(25 years later…)

“Mom!” I called out in annoyance. My hands were placed on my side of hips as I cocked to the side. My long black hair was flipped to the back.

“Yes?” An mesmerizing lady, who could pass as my older sister, with short black hair, a fierce but enchanting pair of gold and purple eyes, stared back at me. She was the White Raven pack Alpha, the legendary white wolf, endowed with the power of a black wolf, that my pack was proud of and boasted about. Our pack has become the second largest, and most powerful pack in the whole United States to this day. From what I heard from my mother, the ranking of Black Moon pack dropped below ours, supposedly it took twenty-five years to get to where we are now.

For someone my mom’s size, she was considered quite tall, everything about her screamed power, elegance, and grace. Even though she was pregnant again with my soon-to-be coming brother, I knew she was a fierce tigress. I have seen her put down a rogue with a full belly a couple weeks ago, and it was not pretty.

There were many things that she was known for, but especially preventing the second Magical War. The destruction of San Francisco and the twenty long years of reconstruction that still is undergoing to this day. She would tell me stories of those days, how she meet my father, and the many adventures that she had gone through. I think that Aunt Samantha, in which I find her a bit strange, supposedly she took part in the whole war. There just something special about her that I can’t put my fingers on it. Maybe because she literally glows at times like a lightbulb, and she likes to visit my mom once every week. She got this weird calming vibe that like a tranquilizer, every time I see her I feel like it just gets three times stronger.

These days, the rogue activity has been strangely picking up, and for some reason Aunt Samantha has been staying more at the YellowStone National Park these days. I haven’t been able to see her these past few months once. I really do miss her.

I gazed back at my mother, Her hand was rested on her large pregnant belly as she half wobbled and half walked over towards me. Even watching her walk over made me feel a bit worried that she might tip over and hurt herself.

The only difference from her to me was my purple colored eyes, though I didn’t compare to the beauty of my mother. Her beauty came more from her persona, and the way she held herself. My mother said that I got the same eyes as her twin sister, Aunt Kimberly, who had passed away when she was young. I don’t much of the story about them, but I heard from my father that it wasn’t a pleasing story to talk about. I tried to ask for more, but all I got was a shake of his head, telling me that it would be best if I heard from my mother’s mouth.

“Mom! Where my short sword? I told you not to move it around. I put it there for a reason!” My mom had a habit of moving things around when she cleans. Compared to me, who likes to keep things organize by putting them where I could see and remember, was already clean in my opinion, but my mother didn’t find that reason applicable. Instead, she wanted it put away, hidden in some dark forgotten area that I know for sure I would forget.

“It’s in the usual place.” She replied as she lean over towards the side, propping herself as best as she could.

“Mom, that’s to ambiguous.” I sighed. “Details please.” I motion my hand in a circle in front of me.

“Ray has it and doing maintenance on it. Plus, you should be careful on leaving your weapons out in the open. If you’re not careful you can cut your feet.”

I groaned. She’s worried about me cutting my feet? Normal parents wouldn’t be giving their child weapons to begin with, but my parents were different, especially taking it to school, hidden away in the leg of my pants. I should’ve known, whenever she finds a chink on the sword, she would quickly take it over to Ray to have it look at.

Honestly, I did a good job of taking care of it, but my mother was a stickler for taking EXTRA care of it to the point, where when I got it back, I could just slash it through a metal pipe  and it would cut through effortlessly. Ray does a bang up job of maintaining the sword to near perfection, I swear there is some kind of magic cast on it, because it’s not even possible to cut through metal pipe without at least having a chink on it on impact.

“I was going to use that later for practice and take it with me.”

“You’ll be fine. It’ll be ready when you get back from your first day of school. The others will be there to protect you.”

I sighed. She was right, I thought about taking it with me to school, keeping a weapon near me kept me at peace of mind. I know I wasn’t supposed to take it, but who said I can’t hide it away without anyone knowing? Especially, since the increase in rogue attacks have skyrocketed the pass few months. I wanted to be ready, so I was prepared in a fight.

