Howling Chapter 34


Chapter 34

The moment that I entered into Grace Cathedral, I couldn’t help but quickly scan around the place in the search for either Donovan or Ogma. What I did find was emptiness, nobody was there to welcome us and instead the large empty space of the Cathedral was eerily quiet. The only light that lit the area was the sunlight itself. Even the interior of the building was amazingly beautiful, the overarching arches, columns that seem to jut out from the ground, and the beautiful mosaic stain glass. Each panel had their own little story, each one beautiful as the next.

The pathway was a straight shot forward, leading towards the mantle, where a podium stood up on a dais. On both right and left were wooden benches perfectly lined up in a row, the closer we got, the tenser the air felt. I’m not sure if that’s normal, but the feeling from the door to the dais was completely different. Something just didn’t feel right.

“Are you sure he’s here?” Brian asked, anxiously looking around, hoping that no one would pop out any moment.

“He better be here.” I growled. This was the only clue that I had of where Ogma and Donovan was last seen. The thought of seeing either one of them made my blood boil. I needed to know if Samantha was okay, I didn’t want to hear that she was in pieces, but all of her body intact.

“I prefer that’s he’s not.”

I rolled my eyes. Coward. That’s the only word that burst through my mind when he said those words. Why is someone like him even have that strange honey trap ability anyways? Wait, honey trap ability.

With a sharp turn, I reached over and snatched his arm. Brian reeled back, startled at my sudden grasp.

“What are you doing?!” Brian saw the knife that I pulled out from the side of my pants.

“Luring them in.”

“I’m telling you. It’s not a good idea.” He tried to wiggle away, I could tell that he feared the sharp blade just as much as he feared werewolves and vampires. Why did I get stuck with such a wuss? I want to throttle Adam for putting me up with him, if he wasn’t my partner I wouldn’t have said yes. Honestly, I would’ve locked him in a room with two or three guards watching over him, but we didn’t have that many people to spare to even attempt that.

Jaz and Ray were out and about, looking for clues, while Adam was fishing around other lucrative places till I called him up, eventually making his way here.

“Man up.” I grabbed a hold of his hand. “I’m here aren’t I?”

“You do know what’s going to happen right? Every single vampire and rogue wolves in the vicinity will come flocking. Do you really think that’s a good idea?” He quickly tried to persuade me from doing something stupid, he was right. I didn’t have the power to fight every single vampire and werewolves in the entirety of San Francisco. Plus, I wasn’t thinking straight. I was just too furious at them for kidnapping Samantha.

“You should calmed down and think about this.”

I stopped, took a deep breath, and stashed away the knife. “Fine.”

Brian pulled back when I loosened my grip. He was right, anger wasn’t the answer, it clouded my mind to the point where I would be making bad decision. I needed to clear my mind and actually look for clues. I was getting frustrated that things weren’t going to well, the hint that the Rogue gave us could be a dud, making me annoyed that I believed him.

Finally done in reeling in my frustration and anger, I walked over towards the pedestal. What I saw next made me furrow my eyebrow. On the floor were strange markings made with…..lamb blood?

Brian held in a sharp gasp, while I leaned forward and sniffed around the area. The blood was even freshly painted, the glistening of its red paint still wet. Why was lambs blood painted on the floor? Nothing was making sense, and from the looks of it there was a giant circle with strange symbols that I had never seen before. The better question was, how come nobody was here? Shouldn’t a building like this have security?

I checked around, seeing if I could see, feel, or smell anyone, and so far the overwhelming smell of lamb’s blood overpowered all other senses. This made me even more confused, usually my nose could pick up hundreds of other scent if I put my mind too it, but for some reason the lamb blood on the ground was the only one pervading my nose. What was worse was I could smell the familiar smell of death not to far away from where we stood.

My feet slowly walked towards the left, up the stairs, and creeped up towards the side. On the side, splayed out on the floor was the bishop dead on the floor. His eye were partially open, and staring into the ceiling wall. Two punctures on his neck could be seen, and I knew then that he was sucked dry. He didn’t seem like he was dead for a long period of time, usually the smell of death would’ve been much more stronger and pungent. This look more recent, probably in the past hour.

“Shit!” I heard Brian shouted out loud in fear, followed after the sound of things falling and breaking.

