Drezo Regalia V 6 Ch. 9

Chapter 9
Sky City Draconis


Nov. 1, 2054. Saturday. 9:11 AM

Zero logged back in the game still stuck in the spiritual dimension. What was strange though was that he felt the sharp draw of his soul being pulled towards the center of a white room. A beam of light hit him, causing him to go temporarily blind. When he opened his eyes, once again, he was inside the physical realm, but what startled him was that he was inside the final boss room in the physical side of the dimension.

Looking around, he noticed all the rest of his teammates appearing next to him one-by-one confused from the streak of lights. He saw Zeraph and Anu off in the distance whispering among  each other. Just when he was about to get up to walk towards him, Agnis was called out to him.

“Zero?” said Agnis. She was next to him when he had awoken.


“W-what’s going on?”

“I’m not sure….”

Since the time that they came back from last night’s adventure, everything that happened just made Zero’s head dizzy. Angel and the other teachers did not explain a single thing and instead congratulated them for succeeding their mission.All they did was give them a pat on the back and a three day pass to take a vacation outside the Academy. Other than that, they were left clueless.

Even the reward of Black Magic that they had gotten from the Devil Quest disappeared right after they completed the Angel Quest. Zero couldn’t help but wondered what kind of black magic it was, but then again he had the feeling that the black magic that he was given was something dangerous.

They did not have time to even grieve for Tonia, who had disappeared under the wings of the scientist. Instead, they were instructed to go back into the game when they woke up, leaving them feeling frustrated.

Looking around, Zero knew that they were on the final boss level of the Pyramid of Light. Not even a single boss appeared, making everyone who logged on confused.

“Isn’t there supposed to be a boss here?” Valiant asked. His black dragon head was sniffing around to find a clue. “I’m not complaining, it’s just a bit weird…”

“Yea…” Sekka replied. Her gold scales glimmered like gold every time she took a step. “Is this normal?”

“No.” Zero replied. He too was waiting for the final trap to be sprung but nothing happened. He felt confused and lost. The thought of last night on fighting the Black Dragon in real life was a complete shock to himself, it just felt so unbelievable that he thought he hit his head. But the reassurance of all his teammates made it that much more real that it was hard to ignore.

Anu walked up towards the crowd of dragons and companion. He bowed towards the group. “I am sorry to inform you, but this was all just a test to get you to this level. There is no king that sleeps in this last room, but you all did spectacularly. Your leader had thwarted the black dragon and dispelled the curse.”

“What?!” The others cried out in disbelief. They were having a hard time believing that something this outrageous had happened. Everyone knew that the last fight with the boss was something that they were looking forward too, but to be suddenly told that they wasn’t was just weird itself. Not only that, the information that their leader had thwarted the black dragon was unheard of.

Zero face twitched when he heard Anu spoke those words. Even Agnis and Zeraph frowned deeply at what Anu had spoken, but kept quiet. They did not even know where to begin to explain the outrageous event that they had went through.

The voices of others were confused at Anu’s words.

“Who killed the black dragon?”

“Wait, was there even one here?”

“I’m so lost.”

“You and me both.”

“Though the king’s will is still sleeping in this room.” Anu broke into a grin. “Now as my job is done. I bid you farewell.” With a snap of his finger, Anu disappeared.

Zero couldn’t help but wonder what Zeraph and Anu was talking among each other. He had a feeling that Zeraph was hiding something big, but he knew that this was not the time for him to ask. All he could do was to wait for him to tell him. He was not the type to pry into other people’s business, but he wondered what Zeraph had to do with the Pyramid of Light.

Everyone was dumbfounded with Anu’s words. Not a single question was answered and they were left alone.

“Captain. What did Anu mean you thwarted the black dragon? When did you did that?”

Zero head hurted. He didn’t know how to explain. If he told everyone about what had happened, he felt like his life was in danger at the same time he knew that the others won’t believe him. It was just to insane that he felt like last night was just a dream.

“It was just a simple deliverance quest. I brought in a relic to stop the black dragon from coming in.” He quickly made up a lie.

“Really? Can we see it?”

Zero groaned. “Well about that… it broken when we entered. The effect was used.”


The others were disappointed.

He felt bad that he had lie to everyone, but this explanation was a lot more believable than the things that he had went through last night. Even Agnis did not refute what he had said and stood quiet. Zeraph on the other hand, did not seem to care and instead watched the whole thing play out.

With a rumble, the ground started to move, and nine pedestals appeared from the ground. Eight pedestals with orbs surrounded one pedestal in the middle. Zero and the others watched with curiosity at the strange appearance of the pedestal and went to examine the one in the middle. He noticed that it was a O.M crystall ball.

The moment he touched the O.M, a bright sparkle of light erupted outwards and an largescale scene played forth before all of them.

“Your majesty.” A white dragon was next to majestic golden dragon. His small body dwarfed in comparison to the gold dragon as he bowed elegantly.

The gold dragon’s beautiful feathered wings were tucked tightly on his back. His slender neck, and lean body glistened with power. He gazed off into the distance, and he closed his eyes, letting out a breath of sigh.

“Your majesty, why would you separate your son from the other children? I do not understand, would it not be more beneficial for him to be with the other children inside the protection of the golden egg?” The white dragon head bobbed. “The safety of your bloodline is a priority to live on towards the next generation so he may lead his people.”

