Valkyrie’s Lament Chapter 2

School classroom in Japanese high school

Chapter 2
The Classroom of Slaughter

Silver finally came out the other end of the hallway and found herself in a very familiar setting. She was in a large dome like classroom filled with one hundred people, who were all unconscious, sitting down on chair in front of their desk neatly in rows. They were children, adults, and even elderly. The children and teenagers were all wearing the same black and white uniforms just like her, in which it reminded Silver of a private school uniforms, while the adults were wearing simple green gym clothes with white stripes going on their sides.

Not a single window was present around her and instead fluorescent light glared harshly downwards towards the ground. They were no doors to be seen anywhere in the large classroom, instead they was a rectangular, large, black chalkboard decorated with flowery drawings of plants. In white chalk written neatly in white were words: WELCOME  STUDENTS OF CLASSROOM 249!  The door behind her slammed shut and magically disappeared, leaving her behind with the rest.

“A Classroom?” The words escaped her mouth. Wait, why was she there? A horrible throbbing headache could be felt blasting through her head. Pieces of her memories flow through, making  her get a gist of what was going on. She felt confused, but relieved that a memory that felt more like a dream helped her understand the situation. This place was where it all began. The Game of Life and Death.

The last thing she remembered was being stabbed in the chest by the Emperor with a broken sword. Confused she look down at her hands and noticed that it was back to its usual soft lustrous hands. Not the old scarred up fingers with rough texture of callous littered all over. None of this made any sense.

Even the starting point of  where she began in this game was different. She did not understand how she even got there in the first place. What she noticed was that her memories had large blanks in her mind, making it difficult for her to remember everything that had happened. This made her a bit worried, but at least she could remember at least half of her everything.

Just like the poem on that the strange being spoke, she was like the man walking in the battlefield of the dead. People were splayed out almost lifeless, sleeping quietly without a single sound. It was eerily quiet, making her wonder how so many people could just sleep so quietly without waking up. She walked over towards an empty seat and sat down, placing her sword on the side of her desk. She saw a small card and a decent dagger lying on the table in front of her.

Silver knew exactly what this card was, there was only one of its kind. Bringing it up, the metallic sheen of the card fluctuated and show a glossy glow. A message appeared on the card showing all her information. This card was a special card that recorded all her information on the body’s status and abilities.

Name Silver Frost
Gender Female Average Level Y- (1)
Race Human Body Status Healthy (Infected)
Age 18 Health 70
Height 5 ft 9’ Mana 110
Weight 124 Ib Stamina 90
Strength 5 Agility 7
Vitality 6 Dexterity 9
Intelligence 12 Wisdom 13
Leadership 5 Luck 7
Magic None
Items Comet (X-), Millionaire Inventory ring (A)


“I’m infected? What does this mean?” Silver was not sure what to think of this. Usually when coming out of the place everyone got a poison status instead. Everything about her was the same, except the part where she was infected. This made her worry a little bit wondering what kind of strange illness that she had contracted. If she remembered correctly, she never gotten infected before nor heard anything like this.

Silver gave up thinking any more deeply than this. Anymore unnecessary thinking, she felt as if her head will burst open from over thinking. Instead she stared at her pitiable level and sighed. She was a level Z-. Out of all the twenty-eight levels that one can have she was at the bottom of the food chain. The level was simple from the English Alphabet Z was the lowest and what was worse, a minus was put next to it meaning it was worst than a regular Z itself. A was the third highest. Rank S was the second, and Rank SS was considered astronomically strong. She had never seen anyone to have such a high level. Humanity was only able to reach to a level G and only the top one had been rumored to have a level F.

Everything else was simple, Health was how much her life was before she dies. Stamina was how long she can keep moving around before she can’t anymore. Mana was magic that she is able to use later on in the game.

Strength and agility was simple and easy to understand. Vitality was her health and defense points that told her how much of a beating that she can take. Dexterity leans in more favor of hand and body coordination, the higher the points the more flexible and accurate one hits and throws. Intelligence and Wisdom both fall under the category for magic, Intelligence adds up the power of one’s magic ability, while Wisdom is the accumulated knowledge of magic itself that transfers to how much magic reservoir one has in oneself.

If she remembered correctly, this was really nothing compared to her future self. Even still her future self wasn’t even strong enough to handle the Emperor at all. Compare to the other nine before her were tremendous in strength that had far surpassed her. They were like the heaven and she was like the earth. The highest score that she got was a level J.

