Howling Chapter 35


Chapter 35

Everything was in chaos, cars overturned and even crashed into, buildings  crumbled even after the aftereffect, people screaming and calling out for help, and even sirens ringing with a high pitch voice all around me. My ears were numb, all I could do was cough heavily from the thick dust that lingered in the air. I couldn’t see anything, the clouds were too thick, even though the  ocean breeze pushed through the city, it didn’t do much to clear.

How bad was the damage? I didn’t know, but I got the feeling it was catastrophic. All I could think of was Adam, where was he? Did he get injured. Fear and worry riddled my heart, did he die on me? Please don’t die!

“Adam!” I shouted followed by a cough. The thick smoke and dust was making it difficult to breath. My arm cover my face, instead I tried to filter it out by using my clothes.

“Adam! Damn it! Answer me!” I yelled with a muffled scream.

“Help!” I heard Brian call out not to far away from me, I searched around, trying to use my other senses other than my nose. My ears perked up, listening closely from the cacophony of different sounds all happening at once.

“Help!” He cried out again. “Someone! Please I’m stuck!”

It took every effort to zero in on Brian’s voice, eventually I was able to locate him. He was stuck under a flipped over car, barely able to move. From what I could see, he wasn’t badly hurt, he just was stuck underneath the pile of debris and the car.

I ran over, searching for any place that I could get a good grip without having any of the broken debris fall on him. My hand found a good spot underneath the car, I bent down and lifted, using as much as my Alpha’s power that I could muster. The whole process wasn’t easy, the weight of the car and the rocks were heavy, I felt my muscles started to ache and cry out from the heavy strain.

With a creak, the car was barely lifted two inches off the ground. Brian struggled out in a frenzy, pulling his body weight forward with his arm. When he got free, he laid motionless on the floor relieved. “Thanks.” He murmured into the ground. He pushed up and got up on his feet. “This is your second time saving my life.”

“Don’t get to comfortable with it.” I replied.

“Sorry.” He bowed his head in embarrassment. He coughed a couple of times to clear his throat from the dust. Right now, he and I both were covered in gray dust, making us look like ghost. “You alright?”

“Yes, have you seen Adam?”

He shook his head. “The last time I saw him was running that way.” His hand raised up point towards back into the Cathedral.

How many times must I go into the building? I tilted my head not liking this at all. This was my third time and each time, they were always something that happened. I really hoped this time nothing would happen, and usually the third time usually got the answers that I wanted.

The dust started to settle, allowing me to get a clearer view of the area. Destruction was everywhere. Parts of buildings were collapsing with wide gaping holes, others were in the process of sliding off as the building started to cave. Cars were overturned, large fissure divided the church splendidly in half, leaving behind a giant gaping sinkhole, near the back of the Cathedral, that seem to possibly stretch a good three mile. Light poles were bent sideways, people were scattered all around, trying to get back on their feet.

Majority of San Francisco was in turmoil with building broken and toppled over, smoke rose as fire started to catch on fire, and people were crying in fear and hysteria. There were just too much chaos and destruction, I knew the amount of death was going to be astronomical. It always has been, especially for an earthquake on this scale.

“Watch out!” Brian grabbed me by the shoulder, I was sharply yanked back.

I flailed back, I was close to sliding on a loose roof and into a sharp metal pike sticking out of the ground. One misstep, I knew that I could of fell to my death. How the heck did I not notice that? This only happened when I was seriously stressed and worried to be so forgetful.


“Your welcome.”

We continued to search for Adam, I noticed that the closer we got towards the church, the destruction was heavy. Even though a fissure formed in the middle, the moment I when I stopped in front of the broken gate, half of the building was missing. The roof of the church was gone, partially the walls were barely standing, and in the area near the end where a dais usually sits, the back was was completely gone, and I could see the city itself.

The sunlight poured through the cleared out air through open cracks. Underneath the filtered sunlight was a figure of a man standing with reddish brown hair, wearing a black and brown suit, and not a single speck of dust covered his body. He was looking out into the city itself with his hand behind him. When the wind blew, I smelled the sharp familiar scent of Ogma wafting through air. A low growl erupted out of my throat. He was here and I knew this was my chance to get him before it was too late.

“Find a safe place and hide.” I whispered towards Brian.

“Where are you going?”

“To hunt.”

