Mind Linker Ch. 12


Author’s note: An idea of what the Seventh Sanctum building looks like.

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Chapter 12

“What about the rest?” Crystal asked in a worried tone.

“Three of them are in the basement and are making their way here any minute now. The large group is on the fifth floor for some reason the elevator just stopped on that floor.”

“What?” Crystal asked completely confused. “How? Did the power go out?”

“No.” Timothy stated, just as confused as Crystal. “It says the elevator is working fine, but it’s not going down any further.”

“What about the other elevators?”

“Still fine.”

“Tell the others to quickly make a move through the stairway.”

“On it.”

Crystal radioed Marcus. “Marcus.”

“Go ahead.”

“We got elevator down on the fifth floor. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I suggest you to be careful.”

“Thanks for the heads up.”

Time passed, we were all on edge, worried about the thought of what was going to happen next. Three more people came in, while the fourteen people quickly made their way down the stairway. The number of people that made it in into the Garden was now in fifties, dwindling the crowd further.

Strangely enough, the elevator stopped at floor number five, kicking Marcus and the other four from getting down any further. Instead, the elevator went upwards to the floor where the demon girl was at.

“Marcus you need to get out of there now.” Crystal replied. “The demon is coming in right after you in less than thirty seconds. I’m not sure if they are going to stop like you or blow past you onto the first floor.” She stated in a hurried tone of voice.

“I understand, keep me updated if there is any change.”

“Copy that.”

“Damn it, can’t the number countdown go any faster?” Jones replied with a grunt, I could tell that he was very uneasy. He was looking up at the numbers and back at the monitor a couple of times. Even I understood how serious this was getting, and every minute felt like a long, drawn out hour.

Eventually, the group of fourteen people came through fine without any injuries. I was surprised that they didn’t meet a single demon throughout this whole time, making this whole thing short of a miracle. The number of demons inside the building wasn’t as much as I thought they would be, there were only two Mythical class demons and large number of rat demons that didn’t seem to do much.

All the other personnel in the building had half filtered out into the streets, waiting outside as they waited for the police to come. I could see the outside through a couple of cameras. A large number of personnel were staring at the building, congregating in confusion at the strange blinking red lights.

“Damn. Damn. Damn. Damn.” Timothy was cursing up a storm. “Floor three and up, all cameras are out.”

“Where’s Marcus?”

“On the fourth floor.”


“I saw the boy get off on the same floor, before it went out.” Timothy slammed his fist onto the table pissed.

“You serious?!” Crystal look horrified as she radio in. “Marcus, if you can hear me. The demon’s on the same floor as you!”

Only static could be heard,  making all of us worried.

“Marcus. Can you hear me?”


“I said. A demon is right behind you.”

They were no response.

“This is bad. They’re going in blind.”

“Look, we need to worry about us right now. That crazy little girl is making her way towards the first floor as well. We got one myth class demon and another child demon, rearing its ugly head any moment now.” Timothy replied.

Jones groaned.

“It’s two myth class demons.” Crystal spoke. Her words made Jones and Timothy tensed. Their skin started to pale as they look at her half crazed at what she had said. .

“Wait, come again?” Timothy replied shocked. “I didn’t hear you wrong, did I?”

“No, you heard us right. The one on the same floor as Marcus and the other is a Myth Type.”

“Fuck me. Why didn’t you tell him sooner.”

“I completely forgot.”

Timothy lips twitched. “This is not the time to be forgetting something that serious!”

“I know, okay. I’m already beating myself as it is.”

“Damn it. I don’t think a couple of guns and a bullets is going to kill it.”

“Let’s hope it does,” Crystal bite the lower end of her lips.

I watched as monitor on the screen cycled through the different floors, hoping to catch a glimpse of Marcus and the others. So far, no one was present on screen. The little girl demon got off on the first floor and started to force itself through the hallway, blowing through the different doors with some kind of force of black energy. Any stragglers that she found hidden away in the rooms or bathrooms were mercilessly slaughtered.

