Howling Chapter 26


Chapter 26

    Memories of my childhood life continued to flood into me. I saw the short years of my life with my family and my sister. We were a simple family with short lived happiness that filled our home with many blessings.These thoughts brought tears to my eyes as I once again recollected everything that had happened. In this lifetime, I was the little girl name Tila Li. Family of the werewolves, and the twin of Kimberly Li.

In front of me was a little girl standing in the bright harsh light. Her eyes were sad and solemn as she look up at me.

“Who are you?” I asked.

Her head cocked to the side and a smile erupted on her cute face. “I’m you.”

“Me?” Then it hit me. I knew who this little girl was, she was me when I was but a child.

“Yes.” She nodded her head furiously.

“How come you were able to bring your sister soul into yourself?”

The girl shrugged her shoulder. “It was the Moon Goddess will.” She replied.

“I see?”

“You should know, because without the Moon Goddess power we wouldn’t have grown up. She dug through our past life and brought our memory from our last life to now to compensate for the lost time of eight years. The eight years of our lives, we gave it to our sister so she could live a normal life. I promised her that she would live a normal life.” Her voice was filled with sadness. ”You and I were sleeping till the day Kimberly hid herself away as Seline. Seline was her favorite wolf teddy bear. Seline was her go to teddy bear when she felt scared. She said that Seline gives her courage, every time she hugs it.”

“I see…” My lower lips twitched, this was mind boggling in itself, but I knew what she was saying was the truth. “So…”

“I know why you have come here.”

“You do?” Completely lost in where this topic was going.

“Yes, you came here to merge with me. So we can finally be one person.”

“I did?”

“Mhmm.” She replied, shaking her head up and down. When she stepped forward, I unconsciously took a step back.

The little me look up at me and frowned. “You don’t want too?”

“No, it’s just that I’m trying to ready myself.” I spoke half heartedly. For a moment there I was scared in what would happened to me.

“Don’t worry. You’ll still be you, just that you’ll have my memories now. We’re still Tila, but now with a last name.” She chuckled. “It’s time for us to reconnect with ourselves and become who we were meant to be.” Once again she reached up towards me. This time I was ready or her, My hands tightened as I took her hand.

In that moment, bright flourishing light blinded both of us. All her memories spilled into me, converging into my mind. Our thoughts mixed and changed, but the majority of me still the same. The only thing that I felt more connected to was my wolf self, my real wolf self that wasn’t Seline or Kimberly. She was hidden away as a pup, and she grew up quickly before my eyes as a snow white wolf. Her gold eyes stare back at me with playfulness and pride.

I have finally came home and become the ‘real’ Tila Li. I was no more Tila Leo of my past self or just Tila, but the Tila Li of the present that was now a werewolf and I was loving every minute of it.



I opened my eyes as the jarring afternoon light blinded me. Squinting from blindness, I tried to move, but was unable to because of the horribly pain that riddled my body. It felt as if I have been working out every single one of my muscles for three whole days nonstop. Even a small movement caused excruciating pain, till I finally gave up and let sleep drift back into me.

Time went by quickly as I woke once again. This time the pain in my body lessened, giving me a bit of range to move around. My head turned towards the left, and I saw Adam sleeping next to me on a chair with his hands tangled with mine.

At a moment later, I felt Adam stir. My hands snapped back in a hurry, embarrassed it was there in the first place.

I just stared. Completely dumbstruck. Unable to comprehend anything. Yep, I’m insane.

“Tila?” Adam asked with a worried tone of voice. He glanced up towards me wondering if I was alright. “Tila?” He asked with growing concern.

“Yes?” My voice went up an octave into a squeak

“You’re back.” He let out a relieved tone of voice.

“I am?” I felt so stupid in replying with a question.

“You’re going to not be able to move to much for a month. Plus it’s going to take a full three month to heal. The damage to your body was serious” He straightened himself, pushing back his messy hair.

Wow, why does that small gesture look so sexy? I am seriously going nuts. Come back Tila! Don’t fly away to Lala land! Crap. I’m actually now talking in third person to myself. I shook my head side-to-side.