“Fine.” I walked towards the door.

With great reluctance, I had to go empty handed today. I raised up my hand to tie my hair, and I picked up my backpack. Then, I stepped outside to see the newest version Lycan III Hyper sports car revved up, waiting for me to get in. The window slowly rolled down, and I saw my father sitting in the car waiting for me.

I groaned. Seriously, dad? A multi-million dollar sports car on the first day of school? Couldn’t we just go with a normal car like everyone else? I smacked my hand against my head. Truly, my father was going overboard, I mean what the heck was he trying to prove to high schoolers?  We’re rich and powerful?

Ugh. I walked over and opened the door to the car getting in. Staring back at me was my father, who had a silly grin on his face. For a Elder Vampire of the Velvet Rose Clan, my friends said he’s dropped dead gorgeous. The black hair, that were for some reason slicked back today, his pale skin, and the same high quality set of black and red suit that made him look like a multi-trillionaire.

“Morning, dad.”

“Hello, my dear little munchkin.”

“Dad, I’m not a munchkin anymore. I’m sixteen.”

“To me you’re still a munchkin in my eyes.”

I shook my head and strapped myself into the seat. My mother hobbled over towards the side of the car towards me dad side. The window rolled down, bringing in the fresh breeze of air.

“Woman, what are you doing walking around? You’re going to hurt yourself.” He huffed. I could tell that he didn’t like to see her getting hurt.

“I’ll be fine, Adam. I’m not made out of glass. I held myself up quite well against the Rogue wolves a couple weeks ago.”

“That wasn’t supposed to happen. You rushed in when you were supposed to stay at home.”

My mother shrugged her shoulders, “You’re not going to keep me away on something that important.” She leaned over and kissed him on the cheeks, so he wouldn’t argue any further.

For a moment, my father froze. He literally seem to melt from her kiss like jelly. My father grinned to the point where his lips curled upwards, where I thought it wasn’t possible. Seriously, these two needs to get their own room, because it’s hurting my eyes and I don’t want to see any further than that.

“I’ll see you guys later.” She smirked towards my father.

In seconds, my father was defeated without even being able to say anything else. He was dazed as he rolled out of the lot.



“You’re whipped by mom.”

“I am not. That’s what you and her think.”

“Uh huh.” I snuggled into the car seat. “That’s not how I see it.”

He chuckled, eventually we made it towards the high school, where we were automatically the center of attention. Everyone, I mean everyone turned to see who was driving in the car. My father parked the car at the side, allowing me to step out. My face blushed red, embarrassed at the heavy gaze towards me. I really wish at times, my family could be normal, but we were far from it.

“I’ll see you later munchkins!” He waved.

I groaned, throwing my backpack onto my shoulder. “See you later.”  With quick steps, I shuffled my way towards the school. I’m so embarrassed at the large number of gaze that I always seem to get. Every freaking year, he had personally took me to school, and every time all the female teachers and students would stare at him with keen interest. Luckily today, he didn’t step out of the ca-.

“Dianna!” My dad called out, flagging me down before I could escape.

I take it back, I was so wrong. “Yes?” I turned around. A black wallet flew in the air, I stumbled to catch it.

“You forgot your wallet.”


“Good luck in school!”

“I will.” I quickly turned around and left half-power walking.

My pack members, John and Sienna, quickly caught up. John is Ray and Rose’s 2nd son, while Sienna is the youngest daughter of Jaz. They have stuck with me since I was a child and are considered my body guards. Even though we were the same age, John was the quiet one out of the group, his asian features predominately outweighs his whole appearance. For a mix, he was perfectly balance between of two different cultures, while Sienna had brown skin taking after her father more than her mother. Her green eyes made her stand out more with that contrasting color skin, giving her an alluring exotic look.