She wasn’t going to squander this god given second chance. In her memory that she flipped around, she saw herself as a pathetic female who screamed in fright and huddled with the group of girls. Now thinking back it was totally shameless that she was saved by others, but those others had another dark side to humanity. She was taken advantage of and even worked like a slave. Her view towards humanity was not in a sense of goodwill.

The only thing that made her want to save humanity was her past lover’s words who had help heal her heart. His last dying words to save the last of their kind and she had personally promised him that she would. She wanted to die with him, but he forbade her and instead gave her a goal and even had become a dream that they both shared. A reason to live and drive her very soul to fight against the Emperor.

Honestly it was more for a selfish reason, just to see the Emperor died in her hand screaming for his last breathe. He took everything and she was bent on gaining everything back. Save humanity? That was more of a second objective. Her primary objective was what fueled her soul. No more was she the nice girl, but instead she hardened herself to become a demon to her enemies. She then moved onto her next item.

Millionaire Inventory Ring

Rank Level: A

A special ring that can hold over one a million items in spatial magic. This ring is one of a kind. There are other Inventory Rings with lower storage space, but this ring has the highest number of space.

She was satisfied in what she was given. A rare item that she herself was glad to have and she placed it in the ring. Leaning over, she reached over towards her sword to see the information about it.


Rank Level: Y

Owner: Silver

Class: Devourer Weapons

Growth type weapon. Does not listen to anyone else but its master. Any other information is unknown.

Silver was pleased. This sword right now just as strong as any regular sword. Still she felt satisfied that it was a Growth type. This meant that her sword could eventually grow into a mythical weapon. There weren’t many growth type weapons out there in the world and she was the first one to get her hands on one. The problem was that information on growing a growth type weapon was scarce and almost nonexistence. She did not know much about how to evolve a weapon. Putting her status card and the dagger away into her ring. She hunched over to take a rest on top of her desk, waiting for the next thing to happen. She knew any minute now everyone will be awake and the second game will begin.

Just like she predicted, the sleeping people were slowly coming awake right on cue. The first one to get up were the children, then the teenagers, women, and finally the men. Everyone was confused at what had happened and how they all end up in a classroom.

“What just happened?”

“There was a fog just a moment ago right?”

“Wait, you had that dream too?”

“Yea, you too?”

“So it was real?”

“I think so.”

The voices of the people were bustling to life. They got up trying to find a way out once again, but not a single one were able too. Everywhere they felt around the wall, they were not a single way out.

With groans and moans, voices began to cry out in confusion and outrage for they were all lost at what was happening before them. For the people who had been spirited away to an unknown place, brought fear into many hearts.

“Where are we?”

“Have we been kidnapped?”

“This must be a joke right?”

People started to panic, afraid and confused at where they were.

Then a memory hit her, she was brought back to the beginning of the abduction where numerous numbers of games were going to take place. How could she forget such important information? She felt stupid that it took now to remember. The Classroom of Beginning or in her words the Classroom of Slaughter. She was back to her seventeen years old self. Every sound of people’s fear and confusion were like a cold splash of wake up call.

More of her bits and pieces of her memory told her that humanity was going to be completely wiped out from the face of the planet. This was one of the very few memories rung clear in her mind like a sore thumb. Even if she wanted to forget, she couldn’t. The war of the species from six different planets were going to beginning and the stage was set on Angelo.

In the next three years, all the population on Earth was going to take part in this wicked game, but the complete annihilation of the human species took about ten years.The war between species throughout the galaxy were coming and there were no stopping it. She slouched forward onto the desk, and sighed. There just was too much to think about that it tired her brain. If only she had the ability to turn off her mind like a switch.

“Sniffle. Sniffle.” A soft voice was crying next to her on her right. Peeking over, she noticed a small boy with black hair crying. She froze.

If god made the most adorable, cutest person in the world. The person who was sitting down next to her was the one. She thought he look around the age of ten years old, but noticed that he look more like girl than a boy. The only thing that told him that he was not a she was his short hair and the boy clothes that he wore, but even still he could be mistaken for a little girl.

Both of their eyes momentarily met, he was surprised at her cold eyes that were staring into him. His face turned scarlet red from embarrassment and he quickly wiped his nose. He then smiled at her with a big grin telling her that he was alright.