“That is correct.”

“But then why?”

Gently opening his golden eyes, the king glanced down upon the white dragon. His gaze made the white dragon shudder and inch backwards from fear. “The golden egg can not be opened without the blood of a king and the queen. Together, we have made this our binding, so our kind may rest till the young prince awaken to fulfil his duty.” The king transformed into his human self, his hands were wrapped around with light magic. His golden hair flowed gracefully behind him as his white and gold clothes formed covering his body.

“Then what about his brother, your highness? Will he be able to waken the others?”

“Do not speak of him anymore.” With an angered voice, the king glared downwards at the white dragon who cowered at his gaze.

“Yes, your majesty.”

The king’s anger dissipated. In the king’s hand, a black and gold speckled dragon egg appeared before the king. His right hand grew with power and slowly focused on the tip of his fingers. With careful hands, he started to embroil the egg with a smiley face. “May you always smile with great fortune.” The last line was drawn when he finished a sizzling hot heat of gold power glowed brightly and then it fading into black.

With steady hands, the king brought the smiley face egg towards a pedestal in front of him. He gently placed it on the pedestals and seconds later, a soft hum of energy shot out from the egg, protecting it with gold energy. Two large goldish red dragon salamander appeared around the egg, carefully guarding over it with vigor.

“Your majesty, please. This barrier is not strong enough. Anyone can waltz in this area without much trouble, what if a demon waltzed in here and destroy the egg?” exclaimed the white dragon in worry. “Such thoughts terrify me.”

“Do not worry, my old friend. No demon can sniff out this place.” The king said with a gruff voice. “I am actually looking forward to the thought that someone will come in and find the prince.”

“What?!?!” The white dragon was flabbergasted. His eyes became wide and he stare at the king in complete disbelief. “Your majesty? D-did I hear you correctly? You want someone to find him?”

“Yes, but that would be in another thousand years my old friend. By then the world has forgotten our kind and the demons would be at bay. Let us not waste our time here. My son will be just fine.” The king turns his back onto the small egg that stood on the pedestal like a special trophy. He then walked away with the white dragon trailing behind him with a frown plastered to his face. With one last look, the king turned his head over his shoulder to see the small egg being guarded by two dragon salamanders.

Even still to see his child, sitting on the pedestal like a prize, he could not help but feel himself waver in sadness. With a quick intake of breathe, he steeled his heart and left, leaving behind his legacy. Time passed and the interior of the cave grew many different types of plants. For a thousand years, the dark lit room was peaceful and quiet.

One day, a bright white light peeked through the side of the entrance door. Quick footsteps charged through as a team of six people came running in all wearing cloaked brown hoods. Their swords drawn and brimming with magic, they cast their magical energy at the two dragon salamanders.

With a hiss, the two dragon salamanders spat out large balls of fire, while molten lava spewed out of its back. The six spread out and quickly ambushed the dragon salamanders in seconds without a single person getting hurt.

The tallest person in the group walked over towards the pedestal where the dragon egg stood. “My. My. What do we have here?” A charming low voice spoke out with glee. His hands grabbed ahold of the dragon egg and picked it up.

“A smiley face? Is this normal?” A young girl’s voice spoke out beside him. “Are you sure it’s not a dud?”

“I don’t think so, the egg even had a high level Dragon Salamander guarding it. People that don’t have high enough power or the strength to fight against them would’ve died in seconds, but the six of us are a different story.” The young man arrogantly said. “Either way, let’s take this and see what would hatch from it. Who knows we might get an awesome pet for a companion.”

“No. We should sell it.” A gruff voice from the back of the man holding the egg spoke. “I’ve got a very bad feeling coming from that egg. If we keep it with us, there is going to be trouble and not even the ordinary kind.”

“Calm down, your superstition is getting a bit out of hand.”

“Yea, we got something good. Let’s go.”

The short man that spoke out with discomfort kept his mouth shut and glanced at his teammate with worry. They continued on their path, till they all came out deep from the mountain canyons and out into the bright sunlight. For days, the egg traveled through different terrains as the group fought many rampaging monsters in their travel.

Late at night, when everyone was sleeping a lone shadow move around in the camp. A dangerous glint of the shadow’s dagger gleamed underneath the crescent moon. In seconds, the shadow leapt through each sleeping bed, and quietly slit all five out of six members throat in cold sleep. The last one was able to wake up and move out of harm’s way, but the heavy toxin in his body were making it difficult for him to move.

“Ugly human. Die like a filth that you all are!” With a yell, the shadow jumped out and slashed downwards towards the short man on the floor.

Pulling himself back, the man dodged in the nick of time from the flashing blade. In that moment, he exchanged a lethal blow through the throat of the shadow, leaving behind a splash of black blood. With a gurgle the shadow became solid and a demonic looking creature stepped out. It collapsed out onto the ground and fell dead without being able to utter a single word.

The man with great pain, grabbed the backpacks that he could carry and stumbled through the woods. Unholy, screeching-like sounds could be heard from the dark forest continually putting him on edge. The numerous voices continued to harbor him with ill intent, causing him massive stress and fear. With great difficulties, he ran towards the nearest city, reaching his destination at City of Diadem. He ran straight towards Tyno’s Egg shop. With a clang, the door was violently pushed open as the short man came rushing towards the counter.