“Yo, Dianna.” Sienna slapped my back, causing me to lurch forward. I caught myself before I fell face first into the ground.

“Sienna…do you have to hit me so hard?”

“Yep, it’s pack greeting of love.”

“That’s what she wants you to believe.” John chuckled. “I just think she’s all brawns inside her head.”

“Hey, I heard that.” Sienna hissed.

John didn’t care and shrugged his shoulder.

“So, I saw you get ferried in by your father like the usual.”

“Yea, you know him. He’s a pain in the butt.”

“I don’t think so, I think he’s hot!”

“Please, don’t say that. It makes my stomach turn.” I mumbled, the thought of my father bing hot to my friend was a strange concept in itself.

“What? I’m a girl, and all the others girls in school think so as well.”

“Please no.” I groaned.

“Though was that the newest version of the exotic sports car that’s out?” John asked very interested in it.

“Yea. Dad got it free by a sponsor.”

“Wow.” John whistled. “I wish I was given such a toy.”

“I don’t know…it’s a pain to take care of and it guzzles gas. A single scratch on it cost thousands to fix. I believe it’s not worth wasting the money.”

“That’s what you think, plus your father has the money to fix it.”

“Yea…too much. Anyways, what’s your first class period?”

“Math with Mrs. Zeno,” said John.

“Science with Mr. Gabriel,” replied Sienna right after.

“Science for me with Mr. Gabriel.” I was glad that I had at least one of the same classes with one of my two best friends.

“Great! We can sit next to each other.”


“That’s not fair. I want to have the same class as you guys.” John replied. “I hate math, does anyone want to trade with me?”

“No.” I quickly replied. Math wasn’t my forte either.

“Your out of luck.” Sienna chuckled. “We’ll see you at lunch.”  She grabbed my shoulders, ferrying me away towards class.

The first day of class was long and dreary, the monotonous voice of Mr. Gabriel speaking about the curriculum, made me fall asleep. He just had that voice where there wasn’t a single fluctuation of his voice, even Sienna was starting to nod off to sleep and it was just the first period. I wished that I was out of this class as soon as possible.

Time ticked by, eventually we made it past the other classes and made our way towards lunch period. I was so glad that half of school was over with, because my stomach was growling in outrage asking, no, begging for it to be fed.

We made our way towards the cafeteria, got in line and bought food. Today’s special was meatloaf, and I didn’t mind the quality of food here, it was quite normal, not like the food back at home. We have our own five star chef, cooking us dinner, breakfast, and lunch. His food is amazing, but sometimes I like the taste of normalcy once in awhile, it makes me feel like I’m more human than werewolf.

“Hey guys!” John waved us down, he stood up from the table, where we usually sit. Though today they were someone different sitting across from him.

I walked over, John scooted, allowing me to sit.

“Meet my new friend, Eren.” He boastfully spoke, “he’s a freakin mathematician. I swear he’s like a portable walking talking calculator.”

I raised up my eyebrow, quite surprised that John had brought in a human to our table. Usually, he would stay far away from them, but for him to catch his attention meant something.

The new guy had dirty brown hair, ocean color eyes, sharp angular jaws, and a lean body, and when I stared, he blushed. He wasn’t handsome, I guess he look a bit pretty for my taste, making me feel a bit self-conscious of myself. He twiddled his fingers, moving around uncomfortable at my searching gaze. Something about him seem familiar, almost like I have met him somewhere before.

Then it hit me, he had the same aura as the man in my dreams. Though, the man in my dreams that been constantly appearing had a sharp gaze, handsome face, blond hair with crystal clear blue eyes, the perfect making of an Alpha. But the young man before me didn’t scream Alpha, instead he was just a normal human.

I carefully inspected him, wondering if they were something unique about it, maybe there were some similarities or possibly something supernatural about him, but so far I found nothing.

