Howling Chapter 36


Author’s Note: Drawn- pen on sketchbook. I messed up a little bit on Tila. T.T, but here’s a sketch of them. Tila wearing something that’s not like her. 😮

Chapter 36

“N-” Donovan coughed, blood oozed out of his chest. He stumbled, staring at Adam in complete disbelief. He shivered one last time, before he crumbled into fine dust.

Everyone stopped to see what was going on, and when they saw Adam here, they froze. One of the most powerful vampire leader was here, and they knew that this fight has become even more troublesome.

“Good bye.” Adam words rumbled in his chest. He flicked his hand onto the ground, the blood and pieces of the heart splattered, leaving his hand back to his porcelain white skin.

Adam took this chance ,when everyone was frozen, and lunged forward. He stormed through the other werewolves and vampires that was holding me down. They flew over his head like ragdolls with chunks of there body parts ripped, blooded, or missing.

I have never seen Adam fight like this before, he usually play with his prey or give them a quick death, but today he was like the God of War reincarnated. Blood red eyes with silver hair that glistened underneath the sun made him look ethereal. Power sweeped out of him in waves, making him seem bigger and dangerous.

Adam raised his hand slowly upwards, blood that were on the ground and from the dead, at first started to trickle towards him, crawling on the ground in slow pace. Eventually, the blood swirled forward faster towards him rapidly till they were floating around him like whips.

When three werewolves took the chance to attack him, the blood whipped around in a blur, and finely chopped them into pieces. After their death, even there blood was added to Adam’s blood whip collection. A good portion of the blood seeped downwards towards Adam’s right hand. Slowly turning into a thick katana like sword. Pure death emitted out of the sword, making everyone weary at the power of an elder before them.

Adam didn’t give them a chance to step back or cower, he pushed off the ground and burst forward, picking up trails of debris flying behind him. His first swing sent out small bullets blood, that shot forward, and embedded into his prey. Not all of them died instantly, some were injured by the bullets, while others dodged it by a hair breath.

The next couple of swings, sent out a shockwave like force that cut through his enemies and even cut behind into the wall, splitting it in half. With a boom, the wall slide off and toppled over into the ground.

“Next?” Adam chuckled, enjoying the fight even more. The others stood wearily back, unsure if they should attack him. One of the vampires that were sneaking up from behind, lunged forward to impale him from behind.

I sprung forward, meeting the vampire in mid-air and mauled him. Nobody was going to hurt my Adam, that was my job and my mate! Ripping into him, I tossed him aside and snarled at anyone who got to close. So far, that I could see they were only twenty left. I was glad that was it, especially because we still got Ogma to deal with.

“Hello, Angel. I see you got yourself into boat load of trouble the moment I took my eyes off you.” He chuckled, while the whip around him shot forward and pierced a werewolf that was a bit to close. His blood was siphoned adding into the ever growing blood whip and sword. “You couldn’t wait for me?”

I barked. Wait for him? Is he kidding me? Samantha was going to die and I stopped it from happening.

Adam chuckled, he leisurely stepped forward and patted my head. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you now.”

Once again I half bark with a whine, trying my best to convey that wasn’t the case. That was my job, I was paid to be the protector and I took my job seriously.

“Yes. Yes. I know. You’re my bodyguard.” He continually to stroke my fur. The other remaining vampires and werewolves stare at us strangely as if they were seeing a very weird scene.

“You ready?” His eye raised up, a mischievous glint floated on his face.

I knew what he meant instantly, and I nodded my head. We simultaneous bolted forward, each of us covering one another’s back. When he lunged, I covered him from behind, giving him reassurance that he was covered and vice versa. We were a harmony of water and fire, fluidly blazing through the battlefield in an eternal dance.

He slashed, I mauled and shredded. Blood whips twirled around us, creating a perfect defensive barrier that had a mind of its own. I never knew that Elders Vampire was this powerful, but then again, I haven’t seen many Elders in a fight. Donovan was a poor exception that lost from his own arrogance.

The last vampire and werewolf was killed simultaneously by both of us at the same time, ending the endless swarm of zombie like enemies. I had honestly lost count, but had a feeling the body count was probably over one hundred and fifty.

“Well done, angel. I give it a perfect 10 out of 10.” Adam didn’t even seem out of breath and instead look perfectly fine. Not even a speck of dust or blood even dyed his black suit, honestly it was hard to tell, but I had the feeling that they weren’t a single drop.

