Howling Chapter 27


Chapter 27

    Time felt like forever being stuck in this room, wasting away doing nothing but watching TV, reading a book, or playing a couple games. I wanted to be quickly on my feet, running around doing things instead of staying in one place. Staying still drives me insane, especially when I’m staying in one place.

Still my pack came to visit often during the one month stay in the hospital, coming and going as they please as if they own the place. Luckily they didn’t cause much trouble between the local humans and my pack, I knew instantly that Adam bought this hospital when Jaz told me about it when she last visited. To me at first, it was slightly strange why the doctors and nurses in this hospital was treating me too well, that I felt like a baby. Hand fed, helped with dressing, and even carried by one of the vampires that stood posted near the door.

I thought it was way too much for my taste, but the vampires didn’t even listen to my outburst and stated that it was all Adam’s orders. On the other hand, Adam been to busy to visit often, at most he been coming by once every week at least. I could tell a lot of things were going on by the amount of stress that was riddled on his face. He wouldn’t tell me anything else about the whereabouts of Ogma even what was happening in the long run.

My packs didn’t know any information about it either, making this wait difficult and frustrating. I had a feeling that my pack and Adam were hiding something from me, and the thought pissed me off.

Today was the day when I finally was free from this hellhole. I wanted to jump out of the bed, but Jaz was next to me.

“Tila! Calm down, I know you want to get out of here but sheesh! You still have two more months to fully recover.”

“I know Jaz,” I rolled my eyes, getting even more frustrated in staying in bed. I was annoyed that my werewolf genes didn’t kick in fast enough like it use to, but I found out later that this pace was the ‘normal’ pace of healing for such a critical injury, especially for someone like me who had almost every single bone broken and rehealed. It was a miracle I was still alive and sane. “I’ll be fine, Jaz. Seriously its like you think I’ll drop down dead any moment now.”

“Look Alpha. You were close to death when Adam brought you back. Do you know how scary it was to see you close to death’s door? Everyone feared that you would die. It put the whole pack on edge!” Jaz threw up her hand in outburst. I could tell that they were tears starting to form in her eyes to the point where I felt a sting in my heart. The thought of my selfish action had caused my whole pack to worry about me at the same time, I knew how much they loved me.

“I get it. I get it. I’ll take it slow this month.”

“You will and one of us is going to always be there to watch over you.”

“I don’t need a babysitter, Jaz.” I sighed. Her overprotection was a little to suffocating. The good will was greatly appreciated, but too much made me want to run the other way. Jaz had a tendency to go full mother mode at times, even though she doesn’t have children herself.

“I know you Tila. By the time you step out of this door, the first thing you will probably do is go for a full out run in your wolf form.” She crossed her hands as she tapped her feet in annoyance.

“It’s not a bad thing you know. I lost some serious muscle mass from sitting down for so long you know.” I retorted. Honestly, she knew me too well. I would definitely had went on a full out run just to be free of this confines.

“It’s bad for you.” She spat. “You can’t push yourself yet, not until at least a week have gone by! Do you want to get back into the hospital?”
The thought of being back at the hospital horrified me. My eyes furrowed and my lips became a thin crease of a line. I couldn’t do it, I absolutely can’t get back into this dreary white confines that reminds me of a mental hospital. Any longer, I thought I would go crazy.

“Fine. I won’t okay?”

“Not good enough.”

“Damn it Jaz. I can take care of myself.”

“I know you can Tila, but we all want to see you healed correctly without pushing yourself. We want the 100% Tila back. Not bits and pieces of Tila.”

“Alright. Alright. Sheesh.” I gave up in fighting with her. Even if I used my Alpha tone of voice, she would still find different ways to get me to not over strain myself. Plus the whole pack was behind this decision and it is very difficult to go against everyone who wanted to see me healthy. I know they would do anything to keep me from breaking myself.

“Good. Now let’s go. I got a small town to show you.”

“Finally.” I let out an exaggerated voice. The thought of seeing the new pack lands  made me excited. I wondered what the difference between the city and the country was like, even though I knew that it was mostly farm lands, but still I wanted to see our land.