“Take this!” With a hoarse voice, the man took the dragon egg out of his bag and placed it on the counter. “Please!” He desperately stated with a bit manic voice. Grabbing Tyrell hand’s, he begged him to buy it off his hands.

Tyrell pulled his hands back a bit unnerved. “How much do you want for it?”

“I don’t care just name the price.”

“5 Silver coins.”

“Deal.” The nodded his head vigorously, and pushed the egg towards Tyrell without a single care in the world.

Tyrell pulled out the Silver coin out onto the counter, the man swiped the coin and rushed out without saying thank you.

“What’s his problem?” Tyrell eyes furrowed, suspicious of his behavior. He then stop to take a look at the egg in front of him. With gentle hands, he picked up the egg towards the light. A small cast of an creature reflected through the thick shell and Tyrell’s lips became wide to the point it would rip. “The fool had sold me a golden goose.” With a chuckle, he took the egg and placed it gently in the most visible spot in the room of hundreds of other eggs. The scene started to fade into white.


A new title has been given: Prince of Dragons. +3 status bonus increase has been applied to all your status.


So that’s what happened. Zero thought. The O.M glowed white, and his Book of Historia appeared out of thin air, gobbling the O.M in one go and disappeared.

Zero’s cheek twitched at the sight that just happened. The Book of Historia that he had always kept beside him had a mind of his own in which it love to gobble away at his O.M’s.

With a sigh, he walked over towards one of the eight The pedestal glowed pure gold and black, swirling around each other into spirals. He gently placed his hand on the orb, and felt a small prick on his fingers. Blood dripped out onto the orb and a flash of gold and black light blinded outwards and receded. Following five seconds later, a blast of gold light shot upwards.

Blood of the Dragon Prince has activated the Gold Stone. Please insert the Krustallos of one of the Gold Dragon Generals to completely activate it.

Zero was shocked. He was surprised that this Gold Stone needed a Krustallos to completely activate it, especially of a General Dragon. The only Gold General Dragon was Sekka herself.

“Seka!” Zero called out with excitement.

Sekka bounded forward, wondering what was going on. “Is something wrong, captain?”

“You have your first original Krustallos right?”

“Krustallos? What’s that?”

“It’s the gem that grows on your chest naturally.”

“Oh, that. I was wondering what it was for. What about it?”

“Take it off and place it on the orb.”

“Take it off? How?”

“Just simply tap it or something. It naturally falls off you know.”

“Really?” Sekka was staring at her chest where a small diamond shape gold colored Krustallos were embedded. She touched the Krustallos and it easily fell off her chest. She then placed it onto the orb, and waited.

Second later, the Krustallos absorbed into the Orb and floated in the middle. A powerful hum of energy rung outwards, settling down into a low buzz.

“What just happened?”

“I don’t know,” said Zero. “But I’m guessing that the other seven are similar. Stay here, I’ll go check out the rest.”

“Okay.” Sekka lowered her head towards the orb, completely fascinated at what was going on.

Zero then walked around and started to activate each orb with his blood, and each orb brought up the same message but with different colored Generals. From blue, red, white, bronze, silver, black, and green, all the Dragon General had their Krustallos pulled into the orb. When the final Krustallos was absorbed into the orb, the ground shook.

“What’s going on?” The dragons and players were alarmed at the strange event.

“Keep calm!” Zero shouted. He was not completely sure what would happen next, making him nervous like everyone.

The ground split into eight different giant pieces, causing all eight to break apart. Zero, Agnis, and Zeraph stood in the middle, while the others were in one of the large eight pieces. From the ground underneath the orbs, shimmers of different color light erupted outwards.

The thunderous roar of mechanical contraptions could be heard all around them. The walls of the Pyramid of light broke apart, and reformed around each orb. A variety of buildings were being formed from left to right.

One story buildings were forming around the orb, the first were some kind of a naval building draped with a blue flag symbol with a blue dragon. The next was a roman type architecture with pearly white marble stone that reminded one of an bank. Red colored dragon symbol were plastered over the entrance.

Next, a gray colored observatory with a dome shaped head appeared following after. An green dragon design wrapped itself around the dome shaped head. Another large building that look like a round football field appeared decorated with bunch of bronze colored flags. Each flag had a bronze symbol dragon embroiled into it. Next, Twin skyscrapers appeared entwined together like a lover’s embrace. Silver dragon emblems were embedded in the middle of the building. Not even a second later, an ominous looking temple that look more like an skeletal dragon appeared. Black dragon symbols decorated the entrance walls.

A large building that competed with the ominous dragon temple was an temple with feathered wings. Beautiful fluid designs of gold dragons danced along the walls, accentuating its grace and beauty. The final building that came out was a simple Japanese type temple. On the front wooden door, a white dragon symbol were embroidered boldly into the wood.

The small pieces of land that circled each building started to break apart from the ground and slowly float up into the sky.

Zero couldn’t help but be amazed at what he was watching in front of him. Eight unique buildings were flying upwards. A giant creeping shadow covered over him, and he noticed the Draconis village appearing before him.