I on the other hand was a breathing a bit hard, my chest was moving up and down, trying to control the strenuous activity that I had just went through. I searched the vicinity, hoping to find Samantha, and found her nowhere in sight. Where was Samantha anyways? I lost sight of her when I was pinned down…shit.

What happened next, horrified me. Samantha was dangling in the air by her throat once again by Ogma’s hand.

“Let’s call the dragon’s shall we?” Ogma chuckled. In one fluid motion, his sharp black claws, cut off Samantha’s arm. Samantha voicelessly screamed, golden blood gushed out of her arms and spilled onto the floor.

Everything felt like it went in slow motion, I froze in disbelief, thinking that this was all a dream. Ogma raised up his hand once more, this time a sick grin erupted on Ogma’s face, he pulled back his arm this time aiming for her head.

My feet felt sluggish and heavy, even though I ran with every strength that I could muster. I knew that I couldn’t get there in time. Ogma’s hand descended downwards towards Samantha’s head, and all I could do was watch.

Oh, god. No! I silently screamed in my head.

“Hey monster!” I heard Brian’s voice shout out from across from us and a couple of feet away from Ogma. “I got a present for you!” A sweet alluring scent of blood wafted through the air, catching Ogma completely off guard. Ogma turned his head towards the voice as the scent of sweet blood drew him in, stopping him from completely killing off Samantha.

A moment distraction, a perfect chance and I slipped in, all teeth, claw, and fur, biting into Ogma’s arm. I snapped downwards with a bone crushing bite, dropping Samantha towards the ground. Adam was a step behind me, he lunged forward and caught Samantha in his arm.

Ogma’s free arm, came flying from the side. A sharp numbing pain, and I felt a couple of my ribs break. With a whine, I let go. He jumped back with blood streaming down from his side.

“Fucken bitch!” Ogma cursed. He snarled at me and attacked with a sweeping swipe at my face.

I jumped back, and stumbled. The pain shot through my body again, fiercer than the last. He got me good, I knew that I wasn’t just going to get out of this scott free.

“So the legend of the white wolf is true. My Black Wolf Pack against the white wolf, the irony of this all.” He laughed, clutching his arm. “But no matter, that legend will end here.” I heard bones breaking, his body enlarging into a bipedal monstrous werewolf. His fur was blood red, the same red that I remember since I was a child.

It dawned on me, he was my family’s killer. The one who took everything away from me when I was just six years old. Rage fueled my heart, I could feel myself wanting to tear him from limb from limb.

We sprung forward in midair, meeting each other in mid air. His muscled arm and claws tore into my side, leaving behind a trail of blood. I clamped down on his shoulder, biting deeply into it with everything I got. With a vicious yank, I tore a chunk out and pushed off him with my legs.

Ogma howled in pain, his eyes feral and angry. We prowled around each other, sizing each other’s strength and weakness. Every opportunity that we saw an opening, we attacked, ruthlessly till we were both scratched up and bloodied.

I could tell that Ogma’s strength was a lot stronger than mine, his wounds were also healing faster than I could dish out on attacks. My paws jumped up against the wall, pushing off into a backwards flip over his head. Teeth bloodied, I took the chance to bite down onto his shoulder, and dragged him down onto the ground when I landed.

My head viciously shook side-to-side, while Ogma was fumbling to get back on his feet. He twirled onto his stomach, pushed off with me still attached to him. My claws dug into his back, large slices of his skin opened up, leaving behind a bloody trail. He reached over, yanked me by the head and threw me. I flew a good distance and hit against the wall. With a loud thump, the wall crumbled, covering me head-to-toe with debris.

I wormed out, and once again went in for an attack. Our fight was a full out dogfight with a mix of a slugfest in werewolf style. He punched, I kicked, he pulled out my white hair, I tore off a chunk of his ugly red fur. We weren’t backing down, I wanted him dead. With every little burst of strength I could muster, I pushed forward, ignoring the pain on my side. The battle continued to be drawn out, we were even at first, but eventually the stamina and the strength of a hybrid out won my strength and speed.

A fist flew from the side, while I was in midair, knocking me down onto the ground. My chest was in pain, my lungs were screaming telling me to stop, even my muscles were tensed to the point I knew would eventually freeze from overuse. Getting up was difficult, I tried, but my legs gave out and I flopped back down onto the ground.

Shit. I was completely exhausted and out of strength. On the other hand, Ogma was panting hard, but I could tell that he could put up a few more minutes of fight. When he saw me unable to move, defeated on the ground, he changed direction towards Adam.

