Voting Closure + Random kpop dance video~


Hello peeps. Thank you for your time in voting for the story that you wanted to read. The winner is Valkyrie’s Lament with 101 votes (59.41%), while Mind Linker had 69 votes (40.59%) out of 170 votes in total. With that being said, Valkyrie’s Lament will have two chapters per a week, while Mind Linker will have about one chapter per a week. Mind Linker won’t be a big priority story until Valkyrie’s Lament is complete.

Once again, thank you for your time reading it and your support. Fuhuhuhuhu, I’m glad there are people still out there who is reading my story. T.T Makes me very happy.

Also side note: I was squealing over the dance routine, once again, with BTS Blood, Sweat, and Tears dance routine. The slow motion to quick movement really is sweet! (1:07) I especially love the part from 1:17-1:23. Its like their body language is saying, I’m sexy. Wow. It makes me want to go and learn this dance. Their original M.V is interesting to watch too. The first time I watched it couple months ago, I thought they were saying money, money, money….actually in korean their just saying it way to fast, slurring it together. What there trying to say if you translated in enlglish is alot, alot, alot. There not talking about money…XD There is a few of there music I do enjoy, I’m not sure if I’m a fan yet. :3

P. S Also Check out Ophidian Aspect by Dovak. It’s a interesting story to read on your free time.

Ophidian Aspect


While going about his normal life, one day a giant ship appears towering over his town, and Drake dives into a new world created by the aliens who have taken a liking to the mythology and fantasy of earth’s stories.

Faced with the reality of choosing a new race suited to this deadly world, he embarks on a journey to discover his new abilities and tries to make his way through his transformed world.

Read Here

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