Howling Chapter 31

Author’s Note: Hand drawn Doodles, that has no correlation to the story.

Chapter 31

I walked towards the door, left the room, and followed the scent to my best of my ability. My foot pushed through the thick crowds of people that were dancing underneath the strobe lights. A couple handsome males pushed forward, trying to stop and talk with me. I didn’t pay them any attention, pushed them aside and kept moving forward.

The scent was getting stronger, who’ve thought that it smell intoxicatingly delicious. I was no vampire, but that was how I felt. Just thinking about it made me lose my mind, but that didn’t mean I lost it completely. There was an ongoing battle, that pushed my thoughts back and forth to sanity and insanity.

In the corner of my eyes, I saw what I was looking for. The same human, that was at the council, walked passed the hallway with two other vampires, keeping him from running away. He was chained, his head was cast down expressionlessly, I could tell that he was scared from the scent of fear was heavy in the air around him, mixing with his intoxicating scent.

Without stopping, I walked toward them. My mind was only on one thing, and that was him. I continually followed them into a private room, my steps were light and quick, the two vampires turned around and saw me.

“Hey, who are you?” The buff looking one out of the two stepped forward with his hand on the side of his belt where a holstered gun was placed.

I didn’t pay any attention to him.The human look up, his eyes became wide as he saw me standing there without a single fear. Confusion riddled his face, while he helplessly look from me to the vampire.

“Hey!” The buff man reached over to grab my shoulder, I spun around, and broke his arm in one go. My right hand pulled up my dress and slipped in to dig out a sword, the size of  my forearm, underneath my dress. With a quick swing, I stabbed the vampire on the chest before he had a chance to scream out in pain. In an instant, he turned into dust.

“Shit!” The other lanky one rushed forward, he reached behind him to pull out his gun.

With a step forward, my hand flung the sword through the air, and into his heart before he even got the chance to pull out his gun. A loud thump could be heard as the vampire fell backward into the wall. He was strung up on the wall, in seconds he disappeared into dust. I walked forward with confident steps, and pulled the sword out of the wall. My hands twirled the sword and stashed it back into my sheath on my leg in one fluid motion.

“W-w-who are you?” The human asked stuttering. He took a step backwards, wondering if I’m a vampire as well.

When I took that step towards him, I was slammed by his intoxicating scent. The dried up blood on his hand gave it that punch it needed to make my mind go buzz. It was intoxicating, my feet shuffled forward into autodrive, the human stumbled backwards into a wall. I smirked and all I could see was prey.

“W-w-what do you want?!” He cried out in fear, throwing up his hand in front of his body

His words were like a blur, they didn’t even register in my head. Instead, I moved forward, closing the gap between the two of us in one fell swoop. My right hand slammed into the wall, and my canine teeth peeked out of my lips. Something about him smell of potential mate. They were only a handful that came to mind, but his was one of the top three.

Was he possibly my mate? Was this the reason why I felt such a strong pull? Is this what it means to have a mate? Why is his smell so delicious strong? I didn’t know. These thoughts, danced in my head.

He shuddered out of fear and a hint of something else. I couldn’t help, but chuckle. Yep, I’m going to enjoy this. Every inhale of his scent was dangerously intoxicating and I was losing my sanity. Something was wrong, I could feel it, but I didn’t know what. I struggled to pull back, trying to fight for control, but for some reason it was twenty times more difficult than before.

I needed to beat this. I couldn’t let this animal instinct beat me to do something stupid. Gritting my teeth, my hand pulled back and punched the wall. Pain riddled my senses temporarily, but that still wasn’t enough to pull back. I was still stuck to close to him, allowing his scent to overcome me.

His gaze trapped with mine, giving me that short span of sanity, but that was quickly squashed by his scent. Leaning over, my lips were dangerously getting close to his. I…need…to pull…back. My breath became heavy, my instincts were telling me to pull forward, while my heart was screaming NO!

I couldn’t continue to battle any longer, but I needed to win this animal instinct. Damn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitttttttt! I screamed in my head, my throat contracting, and sweat dousing my back. Just when I was about to take it another step further, I heard something crashing through the door.