I bolted towards Brian, thinking that he finally got himself into trouble. Jumping over the wooden benches, I skid on the ground. I found him splayed out on the ground, looking horrified. I couldn’t help but stop in complete surprise, there were more dead bodies, but this time it were human security officers laid out perfectly in a row.

Some sick bastard actually had the time to put them lying side-by-side, giving it a whole new level of creepiness. That wasn’t the only creepy part, each one had a terrified look frozen in place, putting the whole scene completely out of place, especially in a Cathedral.

I walked over, using my foot, I pushed the human neck to the side. Yep, they were two puncture marks on their neck. Though, the question really came down to was, wasn’t vampire supposed to be not able to come inside a holy ground or was that just another myth? I couldn’t help but wonder if it was all a lie, especially because every single one of them was bitten.

“H-how is this possible?” Brian stuttered. “Vampires shouldn’t be able to get inside a holy ground.” I could smell fear, permuting from his body.


“The humans that been changed can’t take a step inside churches and cathedrals. They would die upon entering.”

Die? So the hollywood movies were true?

“What about elders?”


“I’m guessing you don’t know that they are two types of vampires do you?”

Brian shook his head. “Look, there are humans that have been changed by a powerful vampire, while an Elder is a vampire born into it.”

“Vampires are born into it? Is that even possible?”

“Yes, though there aren’t a lot of them.”

“For example, Donovan is an Elder Vampire. Haven’t you noticed the difference between the two?”

“Not really, I been kept in a room majority of my life.”

“I see.” I felt a bit bad for him, living locked up throughout his whole life wasn’t something even I wanted to experience. He had it pretty rough, and me being a bitch wasn’t making it any better.

“How are you sure that Vampires can’t come inside a church?”

“I seen a couple of them killed that way.” He spoke with a shudder. “I thought death by sun light was bad, but stepping onto holy ground is a whole completely different story.”

Now I was curious, the turned vampires seem to follow some aspects of hollywood cliches, though I had to wonder if Elder’s didn’t. “For example?”

“They die a slow death. The moment they step even a close vicinity of the church, they start to burn and get blisters, when they enter inside they start bleeding continuously out of their whole body, eventually something cuts them into thousands of pieces into paper shreds. Finally, they are finished off with a blaze of fire.”

Guresome yes, though it made me a lot worried about Adam. Would he become shredded cheese if he attempt to step foot on holy ground? I definitely didn’t want him to die, especially since….I actually liked him.

Wow. I actually thought that. It didn’t hit me, until this moment that I had deep feelings for him. I didn’t want to see him hurt, or in pain. Seeing him die a horrible but slow death wasn’t something that I wanted too see. I already had enough traumatising events in my life, I didn’t want someone, who I deeply care about, to go through such a thing and right now two people’s lives were in immediate danger: Adam and Samantha.

One was my future, the other was the world. This was quite a headache to think over. Without a second though, I quickly pulled up my phones and dialed Adam. I needed to tell him to stay away just in case something happens to him. All I got was his voice message, making me frustrated.

Still Adam was an Elder, he wouldn’t be to affected right? Right?! My palm started to get sweaty, and my thought started to go into darker places that I shouldn’t be thinking about.

Ugh! The torture! I needed to know if he was safe. Turning on my heels, I started back towards the entrance.

“Hey! Where are you going?!” Brian called out, he started to follow behind me not wanting to be left behind. I didn’t answer him and instead continually to move forward.

My feet was already running into a jog, hoping to dear god that he didn’t make it any time soon. Please let him be okay. Please Moon Goddess, let him not burn to death! I ran with full force, my heart beating heavily in my chest. The thought of him being hurt drove me into panic, he wasn’t stupid enough to come barging in right after me? Right?

I have known him for awhile, and he take priority over saving the world than me. I know it. That’s what he did the last time….that thought actually made me feel a tad bit of pain in the heart. He had a reason, this was the world we’re talking about, but still he did come and rescued me with his team. That meant a lot, but now that we are marked, does he know what it means when one of us die?

Our lives were connected, but so far it wouldn’t make us crazy. Luckily, we didn’t go all the way so the chance of going crazy wasn’t going to happen, possibly. I’m actually not sure, especially between the two of us. We’re a pair that never existed before, especially marked. There wasn’t any in either werewolf or vampire history, making this a whole different thing in itself.