Quickly, Zero shifted into his dragon form. Agnis and Zeraph hopped onto his back, and he vaulted forward grabbing onto the nearest floating building. He jumped upwards and grabbed onto the next till he finally reached up onto the Draconis Village. Both Agnis and Zeraph slipped off and watched with curiosity.

Hundreds of baby dragons and their companions rushed out to see the strange sight that was happening before them. Even the players and the residence of the Elven city came out in alarm. They pointed and shouted in awe at the spectacle in front of them. Each piece of building, finally stopped on even plane and eventually floated next to the Draconis Village.

Eight buildings floated around the Draconis Village, creating an unique flower like pattern from above. Glowing red magic started to churn as magma magic started to spew out new land around the eight.

Multiple messages rung in front of Zero.

Establishment of the Sky City Draconis

A rare occurrence has established itself in the land of Noriene. For the first time in Drezo Regalia history, the first formation of multiple flying islands that has banded together to create a Sanctuary for the Drezo Regalia, using the dragon’s special power to create a miracle. From the formation of these islands, it has now become a city.

Main Building: Draconis Castle Library

Owner: Zero

Sub commander: Agnis

Island: Main Island Draconis

The core of the Dragon city is where all dragon magic connects too. An extensive collection of lost knowledge and new are collected for the benefit of the world. No library through out the Fire Continent rivals the vast amount of collection of literature. It is also the main castle, where the Chief Librarian, the prince of Drezo Regalia, lives who overseers the Land of the Dragons.

Main Building: Naval War Shipyard

Owner: Blue Dragon General Turnip

Sub commander: Terry

Island: Blue Island

Main island specialize in naval warfare and naval construction. The sky is not the only domain that dragons seek. It is possible to restore the building to its former glory. Blue island has become a spawning site for all future Blue Dragons.

Main Building: Dragon Bank

Owner: Red Dragon General Baku

Sub commander: Quill

Island: Red Island

Main island specialize in finance and business. Dragon Bank is the main Bank that runs throughout the Kingdom of Draconis. It is possible to restore the building to its former glory. Red island has become a natural spawning site for all future Red Dragons.

Main Building: Stargazer

Owner: Green Dragon General Kai

Sub commander: Leona

Island: Green Island

A natural forest persevere that specializes in astrology, breeding, farming, and agriculture. It is a sacred ground for the Cat People to gain their lost power. It is possible to restore the building to its former glory. Green island has become a natural spawning site for all future Green Dragons.

Main Building: Hero Concert Hall

Owner: Bronze Dragon General Val

Sub commander: Ponza

Island: Bronze Island

Show business, tourist attraction for new and upcoming artist. It is possible to restore the building to its former glory. Bronze Island has become a natural spawning site for all future Bronze Dragons.

Main Building: Embassy Twin Sky

Owner: Silver Dragon General Bee

Sub commander: Tanmint

Island: Silver Island

Two large skyscraper buildings, an epicenter for ambassadors of different countries and cities resides in this Silver island. It is possible to restore the building to its former glory. Silver Island has become a natural spawning site for all future Silver Dragons.

Main Building: War Command Center

Owner: Black Dragon General Valiant

Sub commander: Reed

Island: Black Island

War embassy that specializes in war combat and strategies. It is possible to restore the building to its former glory. Black Island has become a natural spawning site for all future Black Dragons.

Main Building: Peacekeeper Command Center

Owner: Gold Dragon General Seka

Sub commander: Bee

Island: Gold Island

Peace embassy that specialize in domestic affairs. It is possible to restore the building to its former glory. Gold Island has become a natural spawning site for all future Gold Dragons.

Main Building: School of White Shadows

Owner: White Dragon General Den

Sub commander: Elfon

Island: Silver Island

A specializing in information gather, sabotaging, infiltration, and martial arts. It is possible to restore the building to its former glory. White Island has become a natural spawning site for all future White Dragons.

The Draconis Library Status has changed into Sky City Draconis in your window.
Sky City Draconis

Draconis Library building that was stationed in City of Terra. It was once a library of an ancient race of Drezo Regalia. Since the acceptance of a new Krustallos, it has accepted a new guardian and owner. The building has come alive as the old mechanical workings begin anew. Old magic has rekindled, the defensive magical barrier around the library has gone into effect. It has now perfectly become the center of the Draconis Library and the residential home of the Dragon Prince.

Eight new buildings has appeared and linked with the Draconis Library, creating it into the Sky City Draconis. Draconis Library is the epicenter of the nine flying islands. Each of the outer island is inhabited by the Eight Dragon Generals under the leadership of Dragon Prince Zero.

Guardian: Zero Krustallos Energy: 8923
Magical Defense: 2354 Culture: 753
Military Power: 1550 Economy: 780
Regional influence: 0 Technology: 540
Regional politics: 0 Faith: 930
Development: 834 Fame: 3882
Sanitation: 530 Specialties: Information
Population: 3,598 Monthly tax Revenue: 1764 gold

The Lunar race and Leprechauns has placed their complete allegiance to you and have become a citizen of Draconis Library. They are happy in the increase in military power.

– The Cat People has placed their complete allegiance to you and now resides near and around the Stargazer.

– Magma magic Level 3 has begun to churn out new land around the nine major buildings, bringing in new soil and space available for buildings to be built on.