“Alpha!” A familiar female voice rung out towards me in complete panic.

“Shit! Someone pull her off him now! She’s in heat!” Ray voice stormed out in panic, he was the one to bulldoze into the door.

“What?! I thought she had hers this year!” Jaz ran towards me, she grabbed a hold of my shoulder, yanking me back with a sharp pull.

I on the other hand snapped towards her, and snarled. Back off! I telepathically yelled to every single one of them. They froze, but I could tell that they were fighting desperately to go against the command.

Damn, what did I do? My hand reached up to my head, rubbing it to fight against the dizziness of smell and emotions.

“Tila! You can’t let your heat win!” Ray shouted with excruciating pain to counter the Alpha’s command, he staggered forward. “You’re better than this!”

It took everything in me to come back to even a quarter of my sanity. When Ray shouted out it was the heat, it all clicked. The strange pain that always happened once a year, the intensified smell that would overcome all my senses, and the obnoxious mind blank. All I could think about is going after that one scent, that’s why I couldn’t figure it out.

I staggered, trying my best to shake myself awake. The smell was just that strong, it was hard staying awake without falling back into that same pattern. There was only one choice, I had to win. I had to stay sane, I just couldn’t go back into that animalistic urge, but even still the smell was powerful.

All of a sudden, I felt sturdy hands behind me. With a twirl, I was facing face-to-face with Adam. I could tell that he wasn’t happy, I could feel his body tense when he saw how I hard I was struggling. His dark gaze caught mine, making me feel small under his fury. I felt like I did something wrong,

“I’m sorry, Angel, but this is for your own good.” He pulled me into his arm. His fangs appeared, he leaned forward towards my neck and bite.

I felt a sudden excruciating pain that slapped me around, shaking my brain awake. My mouth gaped open about to scream, but following after I felt an endorphin of static electricity that coursed right after. I moaned, my leg became jelly, my body became weak, and all I could think was the blissful feeling.

Eventually he let go, pulling back from taking another chomp out of my neck. I staggered on my feet, completely dazed. Without even thinking, I roughly pushed Adam backwards as he tripped into the sofa. We both fell. My right hand yank and destroyed his button up red shirt, tearing it open. His exquisite sculpted chest laid bare open for me to see. My head snake forward and bite right at his chest near his heart.

A sharp gasp escaped Adam’s mouth, black inky pattern started to stream out of his skin twirling into a large blueish colored flower of a Forget-me-not. In total they were two perfectly entwined into each other like lovers, my breath was heavy, the hypnotic smell of the human was quickly digressing and instead the familiar warm scent bringing me back into normality.

I let go and let out a satisfied sigh with a smug look on my face. My cheeks nuzzled him in the chest, I felt my body become tired and drained. Curling up on top of him, sleep  started to overtake me quickly.

“Did I just see that?” Ray squeaked completely in disbelief. He was finally able to move.

“Quit your gawking, you knew she was going to choose him sooner or later.” Jaz chuckled out loud, catching Ray off guard.

“But that’s the sacred bond. How is it possible? No vampire should ever have one.”

“Well apparently he does.” Jaz pouted, placing her hand on her hips. She rolled her eyes at Ray as if he was stupid.

“But but but-”

“Oh quit being an idiot. How do you think hybrids are even born?”

Ray huffed angrily. “You should know just as well as I that a hybrid are not born out of love. They are born out of rape!”

Adam glared towards Ray, he lifted up his finger towards his lips, telling them to be quite. Ray quickly shut his mouth, and stood still. He look back from Adam and then towards me, worried that something might happen to him.

The human who was almost ravaged stare at all of them, completely confused in what just happened. He gazed towards Adam with relief and fear still riddled his face.

“Take him away. He’s been bought.” Adam waved his hand in front of him, snapping Ray out of his stupor. The human jumped from Adam’s words, he froze up suddenly in fear.

“Bought? What the hell? Are you gay now?” Ray spoke with complete disbelief at what he just heard.

Adam scowled. “No you stupid mutt. Do you see me as gay after this?” He snapped. “I’ll tell you guys later, take him back to the hotel.”