Silver literally had to peel her eyes away from him. If she stare any longer her reflexes will kick in and start squeezing his adorable face. If there was one weakness in her heart, it was cute things.

“Um.…excuse me.” A childish boy’s voice called out to her.

She did not turn to reply. Instead she had to hold in her impulses.

“Excuse me, why do you have a sword?”

“To kill you with if you don’t leave me alone.” Her sharp words spilled out of her mouth unconsciously. The boy went silent and his eyes turned wide. He actually stared at her with disbelief at her sudden sharp words. “I don’t believe you will do that.”

“Do you really think I won’t?” She dangerously spoke towards him with a frightening persona, her head turned slowly towards him with slight bloodlust.

Sliver felt a tinge of regret for scaring the little boy, but she did not sit here to make friends. Her memories of her past, overwritten the sweet persona that she had and instead a more rough and battle hardened warrior took its place.

“No.” The boy at first flinched, then he replied back with a calm composed manner. “My name is Jasper.” He replied with a cheerful smile.

Was there a screw loose in this boy’s head? Silver couldn’t help but wonder if there really was something wrong. He didn’t even bat an eye when she literally threatened him directly. Did she need to show a bit more excessive force to kick him away or something? But then again, she didn’t want to be the center of attention right this moment. What was worse was that his smile was deadly. Silver steeled herself and her heart.

“What’s your name?” Jasper’s eyes were sparkling with interest.

Silver gave up. This type of mental boy was not something she could easily deal with. Instead, she snuggled her face into her arms, leaving him alone to chatter by himself.

When she did not answer, he continued to talk to her. “Which period is it made in? I mean where did you the sword? Did you steal it?”

The word steal hit a nerve. “No, I did not steal this sword. It is rightfully mine. Leave me alone.” She growled that was muffled by her arms.

Jasper frowned. “I guess you won’t tell me your name. Then is it alright if I scooch over next to you?” He still relentlessly pursued.

“Do whatever you want.”

“Great!” Jasper stated with excitement. He got up, pocketed his card, and pushed his chair and desk over. The silence between the two were strangely quiet, but she did not look up. “So what do you think is going to happen?”

“Do you think this is some kind of spirited away to another world story? Or maybe an alien abduction or something. Possibly like that crazy story where you get attacked by zombies would sound horrifying.”

Jasper turned towards her waiting for an answer. Instead, he kept on talking.

Silver couldn’t help but furrow her eyebrow. This boy really did have a knack for talking nonstop until the point that her ear will fall off. She couldn’t sleep because of his constant chatter and all she could do was to tone him out as best as possibly, but it failed miserably. His voice was too cute.

“Did you have that dream where you were gassed? Everyone seems to have the same dream. My hypothesis is that it wasn’t faked at all and something really dangerous is going to start.”

Silver was a bit surprised for someone so young, his comprehension was amazing, but she knew that the majority of the children will be the first to die in this world. They were not strong enough to take on the challenge to come. So she did not bother in taking her time to get to know this boy for she wanted to rest.

“Welcome! Welcome!” An angelic being appeared out of thin air, wearing a blouse and a skirt that accentuated her body. Pure white wings decorated her back, a white halo that dazzled the sense of the people gaped at her with wonder and awe. If one could describe her in one word she was beautiful. Everything about her was perfect with her pure baby shaped face, eyes that were round, and soft curly brown hair that decorated around her face. Even her lips were juicy red with light pink natural blush that painted her porcelain peach colored skin.

“An angel?!”

“Am I dead?”

“Holy Crap! I actually made it into heaven!”

“Did you come to save us?”

“Are we going to heaven?”

“What about our family?”

“Wait, is this cosplay?”

“Take off your clothes!”

The voices continually shouted in unison. Some cried out in disbelief, others were pleased at the sight before them, and quite a few whistled out in lustful words towards the angel that stood before them in front of the classroom.

Silver sat up and rolled her eyes. She remembered who this angel, she watched with skepticism towards the angel that gave off a calm blissful air around her. The voices continued to get louder to the point where the beautiful angel’s face scrunched up into annoyance.

“Be quiet!” The angel shouted causing everyone to be temporarily stunned. The amount of pressure that the angel was giving to the people were heavy, almost overbearing to the point of making it impossible to listen. Even Silver covered her ears in pain. Moments later, the pressure was pulled back allowing everyone to stare in disbelief.