Still, I didn’t want to take any chances, I needed to know if he was okay.

The moment I opened the door, I slammed into a heavy set of body, taking the wind out of my chest. I felt warm hands wrap around my shoulder, hugging me in tightly into the body. I could smell Adam’s natural scent, tickling my nose. He turned, so he could shield me from the fall. We both landed on the ground with a heavy thud that took the wind out of Adam. My eyes were closed for a moment, waiting for the impact, but all I felt was his hard muscled body, keeping me safely in his embrace.

“Angel? What’s the rush?” Adam asked worriedly.

I opened up my eyes, and saw him just fine. Pushing myself up, I reached over towards his head and searched for any red marks, blisters, cuts or possibly even blood. His head moved side-to-side in a jerking motion.

“Angel?” Adam asked again, confused at why I was suddenly making sure if he was alright. I even went as far as to unbutton his clothes, and make sure there was nothing wrong with his body.

“Uh, Tila. I don’t think this is the right place for doing that.” He chuckled as he watched with an amused expression on his face. I lifted up his arm, and checked.

When I found out nothing was wrong, I sighed with a heavy relief. The whole vampires burning up and being slowly tortured wasn’t happening to Adam at all. My head dropped and hit his bare chest, leaving me feeling all of a sudden tired. I was worried for nothing, and now I look like a complete fool. Right now, I don’t think I have the courage to look at his face without turning into a tomato.

“Tila?” Adam called me out again. This time his hand rested on my shoulder. “Are you alright? What got you so flustered?”

“Nothing.” I mumbled into his chest.

“I can feel that something is definitely bothering you. Tell me.” He raised up my chin, and I tried to look away. “Stripping me half naked in front of the Cathedral is already pushing it, We can finish it up later on when we have our own spare private time.” He chuckled.

“It’s not that.” I mumbled even more. My cheeks were turning bright red to the point I felt heat rise up all over my body. This was so embarrassing that I wanted to hide in a hole and never come out until spring.

“Then what is it?”

I bite down on my lips. Should I tell him?

“If you don’t tell me, I’m going to kiss you right here and now.”

I froze. What?! Here? Now? Wait!? My heart’s not ready!

“You got three seconds. One. Two.”

“Okay, okay. I was just worried.” I slipped out of his hand, and dropped my head back down onto his chest again.

“Worried about me?”



“I thought you were going to die, because you stepped near the church.”

Adam grabbed a hold of me, we both got back onto our feet. When I peeked at the corner of my eyes, I could feel him staring intently at me. His gaze roamed around my face, till he reached over and hugged me gently.

I couldn’t help but melt into his safe arms, feeling a sense of calm. It was instant, and pleasing making the whole experience worthwhile. Did I wanted to get out of his embrace? No. I wanted to stay there for a very long time.

“So cute.” He chuckled.

“Cute?” I pulled back, tilted my head.

“Yep. You were worried about me weren’t you. That’s why you came running thinking I’ll burn to death like the moment I stepped in.”

I had a difficult time saying yes, I was just too embarrassed honestly that I couldn’t say it. Instead, I slowly nodded.

“So cute.” He said again and leaned forward, rubbing his nose on mine, giving me an eskimo kisses.

If I could turn any redder, I probably could. I was dying with embarrassment.

He pulled back, giving me space to calm down. “To finally see you flustered over me gives me great joy. I was waiting for you to have feelings for me.”

“I don’t.” I denied, even though I knew I was falling for him.

“Come on angel. Just this once, say that you like me?” He pouted. His cheek inflated like a squirrel. He pulled off a adorable look, making me swoon. Wow, he can really pull it off quite well.

“I-” It really wasn’t easy to say it.

“Please, just this one. I need to know, before we save the world.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Save the world? That’s something vampires don’t usually do, same with a werewolf. We were considered evil beings in human legends, if they heard of this the humans might laugh or worse hunt us down and burn us like witches possibly.

“This might be my last time seeing you.” His voice became a whisper, making me feel a horrible stinging pain. Not seeing him? No! I definitely didn’t want that. I wanted to see him everyday.

