Howling Chapter 33


Chapter 33

    A sharp piercing scream, startled me back to sanity. My hands were clammy, my instincts were telling me to run the other way. The dragon that was hidden behind thick fogs were slicking leisurely past without even stopping. What was worst was I couldn’t move my leg, I was that terrified at the sheer power that the dragon gave off.

Even the humans were dumbstruck at the scene before them, glued to one spot, unable to move from the unknown heavy pressure. Some even collapsed onto the ground unable to even stand up on their feet.

Every second that passed time felt like eternity, the dragon’s body sunk excruciatingly slowly back into the water. My breathe was held in every moment till I thought the dragon completely sunk back in. I let out a sharp out take of my breath, and drew in multiple quick ones.

Just as quickly the fog pulled through, it disappeared. They were no more sight of the monster that crashed into the Golden Gates, it was as if everything was an illusion, a lie that one conjured up in one’s mind. The only proof that what they saw was real was the heavy damage inflicted on the bridge itself.

My eyes searched down upon the ocean waters, swirls of water move back and forth, till finally everything became quite. The overwhelming feeling of dread was gone, and instead confusion riddled my brain.

People gasped, screamed, and even panicked when the saw the collapse of the iconic bridge. Quite a few of them somehow awoke from the daze and even started taking videos, showing everything that was taking place.

Was all of this even real? Or did something else entirely broke the bridge itself? It could be terrorism right? My mind was riddled with these thoughts, but I knew better that none of these questions were true.

“Did that just happened?” Brian was the first one to break the silence. I could hear the hint of full blown fear from his voice.  “I’m not dreaming am I? Someone pinch me so I know I’m not dreaming this.” He worded breathlessly.

I couldn’t help myself and slapped him across the face. Why did I do that? Because I didn’t want to slap myself, not only that he asked for it in the first place. Brian stumbled backwards in complete disbelief that I did what he asked for.

“What? You asked for it.” I shook my hand trying to get the stinging pain out of my fingers.

“Did you have to slap me so hard?”

I shrugged. At the same time that slap helped me wake up, the pain in my hand were throbbing telling me that I was awake. Both he and I now knew that this wasn’t a dream. “We got to go back and tell the others. Let’s go.”

We both pulled away from the beach, pushing ourselves past the people who clamored to get a closer shot at the wreckage that was before them. Then I saw something unusual at the corner of my eye followed by a very strong scent of Rogue Wolves. My head sharply turned towards the right, catching the sight of the rogues who were standing ontop of the rocks, laughing at the destruction they saw.

Fury doused my mind, I wasn’t pleased. Honestly, it pissed me off that they would laugh at the destruction before them as if it was some show. I was holding myself back from running towards them and decking them out.

“Did you see that? That’s a perfect ten out of ten!” The Rogue wolf laugh with glee.

“Just a piece of her finger and this is all we get? This is truly amazing!” The other rugged rogue chuckled and nodded his head in agreement. “Think about what devastation it would cause to the humans if we lopped of her head.”

“It would be complete chaos!”

They kneeled over laughing, slapping their legs. I couldn’t take it anymore, my leg bolted forward, and with a vicious punch, the first rogue held snapped backwards, completely knocked out from the sudden attack. The second scruffy looking rogue turned towards me too slow, my leg sweeped under his feet, pushing him off balance in one fell swoop. My hand pulled back into a punch and with a slam, I hit downwards inches away from his face.

“So you guys were the one who stole Samantha.”

The rogue coughed up blood, stared at me with complete fear at the sheer power I was giving off. It didn’t compare anywhere with the dragon, but it still did the job of scaring this petty rogue silly.

“W-w-what are you talking about? I d-d-did n-n-no such thing!”

“Even if you didn’t your boss did.” I snarled. “To kidnap a child are you guys out of your fucken mind!” I shouted in heat.

People turned towards us, wondering what was going on. They started to murmur with one another. The sight of a young girl overpowering two large males wasn’t something anyone would see very often, especially someone like me who was dominating them with skill and sheer aura.

“I don’t think this is a good idea.” Brian quickly spoke, he look back and forth from me then to the people. “We need to go before the cops arrive.”

“Give me a moment.” I glared downwards at the rogue in front of me. “You got three seconds, tell me where Ogma is and I won’t skewer you from the ass up with a metal pipe and keep you posted in front of every human here.”

“You wouldn’t dare. Their humans.” The rogue gaze at me with wide eyes.

I grabbed him by the scruff of his clothes and brought him up to my face. “There are couple of things I wouldn’t do, but when the world is in balance, I wouldn’t mind doing this to get an answer. Brian!”