I saw Adam, using his blood magic attempting to reattach Samantha’s arm. He was too focused to see what I was doing, and I could tell that it took quite a bit of his power to do what he was doing. He didn’t even see Ogma, descending upon him from behind to kill him.

My mind screamed out towards Adam, even attempting to bark or how was difficult in itself. Instead I let out a feeble whine that did nothing to catch his attention.

No. No. No. No. No. No! I chanted in hysteria. He can’t die! With every strength I could muster, I weakly got on my feet. Still, it wasn’t enough power to propel me forward. Was this all I was amount to as the white wolf of legends? Absolutely not!

I weakly moved with tiring steps, but my foot faltered and fell onto the ground. Come on, feet move! But my body didn’t listen. I can’t give up. I can’t!

Tila. A voice echoed in my head. Who? The voice was familiar to the point where I felt I knew this person’s voice.

Don’t give up. I’ll give you my prowers. Let’s finish this.

An apparition of my grown up twin sister, Kimberly, wearing all black appeared from behind me. Her gentle hands rested on my white pelt, her fingers ruffling upwards, making me shiver. I felt a well of power from her, coursing into my body.

The energy that I had lost was replenished, patches of my fur turned black. My fur on my feet turned black like boots, my face had a black marking looking like a mask that swirled backwards into different patterns. Something caught at the corner of my eye, I saw a large metal pipe broken on the side, I grabbed a piece of the iron pipe with my teeth and yanked it out of place.

With the pipe in hand, I ran towards Ogma.

Strike now, Tila!

I took to her words to hear words, and striked. All the power I had, I lunged and sprung forward as debris and wind blew behind me. With the metal pipe in my mouth, I thrusted it into his chest as it shot out from the other side.

Adam twirled around inches away from Ogma’s claws that stopped close to his neck. He refocused the blood stitching that he was doing on Samantha and condensed it into one large spear.

Ogma swiped downwards, trying to loop off Adam’s head, but Adam ducked in time and rolled out of harm’s way. He grabbed the blood spear and chucked it into Ogma’s chest, below where I threw mine.

With a wild howl, Ogma screamed an unearthly cry. He shivered and shook uncontrollably, while his body began to become disfigured into some kind of nightmarish horror between werewolf and something else. With a thud, he fell onto his knees, his hand trying to pull out the metal rod, but failed.

Instead he fell like a tree, face first, onto the ground. His body convulsed a couple of times, before finally going quite. The battle was over. We had won. I sighed with relief. Walking over, I nudged Adam on his chest. He glanced over surprised in what I have become.

I am just as much a part of you as you are of me. Goodbye, Tila. Shall we meet again in our next life. Kimberly’s voice trailed away into the breeze, making me feel saddened by her departure.

“What happened to you?” Adam asked stupefied, while searching my gaze for an answer.

I shook my head, unable to answer. The power that my sister left me was still present in myself, the black color didn’t disappear. Relief filled my heart, knowing that she was okay even in the afterlife.

“Did you always have black markings on your fur?”

Once again, I shook my head.

“Your sister?”

I nodded.

“Interesting.” He scratched his chin. “Now we should start a whole new legend of the black and white wolf becoming one.” With a chuckle, he gave me a devious grin.

I stared at him in horror. New legend? Me?

“Yep, that would be a nice story to tell to our children.”

Our children? What the hell is he talking about. I huffed. Children….ugh.

Adam burst out laughing, when he saw me crinkled up into a horrified look. I swear, I thought he would be rolling on the ground any moment now if he didn’t stop. I for sure was going to use this chance to give him a good kick if he didn’t stop.

“Angel, you sure are so fun to tease.” he got up and wipe his tears. “This is why I love being around you.”

Deep rumbling growl erupted out of my throat, telling him to shut up, but suddenly my growl was overshadowed by a frightening roar that resounded across the city.

Did I just do that? Wait. Oh no.

My head snapped towards the direction of the sea. Heavy fog rolled in, creeping towards the ground slowly as the clouds started to black out the sun. Even from where I stood, I could still see the silhouette of the dragon in the distance. Immense pressure, that I had felt before came down upon me to the point where my knees buckled. My wolf instincts were telling me to run, to flee from the monster that was at the edge of the sea.

There were no possible way to win, that was what my instincts were telling me. To win against the dragon, that seems to make me feel small and insignificant, after all that fighting that I had done didn’t even compare to what it could do. Was I really to late? Was this the end of the city and our lives? These thoughts riddled deeply in my head, telling me, no, forcing me to feel defeat.