“Being gay isn’t to bad though.” Jaz wiggled her eyebrows and snickered under her breath, laughing at both Adam and Ray. “It’s a girl fantasy you know.”

Ray shuddered when he heard Jaz words. “Please no. You’re going to scar me for life.”

Even Adam gave Jaz a stern gaze, telling her to shut up. Jaz quickly stood straighter, and kept a very serious face as if what she said was nothing at all. He pushed himself up, wrapped his hand around me into his arm and picked me up once again into a princess carry. Sleep finally overtook me, and the droning of the people’s voice became silent.


I woke up feeling strangely refreshed. The horrible nagging pain that I remembered yesterday was gone and I felt free. Free of the pain, free of the strange lure, free of insanity that I thought I would go through because of that wretched drug like smell. With a yawn, I stretched. The jarring sunlight wasn’t like the morning sun that I usually awoke to, but the afternoon light that blinded me.

“Tila?” I heard a gruff voice close by. I snapped towards the sound and saw both Jaz and Ray, sitting down on the chair in front of the table.

“Ray? Jaz? What are you doing here?” I asked confused, trying to remember how they got here.

“We been called in by Adam, yesterday, in the morning. Luckily, we took the earliest flight possibly to get here as quickly as possible. I am sure glad that we did too.” Jaz spoke, nodding her head.

“Lucky is a matter of opinion,” grumbled Ray. “We cut to close with everything that happened last night. Not only that she’s marked.” He threw up his hand towards me in outburst.

“You should seriously calm down or you’re going to wake up the human.”

“I’ll yell as much as I want. This is just completely inconceivable. How is this even possible? Huh? You tell me if any of this make sense? Marked by a vampire.”

“It happens, so get over with it. It’s not the end of the world. Our Alpha’s not going to go hang herself or anything.”

“Well she probably would.” He grumbled.

“I would not.” I snapped. The thought of suicide sounded wrong, especially squandering the precious life that I was given a second time. My pack needed me and I wouldn’t forsake them for helping me gain back my sanity during the battle with Seline. “What do you mean marked?”

“Do you not remember?” Jaz quietly spoke. Her eyes became wide and her hand pointed towards her neck.

For a moment, I was confused what she was pointing at. Then I saw where her finger rested, my body bolted out of the bed, and I ran toward the bathroom. The door was violently pushed opened, I went straight towards the mirror and stared.

Holy….mother….asdfijwe;i! A mate’s mark! Two black and blue tattoo design of a Forget-me-not flower boldly wrapped around my neck with two red puncture mark used as the circle for the flowers.

Suddenly, all the memories of what happened last night flashed through my numb mind, jarring me awake even further than I thought I could ever be awake. My mouth opened and closed like a fish, unable to speak a single word. Following after, I blushed scarlet.

There was a difference between being marked and fully mated for us, and luckily I didn’t take that next step. I was actually relieved that it stopped at marked. Either way, I shook my head, trying to kill such thought and breathe in a deep breath.

A few things that I absolutely hated about being werewolf was the mate’s pull. Why in the world is there the mind numbing pull? I understand the draw of a soulmate, but to the extent of such heavy pull, I believe this is madness in its own little way. We skip the whole dating, getting to know, and taking it slow part. It must be because as a werewolf our sense of smell takes up a good portion of our everyday life, especially marking territory.

The second is the instant love, I might not be like every werewolf out there, but majority of the time I have seen couples fall in love with a snap of a finger. That’s only possible in a werewolf community, while humans it takes forever. Seriously, who is the Moon Goddess kidding? I don’t understand the Moon Goddess will, or would I ever want to attempt too. It’s way over my head and it probably make my head hurt.

And the number one thing I absolutely HATE was the week of the heat. Sanity? Is that a joke? Goodbye reason. What am I an animal?! Wait, I am part animal…Anyways, that’s not the point, this is one of those primitive self-preserving bull crap that I wished never existed, this is probably why werewolves are still preserving to this day. I’m going to have to talk about this with the pack healer and see if we could officially find a way to curb this for the benefit of future Alpha’s and other pack members. So they could have a sense of sanity and given a choice without the mind messing pull. If I ever get a chance, I for sure as hell give the Moon Goddess a piece of my mind if I ever meet her.