“Are you okay, Dianna?” John asked me worriedly. He saw me my heated gaze, staring down Eren.

“Yea, sorry. Nothing’s wrong.” I pulled away, waving my hand in front of me.

“Okay, as I was saying this is Diana, and the one next to you is Sienna. She has an exotic sports car that you saw in the morning. Her family is loaded.”

“No way, really?”

“It’s my father’s not mine,” I curtly replied, “stop bragging about something that isn’t mine and feeding him unnecessary information.” I picked up my fork and started to eat the food before me.

John waved his fork in front of him. “We were both wondering if we could come to your house and have a look at it. Also, we would like to watch the latest Star Wars movie that’s out. I know your dad has the hook-up, come on we been all dying to watch it.”

I squinted my eyes towards him. “I feel like you’re using me.”

“I am.” John said unashamedly. “Plus, your father said to keep a close out on you, so that’s what I am doing.”


“I love you too.”

“Yes. Yes.” I chuckled. One thing I like about John was that he would bluntly tell me things without hiding anything, it just was too difficult for him to lie. Thought not a lot of people like his blunt truth, but I believe that’s the best part about him.

“Sweet!” Sienna squealed in delight. “Movie night here we come.”

“You don’t mind if Eren come along right?”

I thought it over. There were no harm in bringing in a school mate to the house, especially a human. He probably get his butt handed to him in under zero second if he did any funny business, plus I kind of was curious about him. Wondering why he had the same aura as the person in my dreams, maybe he has a brother that looks like him.

“So, when did you move to this town? We never seen you here before,” asked Sienna.

“Three weeks ago, my father moved here for business. He’s working under Mr. Everston as a  new employee in Velvet Corporation.”

“Woah, what are the chances that you’re working for Diana’s father?”

“He’s your father?” Eren eyes became wide. “I never knew that.”

“Yep, the one and only daughter of the family of Everston, though they are soon to be expecting another child. What was his name?”

Sienna sometimes have a blabber mouth, telling almost everything about my private life. She’s real good at keeping secrets when necessary, but at times like this she just won’t shut up.

“Walter or Walt for short.” I gave her the eye to shut up, but she didn’t catch my drift.

“Yep, and her mom is the CEO of the famous Body guarding agency called Raven Protection Agency.”

“That’s pretty cool. You must be very proud of them.”

“Yea, but it’s a lot to live up too.”

“She’ll do great.” John chuckled.

We continued to talk some more till the bell rang, signalling the lunch period was over. We shuffled out of the cafeteria and headed straight towards our next class. Eventually, the last bell rang, allowing me to leave the school. I waited outside the front entrance, where John and Diana came running over, while Eren was slinking from behind. He was nervously, looking towards me and when our gaze met, he blushed again and turned away.

For some reason, I thought that was actually kind of cute. Wait, what the heck am I even thinking about? I need to get that thought out of my head for sure.

“Diana~ You ready?” Sienna called out towards me, we followed her to her car, that she was given. She’s very self conscious about saving gas and picked that one for her birthday.

“I call shotgun!” I quickly yelled and ran towards her car.

“What?! Damn it, I was a few second late.” John grumbled.

All of us got into the car, Sienna drove carefully through the streets. I thought she was the type who’ve drove wildly, maybe because of her fiery persona, but strangely she was a careful driver. On the other hand, John was a speed demon. He got his car taken by his father, telling him if he drove recklessly, he won’t have a car till he’s twenty-one. I on the other hand don’t have one. I didn’t want one yet. Instead, I could hitch a ride with Sienna and it would be fine.

We made it safely at my parent’s mansion like house. Eren did a double take as he stare up at the large grandiose building that seem to outclass every other houses in the vicinity. Just when I was about to open the door, the maid opened the door for me right on cue. She had a strange sixth sense, where she knew when we were coming and what we needed. Also, she was our live in maid that was here to help my mother with housework and taking care of the baby that was due in the next month.