My words startled Brian, he took a step back.

“Get me the longest parasol that you can find. We’re going to have a shishkabob.” My lips curled upwards in a bone chilling smile, my eyes sparkled with ill intent, and my body gave off an overwhelming amount of power that made anyone in the vicinity to step back out of sheer fear.

Even the humans were affected a lot more than the rogue themselves and scuttled backwards away. Power that I never felt before started to wash out even stronger, more dark and evil, blooming with heavy blood lust.

I wanted this bastard dead here and now. To get rid of scum like them, but they were too many people. Becoming a murder in front of all this witness wasn’t a wise idea in the human world, and right now I didn’t want my cover blown yet.

“Try me.” A mixture of my voice and a deeper voice spoke out at the same time.

The rogue squealed. A sour smell of piss erupted out of his pants, drizzling downwards onto the floor.

“I-I-It’s Donnovan! He the one who been working with Ogma!” The rogue threw up his hands. “I-I swear. I d-d-didn’t do anything.”

“Where are they?”

“I-I don’t know.”

“Yes, you do.” I tightened my grip to the point of choking him out.

“H-he’s probably at G-Grace Cathedral. I swear, I don’t know if they are s-stil there!”

“Good dog.” I let go, causing him to slump onto the ground. The fear in his body made him shudder uncontrollably. My foot did a sweeping kick to his temple, knocking him out.

Without even looking back, I turned away. Brian stare back at the rogue one last time, he then trailed behind me completely dazed in what he had just witnessed. The crowd splitted ways, allowing us to go without trouble.

“Were you really going to skewer him?”

“Yes.” Getting my anger under control wasn’t easy, especially because I was worried. The thought of Samantha being chopped up into pieces sounded horrifying.

Brian went silent for a moment. His voice was strained before he spoke again. “Are you always this powerful? I never felt someone as strong as you, except that monster in the mist.”

“You were able to see the dragon?” I asked, surprised that he was able to see beyond the illusion that covered the dragon’s body. Humans wasn’t always able to see beyond the illusion casted upon by high level magical creatures, especially beings that can use magic.

“Yes, I was always able to since I was a kid.”

“So, you’re one of those humans.” I understood instantly. They were a rare five percent of humans who were able to see the beyond the illusion, and they were also the type to somehow end up meeting and associating around paranormal beings like me. That would explain why the Donnovan wanted to go more on a nationwide hunt. It was for that rare five percent of humans that have some form of special ability in their body.

“Does your eye normally do that weird thing?” Brian motion his hand in front of him towards his eye.

“What weird thing?” I quickly hunt down a cab, eventually snagging one before one of the humans could.

“On of your golden eyes turned purple and it’s still is.”

I couldn’t help, but be surprised at what he had just said. Since Kimberly had left, my eye color always stay golden. Not once did it change back into a heterochromia colors. Why was it now that I could switch eye color? That could make sense on why I suddenly felt a large boost of dark energy, swamping me when I took on the rogues.

“I guess.”

“That’s so cool. I always thought your eye color were unnaturally amazing. At first, I thought they were contacts, but not anymore.”

“It’s a werewolf trait.”

We entered into the cab. “Take us to Grace Cathedral as fast as you can.” I handed him a hundred dollar bill without a second thought.

“I assumed you weren’t like Donovan.”

My hand slipped into my pocket, I quickly speed dialed Adam. He picked up in matter of moments.

“You alright?” Adam asked. There was a hint of worry in his voice. “I heard what happened at the Golden Gate Bridge.”

“Words travel fast.”

“I’m assuming it was an awakened dragon?”

“Yes.” I hissed. “I never felt something so horrifyingly powerful. We need to find Samantha fast.”

“I agree, though I haven’t had any luck on my end.”

“I do. Grace Cathedral. One of Donovan’s dogs spat out the information.”

“That was quite easy.” Adam stated amused. “I thought they would put up a bit of struggle.”

“They didn’t get the chance too.”

“I see. I’ll meet you at Grace Cathedral.”


The line went dead. Throughout the whole ride, my mind was in chaos worriedly thinking about the worst case scenarios, especially of an end of the world scenario. The thought of having a colossal dragon appearing out from the waters or the sky terrified me. Even if I was the white wolf, what can I do against something that was classified as a natural disaster.

I heard stories in the past on how ancient dragons have caused tsunamis, earthquakes, rogue waves, landslides, tornadoes, even a blizzard. A small wolf going against nature wasn’t something that I had signed up for, especially when there wasn’t a way to win. Its nature for crying out loud, and I was no god.