– Levitation magic Level 3: This building at this moment can only stay aloof high above the trees. It must land for four hours every noon to recharge its magic.

-Fire magic barriers have been disabled, allowing guild battles and raids to occur.

– Full scale reconstruction magic has gone underway on nine major buildings.

– Drezo Regalia curse suppression level 3:The curse of the Drezo Regalia has been canceled only in the area of the Draconis Library and surrounding 80 miles of land. All Drezo Regalias can shift and change without the consequences of the limiter.

– With the introduction of the eight ancient buildings, the dragon’s hope for the future has become bright and bountiful.

– 3x the increase in dragon eggs being born in the Sky City Draconis.

– Birth has increased by 2x. From the wealth of new lands being formed, the increase in residents has insured.

– New tourist attraction, the eight buildings, has opened up to the public. The residences are in need of more buildings to live in. Construction of homes, apartments, and villas are underway.

– Increase in security is needed around the other islands. Theft has increased inside the city.

Three new species has been opened up for players to choose: Lunar Rabbit, Leprechauns, and the Cat People. Starting point for these special classes will begin in Sky City Draconis


Zero gulped. He could not believe his eyes. The eight buildings had helped form the Sky City Draconis. His lips were already curling up into a wide grin, making him excited at the many possibilities that was to come.

“Zero! Zero!” M2 shouted behind him. Zero turned around to see M2 and hundreds of Cat People running towards him. They surrounded him in excitement.

“M2. What’s going on?” Zero was a bit startled at the sudden swarm of Cat People surrounding him.

“The Sacred Grounds. You found it!”

“I did?” Zero was confused. Then it hit him, one of the description for the Main buildings did talk about the Sacred grounds for the Cat People to travel to. It was the building Stargazer that was owned by Leona. “I mean, yea.”

“We can not thank you enough!” Elder Miki bowed with happiness. “Please take this.” She brought out the reward and handed it to him.

Quest completion of Bringing the Cat People to the Sacred grounds of the Dragon.
Reward: 300 blessed seeds + Cat’s Eye Ring
Cat’s Eye Ring

A special ring that has a small crystal that looks like a cat’s golden eye. It has a special property to help increase one’s reflexes and speed. You will always land on your feet like a cat.

+33 Agi

+12 Luck


“Please, let us live near the sacred grounds. We have nowhere else to go.” Elder Mako asked.

“Sure, but I think you might have to talk directly with Kai if you want to live inside the building.”

“Thank you. Once again, you are our life savor.” Elder Mako bowed. He then excitedly started to jog towards the Observatory building Stargazer. All the rest of the Cat People excitedly pushed forward in hype as they cheers slowly died off.


Draconis Library gathering of residents quest has been updated.

The Draconis Library has come alive from its ancient slumber. As the guardian of the building one must take care of a special building given to a Drezo Regalia to watch over. Residents with different skills and species must be willing to move into the Sky City Draconis. Please go out and find residents for the area. Only having the same race will not suffice.

As the new guardian of the Sky City Draconis, one must invest in the future of the building. By continuously investing in the growth of the Library, it will help bring wisdom and knowledge to different races around the world. Completely invest in the building of Draconis Library and see it flower into something new.

Renovation of the building: 80/100

Percentage of traders gathered: 100%

Difficult: B

Reward: Increase in handing out higher level quest and information.

Failure: Loss of productivity and eventually the loss of the building.

“This is truly amazing.” M2 spoke excitedly. “We’ll be going now. I’ll get in contact with you later to talk about some other things.”

“I gotcha.” Zero nodded with a smile. M2 bounded forward just as quickly as he appeared.

“Now that’s quite a spectacle. I mean who would’ve that that the Pyramid of Light would become a buildings that make up Sky City Draconis?” Agnis spoke in awe.

“I know right.” Zero stated with a satisfied smile. The village had transformed into a city, even though it was not big. From his guess, so far the population of this city were only 3,000+, but from the land increasing he got a good feeling that more dragons and players will born.

“You guys should go and get your quest completed,” said Zeraph. He was examining everything and carefully watched what would happen next. “I’m going to log off for a bit. I’ll see you guys later.”

“Okay.” Both Zero and Agnis spoke. Zero disappeared right after, leaving only them behind.

“Well then, shall we go partner?” Agnis asked with a smile. She walked over and grabbed his spine and pulled herself back up.

“I’m ready when you are.” Zero waited till she settled herself in.


Zero bolted downwards, making his way down the winding stairs on the side of the island. He jumped off the edge and landed with a thud onto the tallest building. Jumping from one building to another, he made it safely down.

The people who were watching scattered like roaches when they saw Zero’s large body approach the ground. A deep indentation formed on the ground, and large puff of dust blew outwards. People coughed from the small dust storm, and when the dust finally cleared away, a large gold and black dragon stood in the middle.

People gasped with shock at the large dragon that stood in front of them. Many stepped back in fear, and others stare at him in awe. Puff of smoke escaped out of Zero’s nose as he searched his surrounding for the Elven castle.

All around him, residents and players alike were back into their normal appearance. The beautiful city was brimming with life.

Zero bolted forward when he found what he was looking for. He squeezed through buildings, jumped from one to another, and even he had to tiptoe through some tight corners till he finally made it to the giant castle in the middle of the city.