“Welcome home, Diana.” Mrs. Ivy spoke happily. A elderly lady, who was in her mid-forties stood in front of the door with a well dressed maid outfit. Mom told her many times, she could wear anything else but that stereotypical outfit, but she doesn’t listen and states it helps her keep focus.

“I’m back. I brought some friends over.” I gave her a warm hug. She’s a very warm hearted soul that I couldn’t help but like her alot, she was part of the family.

“Oh? If it Isn’t John and Sienna.”

“Hello, Mrs. Ivy.” They both chortled.

“Good to see that you came to visit Diana.” Mrs. Ivy gaved stopped and turned towards Eren. “Who might this be?”

“My name is Eren.” Eren quickly stated, trying to snap himself out of his daze.

“Hello, I’m quite thrilled that you are here today. I’ll get some snacks ready for you guys. In which room are you going into?”

“The Entertainment Room.” I quickly stated. I took off my shoes, I then pushed past her, and started heading towards the Entertainment room.

“Thanks, Mrs. Ivy,” said John.

“You’re welcome.” She headed towards the kitchen.

“You have a maid?” Eren squeaked. I could tell that he was completely shock in what he saw, probably he was taken back by it all.


“Do you also have a chef too?”

“She sure does, and Mr. Fox is the best chef ever!” John stated with excitement. “He makes the best steak I ever tasted. You got to try it one day.”

Eren wasn’t sure what to say and stared all around him. I couldn’t help but chuckle at how he was acting. He look like a tourist that came into a foreign land, this always happens with  new people that comes to visit, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Though for some reason, when Eren did it, I wanted to laugh.

“Diana?” My mom’s voice called out towards me, she was walking down the stairs with her hand on her belly.

For a moment, I heard Eren hold in a sharp gasp of shock. I turned towards him wondering what was wrong, and found him just staring as if he found something that he had never seen before.

I tore my gaze away, and walked over to hug her.

“How was your school day?”


She chuckled. “The same old reply.”

“Well, what do you expect? School gets boring you know.”

“I know.” She let’s go. Then she look over towards the rest. “Who is your new friend?”

“That’s Eren. He’s in the same class as John.”

“Ah, I see. I’m guessing you’re going to the entertainment room?”

“Yep. By any chance did father get the newest movie of Star Wars?”

“Yes, it’s uploaded into the TV.”

“Great!” I excitedly stated. “Thanks mom.” With a quick peck of my cheek, I headed towards the entertainment room on the first floor.

Eren was dragged away from the spot, I heard a couple of times of him stumbling and looking back towards his shoulder as if he had some kind of stalker following behind him. For a moment, I heard him mumble a couple of words, though I thought I heard him say Kim. I’m not sure, I wasn’t able to catch everything.  We all, made our way into the large room with surround sound speakers, another 80’ TV, and a very comfy sofa sitting across from it. Behind the sofa was a pool table and even a bar.

“You guys ready?” I asked, walking over I picked up the remote control and pressed play.

Everyone found their own place to sit comfortably, I also made my way towards the  coach, slipping in-between Sienna and Eren.

My arm gently brushed against Eren’s arm, causing me to pull back from the static shock. I couldn’t help but stare at him and back at my arms. That moment of contact made me feel uncomfortable, almost pleasing.

“You okay?” John asked.

“Yea…I’ll be right back.” I gave the remote to John and headed straight out the room. My mind was confused at the strange feeling that I felt towards Eren. He was interesting to the point where I wanted to know a bit more about him. This made me confused, I wasn’t the type to be interested in boys at this moment. They were just too much to handle, for example John. Wait, maybe that’s a terrible example, he’s kind of different from every other male that I know of anyways.

I walked over towards the kitchen and found my mother sitting on a stool, leaning over reading on a tablet. Her head was propped up by her hand, she squinted a couple of times, and sighed.


“Yes?” She gazed up.

“I got something strange to tell you.”