Maybe this was why, the effects of a soul mate doesn’t effect me at all, because I was werewolf with my past memories of my past life. Maybe its because I’m stubborn as well. I don’t know. I was just a bystander to my sister crazy love that would be considered fantastical, but then we are fantastical beings in the first place. Common sense for our pack is completely different from mine entirely.

I pushed away from the sink, and wobbled back towards the bed in a complete daze. With a flop, I sat down. “Did I mark him?” I was having trouble forming words, realizing my sanity at that time was gone.

“Yes.” Jaz sternly spoke. She winked towards me and a large smile erupted on her face. “You were quite demanding weren’t you. To go straight to marking. That’s my Alpha I know.”

“That’s not our Alpha.” Ray grumbled. “She would’ve pulled through her heat without any problem.

“You know that’s not completely true. Going into heat for our kind is natural, while abstaining oneself for six years is a miracle,” Jaz snapped, “Do you want our Alpha to go crazy?! I sure as hell don’t want her to regret the choice that she did.”

“How are you sure that she didn’t regret what she had done now? Huh? Look at her. She’s completely silent.” Ray waved his arm in front of him.

“No, she’s not. She would be screaming in hysteria by now.” Jaz crossed her arms. She seem quite confident in what she said, making me wonder what she said was true.

I thought I would go in a full out rampage from seeing the mark, but some reason, I didn’t. Everything felt fine, it was as if I didn’t mind at all, catching me completely off guard. Still, what was surprising was that the human’s scent was no more, it was as if it just suddenly disappeared, melding into the background with all the other normal human scent.

“What happened to the human?” I spoke.

“He’s sleeping on the couch over there.” Ray motioned to the side. Not to far away from them, I saw someone sleeping on the couch wrapped tightly in a blanket. “By the way, his name is Brian. Poor bastard, he’s been used purely for breeding.”

“I thought all males like that.” Jaz tease.

“Its up to a certain point you know. We do have morals.”

“Apparently, some of the vampires don’t.”

“Apparently not.” I said, a bit worried that the cause of the last night incident was still here. This time, I carefully sniffed the air, hoping that I wouldn’t get washed away by the scent.

Jaz saw what I was doing. “Don’t worry about it. He can’t affect you if you are mark or the mated.” I could tell that she was slightly  worried that I might go into a another heat. She grabbed the edge of her chair, she leaned forward as if she was going to bolt and tackle me. Even Ray was a bit uncomfortable, wearily watching me if I would do anything strange.

So far there were no effect, I was sane. I nodded my head to reassure them that everything was okay. They finally relaxed and let out a deep breath of relief.

“How come it doesn’t effect the mark or the mated?” I asked.

“We’re not sure, but it just doesn’t. That’s why Adam said it was fine if he slept here in this room, so he could keep an eye on him. Plus he’s Adam’s property.”

Property. I wasn’t so sure I liked that word. Slave trading was still rampant in certain parts of the country still to this day, and it seem that older vampires still go with such mentality.

“It makes more common sense that he should be in another room, when our Alpha was sleeping. He has the money to buy another room,” said Ray, not liking the idea that the human was here.

“You know as well as I that’s what Adam wanted. Plus, he’s not your property to begin with.”

“I know.”

“So, where is Adam?” I cut in on their conversation.

“We’re not sure. I think he went out to deal with a couple things. He said he’ll be back shortly.” Jaz spoke, suddenly the door was flung open and Adam walked in with bags of Chinese take outs. “Well speak of the devil, he’s finally here.”

Adam kicked the door close with his foot, and walked towards us. He handed one of the bag of food towards Ray, and brought the other bag with him. Every step he took, I felt a strange buzz of elated feelings erupting around my heart. Shifting from one hand to another, I was uncomfortable at his intense gaze.

He walked over and sat down beside me. The bed dipped slightly towards him, I felt myself leaning, and the moment we touched shoulder-on-shoulder an electric tingle shot through my body. I flinched and back away.