He couldn’t help but stare with awe at the majestic splendor of the castle. It was a perfect harmonization of nature and the building into one. It didn’t take him long before he changed into his human form to enter through the gates and they eventually made their way towards the throne room where the Elven Queen sat.

On the beautiful enthroned chair, sat an breathtaking Elven Queen. Her golden hair were laced with a plant like crown. Even her S line figure could be seen through her simple green queenly dress. Nothing was revealing, but it still left a lot to one’s imagination, drawing in the male’s attention.

“Welcome young dragon or should I say Prince of Dragons?” Elven Queen Jenny softly spoke with a graceful smile.  Anyone who saw her grace and beauty couldn’t look away.

Zero saw Elron and his companion other there in front of the Elven Queen. He was talking to her for a moment and stopped to turn around. He bowed and stood back up straight. “I am glad to see that the curse has been lifted your majesty, though how did you know?”

“I knew that you and your kind would be able to break the curse. Not only that you have your father’s eyes and mother’s soft features, I would never forget the face of the Queen and King of Drezo Regalia for they have been our allies since ancient times. I had wondered where your kind had gone, rumors had floated around for centuries that the Demon Prince and his minions had wipe out your kind. I am glad to see that your people are thriving once again, but it seems you have been born on harsher times than your parent’s times.” The Elven Queen furrowed her brow and sighed. Her lips crinkled up and became a straight line. “I am sorry that I had to push you through such rough ordeals, I knew that right now you do not look upon my people favorably, but please forgive me for the rough treatment that you have to go through.”

“No, you had your reasons. I understand why you had to go through with them.” Zero carefully spoke. He knew that if he angered the Queen of the Elven Kingdom, they could be all blacklisted from entering the city, causing unnecessary headaches that he did not want to go through.

“I thought you would voice a very strong opinion.” The Elven Queen was searching Zero.

“Please do not be mistaken. In my haste, I allowed an evil dragon into this world, causing some serious repercussion to your people, and for that I will fess up to and correct, but the handling of my people to come to you….” Zero slowed down his words and thought it over a bit seriously, “I am not pleased on how you handled my kind as if we were some wild animal.” The word wild animal were stressed, punctuating how much he disliked that treatment.

The Elven queen was silent for a moment, and then she broke into a graceful smug grin. “For someone so young, you have quite the courage young prince. I am pleased to see that your people has the backbone to fight back and not cower upon an attack. You have passed flawlessly.”

“Are you by chance implying that was all a test? You have lost quite a few lives from our hands.”

“My people know what they were doing, but some who are considered outsiders did not think beforehand and got themselves killed. We have been challenged as well young prince, for we wanted to know if the dragons came back weak, but now that your kind have proven yourself, we know that our allies are still strong. This, I am very glad to hear. With this, your quest is cleared.”

Quest Elven Queen’s Favor has been Completed.

The Elven queen smiled. “I believe this Krustallos would like to go with you.” A large crystal the size of a man’s fist were brought out by an elven maiden and placed in Zero’s giant dragon hands. He stared down upon it with surprise.

A special Reward is given: Green Krustallos.
Green Krustallos

All information about the Green Krustallos is unknown, but it is a known fact that it is from a Drezo Regalia. There seems to be a calm energy coming from the Krustallos.

This Krustallos could mean only one thing, it was possibly an ancient dragon’s krustallos  that harbors great power. He needed to bring it to the Draconis Library to activate its special contents.

“Is there any other questions that you would like to ask?”

“Actually yes.” Zero put away the Krustallos. “Are you by any chance the daughter of Heroes Lilith and Samael?”

The names caught the Eleven Queen off guard. Her lips began to curl into a gentle smile. “Yes. They are my mother and father. I have heard young Prince that my mother had turned into a monster.” Her voice was saddened by the thought of her dead mother.

“The truth your majesty, was that your mother was contaminated by the demon’s blood. What I wanted to tell you, is that it was not her wish to cause havoc on the kingdom that she worked painstakingly to protect. Though Dion, the vampire that caused destruction in the last major event, I’m not quite sure, I have seen the atrocities that he had created down in the mansion.”

The Eleven Queen was quiet for a moment, the air became stifled at the news that Zero brought her, but eventually she settled down. “Dion had been my friend and caretaker since I was born. To hear that he have become warped breaks my heart. I have thought I had lost my friend to death, but it seems I was wrong. Once again, thank you for the information.” She made her way up from her chair and walked down towards Zero.

She then stopped in front of him and looked up at his golden eye that seem to stare down at her from above. “With that young prince. I have nothing more to say.”

Elron walks up forward towards Zero. With a grin on his face, he spoke. “Hey Zero.”

“What’s up.”

“My friend and I will be joining the city. I heard that it’s not safe for my friend to be roaming around outside the perimeter of the Draconis City. There is a price on our head from the Kingdom of Terra.”
“I expected as much.” Zero furrowed his eyes.

“No matter, stay in this city for awhile. The queen will give her your protection you know.”

Zero nodded. “I was planning on staying a bit after what Russ had pulled.”

“I see. That’s wonderful to hear. Well then, I have a couple things to do. I’ll see you around.”

Elron departed and went back towards the elven queen.