“So……what happened and where am I?” My fingers twiddle on my lap. I dreaded what I was going to hear coming out of Adam’s mouth. For once, I feared what he would say, but mostly what my pack would say.

“You’re in your pack territory next to the Yellowstone national Park in Wyoming. Everyone had settled in, making everything into a smooth transition.” He spoke. “Plus do you want the whole story or a quick run down.”

“Uh, I’ll be in bed for awhile, so I have all the time in the world.”

“Then the short version it is.”

My cheeks twitched. Did he really not want to tell me everything that had happened? Or was he just plan lazy? I sighed and I shook my head, watching what he would say, though for some reason I just couldn’t meet him eye-to-eye.

“When you turned things went out of control. You devoured and slew about a good one hundred werewolves by yourself or should I say your other half?” He stare at me dead seriously.

I pulled in a sharp gasp. Seline was freakin monster that kicked butt. I didn’t even compare with her at all. “M-my other half.” I stuttered, unsure if he would believe me.

“Ogma was push back and he ran away with his pack. They went under the radar for awhile now. It’s been three weeks without them even attempting to move.”

“So, I been sleeping for three weeks? Then what about Ken?”

“Well…” Adam voice trailed off. “Ken body been sent back to his pack. The memorial service had been already held. Though you on the other hand….It took a good number of us to cage you and keep you out of harm’s way. It wasn’t easy finding the right place for you to get under control.You went on a rampage and kind of …slaughtered the people in the castle all under a day.”

“What?!” I barked out in disbelief.

“Yea….the people that Ogma had kept as blood packs got killed in your rampage when you were destroying his base.”

I gulped. Oh. My. Lord. Seline…what did you do? I furrowed my eyebrows, thinking over how bad this situation was. The thought of innocent dying under my hand made me feel devastated.

“You actually did majority of them a service.”

“How so? My sister and I killed innocents.” I shouted in disbelief. Did he just say that? I should’ve know Elders were considered cold hearted.

“Actually you did. Majority of them were living in a vegetable state. No way were they going to be able to even live a normal life. Their spine were disconnected and barely kept alive. Even if they changed into a vampire, they would be a disabled vampire. One needs all their body part functioning before they change. If one lose even a hand, they can’t regrow something that they had lost.”

My mouth opened and closed like a fish, unable to comprehend the thought to quickly, before it finally settled in. So it meant that three-fourth of the people were disabled for life and they were not going to be even able to move. All of them living trapped in their body unable to do anything but to think. I felt stupid to judge him so quickly, he actually thought about the people in his own way even though it sounded horrible.

“What do you mean by sister? Do you mean Kimberly?”

I wasn’t sure how I should tell him, it was a bit confusing to myself as well. “Kimberly is my twin sister. Her soul lived inside of me till now, I woke up when the change happened at the age of sixteen. The Moon Goddess allowed her to stay in my body till today. She’s gone now.” My words were choppy and to the point. I choked up.

“So it seems you were possessed for a good duration of your childhood. Though are you sure?”


“That’s quite an eye opener.” Adam leaned back as he watched me. He stare, thinking over what I had said. “You should be happy that she left your body.”

“How so? I lost my sister.”

“She was dead since the beginning. You can not force the dead to live inside you forever. The soul will reject the body one day and even possibly destroy both of your lives. Letting her soul pass on sooner than later is for the best. Actually, it’s best for the both of you.”

“You don’t know her as I do. I killed her. I was the one who saw her die without doing anything. I was the one who killed her soul mate.” I whimpered as tears started to flood down my cheek. The pent up stress, pain, and guilt washed over me like a tsunami.

Adam got up from the chair and sat on the bed near me. He came over, sitting down comfortably as he leaned in and gave me a gentle hug. I froze, but moments later, I turned into mush. My hands reached over, pulling into his embrace as I cried. I cried for the death of my sister that was long overdue..I cried for my mistakes. I cried for Adam. I cried for the innocents that died that day, and I cried for the sadness of the pain that I caused. The lives that have been lost and I was part of it all.

I could’ve stopped her earlier. No, I should’ve stopped her earlier, but I didn’t realize how weak I truly was. How easily I fell into temptation of hatred that blew across my mind like a whirlwind and kept me dancing to its tune.