Brian nodded and slunk backwards. I saw him disappear, leaving me alone. With careful and quiet steps, I walked through cathedral, trying my best not to make a sound. Being quiet wasn’t easy, the reason, chasing down a predator that can smell, hear, and almost have a supernatural intuitive sense isn’t something that one could easily avoid. I had to shorten my breathing, make sure the wind wasn’t heading in the directions towards him, and even make sure my steps were light without making a sound.

It took more concentration to move slow, quiet, and without giving off any killing intent. I had to quiet my mind and think of nothing, but moving forward. Eventually, I was able to make it half way, when Ogma spoke and I froze behind one of the fallen debris that completely covered me.

“You’re here.” He didn’t turn around. “Come out.”

Did he already sense me? I am considered one of the best hunters and for him to sense me makes me wonder if I was slipping. My sense was on edge, I started to tense and got ready to bolt straight to him.

“Come out now, Donovan.” Ogma spoke lazily.

Donovan chuckled as he stepped out of the dark. “You have quite an intuition.”

“Did you bring her?”

“Yes.” Donovan snapped his fingers. “My men got in and out without much trouble.” Two vampires stepped out into the light without getting burned. They were even awake during this time of day. How was this possible? Unless, they were both Elders.

Samantha was struggling hard against their grip, I tensed when I saw her bruises on her arm and face. Anger shot through my chest, and I was furious. How could they do that to her? What was worse, I saw fresh blood even dripping down the side of her head.

“What happened? I told you not to harm her.” Ogma wasn’t pleased at what he saw.

“She tried to escape and bite me.”

I fist pumped to myself. Good girl Samantha, I knew she could put up a fight even if she didn’t blossom into her power yet.

“So, you bloodied her?”

“No,” Donovan gasp offended, “she tripped and hit her head.”

I highly doubted that, Samantha wasn’t a clutz, the one month that I have been with her, she never tripped or fall. Instead, she was the one forewarning people or stopping them before they fell forward like a clutz.

“I see. Did you do what I asked?”

“You mean awakening up the sea dragon? Can’t you see the destruction around you isn’t that proof enough? I threw a piece of her into the ocean to awaken him.”

A piece of her?! What?! I searched around her figure, wondering if she was missing a finger or too, but so far I didn’t find anything. They were only the bloody trauma on her head.

“I wasn’t talking about that.”

“Then?” Donovan wasn’t sure what he was talking about, and raised his finger thinking about what to say next.

“Finding the girl with the sweet blood.”

“Do you mean that Alpha girl?”


“But you have a Belladonna. Her blood should be better than hers.”  Donovan asked confused.

“Jenny doesn’t have the same blood as her. She’s doesn’t compare to the taste that I have tasted. I never felt so powerful just from drinking her blood.”

“Really.” Donovan was definitely interested. “That’s something I have heard before. A legend passed down for generation about different types of unique bloods out there, but the most special one has the ability to enhance our strength by three folds when drunk upon. There even a saying whoever drink the special blood is able to become the most powerful vampire in the world.”

“I see.” Ogma was thinking about what he said. “That’s even better.”

“But, what are you going to do with your Belladonna? Do you not need her anymore?”

Ogma snorted. “She’s not my Belladonna. That’s what she likes to believe. The only thing that she wants is to be the queen when I rule this world.”

“She does have a tendency to aim high.” Donovan rubbed his chin. “Did you get rid of her?”

“Of course, after the last thing she pulled off, my prey escaped.”

“You must be really interested in this girl to catch your fancy.”

“You could say something like that.”

“Maybe she’s your Belladonna?” Donovan hinted.

I on the other hand was horrified at what I just heard. Me his Belladonna? I hope to god that I’m not. That thought horrified me, and instead I was really glad that I was marked by Adam instead.

“Possibly, her blood did taste…addicting.” He smacked his lips, remiencising the thought of what he had tasted.

Yep, he needs to stop there. I didn’t want to hear any further.

“What do you want me to do with the child?”

An evil smirk appeared on Ogma’s face. “We’re going to kill her of course.”

“She’s not fully grown, it would be a waste to kill her so soon.”

“No, this is the perfect time. The war should start the moment she dies, bringing the dragon awake.”

“Though after that how are we supposed to stop the rampage of the dragons? We can’t have them destroying everything, that’s counter productive.”

Ogma chuckled. “That is simple in itself. Inside her brain is a small crystal that can control the mind of the others dragons. That’s why she needs to die if we want to fish it out of her.”

“I didn’t know that.”

Ogma turned around, his step was heavy as he evilly smiled with dark intent. Samantha shivered, her eyes became wide in fear. She struggled to get away, but was held down by the other vampires.