“You can’t die!” I shouted, startling him. “I forbid you! You can’t die until I say I love you!”

Adam grinned from ear-to-ear. “I won’t angel. I won’t. I’ll live even longer than that okay?” He patted my head like a puppy.

For some reason, I felt defeated. I didn’t realize what I had said until I let it all out. I just partially confessed to him that I would say I love him some day. No wait, I said I love you without saying I love you to him? Ugh, did I just say that? My emotions must seriously be getting to me.

“Now I have a definite reason why I can’t die. Plus, Elder’s like me don’t get affected by sacred grounds. I told you that I am still close to human didn’t I? The Vampire virus is just a curse. We’re not a complete abomination as a turned vampire.” He spoke. “There aren’t many things in the world that can affect us Elder, angel. This is one of them just like the sun. We are still blessed by God, he still loves us enough to keep his cursed children alive.”

“I see.” I felt utterly stupid for getting really worried. Instead, I made myself into a huge fool in front of Adam, and even confessing that I like him.

“Ahem.” Brian called out towards us. I broked up from him and pretend nothing happened. “If you both are done with your flirting, I would appreciate if we can get on with the problem at hand.”

Damn. For a split moment, I forgot about why we were here. This whole time I was that worried that I couldn’t think of anything else but Adam.

“Yea, about that.” I straightened myself. “There dead humans in the cathedral.” I motioned behind me.

“Are you serious?” Adam walked past me, and headed into the cathedral. “Stay here Brian.” He ordered.

“Yea, though there some weird drawing on the floor. Some kind of weird symbols drawn by lamb’s blood.” I said.

“Lamb’s blood?” Adam walked even faster. I could tell that something was caught up in his mind. He then stopped in front of the graphic art on the ground and cursed. He cursed so many different languages I never existed, making it quite appalling.

“What’s wrong?” I peeked over towards him worriedly. Was there something that I don’t know about? Did the marking on the floor symbolize something I should’ve know about? If so what was it that made Adam swore at least in ten different languages or was that twenty?

“We need to get out of here now!” Adam shouted, he grabbed ahold of my hand and yanked me back towards the front. It was then that I saw the symbols on the ground start to glow. I knew instantly then what it was: a magic circle. The heavy smell of otherworldly magic, I remember smelling similar to the enchanted ship, was ten time pungent that smelled heavily with death.

Both of us ran, I wanted to know what kind of magic it was for, but it didn’t take long for my question to be answered. All of a sudden, I felt the ground violently rumble and shook.

“Run faster, Tila!” Adam didn’t let go. I could hear fear in his voice. The ground shook harder to the point where I was now stumbling. My balance was all over the place from the sudden shift of the ground.

It didn’t take long for the wall of the cathedral to start to crack and break. Every single one of the glass windows shattered. Cracks started to form on the floor, and the walls started to crumble.

Running through the falling building was terrifying, this was the second most frightening event that I had run into in one day, the first one being the dragon that I saw swimming in the ocean.

“Move! Move! Move! Move!” Adam barely dodged from the crumbling roof, more and more debris started to fall onto the ground with a heavy thud, making maneuvering a lot more difficult

I pulled out of Adam’s hand and pushed him forward, a loud crash could be heard as a large concrete fell in-between us. We were second away from becoming pancakes, and luckily I saw the large chunk falling before we could be crushed.

“Go! I’ll follow you.” I called. With a push of my muscles, I sprung forward. Pulling every ounce of werewolf strength I could muster, I swiveled, jumped, rolled, and even dodged to the side til I got past the door.

When I crossed the gate, a second bout of earthquake shook, and this time the power of the earthquake was five times stronger than what I had felt in my life. Everything in a ten mile radius started to violently shake, and chaos was rampant as buildings started to crumble. All I could do was run away from buildings and into open areas, out of fear of being squashed. Heavy dust erupted outwards, covering me completely, leaving me coughing in a frenzy state. Fear doused my heart, and all I could do was blindly walk through the thick clouds.

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Author’s Note: The story is almost complete. We got three or four chapters left, depending on if I need that one extra chapter. I hope you enjoyed the story, just as much as I had fun writing it. Comment, share, like, or donate b/c every little things counts. Thank you~

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