A thundering roar, blew outwards, the dragon’s roar shook and even leveled a portion of the city grounds. Lightning and thunder flashed into frenzy in the dark clouds, amplifying the dragon’s roar. The ocean water pushed forward, and suddenly it drew quickly backwards. Fish, clams, and even sea creatures I have never seen before was washed up on the beach, trying to swim, flop, or hide away, but was failing.

I knew then something big was going to happen, the pit of my stomach was in turmoil. Beads of cold sweat doused my whole skin, my legs shook uncontrollably. I couldn’t move, and only fear gripped my heart.

Off in the distance, I saw the waves picking up, becoming higher and higher. Twenty feet. Fifty feet. Hundred feet. Two hundred feet. Oh…my…lord, we are so dead.

An unearthly silence followed after, everyone stared in complete disbelief. It was like watching a large blanket, slowly but surely descend upon us, blocking out the sunlight in one go.

I shifted into my human form, completely naked with black tattoo designs that wrapped around my body, but I didn’t care. What did it matter when I was going to die? If I was to die, I wanted to die as a human. My leg buckled and I fell onto my butt.

I closed my eyes, and let out a sorrowed breath. My heart constrained, my mind shot, and the only thought I had in my last dying moment was ‘Adam. I’m sorry.’ Tears welled up in my eyes, I felt myself become depressed. Our relationship was just starting, I wasn’t going to experience the full experience of love that I have denied countlessly of times.

Warm hands touched my shoulder, and I felt myself being covered by Adam’s black jacket. He leaned over and hugged me from behind. “I love you, angel. I will always will.” He sweetly replied.

My heart felt constrained to the point where I thought it would burst from sadness and happiness all in one go. The conflicting emotions of knowing that I was going to die, and to hear him say those words brought peace in my heart.

“I love you too.” I replied in a soft whisper. I wanted to tell him what I felt about him all in a four words. There just wasn’t enough time to tell him that he was an amazing guy, a warm protector, a loving friend, and even a stupid masochist. All the things that transpired between us, through the past events that lead us to this day.

“I know.” Adam replied, “Don’t give up angel. Our lives had just started.”

I turned towards him in complete disbelief. Did he just say don’t give up? Doesn’t he see the looming ocean wave that was coming towards us to kill us? I think I might have started to go crazy, but what I saw on his face wasn’t fear, but knowing. He knew there was something more that he wasn’t telling me.

When all hope seem lost, I felt a powerful surge of light energy in front of me, where Samantha laid. What happened next made me breathless.

Samantha shifted into her dragon form, she was large for her usual size. Her body was completely pure white with gold flakes of design on the tip of her feathers. Even her arm that was cut off was reattached to itself. I could tell that Adam did a fine job of stitching it back together without a seamless flaw.

Six beautiful wings spread outwards, long neck and body shoot outwards, and her feathery head. She opened her mouth as a sweet voice spoke. This was the first time I have ever heard her speak, and it was mesmerizing. She sang a beautiful tone of music that made anyone around her listen to her. Her music were sweet, feminine, majestic, and powerful. The words that spilled out of her throat were words that I have never heard before, but my soul understood without the need for words.

I could feel the energy around her was heavy and dense. She was pulling from the world and people itself, borrowing their power as if it was her own. Twinkles of white orbs of light floated around and into her, forcing her to change into her adult form.

Her body shimmered to the point where it became bright, where it was difficult to see her any longer. Humans, vampires, and werewolves turned their gaze away, awe set in on their face.

Power radiated from Samantha’s body, the energy was enormous even stronger than the first dragon that I ever met. At first I was confused on why I wasn’t scared, maybe it was because it was Samantha and there wasn’t anything to fear about her. Instead, her power actually felt peaceful, calm, and loving. I could tell that she wanted to help us.

The water dragon that was raging in anger started to calm down from her voice, torrents of water that were picked up around it were finally settled and eventually the dragon sunk back into the ocean. Even the thick fog started to clear up, allowing us to see once again.

A white glimmer of magic barrier started to form around the whole city of San Francisco in a dome-like shape. Her wings beated furiously, causing up the wind to stir strongly. The oncoming tsunami was batted against the wind, and instead the wave tilted backwards. Closer the wave came forward, the smaller it became. The wave wasn’t a giant two hundred feet wave and instead it was cut down to at least five feet, pushing into the barrier as water trickled in and flooded the city. Luckily nothing was destroyed by the waters, only the remain of the earthquake remained.

Relief spread through my heart, I was proud of Samantha. She saved the whole city with only her voice.

Her voice rang loud and clear. It was a command. “Forget.”

