Valkyrie’s Lament Chapter 6


Author’s Note: A couple hour early release~ SuperBowl is playing right now, interested in seeing whose going to win~ Found a nice picture of an Inn that closely resembles what I believe the inn should look like. With that being said, if you find any grammar mistakes please comment. I am also looking for proofreaders if you are interested~

Oh! For past readers who didn’t get this memo, I changed the status on the cards. Think of it as more of a checkpoint of her growth, even though in her world there won’t be anything that would go ‘Ding! You have leveled up!’ type of scenarios. The card has functions: to record and to identify items. You’ll see the change in chapter 2 and chapter 5 as well as future updates.

Chapter 6
Inn of Desires

With a sigh, Jasper crumpled onto the open ground outside the metal contraption. “Ground. You don’t know how much I missed you.” He rolled around the floor delighted.

Silver stare at his odd behavior and had a sudden thought that Jasper reminded him of a puppy playing outside rolling in the mud. It was adorable, but she kept herself from reaching out and pitching his cheeks and move forward leaving him behind.

“Wait! Where are you going?” Jasper jumped up onto his feet, following behind her like a newborn baby duckling.

They walked towards a large door that appeared to the left of the Temple walls. People were gathered around staring into the dark abyss. Not a single people move out of fear that something might pop out from the darkness and drag them all away.

“Is there monster in there?” The people were nervously looking around each other wondering who would step in first.

“I don’t know, but the whole area feel ominous.”

“I’m not so sure I want to go in.”

“What are all you pussies crowding the door for?” The guy with the curly brown hair, who fought with the Baphomet, stepped forward with a bag of food in his hands. “I swear you people are cowards.”

“Sam! Are you nuts?” A short girl with a dark tone colored skin that looks like a doll ran up next to him chattering away at his bad behavior. “Why the heck are you picking a fight with everyone?” She scowled.

“Shut up Brianna. I don’t want to hear your damn prattling.” Sam pushed forward peeved at her annoying scolding. He walked through the door and into the hallway without a care in the world, while Brianna followed behind him like a lost puppy.

“Come on, stop acting like an asshole! This is not like you at all!” Brianna’s voice echoed in the hallway as they both disappeared into the darkness. People shuffled a bit closer, listening in if they could possibly hear a scream or any monsters. So far nothing but silence followed after, leaving everyone unnerved.

Silver pushed through the thick crowd and walked into the dark hallway without a single thought. She knew that it was an unnecessary worry, and pushed forward. Jasper ran towards her and clung to her hand nervously. For a moment, she stopped and glanced downwards with surprise at Jasper’s bold act. She didn’t care, and instead just let him be. The warm hand of another person on her skin was truly unexpected. She felt like ages since she had any contact with another person’s warmth, giving her a nice tingling feeling that she couldn’t explain.

A heavy pain could be felt growing in her chest to the point where she felt suffocated. Thankfully she was in the dark passageway where her tears naturally slipped out of her eyes without anyone noticing it. She reached up her hand to wipe out the tears, she was surprised that she still had an hint of emotions. The memories of the future were like a heavy pressure on her shoulder that tightly constricted her heart.

The small gesture of warmth of Jasper’s hand made her realize how much pain she had pent up in her heart. Quickly clearing her tears away, she continually walked forward. She knew that tears wouldn’t solve anything, and she hardened her heart.

The future hasn’t happened, Silver chanted to herself. She was not going to allow it to happen, and she promised to herself that she would change it. They finally stepped out of the dark passageway and ended up in a colossal room that seem more of an open space. The only thing that told them that they were in the room were the crystals that shined high up on the ceiling, giving the place a warm sunny feel.This place brought back the same feeling as the outside world, but they were no blue sky. Only the fake fluorescent light welcomed them into their new surrounding.

“Wow, there is actually a place like this that existed?” Jasper was shocked to find a large open space with growing grasses. Off in the distance was a small traveling inn, that seem to be out of place in this world. Black smoke escaped out of the chimney signaling that someone was present. Even the boar sign swung gently, squeaking with the light breeze of wind.

Jasper pulled on Silver’s hand excitedly towards the inn like a child that just came to an amusement park. “Come on Silver! We can finally get some sleep!”

Silver frowned. She knew what that place was: Boar’s Inn or the fess pool of where the downward spiral of humanity’s greed congregated. With heavy steps, Silver followed after. Jasper opened the door allowing them to enter.

