Howling Chapter 25


Children’s playground just seem to get more colorful these days…

Chapter 25

    “Tila and Kimberly Li!” A black haired petite lady cocked her hips in anger. Thin crease appeared on the mother’s face as she gaze upon her two little daughters. They were around the age of six, each wearing a set of similar yellow dress as they frown upon each other.The only difference between the twins were their colors eyes. One had golden color eyes while the other purple.

“Mom! She stole my wolf doll!” Kimberly screeched, pointing at Tila in anger. Her purple eyes glared toward Tila. “Tell her to give it back!”

“I did not!” Tila huffed. “You lost your stupid wolf doll at the park!” Tila countered in anger. “I don’t want your stupid wolf doll! I have my own unicorn doll with me!”

“You’re lying!”

Kimberly ran towards Tila in anger as they both tumbled onto the ground.Each one trying to pull each other hair to cause pain. Tila smacked her sister in the face as she struggled out of Kimberly’s hold.

“Get off me! Get off me!” Tila screamed violently.

“Enough!” Their mother yanked the two apart with sheer strength. Both girls cowered under their mother’s intense gaze and twisted in pain. “How many time did I tell you not to cause trouble when I’m working?! Now both of you be a good girl and sit down.” She slowly dropped the two onto the floor.

Kimberly stuck out her tongue at Tila, making her infuriated. Tila was just about to pounce on her sister, when her mother gave her the death glare. Instantly Tila froze up in fear at the oppressive energy that she was giving. Both of them squirmed and settled down, they knew that their mother’s fury was no joke to mess with, especially when she was in her business meeting in her private work room.

“Honey?” A deep husky voice called out from the kitchen. A tall muscled man with bearded face, stepped out towards the them. He stopped and gave each one of them a questioningly look before he even attempt to proceed towards his wife.

“What is it? Do you need something?” Her voice was snappy as she sharply gave her children a gaze that said BEHAVE.

“Well…” The father raised his hand and rubbed his thick neck. He wasn’t sure if he should intervene or talk with his wife at this moment. The thought of being under her fury wasn’t something that he wanted to do especially after seeing his two little pumpkins being lectured.

“If you’re looking for your papers it’s usually at the same place you left them.” She quickly stated.

“Ah, how did you know what I was thinking?” He asked surprised.

“Because that’s what you always tend to ask me for.” She replied, crossing her arm in front of her.

The father smiled gently, he walked over towards his wife, winking at his two munchkins, he took her in his embrace. “Sweetheart, you shouldn’t be so angry. Don’t get to frustrated and let me deal with them.” He cooed towards her. With a light peck on her cheek, he nuzzled his nose with hers.

Her face soften as a smile splitted across her lips, she sighed. “Really Simon. Do you always have to do that?”

“Wendy, you know me. I love you. Whenever I get a chance to kiss you, I’ll take it.”

Wendy grinned ear-to-ear. She then laughed. “Seriously, you really have a knack of bringing down my temper.”

“I know, sweetheart.” He pecked her again. “You know me. I don’t like seeing you angry all the time when it’s your day off.”

“It’s not my day off.”

He gasped. “How could you do this to me? I thought we were supposed to have our quality time together? Are you ignoring me?”

“Absolutely not.” She huffed, not liking the puppy dog eyes that he was giving. Even for someone so big and buff, it made her chuckle at her loving husband. “I was just finishing up.”

Simon huffed, disliking the words that came out of her mouth. He looked offended at her words as if it was some kind of nasty plague. “When you say finishing up do you mean five hours from now? Because I swear woman! That’s what happens every time you say that.”

Wendy lips became tight, her face slightly blushed, and attempt to look away at her husband’s eyes that bore into her very soul. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Simon grabbed both side of Wendy face and brought it to face him. “Don’t look away from me, woman. I know you too well. You’re trying to escape from me.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Her lips became like she ate something sour.

“See there is that look. I knew it. You know exactly what I am talking about. You’re going to get kidnapped by me today. No work!” He grabs her by her shoulder and start to pull her towards the door. “Come on munchkins, we’re going to go outside and relax.” He called over towards his daughters.

They gave both their parents a horrified look at the lovey dovey atmosphere that was being given off by their parents.

“Eww, gross.” Kimberly whined as she look away in disgust. “They kissed.”

“I like kissing.” Tila huffed as she glared at Kimberly. “You’re just jealous that dad doesn’t give you a kisses on your cheek.”

“No, I’m not. Dad give me a lot of kisses!” Kimberly threw up her hand in outrage at her sister’s outburst.

“Lies! Than why did you saw ew. Huh?” Tila cocked her hips as she placed her hands on her side. “You’re just jealous.”

“No i’m not!” Kimberly stormed after their parents not looking back at Tila.