Zero looked towards the Elven Queen, and bowed leaving with Agnis out the door.From there, they went back towards the Sky City Draconis. He then made his way towards the Draconis Library and placed the Green Krustallos onto the eight pedestals. A flash of green light shot outwards into a dust of smoke. Fire, Water, Earth, and Air elemental energy swirls outwards and formed into a large green dragon with open wings.

A gust of spring smell of leaves and tree sap tickles his nose. With a thundering roar, the green dragon bellowed outwards. The library shook and the people stared towards Zero in shock. For a second, they thought that Zero was the one that caused the loud scene, but eventually found out that it was not so.

The Legendary Green Dragon Randall

Randall was one the great generals of the True Dragon. Gifted with a natural affinity to the elemental power, Randal had the power to call up natural disasters with just a word when angered. His sweet and docile tendency did not always push him towards the edge, but when push comes to shove, he has used his power for the benefit of the nature. He was not fond of the destructive behavior of humans, orcs, dark elves, and demons.

Only True Dragons and a powerful Drezo Regalias may touch the Krustallos without one’s soul being taken away. Another famous name for this Krustallos is the Jaded Emperor.

A legendary Krustallos from a True Dragon, its famous name is called the Soul-Taker Obsidian.

+10% status increase for all green dragons and hybrid dragons with green dragon’s blood for a duration of the day when near the vicinity of the Sky City Draconis.

Special: An elemental barrier is always in effect around the Sky City Draconis giving a No kill zone inside the city wall among players. There is also a special barrier that repels low level demons and monsters under level 100.

With a wide grin, he felt that the the Sky City was becoming stronger and giving players and residents a safe haven to grow up. Not only that, the coffers of gold has been increasing daily as new players and dragons are born everyday, giving the city another source of circulation to help build the city quickly.  More and more outsiders who wanted to live in the new city walls were slowly increasing, especially after the new addition of islands that were spread around the main island.

Zero checked his status menu to see how much he has grown.

Name: Zero                           

Title: Prince of Dragons, Beacon of Hope, Sacred Friendship, Neighborhood Child Finder.

Race: Drezo Regalia

(human form)

Level: 210 Main Job: Record Keeper of Historia

Secondary Job: Scribe

Health points: 20,513 Mana Points:  18,761
Attack: 1788 (+65)

Defense: 1456 (+38)

Agility: 980 (+55)

Endurance: 850 (+55)

Luck: 720 (+95)

Leadership: 780 (+45)

Magical Attack: 1650 (+5)

Magical Defense: 1550 (+5)

Wisdom: 902 (+5)

Intelligence: 950 (+5)

Dexterity: 1456 (+5)

Fame: 3540 (+40)

Under a Companion Contract with Agnis.

For All:

+ Transform Intermediate level 1

+ Intimidation

+ Camouflage beginner level 9

+ The last stand (Auto)

+ Creation of Occulus-Morpheus beginner level 6

+ Recording of O.M

+ Destruction of O.M

+ Restoration of O.M

+ Seeded (Psychic Ability)

  + Telepathy beginner level 4

+ Astral Projection beginner level 2

+ Clairvoyance beginner level 2

+ Third Eye beginner level 6

+ Communication with the dead (Active)

+ Sixth Sense

+ Clairsentience beginner level 7

+ Sensing the dead (Active)

+ Clairaudience beginner level 2

+ Keen Hearing beginner level 9

Human Form Specialties:

+ Trinity Falls

+ Ninjitsu Training for Mastery

+ Five Elements of Hiding: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Void (Auto)

+ Weapon Mastery beginner level 5

+ Pressure points beginner level 5

+ Herbology

+ Creation of Medicine

+ Skilled hand mastery intermediate level 3

+ Kicking Mastery intermediate level 3


Origin Form Specialties:

+ Stink Bomb Intermediate level 1

+ Exploding Breath Intermediate level 1

+ Fire Breath Intermediate level 1

+ Keen Nose Intermediate level 1

+ Crush Intermediate level 1

+ Dark Fire beginner level 8

+ Holy Fire beginner level 8

+ Summoning of the Undead level 4

Hybrid form Specialties:

+ All the abilities of the Human and Origin Form can be used.

Elements: 15% increase of defense against dark elements, 7% increase of light against light elements,
Info: A hybrid human that is born from an Egg. The title Beacon of hope draws in lost souls that will appear before you to ask for help. Your aura will stand out to the dead. Shadowy dark apparitions are wary around you. There are no more bounties set on your head. In Origin form, the status is doubled from the human form.

    The rate that he was growing was extraordinary, especially since he leveling from 150 to 250 was getting to become a lot slower to the point where grinding in a lower levels would take ages to even get one percent. What he especially look forward to was his levels from 200 to 250. He could feel a slight itch from his back that he would spontaneously get through out random intervals of the day. He did not know when his wings would pop out, but he hope it would be very soon. Flying in the sky made him shiver with delight and he could not wait till that day.

Agnis came over next to him. “Zero, I got a couple of news for you that you need to know.”

“Sure, what’ up?”

“Russ has literally taken over the whole Kingdom of Terra.”

“W-what?! So soon?” Zero was shocked at how quickly Russ was moving in taking over the kingdom.