“It’s okay, angel.” Adam patted me on my back. He slowly rocked me back and forth. “It’s okay. You did your best.”

“My best isn’t enough.” I hiccuped in between my sobs. “I should’ve done better.”

“You’re not superman, angel. You’re just a normal girl struggling to live her life, and that small normal girl beat back her darkness and woke up.” He cooed, trying his best to keep me from beating myself too hard. A gentle kiss littered my forehead, his arms stroking my hair, calming me down.

“I could’ve done better. I am the white wolf that’s what the legend said.”

“Alpha Tilla Li.” He sternly replied, catching me completely off guard. I was shocked that he even called me by my real last name, I didn’t expect to hear my full name anytime soon. “You have done enough. You’re no saint, nor some kind of messiah that this legend speaks off. Did you forget your what you told me in the past when I asked you about the white wolf legend?”

I shook my head.

“You said, that legend is bull and the Moon Goddess could eat a sock if she has too, because you’re not going to play by her rules.” He arrogantly spoke, bringing a slight smile up my face.

I pulled apart, wiping away my tears and snot. What made me embarrassed was that snot and tears were soaked in Adam’s nice clean white collared shirt. He glanced down at his shirt and chuckled.

“Well, I now have a souvenir that said that Alpha Tila Li cried on my shoulder’s willingly. I’m going to frame it  and put it up on the wall.”

“Are you kidding me?” I look at him funny. Was he really serious about this? That’s so weird.

“Absolutely not.” He stated with a very stern gaze, staring me down. A glint of mischief sparkled as his lips curled into a full out grin. “This is my trophy that tells me I have accomplished the impossible of becoming a good friend of a werewolf. Maybe even becoming special?” He wiggled his eyebrow.

I snorted at him and shook my head. “You’re far from being special.”

“You kill me.” He feigned in pain. “I need to be saved! Please! Give me a kiss of reassurance that is not so!” With a melodramatic voice, he reached over towards me.

Without a second thought, I kicked him out of reflex. With a crash, Adam fell onto the ground onto his back. I felt a shock of pain riddle my whole body, making me cry. I didn’t expect the pain to be so intense. It took awhile for it to go away till I was finally able to bear with it. With a deep breathe, I peered over towards the side.

Whoops. I felt a little guilty in what I have done. The conditioning kicks and punches when he got all grabby went into action before I could even stop myself. He did deserve that, I felt threatened by his grabby hands, making me very uncomfortable.

“Well.” Adam chuckled. “I should’ve seen that coming.”

“Yea. You should’ve.” I grinned, finding this whole thing funny.

His lifted his head and caught my gaze. “Now that’s the smile that I been looking for.” He winked.

I blushed pulling away in embarrassment. He’s such a player! Not only is he good at making me blush, my heart is actually thundering around like a rhino frolicking around on open grass if that’s even possible!

Adam got up, brushed his clothes of dirt, and turned towards me. “Is that a blush I’m seeing?” He gasp with a giant smile plastered on his face.

“No.” I flatly denied, pulling the covers up to my face. I tried my best to hide from the daggers that pierced me and made me feel naked.

“Oh, please. That is a tinge of blush I see there under the covers.” Adam chuckled. He started walking towards me as if he was stalking a prey.

I flinched and scooted back, but the pain didn’t help me much from escaping. His once again sat on the bed, his hand reached over and grabbed my chin. Our eyes met, and I felt drawn to his gaze, unable to escape. They were calm, kind, and reassuring that everything was going to be okay. My hands became limped as the cover dropped from my face, unable to break away.

His face was coming close to mine. I could feel the hot breath against my cheeks, while his other hand wrapped around my back. With a gentle hand, his fingers lightly traced down my back, giving me a strange shiver. I was mesmerized, unable to move forward or back.

Was this happening for real?! Am I dreaming again? I must be dreaming, because that lips were just calling my name. That sweet lemon drop taste with a slight tinge of apples that melted in my mouth. Oh wow, I could taste it now. We were a couple centimeters away, his hands drew me closer into his warm body till finally I was touching his chest.