“Be a good girl and die for the better of the world.” He reached over and snapped her off the ground. Ogma had her dangling by her throat, choking her out with just one of his hand. She swung back and forth, trying to claw her way out of his grasp.

My hand slipped into my pocket, pulled out the daggers that I had stashed in the side of my shoe, and threw it. The dagger pierced the air, and stabbed into his hand, causing him to drop her onto the floor. He hissed in anger, holding his hand. His snapped his head towards the direction of where the dagger was thrown.

I charged forward, shifting into my wolf form, turning into pure white.

“A white wolf?!”Donovan shouted out in complete surprise. I bolted past him, making him trip backwards. My power kicked in, giving me that extra boost of speed that I needed. My head snaked down, and snatched Samantha off the ground with my teeth.

“Get her!” Ogma yelled in fury, he pulled out the dagger out from her hand.

Donovan who was back on his feet, raised up his hand and blew hard using his finger into a whistle. Rogue werewolves and vampires started to appear out form the broken building, I could tell that they weren’t fully healed some of them look quite battered. My guess was that they too were the remaining that survived the earthquake.

I swiveled and turned, trying to get out of there. My head tossed Samantha up into the air, and I lunged forward at the vampire in front of me. I tore through his body, mauling him in the process, while Samantha was free-falling in the air. With a quick toss of my head, I threw the vampire at other three that was in front of me, and ducked under Samantha as she fell onto my back.

With heavy hands, she grabbed a hold of my fur, holding tightly with her dear life. Even though I had extra weight on my back, it didn’t stop me or slow me down. The rogue werewolves and the vampires sprung forward, we were outnumbered, but that didn’t stop me.

I bolted, tearing into the any werewolves and vampires alike. My wolf wasn’t like any other werewolves, she was faster, stronger, and the Alpha in me kicked it up a notch. I howled into the air, pushing the power that was spilling out of me. The Alpha in me called out to all werewolves in me to back off or submit. There wasn’t going to be a compromise or middle ground, it was one of the two options.

Half of the werewolves cowered backwards, there mentality were weak and they couldn’t take the commanding air of an Alpha. Instead, they scampered away in fear. The other half were Ogma’s pack, and they didn’t run away. I could tell because they were the ones fighting me.

“A white wolf! I knew it!” Donovan replied ecstatic to see me. “That’s the reason why you got stronger! She’s has the blood that I been looking for!”

“She’s my prey!” Ogma growled, his hand were black and pointy like a knife. Donovan stepped back.

“Okay. Okay.” Donovan raised up his hand, admitting defeat. “She’s your’s.”

“Good.” Ogma drew back. He then turned and shouted. “Get her under control. Don’t let both of them escape!” His voice was filled with Alpha’s power.The Rogue wolves that were at first stumbling back out of fear, snapped back towards his command and turned back around.

Right now, I was playing hop scotch, trying not get get pinned down on all sides. Moving without flinging Samantha off my back wasn’t easy. I was able to duck under a vampire that sprung at me, giving me a way to escape.

Grinding my back feet into the ground, I sprinted forward. I passed the giant door, and made it out into open streets. All of a sudden, I my legs tripped on some wire. I fell face forward, hitting the solid ground hard. Samantha flew over my head, hit the ground, and tumble away until she was stopped by a brick wall.

With a groan, I saw on my legs ropes that kept me tied down in place. My head snaked forward, chewing away at the ropes with great difficulties. Who would’ve thought that tearing the ropes wasn’t simple like the movies, it actually took effort and time that I didn’t even had. I eventually pulled till the rope loosen, my feet was finally free. Just when I got up from the ground, I felt a jarring pain in my side.

A vampire’s nails digged into my shoulder, creating a sharp pain that made me pull backwards. My head snapped forward, jaws gaping, and I chomped aggressively. Blood splurted into my mouth, and I tore into flesh. My claws punched into the ground, grounding me as I whipped my upper body with great force and slung him in an arch. His body slammed into the nearest werewolf that lunged forward, I continually thrashed him around till I eventually let go, the body smacked into three more before he fell on top of another.

I needed to get to Samantha, but the possibility of getting to her was becoming lower and lower. There was just too many and I was the only one there. It wasn’t just three to one, it was twenty to one, and the enemies just keep pouring in like water. Where were these vampires and werewolves even coming from? Didn’t the earthquake at least kill or injure a large amount of people and magical creatures that were present? I expected at least majority of them to be injured or possibly be in a serious position, but majority of them didn’t even seem phase at all. They were perfectly fine without a single scratch.