If I remember correctly, one of the rare ice dragons living in Alaska Panhandle supposedly lazily hit the side of a cliff with its tail, it loosened a large number of rocks high above the northeastern shore of Lituya Bay. When those rock plunged into the Gilbert Inlet, a local tsunami crashed into the southwest shoreline of Gilber Inlet. The wave was as high as 1720 feet and it continued down the entire length of Lituya Bay, over La Chaussee Spit and into the Gulf of Alaska, which cause all trees to be removed all trees and vegetation.

Even one of the famous volcanic eruption that been in Hollywood movies, Mount Vesuvius, a volcano near the Bay of Naples in Italy, erupted in the year 79 A.D., burying the ancient Roman city of Pompeii under a thick carpet of volcanic ash. The volcanic ashes killed off a whole city because of a fire dragon swimming in magma, and agitating it. Look what happened to the city now, it’s completely gone.

This wasn’t the only time these so called natural disasters were dragon made. In 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku an earthquake struck Japan with a magnitude of 9 undersea megathrust earthquake. The earthquake triggered powerful tsunami waves that devastated the nearest city. When it was all over, the total body count hit over 14,000. Adam told me that the water dragon that were sleeping deep in the ocean water, triggered the earthquake from a simple movement of its body while rolling around. That was just from rolling around!

Not only that, another natural disasters caused by a wind dragon was the Daulatpur–Saturia tornado in Bangladesh on April 26, 1989, which killed approximately 1,300 people. This happened with a simple sneeze from a dragon’s nose. A once in a century, when a wind dragon wakes up to supposedly move locations during its mating season. Anyone who was caught up in it was either injured or dead.

The list just goes on, especially the deadly ones. Majority of them caused by dragon’s themselves. Can a werewolf or a vampire do this? Absolutely not, we don’t even compare even a fraction of what a dragon could do.

How do I know this? Every sightings of Ancient dragons are meticulously written down, eventually becoming a hot zone for all magical creatures to stay as far away from the dragon’s vicinity. The numbers of dragon disasters just goes on. Just thinking about having every single one of them awake was considered apocalyptical. No sane person or magical creatures would dare wake something so dangerous, unless one was Ogma.

I don’t know how Ogma fooled Donovan into thinking that this would only be a Magical War. It would be a full out massacre on both sides before the dragons even calm down. This was the true power of an angered dragon. Nukes? Not even going to damage them a single bit, there considered the number one most powerful magical creature in existence. How does nuke compare to magic? Seriously it’s like having an annoying gnat flying around in their face before the dragons even take notice of it.

I have seen dragon scales sold in the black market. There aren’t many, but they are considered exceptional quality materials that anyone would want to get their hands on. If a Seraphim Dragon is considered number one, I couldn’t phantom the power that she would have. Natural disaster when she’s full grown, pft. A snap of a finger. That’s all she would need.

Now from my guess, I would bet the dragon that was swimming in the ocean water was an water dragon. What followed with it could possibly be a freakin earthquake followed by a tsunami. Bye Bye, San Francisco if that dragon gets serious. Millions of people were going to die, and this wasn’t just going to end with that.

My head was hurting, stress was literally slowly killing me. I needed to stop with the worst case scenario, running rampant in my head. It just made me worry that much worst. It took everything out of me to breath in deeply and calm my mind. I couldn’t be tensed forever, I need to calm down and thick straight for the battle to come. Right now, I wasn’t fighting a dragon, but going against Ogma and Donnovan.

That fight was a lot more doable than fighting aginst nature. All I needed was to win and the chance of that was astronomically higher than fighting against a dragon. My dedication resolved, the car stopped and I stepped out a bit more confident the a second ago. They were no room for mistakes, I needed to make this clean and quick.

When I gazed around, I saw a giant pearly white cathedral. I couldn’t help but gaze upwards, its beautiful arches, columns, and perfect symmetric entrance. Even walking up the stairs felt unusually heavy, every step I tried my best to steel my nerves, hoping that the worst haven’t happened yet.

“Are you going to be fine?” Brian asked, calling out from behind me.

“Yes, stay close behind me. I don’t want to see you get spirited away on my watch.”

Brian picked up his pace. “Do you think whoever you’re looking for is in there?”

“They better be, or they’re going to be one hell to pay.”

“That is something I actually wouldn’t mind seeing.” He half-heartedly chuckled. From what I seen you do, you’re quite amazing.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence.”

“No problem, we need them right this moment if you know what I mean.”

I understood him perfectly. For a human he was doing very well, keeping his sanity after all that has happened in the last hour. Without holding back, I pushed through the large door and entered.

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