“What is it?” She stopped reading the news on her tablet and placed it down. “Is there something wrong?”

“Not really, I just want your thoughts on something.”

My mom quietly listened, wondering what I would say.

“I been having a strange dreams lately. It’s always about this one guy.”

“A guy?”

“Yea, he’s an Alpha werewolf. Tall, cute, handsome, and strangely quite prideful.”

“An Alpha werewolf you say? Are you sure?”

“Yep. He changes into a golden werewolf.”

My mom gave in a sharp gasp, making me feel a bit uncomfortable. Her hands clenched and a solemn look of sadness filtered on her expresion. I could tell that this was a touchy subject just like Aunt Tila. “Did he had gold hair and blue eyes?”

“How did you know?”

My mother didn’t say anything for a moment. “What about him?”

“Well this might sound strange, but I get the feeling that the human boy name Eren have the similar feeling as him. It’s like I have met him somewhere before.” I squirmed. “Does that sound strange to you?”

“No.” Her eyes seem to darken, and a hint of dark smile erupted across her face. I felt a sudden chill, running up and down my back. The pressure around her was unnaturally scary, and one of these expression don’t usually come out very often. I seen it a couple of times, when she was thinking about doing something to my father, but right now, I got the feeling that Eren was in deep trouble.

The thought actually was quite funny and scary at the same time, I wasn’t sure what to make out of this as a whole. My father came into the kitchen, and stopped to stare at both of us. He froze, when he saw my mother’s scary grin.

“Um, Tila?”

“Yes?” Tila slowly turned her head towards him, causing him to flinch.

“That’s a very scary look. Are you out to go kill someone again?”

A dark mischievous laugh erupted out of her throat, making me feel even more uncomfortable than before. I felt stupid in telling her my dreams, especially for the my future. When my mom got to this point, it meant for everyone, I mean EVERYONE to go and hide. What didn’t make it any better was what my father said. Kill someone?

Are we a band of killer’s now?! Ugh!Why did I tell her. I should’ve just kept my mouth shut.


“Who is it this time?” Adam gulped.

“Would you like to know?”


A glint of spark danced in my mother’s eyes. “I found him, Adam and this time, I’m going to make sure he doesn’t stray.”


“You’ll know sooner or later.”

“That’s not fair, angel.” he came over and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “You’re killing me. I haven’t done anything wrong to deserve this.”

She snorted. “What are you talking about? Making me pregnant a second time when I said no.”

“I couldn’t help myself. You were just too beautiful and delicious.” He chuckled and nuzzled up against her cheeks, leaving behind small kisses.

I look at them horrified. “Mom! Dad! Stop! My eyes! You’re killing your daughter slowly and it’s working!” I shouted in outburst and slipped out of the chair in a hurry. My feet sprung forward, trying my best to get away from this traumatizing scene before me. Following behind, I heard both my mom and dad chuckling.

Yep, my life is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster ride, and right now, I fear for the boy named Eren. Rest in peace, dear human, for my mom is not going to let you escape her evil clutches. I shuddered as I ran back towards the entertainment room.

The End?

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Author’s Note:

Yes! T.T. I completed a stand alone for the first time. I know, that’s there could be more to Tila’s story, but for now, it’s a big empty time period for you guys to fill up with your imagination. If I ever do a sequel, it might not be Tila as a main character, depending on if I want to continue where this epilogue left off, or fill in the missing holes of the twenty five years of her life in someone else’s perspective.

This story was a challenge to myself to see if I can finish a standalone. Taking three hours a day to write was difficult. My mind zoned off into different stories, sometimes it took longer than three hours to finish six pages, but I made it happen. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the story, I did, but now I’m bushed.

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    Fucking shit why did yiu made me into Tila’s daughter’s crush? 😄 (My first name is Eren………….)
    Btw it looks like Diana is Kim’s reincarnation and Eren is Ken’s.


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