“It’s been a month Zero. Alot has happened during the time when we were all inside the pyramid grinding away. I shouldn’t be that big of a surprise that he took it over right? I had a feeling it was bound to happen sooner or later.”

“Yea,” Zero furrowed his eyebrows. He did not like the thought of what Russ might do with all that power, especially his vendetta against the him and the dragons that he had fought during the past month. Not only that, he also had a black dragon soul that went into his body, making Zero worry with unease.“It’s just feels a bit sudden. He must be the first player to take over a kingdom.”

“I wouldn’t say he has full control over the kingdom. He is the right hand man of the new king, making his voice powerful in the governing the place. That’s not all, it has become a kill on sight order on all dragons that enter their territory.”

“That I expected as much. That blasted king and his greed. He couldn’t let go what wasn’t his. If he does attack, I’ll make sure I rain down fire at his army.”

“Though it seems that Russ hasn’t made a move yet to come after us. My guess is because we are at the elven kingdom that protects us from being overrun by them. I’m glad we move down here or we would’ve been toast. The best part is that he’s been officially kicked out of the WaterRose Guild. Lilac wasn’t having his BSing attitude.” She gave Zero a delighted smile. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Sekka told Lilac everything that had transpired and his rough attitude towards new players had got him in trouble countless of times. He’s been officially  kicked out since a month ago.”

“Really now? That’s a load off our shoulder. Having one of the twelve large guilds chasing after us and the Kingdom of Terra was not what I wanted, but to hear that WaterRose guild has no relation with him anymore gives a load off our shoulders.”

“I agree.” Agnis nodded her head. “It seems Hercules guild been doing well. Aldran and his guild are making quite a name for themselves in the Kingdom of Tarro. They already set up their official guild home there and even got a piece of land. If I remember correctly, he got a title of a Duke, though it does not compare to yours or Russ. Even still, his guild is becoming bigger and bigger, rivaling head to head with other guilds.”

“You know what surprised me the most?”


“The O.M memory.”

“Yea, I never knew you were a prince.”

“Same…” Zero went silent.

“Well, does that make me a princess?” Agnis was getting excited.

“Um…that’s only if you marry me.”

“Hah? Did you just propose to me?”

“No…..” Zero was fidgeting. “I think it only applies to me. Not only that. the prince of dragons is just a title.”

“Boo, you spoil sport. Here I thought I would be some kind of princess for a change. Life’s not fair.”

“Well that’s nothing much I can do about it.”

Agnis smirked. “Yes, you can. Hand me the title.”

“Hah?!” Zero was a bit taken aback. His eyes became wide.

“I’m joking. Don’t give me that retarded look.” Agnis laughed. “I’ll be fine with the Royal Dragon Knight.”

“Royal Dragon Knight? Did you really get such title?”

“Yep.” Agnis said it with a smile.

“Your title sounds a bit cooler than mine.”

“I think something is wrong with your head. Prince of Dragons sounds cool enough.”

Zero gave her a shrug. To him, it sounded like an arrogant title. He for sure wouldn’t wave it around and instead keep it hidden as much as possible. Being in the center of attention can become an hindrance at times .

Not too far away from him, he thought he saw a familiar figure. The same black hair, eyes, and nose just like his, walking inside the Draconis Library. He scrubbed his eyes to make sure he was not seeing thing, but when he stare once again the same familiar figure was present.

“Kyle?” Zero unconsciously spoke out loud. “Kyle?” He’s feet started to pick up in a hussle to get towards the figure walking towards the middle of the Six Hero statues that overlook the Library. Soft light gave him an ghostly look as if he was not part of the world.

“Zero?” Agnis called out from behind, wondering what was going on. She started to follow him towards the same destination as Zero.

“Kyle!” Zero shouted. People move out of the way, trying not to get run over. The same disheveled hair, tall and lean with a hint of mischief were present in the person’s face. When Zero called out towards him, the person looked over his shoulder and temporarily met him eye-to-eye.

At that moment, Zero knew that it was his brother standing in the middle of the room. Kyle opened his mouth, slowly wording phrases that Zero did not completely get, but the few words he did read off of Kyle’s lips.

‘….Well done.’ Zero read from Kyle’s lips.

A blaring red message appeared in front of Zero temporarily catching his attention.


Special Announcement: The Kingdom of Tano, Kingdom of Terra, and the Kingdom of Elements will be sending out an expedition forces to retrieve the three Holy Relics of their kingdom. There will be a limited amount of space and level requirement to join the expedition. It is a first come first serve basis. Level requirement needs to be over level 150 and the total available spaces are 10,000. This is a level B Quest. The recruitment will begin on November 25, 2054, please head towards the nearest enlistment in your local city for early bird enlistment.


When the message disappeared, Zero searched around for his brother but did not find him anymore. He was frustrated that the game message made him lose his chance.

“Zero, are you okay?” Agnis walked over next to him worried.

Zero was silent for a moment. He was angry that one second caused Zero to completely lose sight of his brother. “Yea, I’m fine. Let’s go.”

“Are you sure? You don’t want to talk about it?”

“I”m fine. Let’s go and sign ourselves up.”

Agnis worriedly watched over Zero, but she did not say anything more. They both turned around and left the Draconis Library and headed down towards the requirement area.

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