be a lot more beneficial.”

“True, but unlike you, I do enjoy the use of the dagger. Punching just makes my hands tingle, leaving a bad shock. My hands aren’t what it use to be.” Tyler sighed and he gaze upon his two hands.

“Well, there are always time to learn something new.”

“I’m not sure that would be a wise idea. Things happens way too quickly for us to be taking a leisure time in this.”

“Still, you don’t want to destroy your hand right now or you won’t survive later on.”

“Yea.” Tyler was not happy about the thought of losing his fist. He was in deep thought wondering what he should do, but just as he was depressed his mood quickly changed. “Well, let’s go and rest. We deserved that much right?”

Jasper nodded. “We’ll be going then. I hope to see you again if we ever get the chance.”

“Woah, kid. I’m not just going to break away from you two that easily. Let’s meet up tomorrow at 12 pm?”

“I’m up for it. Silver?”

“Sure.” Silver didn’t say much. She wasn’t the type to voice her opinion often, in her future self she was more of a loner type that did things herself. This was her first time when she had dealt with people.

“Well then, I’m going to take my beauty nap.” Rose turned around with her nose up in the air. She stormed off to her room, leaving the three behind.

“I swear that girl is mental.” Tyler sighed. “I hope I don’t get to see her any time soon.”

Silver started to head towards the room that she rented, she wanted to get changed and take a shower, so she quickly left.

“Well, I’ll see you later Tyler.” Jasper waved his hands good-bye and followed after her.

Tyler chuckled as he watched them go. “He’s like a puppy following his master.”

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