“Thank you for the meal.” He whispered, a hint of playful tone of voice tickled  my ears. I heard a slight growl followed by a sharp intake of breath. His lips brushed mine, giving me a static warmth feeling. It felt so nice that all I could think of was to lean in.

“Ahem!” Someone coughed out loud, breaking my concentration as I jumped completely back in surprise.

Adam hissed and frowned. His gaze shifted towards the intruder with a deadly glare that made whoever it was wince. “What do you want Eric?”

I turned around towards the right, my eyes becoming wide. They were two people present. One was Sophia standing behind the tall, dark, and handsome, grinning from ear-to-ear. Her smug expression gave me a coy smile, telling me that I need to fes up on everything. They were both vampires, and I knew they were both elders. The amount of power they gave off didn’t compare to an regular turned vampire was completely different.

“The council of elders have called. You must be there by tonight.”

“So soon? Can’t you see I’m busy?”Adam wasn’t liking how he was suddenly called to the council.

“It’s not possible. The matter with Ogma is a high importance and the recent encounter…” Eric dark gaze rest on me. I could tell that he was searching and prodding me out as if I was some kind of foreign specimen. “Left us in a bit of a bind. The council wants to talk about the future steps we need to take, before Ogma strikes again.”

Adam sigh. He got up, straighten his back and glanced towards me with regret. I could tell that he wanted to finish what he started, though I on the other hand was actually glad that Eric had interrupted. The whole kissing thing was just way to strange that it kind of frighten me.

“Sophia, I leave her to you.” Adam walked towards the door. He then look over his shoulder and spoke, “We’re finishing what we had started, my little angel. You’re not going to weasel out of this one!” With a deep chuckle, he left with Eric trailing behind him.

I blushed furiously red, sinking into the covers. What the heck Adam! Why would you state that out so loud to everyone?

Sophia giggled like a little girl. “I’ll take care of her, Adam. You go meet up with the council.”

Adam left, leaving me behind with Sophia who was looking at me coyly. Her grin was becoming bigger and bigger to the point where I thought her lips will split apart.

“What?” I asked uncomfortably.

“Don’t what me. You got to tell me everything.”

“What is there to tell?” I gulped.

“Let’s see….”

Just as she was about to say something else, Jaz came bursting through the door.

“Tila!” Jaz yelled in hysteria as if her pet has died.

I jumped startled at the sudden grand entrance. Jaz stopped to look at Sophia than back to me, than back to her.


“My name is Sophia Velvet.” Sophia gave out her hand to shake.

Jaz was unsure if she should take her hands or not, but eventually took it. “I’m Jaz Yalonda. You’re a vampire right?”

Sophia shook her head. “I’m guessing your Tila’s pack member.”

“Yes, I’m her Gamma.”

“Ah, I see. You just came in the right time.” Sophia spoke with a hint of amusement.

“What does she mean?” Jaz cocked her head confused.

“She means nothing. Don’t listen to her.” I quickly replied, trying to change the subject as fast as I can. “Is the pack okay?”

“Yea, the pack is doing well. Ray wanted to come, but he had pack business to do so he couldn’t make it. Samantha also has been delivered safely without much trouble.” Jaz shook her head. “Though what do you mean I came in the right time?”

Sophia smile broke into a large grin. “She was about to kiss our clan leader. I caught her in the act.”

“No. Way.” Jaz spoke in disbelief.

“Yep.” Sophia snickered. “I been waiting for this to happen for ages!”

Jaz squealed in delight, jumping up and down in excitement. “Finally!” She grabbed Sophia’s hand as if they were best friends and shook it up and down. “You don’t know how much this means to her!”

“I know exactly what you mean.” Sophia replied with a snicker. “I been waiting for the two of them to hook up.”

I could tell right away that these two were going to be best of buds even though they were completely different species. My headache of squealing, nosey girl drama had increased by two folds.

“So, what exactly did happen?” Jaz asked, she came over and plopped onto the bed. I could tell she was waiting for juicy details. “Fess up girl, you can’t weasel your way out of this.”

Sophia came over and sat on the other side. “Yes. Yes. Fess up, Tila. You know we are your friends.”

I groaned. This was going to be a very very long day and I knew that these two weren’t going to let me go, until they got what they wanted to hear.

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