Inside the inn was a beautiful twin red headed angels, who sat behind the counter. Their fiery red locks draped down both their sides, green eyes pierced towards them, making Jasper feel unease. Soft white dress with blue ribbons decorated their clothes. Both of them gracefully bowed simultaneously showing off her ample breast, while they leaned forward.

“Welcome to Boar’s Inn. I am your host, Archarzel and my twin sister Angelzel.” Archarzel gently smiled. Her wings glimmered underneath the light, creating a halo effect around her.“Would you like to stay the night?”

“Yes, please!” Jasper excitedly clamor up towards the counter. He bashfully stare at the twin beauties before him without single hint of hiding his stare. For someone so young, Silver couldn’t help but stare at Jasper amused.

“Because we only have a certain number of rooms, I suggest you to share with your friend.” Archarzel dazzlingly smiled to the point where Silver was momentarily blinded. Angels had the gift to dazzle their opponent with a simple smile or a gesture, and Silver knew it was dangerous to be near them if one didn’t want to fall under their charm. Any gender from any race were not exempted from their smile.

“How much would that be?” Silver asked slowly. She had to blink a couple of times to get her senses back.

“Please, do not worry. The first day is free though the second day onward you would need to pay five Angel coins for one week.”

“Angel coins? How are we supposed to get that?” Jasper asked, his smile disappeared and it was quickly turning into a frown.

“That is quite simple. There are two ways to gain them.You see that board over there on the wall?” Archarzel pointed towards the wall. “Complete those request and bring them back the items to trade in for the Angel Coins with my sister Angelzel. For completing the quest, you will receive a reward. With the Angel Coins, you can buy items and skills through me.” A digital scream floated in front of them. “Here is your key, room 111, on the first floor to your right.”

Jasper stared for a moment at the digital screen, then he took the key, “Is this real? Isn’t this a bit fantastical?”

“Fantastical? From all that you have seen you think it’s fantastical? I swear you humans are funny.” Archarzel cheerily laughed. Her voice sounded like bells that chimed with purity. “It’s not a difficult request so you should be able to complete them.”

Jasper walked over towards the billboard with the request and examined it curiously. Even Silver walked over to see the request on the wall at examined what their were.


┌─<Subjugation request>──

│【Imp】subjugation (Repeatable request)

│Content: Subjugate 1【Imp】monster.

│ Bring in the【Imp’a Horn】as the subjugation proof.

│Reward: 10 Angel Coins

│Level: Z

│Gate: 5


┌─<Subjugation request>──

│Bring back【Black Orc’s ear】(Repeatable request)

│Content: Bring in the【Black Orc’s Ear】as proof.

│Reward: 25 Angel Coins

│Level: Z

│Gate: 5


┌─<Retrieval request>──

│Bring back【Rapunzel’s Poisonous Nectar】 (Non Repeatable request)

│Content: Bring in the【Rapunzel’s Poisonous Nectar】as proof.

│Reward: 132 Angel Coins

│Level: Z+

│Gate: 3


┌─<Retrieval request>──

│Bring back【Blue Crystal Hayden】hidden in the castle (Non Repeatable request)

│Content: Bring in the【Blue Crystal Hayden】as proof.

│Reward: 240 Angel Coins

│Level: X

│Gate: 2


┌─<Retrieval request>──

│Bring back【Undying Flame】from the Orcs (Non Repeatable request)

│Content: Bring in the【Undying Flame】as proof.

│Reward: 40 Angel Coins

│Level: Y-

│Gate: 4


┌─<Retrieval request>──

│Bring back【Ancient Lost Tablet】(Non Repeatable request)

│Content: Bring in the【Ancient Lost Table】as proof.

│Reward: 1450 Angel Coins

│Level: W-

│Gate: 1


Just from looking at the request, she could tell that they were not simple. To the Angels these task were easy, but for humans it was a whole another level. It was an life and death request that gambled their lives in every retrievals.

“What’s with this ridiculous levels? Why the end of the alphabet? And where is this area?” Jasper spoke out loud so Archarzel could hear.

“That’s quite simple. The gates are outside towards the East. You will see the numbered gates for you to enter. Not only that, the levels are just the normal level alphabet that we use. There are a total of twenty-eight levels and the lowest level is Z and the highest is SS.”

“So what level is an Z?”

“Human’s average level, silly.” Archarzel chuckled.

“Then a Baphomet?”

“That would be a X- though they are the lowest kind of Demonica’s out there.”