I could feel dense power from Samantha, exploding outwards suppressing the humans in one full sweep. People eyes started to blink, making them look like zombies. After a second, everyone came back to their senses.

My lips twitched as I watched the whole thing unfold, all the humans forgot that she ever existed. They didn’t look up into the sky anymore, instead they were back to busily trying to survive and help other people that was trapped under the debris. Even the vampires and the werewolves had a blank outlook, and Adam and I were the only ones who remembered.

Samantha shined brightly, she shifted into her small human form as she floated downwards with a wide grin on her face. The barrier around the city itself started to shimmer and fade away. Her small feet splashed against the knee high water and ran towards me with outstretched arms. With a thump, she tackled me, and I cried out in pain.

I completely forgot I was injured and she perfectly tackled the area that I was hurt. Samantha pulled back with fright when she heard my pain and quickly pulled off of me, looking with worry.

“I’m okay.” I breathed with pain, my face crinkled up. “I just need to rest.”

Samantha hurriedly came over, raised up her hand and felt around where I broke a couple of my ribs. Her hand glowed white, I felt a tingling blissful sensation, and I knew instantly that my injury was healed.

“Did you?” I asked in disbelief.

She shook her head and giggled.

“Thanks.” I ruffled her hair. She pouted not liking how I messed up her hair as she crossed her arms in front of her.

The possible Magical War was thwarted, and I was immensely relieved that Samantha was okay. Donovan was dead and even Ogma, so the possibility that someone would come after her was low, still after what happened today, I get the feeling that this event would be buried as just another natural disaster. A supernatural one for sure, but still a natural disaster.

Adam pulled me into his embrace, relieved that I was okay. I saw Ray, Jaz, and Brian jogging over towards us, happy that we were still alive. When they saw Samantha, they look  over confused at what had happened. I had a long explanation to tell them, but right now, I wanted to enjoy the moment of being in Adam’s arm. The war was only temporarily stalled, but that didn’t mean the possibility of another Magical War couldn’t happen. I was going to make sure that such a thing never happened as long as I lived.

“Are you ready to go home?” Adam’s voice tickled my ears.

“Yes.” I replied, letting my words travel through the wind.

“Good, because now you owe me your life and it’s going to be forever.”

“That’s a little too much isn’t it?”

“Absolutely not.” His lips kissed me on my head, and I felt a warm tingle. Yep, I was going to have a difficult time, getting him off of me for a long time. Still, maybe falling in love wasn’t a bad thing at all. Even if it took awhile, I knew he was going to patiently wait for me till I blossomed completely. There was no hurry at all, we had a lifetime together and I had many things planned for him, and I was going to enjoy it. An evil, sly smirk erupted on my lips.

“Tila. You’re scaring me.”

My smile still plastered on my face, he flinched and look down at me worriedly. “Hmm?” With a tilt of my head, I eventually turned around and faced him.

“You’re planning something devious and I’m actually worried for my life.” He chuckled.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I tried my best to get rid of the smirk, but it wouldn’t leave, instead it grew larger. Maybe, I do have sick personality of wanting to torture Adam. Ugh, someone stop me from going the dark path!

“Your smile is getting sinister.”

“No, it’s not.”

“Mhmm. I know a way to fix that.” He coyly remarked.

“And that is-” I was suddenly interrupted. His face snake in and clasped onto my lips. With a gentle suckle, I felt my mouth tingle. The same lemon drop taste lingered in my mouth, I closed my eyes, enjoying the soft blissful feeling. Our kiss wasn’t ravenous, but a soft kiss that made me melt.

How I have forgotten about this sweet kiss, and I didn’t realize how much I have missed every single bit of it till he pulled apart. Leaving me wanting for more, he placed his forehead on mine and chuckled.

“See, it’s gone.”

I pouted, not liking how he left so quickly. Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw Samantha peeking in-between her fingers with a goofy grin on her face, while Jaz tried to stop her from looking. Ray sighed and shook his head, while Brian turned bright red, looking away.

“Don’t worry, angel. I’ll make sure to kiss you more later.” He whispered, making me shudder.

“Hey, Adam.”

“Yes, angel?”

“I forgot to ask you, back in the hospital. Was that you who saved me in the forest when I was six?”

Adam thought it over. “Yes.”


“Because, you’re my Belladonna and I wasn’t going to lose you.”


A deep creased formed on his head, and the end of his lips furrowed. “I am not.”

“Mhmm. Denial.” I laughed and pulled away. He stood there, thinking over what I had said unable to move forward. Yep, my life is definitely going to be interesting.

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