These fools. Silver thought. Wearily getting back on her feet, she glanced back up. She remembered that she too was in awe when she saw the angel for the first time as well, but now she knew that this angel did not come here to save them but to deliver them a message. Now to herald the beginning of their doom.

“Now that is better.” The angel coughed. “My name is Kushiel. I am of the many Reapers that have been sent down to guide humanity through the Revelations. Your classroom is number 249 and has been placed under my care. The presiding group of people have already passed while some had failed.” Her voice sweetly rung out. Anyone who would heard her voice were already dazzled by her, making them fall for her even harder.

“Kushiel! Why aren’t you taking us to heaven!?” A rude man got up and shouted. He wasn’t dazzled by Kushiel’s charms and instead to be able to put up a good resistance. He placed his hands on his hips waiting for her to answer.

Kushiel sighed and rubbed her head. Her face turned ugly as she glared down towards him as if he was some kind of insignificant bug. “There is always one of those idiots that always speaks out and needs a lesson.” With a snap of her finger the man was struck by lightning and he fell forward crispy onto the floor. He was still barely alive.

Not a single sound could be heard from the large group and fear was heavy in the air.

“Now then, As I was saying. This is not heaven, instead this is the the test to see if they are anyone worthy enough to pass and leave this area. For this month you would be put to the test and if you succeed your efforts you will be rewarded. This is a war for existence that is happening around the universe. The winner of this war will either allow your people to live or die.”

“What? Aren’t you an angel? Aren’t you supposed to help us?”

Kushiel sighed. “This is why I hate the small minded humans. Why couldn’t I get the Demonicas instead or possibly the Draconis. They are much better than these idiots.”

The people were shocked at the words that were coming out of Kushiel’s mouth. They never thought they would hear such displeased words from an angel. The people’s concept of an Angel were being shattered in seconds.

“I am just a messenger, but at the same time an punisher. You stupid humans always say the same thing and can’t seem to comprehend what is going on. Let me make this clear. Cross me and you will get zapped like that man. Now, if you pay attention to what you have in your hands. You are all given a dagger and a card. Don’t lose the card, because you only have one. To get out of this area, you must past through many games, which will allow you to go back ‘home.’ A variety of ‘Tests’ will be administered to your kind. Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually until the breaking point. Succeed and you will be free. This is no heaven you puny humans. I am not the nice angel that favors your kind. Get that shit out of your mind!”

Kushiel’s voice rung out so powerfully that the people stepped backwards in fear. Even more was her foul language that made everyone speechless.

Voices broke out in complete dismay.

“We’re in hell.”

“How did we all end up like this?”

“What’s going on?”




Kushiel cleared her throat and everyone became silent. “Now that you all have been baptized by the smoke. With this you are now officially going to die in less than a month! This is my first gift to all of you!” She smirked pleased.

Everyone screamed in horror and desperation. They did not wanted to die, while there were some lunatics that started to chant towards Kushiel as if she was some kind of special messenger to save them.

“Don’t worry though, there is a way to get rid of the poison later on in the game or there is actually someone here in this group that has five vials of antidote.” Kushiel chuckled. “Though I won’t tell you who it is. If I did that would ruin the fun.”

Silver face momentarily twitched. This wretched angel had made her life one hundred times more difficult. She should’ve known that this angel would bring her trouble. Handing out these vials right this moment or anytime soon was a stupid idea. No, the correct answer was that it was suicide. She knew how people will turn on her to grab the vials that she had and she did not wanted to give such precious antidote to anyone right this moment. Bringing unwanted attention to herself right now would be considered a death warrant to her life.

“Now then, we’ll be going on to the first game.” Above Kushiel a large metal divider that looks like a giant pie cutter appeared above the people’s head. With tremendous speed, it fell onto the ground dividing everyone into four large groups. The tables and chairs clattered, while some of the people were thrown off their chairs.

“This trial or should I say game? Yes, I’ll say it’s a game because it’s much more fun.” A crooked smile appeared out of her lips.

Silver quickly got up and reached over towards her sword. She knew that the game was starting and sitting down would not get help her at all. Jasper too got up in fear, wondering what was happening. The ground trembled and changed. A conveyor like belt appeared from the ground below them. The metal walls on each end started to close around the people forcing them all to head towards the middle. They were all blocked in the four pie shaped like metal fence. A large digital clock appeared above them.

“Game number 1!” Kushiel excitedly yelled. “Survive for six hours and you will receive a reward! Kapish? Begin!”

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