My guess was the body count on this little girl was already way above thirty, maybe even possibly more. I glanced up at the dome and saw number 89 with a picture of a teenage girl.  The number of people that were inside now hit to about eighty-two, leaving behind twelve.

“I see Marcus!” Timothy cried out, all of us directed our attention directly towards the screen that Timothy was pointing.

Marcus was running down the hallway with the others on the second floor. Simon was shooting at a couple of mechanical dogs that jumped straight at him with open jaws. He ducked, and did a spinning back kick, knocking one of the two dogs out of the air. The second one grabbed onto Simon’s arm, pulling him off balance.

“Oh, shit!” Jones gasped. “The dog got him!”

All of us were on edge watching the screen as if our life depended on it. We couldn’t move, my body was tensed, staring at the screen in horror. Every time the dog cut it to close, gasp of shock, awe, or worry could be heard from anyone of us. It was like we were there watching the whole scene as if it was some kind of movie.

Marcus stopped and turned, he beelined towards Simon, his fist glowing with dark red energy that I had never saw him do before. His fist connected with the metal dog, and a large dent formed upon impact. The dog flew into the air, and slammed into the wall.

Timothy whistled and slowly clapped his hands. Jones pumped his fist as a large grin erupted on his face.

“That’s how you do it.” Jones replied with glee. “I barely seen him use his power, but damn. He packs quite a mean punch.”

“You’re telling me,” said Timothy. He leaned forward, his eyes glued to the screen. None of us could, we were all enthralled at the screen in front of us.

“Marcus. You need to get out of there now.” Crystal replied through the radio. “On the first floor we got another myth type, roaming around near the bathroom. I suggest you go pass the library and make your way down the stairs.”

Marcus didn’t reply. He helped Simon up, who was slightly bleeding on his arm. They bolted towards the direction that Crystal had said. The other three Ouroboros followed behind, a second later the screen blacks out, eventually blacking out the whole second floor as well.

“Oh, come on.” Timothy yelled frustrated. “This is not fair.”

“Forget about fairness. Right now, we need to get ready for possible combat.” Crystal got up. “When all five of them makes it through that door, I need you to go lock the door behind them.”

“I’m on it.” Timothy nodded, he hunched forward and went to work on the computer.

“Where are you going?” Jones asked, looking over his shoulder.

“Getting more ammo.” She replied, going towards the side, where a large metal door was embedded into the wall. She opened up the door with her hand placed onto the wall, and walked in.

I on the other hand watched the screen for the two demon’s locations. The girl demon was still lounging around on the first floor, making her way towards the front lobby, while the boy demon blacked out the whole second floor, eventually making his way towards the first. Marcus and his group ran past one of the bathrooms on the first floor where the girl demon had passed through, they cut through the corner, making their way towards a different door that lead straight down here.

Mechanical dogs were still chasing them, with the cameras slowly turning black until finally there weren’t very many to see left. The few left were three cameras; two of them were in the hallway, and the exterior one outside the building. So far, Marcus and his gang didn’t make it through. I couldn’t help but get antsy at the how close we are cutting it with the number of people still present here.

Then I saw the girl demon walk halfway out the lobby door, where large number of people were present. Groups of people ran over towards the girl, thinking that she was some kind of poor lost soul. Not even a second later, people’s body fell onto the ground as if they were shot by a sniper. Even I couldn’t help but hold in my breath at the surreal sight the girl had just done.

People couldn’t see why they fell, instead the others that was attempting to go over there stop moving entirely. They were confused in what just happened and look around if there were someone shooting them dead. One of them had the courage to carefully walk towards her, the moment he got an arm’s length, when he reached out, he fell onto the ground dead. Just like the rest.

Throughout the whole scene, I could see the swirl of dark energy swirl around her hand. With just a flick of her fingers, a small black energy ball snapped forward, hitting the normals in their head. Blood slowly seeped outwards, leaving behind an ugly puddle of red.