Jaz and I finally left the hospital, we started to take a small stroll around the town or I would like to call it a small scaled city but not quite. It wasn’t exactly the country. They were quite a lot of buildings from houses, shops, and even tall office buildings. Everywhere I went, I saw humans and werewolves present.

I knew this town had quite a large amount of humans, but that didn’t stop us from occupying a good distance away from the town. The running space we needed for a large pack like us usually takes about the whole city of Chicago. Everywhere we went it felt different, more calmer with less annoying sound of the busy cars in the morning or night.

Everything felt cleaner in a natural way, I could actually breathe without having to take short gulping breaths. Jaz directed me to every landmarks, and anything that I needed to watch out for. It took at least three hours walking, taking the cab, and just enjoying the breeze to see everything that I needed to know.

Though what did make me amazed was the building that Adam had set up close to our Pack Community. It was a five story building with black tinted windows. It even had the latest technology embedded into the building itself. I couldn’t help but think it was some top secret CIA or FBI type of building the way it look. The secrecy and the intimidating atmosphere it gave off made me not want to step inside.

What was best was when we made our way towards the pack houses. It wasn’t just one building, we had our own lot of land with multiple houses for a community. Yes, the house were a bit cookie cutter like, a simple two story building with at least five room, a two and half baths, and a two door garage with a back yard. In the middle of our community were a large building that all young budding werewolves live as well as our community meeting place.

The moment I entered, the pack went into a frenzy.

“Alpha!” A redheaded girl cried out in joy. She ran over and hugged me with a thud.

My hands ruffled her hair as I smiled down at her. “Hey, Birdy. How it’s been?”

“Great! I got my own room!” She replied happily.

“Alpha!” The other kids and adults came over with a large grin on their face, excited and happy to see me alive and doing a lot better. They all surrounded me, some patting my back, while the kids squirmed over to get a better look.

“You’re back!” The kids squeal in happiness.

“Yes, I am.” I said with glee. “I’m not leaving anytime soon.”

“Good.” Ray stepped through the thick crowd with a grin on his face. “No more adventures for a year.”

“I can’t promise you that.”

Ray shook his head in disbelief. “I should’ve known you would say that.”

“That’s why we are all going to watch over her till she gets better.” Jaz quickly stated it out loud for everyone to hear.

“Exactly. I can’t agree with you anymore than that.” Ray crossed his hand in front of him.

With that being said, I mingled in with the pack, getting quickly caught up with the past news. They weren’t much going on, except small daily pack issues that always seem to crop up here and there. Other than that, the day went by quickly, enjoying every moment spending time with the pack.

I didn’t realize how much I missed them, the comfort of being with the pack, and even laughing along with them. It just felt like I been gone for years, and I finally came home today. Even though they came to visit, it just didn’t feel real until I came here. This place was our new home, our place of true belonging without the cramp city life where we feared to be caught for changing. This place gave us a lot more luxury than ever before, and we all loved it.

I finally were dragged out by Jaz, who took me to my own house. It was big. I couldn’t help but feel intimidated by the sheer size of it.

“Jaz, are you sure this is my house? I mean why is it three times bigger than a normal house? I’m the only one that’s going to be living it in.” I frowned, standing in front in the driveway unable to take a step forward. “I rather live in the pack house with everyone you know.”

“I know, but you’re the Alpha. We wanted to show you our support and love. Everyone put something into the building you know. You should be living in your own house Tila. Not a small cramp single room.”

“Yea, but that’s all I needed. A small room that had everything that I needed.”

Jaz sighed. “You’re going to have a ma-” She stopped herself from saying anymore and quickly skipped the word, “find someone to marry and even possibly have kids.”

“I don’t need kids right now. I’m already having trouble watching over you guys.” I ignored how she messed up in saying mate.

“You can’t do that! I don’t want you to live a single life!”

“Look, Jaz. Being single isn’t so bad.”

“It is. It makes you a grouchy person in the long run. You could even possibly be those old grandmas with an attic filled with cats as a companion.”

I frowned at her words. “I’m not sheesh. Look, I’ll make you a promise. I’ll attempt to go out on dates and meet people. Okay?”

Jaz shook her head up and down, while a smile split across her face. “Good. In a couple of years I want you to at least have a boyfriend!”