Jasper stuttered. “A Baphomet is only a X-? It’s not even an A class or above? This is crazy!”

“Really? It’s not as bad as you think, though I must say there are quite fantastical creatures out there. The universe is a vast world you know.”

“Okay, we’re staying away from the mini-game #5.” Jasper sighed. “What do you think?” He look over his shoulder, wondering what Silver would say, but she was back in front of Archarzel pulling out quite of bit of Imp’s horn from her ring.

In front of her were over forty black horns from the Imps that she had meticulously collected. Jasper was stunned at her and noticed the large amount of Imp’s horns. A ridiculous grin plastered on his face, while he started to chuckle.

“Here you go. 400 Angel coins.” A sparkling white light that were the size of a dime appeared in front of her. They zipped towards her ring and disappeared. “Your coins will be inside your Identity Card. Please do not lose your card.” She happily replied.

“When?” Jasper asked Silver.

“That’s a stupid question. Where else?”

Jasper had no words, but shock. He did see her harvest the horns, he didn’t expect so many. He knew that she didn’t kill too many, but have seen her harvesting dead Imps that other players killed. What was more shocking was that he didn’t think it was for such occasion.

Silver shrugged. “I would like to buy some clothes please.”

Archarzel nodded. “Here is your menu. Just tell me what you would like.”

Silver examined the paper in front of her and noticed only one style of simple clothes: the uniform and the gym clothes. She wondered why they were only these two sets of clothes for them in the beginning, but she didn’t think much further. “Three sets of Set A and three sets of Set B please.”

“Sure. That would be 10 Angel coins please.”

“Go ahead.”


Small orbs appeared out from her ring and transferred directly towards the Archarzel. Then a bright light appeared before them, and three sets of female and child size male uniform clothes were in front of her. She picked up the three sets of clothes and handed the male clothes to Jasper.

“For me?”

Silver nodded, motioning him to take it.

“But that’s your money.”

“Look, just think of this as you getting a gift. You’ll need extra clothes for later or do you want to sleep in that tattered clothes that smells of Imp’s blood?”

Jasper glanced down and frowned. “Well.” He scrunched his face, not liking the thought of sleeping in something dirty.

Silver shoved the clothes towards Jasper without saying anything else.

“Thanks.” Jasper whispered.

“Don’t mention it.” Both Silver and Jasper put away their clothes into their respective inventory.

“Well customer. I must inform you that we have a special bath section for you on the left. If you would like to take a bath it is a complimentary in staying at the Inn. Please remember that there are no fighting or stealing is prohibited in this Inn. Please do not conduct any disruptive sexual activity in the bath house or you will be kicked out naked for two days. Please follow these rules when you stay.”

Silver nodded and followed where Archarzel pointed. Both her and Jasper headed towards the bath. Before them was a large entrance with a bathhouse sign over it.

“A mixed bath?” Jasper replied dumbly. “I’m not comfortable with this.…You know what I’m clean. There’s not much dirt on me.” He started to slink away, but Silver grabbed him by the collar.

“Oh no you don’t. I’m not sleeping in a disgusting smelling room.” Silver growled.

“But it’s a mixed bath!” Jasper yelled out in alarm.

“Does it matter? Honestly you haven’t even went inside to see what it’s like.”

“But still!”

“Shut up and follow.” Silver grabbed him by the waist and slung him over her shoulder.

“Nooo!” Jasper was frantically trying to escape.

“Acting like a spoiled child.” Silver grumbled and entered. Inside, she noticed a door with two different signs for different genders. She opened up the door with the female sign and entered without a care.

Jasper froze when he entered into the girl’s area. Silver sat him down on the bench and threw him a towel.

“Wrap yourself up and follow.” Silver were already undressing quickly as she wrapped herself with the white towel. She threw her dirtied and tattered clothes into the trash bin and entered into a large open space with twenty different showers. In-between each shower were a wooden stall that separated each one.

Jasper quickly undressed and wrapped the towel around himself. He was completely red with embarrassment and found himself following Silver. Silver went into a personal stall and took off her towel. She hanged it onto the side and stuck her head into the hot water. Reaching over to the wall, she squeezed out soap and began cleaning herself.

Both Jasper and Silver cleaned themselves as best as they could, and they wrapped themselves up once again. This time Silver headed towards an glass door that were completely fogged up. She pushed open the door and entered. Inside the large room was a hot pool with two people already sitting inside the divide pool. A short doll like girl with brown skin and matted hair was on one side, and the brown haired guy that fought against the Baphomet was present. If she remembered correctly her name was Brianna.