After what she just pulled, nobody came towards her. Fear and hysteria riddle the people’s mind, stepping backwards in complete fear at what just happened. The demon girl just stood their with slouched shoulders, her body swayed back-and-forth. She turned around and went back into the building.

I was completely stunned in what I had saw. This girl just blatantly showed off her power as if it was nothing in front of the news camera. My guess is that the world probably couldn’t see what I could see. She was the culprit of those kills, but the world didn’t see it like that. I bet money that they saw it as someone snipping them off on the distance for anyone who got near her. After that, she disappeared. They were no way of tracing her when the whole building camera’s were out.

My hand tightened around the blade, and I turned my gaze towards the last three cameras. Nobody was seen going through the cameras, and I brought my attention to the large dome. Right now, they were still six of the Ouroboros left present, waiting outside for their number to call before us. I couldn’t help but feel like the number count was going way too slow, even though we were getting close to our turn.

Something flickered in the corner of my eyes, catching my attention. I looked back at the screen and saw the first of the three screen started to flicker with static. My eyes started to widen, with my stomach started to go into flips.

Marcus and his group, running through the hallway at top speeds. The screen spazzed a couple seconds, and what I saw froze me. The demon boy appeared on screen for a split moment with black dogs, chasing hot on Marcus’ tail.

Oh, crap. In less than ten minutes, I knew that a Myth type demon was going to be here. The screen blacked out, then the second, and finally the third.

“Marcus is coming!” I shouted, my voice cracked. “And we got a Myth coming in hot!” My hand squeezed the hilt of my sword hard, I knew that whatever was going to happen was bound to happen.

“Already?” Jones paled.

“Shit.” Timothy was typing away quickly into the computers, completely engrossed in what he was doing.

“How many more of us are left?” Crystal called out. She brought out a handful of mags and guns to the table. There was even a shot gun laid out with only a couple of magazine.

“In total including us or excluding us?”

“Excluding us.” Crystal was quickly filling the magazine with bullets.

“Four right this moment. Including us eight, but we got five more coming any minute now. I’m not sure about you, but isn’t there a way to speed up the process?” Jones asked in a hurried voice. “This is going to take more than ten minutes to get everyone into the Garden.”

“I know.” Crystal stated, her voice wasn’t happy with the numbers that were left stacked against them.

“Marcus is coming through……Now!” yelled Jones.

With a slam, the door opened and Marcus’s group filtered in with heavy breath.

“We got Myths hot behind us!” Marcus shouted at the top of his lungs. A gunshot goes off, echoing loudly. People hurriedly passed through the door, and Marcus left off one more shot. “Close the door, now!”

Timothy heard his words and with a slam of his finger, he pressed enter, causing the door to automatically lock with a loud clunk.

Boom! The door shook, metal hit against metal, telling all of us that the mechanical dogs hit the frame of the door. Marcus and the rest came running down the stairs, their breath was ragged as they half collapsed onto the ground. The only ones that was still standing was Marcus and Simon, who didn’t seem phased at all.

“How long will the door hold?” Marcus went over to grab some more ammo.

“I don’t know. Five minutes, maybe.” Timothy replied.

“I highly doubt that.” Simon walked past me and followed over to get himself more ammo as well. “Though, what’s with the guy with the spandex?” He motioned his hand towards me.

My lips twitched. The first thing he noticed was me in the Dragon Scale, thinking it’s a spandex. Did I look that weird? Really? “Crystal, I suggest you do some improvements in this suit.” I coughed, hinting for her to change its look.

“What? Oh, yea. I know. I have some few tinkering that I need to do, but it’ll get fixed.”

I frowned. I don’t think she got what I was implying about.

“That’s Alexus.  No. 99 of our new recruit.” Marcus spoke.

“Really?” Simon examined me with interest. “So, you’re the 99th one. That would make sense on why we’re having shitty luck this week.”

I felt offended. It wasn’t my fault things were spiraling down like this. I gritted my teeth, and words slipped out of my mouth. “For some reason, it sounds like you accusing me of my existence.”