“You know that’s not going to just happen.” I sighed. Defeated by her pace.

“From my guess you’ll have one soon.” She wiggled her eyebrow and winked at me. “Things have been going well with you and Adam.”

My eyes became slits, not liking where this was going. “Like I said, It was a spur of the moment. There is nothing more going on between us.”

“Sure~” Jaz spoke not believing my words. She fished out a key from her pocket and handed it to me. “This is the house key as well as we brought your car over. She’s immaculately clean and working great!”

“My car?!” My voice went up an octave in excitement. I snatched the keys, ready to bolt towards the garage when Jaz held onto my arm.

“Tila, I got one other thing I have to tell you.”

For some reason, Jaz became very serious making me feel worried. Was something really wrong? I couldn’t help but gaze towards her wondering what she has to say.

“I’m pregnant.” She dropped the bomb, making my eyes become large.

“What?! So soon? How long? Oh my lord. When is your baby shower? Does he know?” I asked so quickly that I forgot to take a breath. This was the first second generation werewolf being born in the White Raven Pack, making me extremely excited.

“Two months. In about the next five months I’ll be ready to pop.” Jaz was excited just like me.

It was a known fact that the werewolf pregnancy was a lot shorter than humans. Especially for an Alpha where the pregnancy to be about six instead of seven like other werewolves. Something about conserving the pack keeps the gestation time short, while also the chance of getting pregnant is very high.

“And yes, he knows. He was excited when he heard about the baby. I swear he redecorated the whole room.”

“Wow. that’s a first.”

“I know.” She giggled. “Plus I’m not the only one who’s expecting a child.”

“Wait, who else?”

“Sarah, Hallie, and Rose.”

“W-w-what Rose too? Holy crap,  Ray move fast.”

“He does doesn’t he. I thought that they would wait, but apparently not. My assumption is because of the place that we live now. There so much space or everyone. I wouldn’t be surprise this next couple of months the others ‘mated’ pairs get pregnant.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised either.” The thought of our pack expanding got me excited as well. This was definitely a good sign for all of us, especially since the past month.

“You should go wash up and please don’t go out driving today. Instead rest and give all of us a peace of mind.” Jaz begged.

“Well..” I raised my hand, running my fingers through my short hair that I had to recut. Since my whole stay at the hospital, the change has caused my hair to be long, so I asked Jaz to cut it of back to its usually lenght. She agreed, and she cut it back to its usual length. “Fine. Just for you guys.”

“Thank you Tila.” Jaz gave me a fierce hug and she let go. “I’ll see you later okay?”


“I’m only a couple of houses down. So call me if you need me.”

“I will.” I nodded, shooing her away.

Jaz back pedaled, waving her hand as she went to her house a couple blocks down. I watched until she finally entered into her house, leaving me alone.

With a sigh, I turned around and headed towards the front door of my large house. I swear it reminded me of a mansion. I wondered how it look like in the inside as well as how many rooms this place even had. The moment I opened the door, the lights automatically turned on.

The first thing that welcomed me was a large painting of a white wolf hanging on the wall. I knew exactly who painted that amazing picture, it was one of the girls name Penny who was great with oil painting. For someone so young, she had some amazing talent.

I took off my shoes, and entered. The living room was ginormous. A freaking chandelier hung in the middle, making me wonder if I stepped into a ball room. For some reason, I thought of Adam and his taste. He like modern look, but he had the habit to throw in a couple of strange Victorian type of look at tiems. Chandelier was one of them. Large black and white sofas, small desk, plants scattered here and there, and a eighty inch TV was plastered against the wall.

Moving through the living room, I made it into the dining room with black ebony table with eight chairs neatly placed. More of Penny’s work decorated the walls. Quickly I made it into the kitchen, it was an island kitchen with two large refrigerator that were station side-by-side. I had to wonder whose idea it was to have two refrigerators, then it hit me Steve. He had a large appetite that made me wonder where half the food even went too. For someone his size and stature, he never got fat.

Eventually I found four bedrooms on the first floor with two bathrooms. Each room was differently colored with its own themes, designed to match each other. Still in each room were small trinkets to personal items that I remember off the back of my head who did what. I could already feel that the pack was with me in every step as I took, the amount of love done to the house was heartwarming that it made me burst out in joy.