Silver felt like that board that divided the pool were pointless because it was easy to hop over to the other side, but when she continued to walk, she saw a transparent glass that were present. Slowly the glass started to crystallize making it it snowy white.

“Oh?” Brianna called out in surprise. “We’re not the only one here? Hey Sam, you’re still alive over there right?”

Sam grunted when he heard Brianna’s voice.

Silver ignored Brianna and dipped her legs into the hot water. She slipped into the hot water and let out a sigh of relief. Jasper went in at the same time and he happily followed with a sigh. Her muscle was aching from the strenuous activity, making it difficult to move. The hot water soothed her pain, giving her temporary relief.

“Hi. My name is Brianna and the one on the other side is Sam. What’s yours?”

Silver glanced towards her and didn’t reply. Instead, she leaned back onto the wall and enjoyed the hot water.

“I’m Jasper. The quite one is Silver. She’s not usually the talkative type.”

“I see. Wait, you’re a boy? Oh I see how this is. It must be a family thing.” Brianna chuckled. “I have a small brother that I help out in washing his back and hair.”

Jasper didn’t know what to say. He was debating on telling the truth, at the same time, he wasn’t so keen on running out of the hot spring naked.

Silver didn’t say anything and enjoyed the bath as if they were nothing wrong.  She was enjoying every minute in the hot water. Jasper couldn’t help, but feel uncomfortable being near them. He was at the other end or the spring, away from the two from embarrassment.

“Which mini-game are you guys going to do?” Brianna spoke. She was curiously asking them. “We’re thinking about trying out one of the request, retrieving Rapunzel’s Poisonous Nectar.”

“We haven’t really thought of what to do yet. I mean, all of them are ridiculous crazy, you know.” Jasper replied.

“I agree. I never would’ve imagine there to be a place like this. Angel’s abducting people and throwing them into some kind of messed up game.”

“I know what you mean. It’s not something that ever happens. Is this the so called biblical Apocalypse?”

“I don’t know, but it sounds like it now you mention it. Though, I wonder where these four horsemen and the so called plagues are.”

“The plagues just happened. Kushiel is one of the four horsemen.” Silver replied. “I’m leaving. Lend me the key, Jasper.” Silver got out of the pool and headed back.

“It’s nice meeting you.” Jasper look over his shoulder and chirpily replied, waving behind him happily.

“Same here!” Brianna waved good-bye.

Jasper followed behind Silver, wondering why she left so quickly. “Silver is what you say true?”


“Maybe? That’s not helpful.”

“I honestly don’t know. I was just making it up to entertain her.” She was putting on the clothes that she bought. Jasper turned bright red and glanced the other way. Instead, he shuffled around and turned his back in a hurry and started to put on his.

Silver and Jasper put on the same, brand new, school outfit clothes.

“So you lied to her.” Jasper frowned.

“Is that a problem?”

“Yes. Its wrong.”

“For a kid, you have quite the morals.”

“Quit calling me a kid and it’s human nature to tell the truth.”

“Actually, you’re wrong. Human nature is to tell lies, especially in this dark times. You won’t find people here who would tell the truth so easily. It will cost you your life.”

“You’re wrong!” Jasper stated with a strain voice, his fist clenched up on his clothes. He glared up at Silver.

“Whatever you say.” She didn’t care if she was blunt, she told the truth.This game pushed the limits of the person mind, and she knew that four-fifth of humanity are selfish creatures.

“You are a horrible adult.”

“I know. I’m just waking you up to reality.”

Jasper scowled, disliking what she had said. They left the bathhouse and was in front of their door. Silver took the key that Jasper handed to her and opened the door. She went in first allowing herself to beeline straight towards the large queen sized bed. The room was a simple design that she would see at any hotel. A luxurious bed, a comfy couch that took up a corner of the room, a simple 33’ TV plastered on the wall, a small table on the side of the bed next to a kitchen that takes up a third of the room, and finally a small closet tucked away in the corner for both of them to use. One would think this is actually a small apartment than a inn.

“Well then pipsqueak. I’m going to sleep. The bed is big enough for two. I’ll see you in the morning.” Silver walked over and flopped onto the bed. The moment she fell onto the bed, she felt a heavy waves of sleep wash over her body. Within seconds she fell asleep.

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