Simon chuckled. “You don’t know the half of it.”

“Do you got something against me, because if you do it out before I have the urge to punch that pretty face of yours.”

“I’ll be blunt with you and tell you what these fools haven’t told you yet. With every 11th Ouroboros that congregates in one area, the more powerful demons we draw in. Be it the same fifty mile radius or even a state, there is going to be at least one powerful demon for every 11 Ouroboros. The higher the number, the higher the demon. Every time, we hit the 11th number, we always get crap come up on us unexpected. This is why I suggested that we leave, so we don’t bring unnecessary trouble.”

“If I were you, I wouldn’t believe him too much.” Marcus grunted. “There is no scientific explanation in what he said.”

“Even if you don’t believe me, you know the demon attacks are getting worse. Our kind already hit the 99th one, and look at us now. We got two unexpected Myth type demons hot on our heels, ready to devour us any moment.”

“Then why haven’t you left already, huh?” Marcus replied with a roll of his eyes.

“You know I can’t. You feel it too. The Garden is keeping me here even if I don’t want too.” Simon stated annoyed. “Someone here had to activate it.”

“There was no choice. We would’ve all died.” Crystal spoke, she frowned at what Simon had said.

“I believe you are wrong. We would’ve done fine in escaping this place, but now we’re all trap in this death trap. We’re are survivors Crystal. Don’t you have faith in that?”

I could tell that Crystal was bothered by what Simon had said.

“I do, but this is for the better of humanity. We can’t lose the Ouroboros. In ten years….” Her voice trailed off, she didn’t speak any further and look away.

“In ten years?” Simon raised up his eyebrow, waiting for her to speak. “You had that dream again didn’t you.

Dream? What dream? I felt so out of loop that it didn’t make any sense. The so called purpose of the Garden, the plan of what’s going on, and everything that is happening now. Why? What does she know that we all didn’t?

“Look, it’s not important. I’ll make sure that it never happens.” Crystal body tensed, she look away from Simon’s gaze that seem to soften towards her. I could tell that something was going on between the two, and I felt a bit irked. Though, I squandered such thoughts in seconds.

“Anyways,” I quickly tried to move along the subject, the atmosphere was getting a little to weird for me. “Why the number eleven?”

“Did nobody tell him?” Simon raised his eyebrow, surprised at my lack of knowledge.

“What?” said Marcus.

“The number eleven.”

“No.” Marcus was too busy in loading up the bullets into the magazine.

“You’ve got a lot to learn.” Simon replied.

“So…” I motion my hand for him to hurry it up.

“The number 11 is the first of the master numbers, and as a Master Number is not usually reduced down to a single number. The Master Number 11 is usually called ‘the illuminator’, ‘the messenger’, as we are the influence to be in this world to be a guiding light. Double digit numbers of the same number have a very powerful energy to it. Other times, it can symbolize chaos and judgement after the number 10 which represents law and responsibility or the completion of a whole. The last reason and the one I believe the most is that it is a message. A message from the angels themselves, telling us to get ready.”

“Don’t believe in what he said. He’s just trying to con you.” Marcus grunted, rolling his eyes at Simon. “Believing in that hocus pocus numerology crap.”

“You know just as well as I do, that what I say is the truth.” Simon eyes turned into slits, he grabbed a magazine and slammed it into the handgun angrily. “Numbers are not just for show, they have power and reason behind it.

“Get ready for what?” I couldn’t help but ask.

The pounding of the door turned to violent thrashing, and as all of us looked up, we saw it begin to bend and distort. We knew that any minute now, the door would be kicked in, and all we had was what we had in front of us to fight the demon ahead.

Simon lips curled into a knowing grin, his head turned towards me.  “Demons, of course.”

Suddenly the banging sound of the door became quiet, and we all tensed ready for the battle ahead.

Kkkrreeeekkeekekgrannnng! Bang!

The metal door flew out and a pack of black dogs came bursting through the door, rearing its ugly head. Shit. This was round two.

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