They were even a large wooden balcony in the back neatly placed with chairs and tables. I swear I saw an amazing looking garden with a gazebo. The whole back yard was even fenced in for privacy setting.

Eventually I made it upstairs, there I found six more room and one of them being the master bedroom. The other four were regular guest room and three bathrooms, while the fifth was a personal room for doing business. They were a large wooden desk, multiple bookshelves that were filled with my own books, three monitors, and a comfy chair. For some reason there is a giant globe right next to the desk, and the only person who would even think about putting one there is Ray himself. He did say that we need a 3D globe to be next to me for some half assed reason that I can’t seem to remember.

I came into the master bedroom. Oh boy was I shocked. There was a giant king size bed with a freakin canopy over it. A canopy! Damn Adam and his victorian taste in the wrong place! I grumbled. For sure, I’m going to go change that hideous looking bed as soon as possible.

What was worse was that when I walked over to take a better look of the bed, I found a lacey black panty, a couple of thongs, with matching bras. My mouth dropped and my eyes became slits. For real Adam! I’m going to kill him when I see him the next time.

I swear I will! Mark my words, I’m going to tie him up and throw him in the river to drown. Wow, I sound diabolical. For some reason I feel like he’ll like it…being tied up and all. Freakin masochist vampire! What the heck am I thinking?!

I know at times I don’t have sexy panties, Jaz had laughed at me calling then granny panties, but they are so comfortable. There simple that kept from going up my butt crack and making me very uncomfortable. Or maybe this is Jaz….she does have this kind of taste in lingerie….no she wouldn’t just outright buy it and leave it. She’ll just hand it to me in plane daylight without flinching in embarrassment.

On the left side, I saw a large door, the moment I opened it, it became a large walk in closet. Only a third of it was filled with my things, while the other half was empty. They were a quite a few extravagant looking cloths in which I believe is from Adam again.

For crying out loud, I feel like this whole house is infected with Adam’s presence. Sheesh, for once I wouldn’t give for it to be just my place.

I look to the right and saw another door. My guess it was the bathroom, and when I did open it….wow. A giant round tub that reminded me of a jacuzzi was there. Right next to it was a toilet and on the other side a see through shower. There was even a his and her sink.

Giddy I walked over and turned on the hot water. I really needed a good bath, and this was the perfect time. Quickly going back into the closet, I searched and picked out a black and red pajamas with teddy bear design, but what took a bit of time was searching for my panties. They were all gone. The panties that I had collected over time was gone, and instead it was replaced by abomination of thongs and lacey panties!

I am going to kill him! Why would he throw away those comfy panties?! Tears started to drip out of my eyes, there were a couple of my favorite kitten design panties that I liked to wear and it’s not there. My panty has been raided and replaced by abomination of Adam’s hand picked panties.

I swear I’m going to shred his boxers and replace it with men thongs for kicks and giggles just to see how he likes it. With a huff, I grumbled. I made sure to put it on my mental note to go out tomorrow to go buy those and shred through his collection of underwear.

My anger flared that my personal panty collection was gone. All I could do was sigh, and go buy some new ones tomorrow and get rid of the thongs. It just wasn’t me. I got out and went over towards the bed and picked the most comfortable one.

Eventually I made my way into the tub, allowing the hot water touch my skin. This felt like heaven and I was enjoying every single minute of it. What was even better was that they were a radio that I can hook music too. I reached over and turned on the latest songs, enjoying the calming night.

Time went by till I finally felt pruney, I put on my panty and the Pajama shirt half buttoned up. My hair was bundled up into as I made my way out into the bedroom, getting ready to go to bed. The moment, I opened the door I froze.

What the hell is he doing here?! I gaped.

“Wow, this is something that you don’t get to see often.” Adam chuckled as he stared, standing in the doorway to the master bedroom. He leaned as a devious smirk appeared on his face.

Wonderful. The freakin’ panty snatcher has arrived. I’m going to give him a piece of my mind.

“You!” I pointed out in anger. Adam eyes perked up as he pointed at himself as a glint of mischief danced in his eyes.

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