“Can’t you do a simple job?!” Donovan stomped his feet, and yelled with frustration. “We don’t got all day!”

So far no other vampires or werewolves were able to another hit in me, I dodged, ducked, and leaped out of harm’s way. My body moved perfectly the way I wanted to effortlessly. My muscle’s sprung forward, giving me the power that I need to jump up into the air and out of a kick. When my feet touched the ground, I bolted forward with open jaws.

A vampire that was in front of me, dodged by a hair’s breath, it was to the point where my hot breath breathed down his pale neck. That split second difference, caused me to reorient myself, and kicked him with my hind leg. I was the embodiment of power and speed, my feet carried me around them.

I didn’t stop with just biting into them, I tore into their delicate skin and fur, rendering them to the point where they were bloodied, injured or dead. There were no time for mercy, and I knew that if I stopped, I would probably not be able to get another chance. They dropped like flies, one after another, paving way to countless of bodies on the floor.

Just when I took down another twenty, making my body count up to fifty, Donovan stepped in and flew from behind, hitting me perfectly in my side. I flew backwards, tumbling into a group of werewolves. With a painful yelp, I shakily pushed myself up. Donovan had quite a mean punch, especially to the point where I thought I fractured a couple of ribs. The pain was immense, throbbing on my side, making me grit my teeth to push forward. There were no luxury to stay down, and instead I kept on going, attacking ruthlessly around me.

When I thought I thinned out the crowd, Donovan leaped in one again, he grabbed the end of my tail, giving me a painful jerk, shocking my spine. I felt weak and disabled for a split moment, this gave Donovan a chance to once again pull in a heavy punch to my face, knocking me backwards in a daze.

My eyes were seeing white spots, my feet were wobbling, side-stepping, trying to catch my balance that I had lost. It wasn’t easy, when my visions were seeing doubles, and everything made it ten times worse.

“Down pup,” laughed Donovan. He rabbed the back of my neck, swept his feet under mine as I fell forward, face first. His hand pushed me down onto the ground, where I was literally eating dirt. I felt a few more hands pushing me down, keeping me in place. I felt livid that they were touching me with their dirty hands, I wanted them off.

My body tensed up, I tried to push upwards, but instead I as met with a heavy slam. Pressure pushed downwards as a body sat ontop of me, straddling on my back like riding a horse.

“Good, girl.” When I struggled to look, I saw Donovan grinning from ear-to-ear. He was the one that had me pinned on the ground with six other vamp and werewolf alike. “Wow, who’ve thought your blood smells ten times more intoxicating than the humans that we breed. I would definitely like to try a little…” he leaned over to the point where his tongue got close enough to licked the cut on my face.  “So delicious smelling.” He purred.

My chest rumbled into a deep feral growl, telling him to back off. I wanted no man except Adam near my face or even attempting to lick it. The thought infuriated me to see him even trying and I pushed towards him with all my strength as I could. My body pushed shakily upwards, another vampire ran forward to hold down my body, more of them came till I was fighting against at least fifteen by sheer strength.

“Truly you are a specimen worth breeding.” Donovan wet, slimey tongue slowly trailed up my cheek as he savored the taste of my blood.

I shivered in disgust, my body shaking in rage. How dare he lick me! I screamed in my head.

“Delicious.” He smacked his mouth a couple more times, savoring the taste by rolling the blood in his mouth.

“That is my girl you’re tasting.” A angry voice spat with fury. Adam’s hand punctured into Donovan’s chest, he pulled back leaving behind a large gaping hole where his heart has once been.

Donovan stumbled, his gaze trailed downwards in shock and disbelief. He couldn’t believe what had happened in that split moment of time, he turned around and saw Adam with his still beating heart in his hand. “W-what-?”

    Adam evilly smile and crushed his heart in one go.

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  2. actzoltan

    Killing or losing to/of Ogma, Samantha, The Dragons, Adam, Tila
    and the consummation of the bond between Adam & Tila; along with maybe a glimpse at what happens to Tila’s pack, Samantha, Earth (implied or described) in the future.

    I think you could make another 30-40 or so chapters about the Global Magic War.
    This is just my random opinion i am no way a writer, just a simple reader. ☆~(ゝ。∂)

    I have enjoyed reading on RRL thanks again Snowangel12 for the chapter!


    1. Actually, your right on how the story could have another 30-40 chapters. I’m at the border of if I should add a sequel to it…I’m at a 50/50 decision and I’m not sure if I should continue it or not. Its difficult.


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