“Are you okay?”Adam asked worriedly. I could tell that he felt it too, but he was doing a better job of not showing it. Instead, he rummaged through the bag, he opened it up, allowing the strong scent of sesame chicken and noodles to hit me hard in the face.

A loud angry grumble shouted inside my stomach, blood rush up to my cheeks embarrassed. Adam chuckled and handed me the box of food with a fork stuck in it. Gratefully, I took the food in hand and picked up the fork. While hungrily, I tore through the food as if I haven’t eaten in days.

“You don’t have to worry too much about her. She’s fine.” Jaz said as she started to unwrap her food. “She’s not going to go into another frenzy you know.”

Adam nodded with understanding and pulled out his food.

Brian who was sleeping stirred awake from the smell of food. He moaned in protest and woke up with a loud yawn. When he glanced around, he froze when he saw us leisurely eating as if nothing was happening.

“Your food is here.” Jaz spoke out towards him. “Come and get some.”

Brian wasn’t sure if he should get up and go towards it or stay where he was. He wearily gazed towards Adam’s watchful gaze, and stopped when he saw me.

“Don’t worry, she’s not going to bite you.” Adam chuckled. “It’s all over, so go and get something to eat.” He commanded.

Brian didn’t say no, and he wearily got up. Throughout the whole walk towards the food, he was staring at me as if I was some kind of special animal in a zoo. I ignored him completely, and continued eating.

“If you keep staring at me, I’m going to poke them out.” I snarled. Not liking the feeling of being stared at.

Brian turned away slightly blushing. He took the food that Ray had in his hand and went back towards the couch.

“So, Adam. What are you going to do with him?” Ray pointed towards Brian. “You didn’t tell us exactly why you wanted him.”

Adam put his fork down. “Quite simple really, I wanted to go through a couple test with his blood as well as he’ll be great deterrent.”

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly, what I mean. He’ll be living near the pack borders, and keeping the other vampires or werewolves focused on him so they won’t go looking for Samantha. He’s the perfect honey trap you know.”

Honey trap was truly the right words for him and for a human that was a very deadly combination.

“You know that’s going to put his life in danger.” Jaz spoke not to keen on what he said.

“Actually, I was hoping that Tila here wouldn’t mind having the pack protect him. I’ll be sending a couple of my kind as well to keep them at bay so he doesn’t get sucked dry or possibly ravaged.”

“That’s a good idea an all, but you do know that for singles it’s a very bad idea to be near him.”

“I know. That’s why it would be a mated pair that would be working alongside him.”

“We can work something out.” I spoke. “Though is this really the reason why you bought him?”

“Yes and no. Right now, having him near Donovan’s pet project is a very bad idea, but I thought I could use this for an extra insurance in keeping Samantha safe. Plus, he’s not the only one that Donovan’s has. What was it, he’s the weakest one out of twenty.”

“Twenty more?!” Jaz asked in complete outburst. “That is so sick and wrong!”

Adam shrugged his shoulders. “To you guys, yes, but for vampires that don’t want to find their Belladonnas and want their blood it’s a win-win situation. Plus for being what he is, anywhere he goes, he’s going to run into trouble in both werewolf and vampire kind. I suggest that where he’s going now is a lot safer than the city crawling with vampires.”

“I’m not so sure about that. He’ll be going to a land crawling with werewolves.”

Adam shrugged. “I book a flight for you guys to get back home, I got a couple more things to do here before I follow behind.” He once again ate.

Not once did Brian said anything except quietly listen to what Adam had said. The tense air around him finally soften as he quietly ate. I could tell that the smell of fear was gone and instead replaced by relief. Yep, Adam sometimes has a heart of gold, and he shows it in his own little way even though for others who might think otherwise.

Just when I was going to go back to eating, I noticed that the usually pendant around his neck wasn’t there.

    “Adam, what happened to the pendant?” I asked, wondering where it went.

    Adam’s hand quickly shot up, his fingers darting around trying to find the pendant that was around his neck. His eyes became wide and then he furrowed deeply. “Shit.” This was the rare few times I heard Adam swear, and when he swore, I knew we were in deep trouble.

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