Tila on the other hand, her lips gently smirked at her sister’s storming back. “Sure~” She whistled and chuckled.

The family of four went out into the yard. Tila ran over to his father’s right hand and grabbed it, before her sister could. Kimberly frowned, and made her way towards her mother’s left. They were walking together fanned out in a chain towards the nearby park.

Both their mother and father, continued to talk gently with each other, while Tila glanced around the suburban streets. They walked past their neighbors and friends and finally arrived to the park. Both Tila and Kimberly ran first, screaming out in joy as they tackled the seesaw.

“They are quite a handful aren’t they?” Simon chuckled, he turned to see his wife with a frown plastered on her face.

“Too much of a handful.”
“Do you regret having them?”

Wendy was silent, thinking over what he had said. “Depends on the situation.” She bluntly replied.


“There a menace and I miss our time together.”

“True, they must’ve gotten that from you.” Simon coyly poked his wife side a couple of times.

Wendy feigned a gasp. “They got their hard headedness from their father.” She poked back a bit harder. “Not only that you spoil them too much.”

“I don’t spoil them enough.” He swooped her into her arms, nuzzling his head into her shoulder. “There our princess and you’re my queen.” He whispered into her ears.

Tila watched her parents in their comforting atmosphere, she was happy that her parents were well attuned with one another. Their family was a blissful family filled with happiness and love. They weren’t many things that Tila ever complained about except her annoying sister.

All four of them enjoyed their time together, forgetting about the small incident that they had. Tila and Kimberly continued to play throughout the afternoon together and with other children that came and went.

It wasn’t until, Tila saw her parents talking seriously with the Alpha of the pack. He was an intimidating man with his golden hair, masculine chin, and muscle body. Everything about him screamed power and grace, even the lady next to him was beautiful making the couple a picture perfect.

Tila sneaked over towards them, hiding behind a bench, listening to her parents. Not even to far away from the couple were two small boy. One with blond hair, an exact duplicate of his father, who look about ten. While the other was a brown haired boy that leaned more in favor of his mother’s look.

Her eyes trailed at them both, frowning at their pompous arrogant attitude. Kimberly sneaks over and crouches next to Tila, wondering what she was looking at. It didn’t take long for her sister to see the two boys. Her eyes became wide, and Tila knew instantly that her sister fell for one of the two.

With a snort, she shook her head, frowning at her mooney eyed sister. Both boys weren’t to her taste, and instead she gave them a disgruntled glare.

“Alpha Terrance, is this wise to go and move our pack this early? I mean we barely found a place to stay for so long. The kids…” Simon raised up his hand to run his fingers against  his hair. “They’re just settled in.”

“We are moving Simon. We can’t let that damn hybrid find our pack, especially your daughters. One of them is the white wolf and we can’t lose someone so valuable to our pack.”

“But still, they’re just kids. What purpose would it serve to have the white wolf, it’s not like it’s going to help them. Plus, the seer could be wrong and none of my daughter could be the white wolf you know.”

“I highly doubt that. The seer has been always 99% right and that small one percent is small. One of your daughter will save the werewolf kind, I wouldn’t think so lowly of the seer.”

“Still.” Simon wasn’t pleased at the words that the Alpha had said. “I would just be happy that they were just normal girls.” He sighed.

“I understand, my old friend. I really do. The responsibility that a white wolf has is enormous, but it’s a responsibility that they were given by the Moon Goddess herself.”

Wendy reached over towards her husband arm, and stuck even closer to him with worry. Tila could see that his mother wasn’t pleased in what they were talking about.

“We’re all leaving tonight and heading towards Wyoming. Living near the Dragon Sanctuary is our best bet for protection for your daughters. If we lose them, it could be detrimental to the whole species as a whole.”

With a defeated sigh, Simon shoulder slumped forward. “Yes, Alpha. We’ll leave tonight.”

“Good.” Alpha Terrace nodded. “I am sorry my friend.” He clasped his hand on his shoulder as he turned.

In that moment, one of the two boys turned his gaze and caught Tila’s eyes. She breath in a short gasp, unable to tear away for fear that she was found out. The boy with the golden hair smirked.

The boy started to walk over towards Tila and stops in front of the bench. His brother curiously followed his gaze towards him, wondering where he was going. “What are you two doing?” He asked.

“Playing hide-and-seek.” Tila bravely stated, standing up with her hand on her hip as if what she said is completely true.

“Well if you’re playing that game you already lost.” The boy snorted into a chuckle.

“So?” Tila shot back not liking the boy at all. The first impression of him, she felt like he was an arrogant prick with the haughty attitude that he was giving.

The boy stopped and gazed up at Tila amazed, unsure what to say with the words that she spat back at him. “What’s your name?”

“Tila Li, and this is my sister Kimberly Li.” Tila pointed down at her sister who was flushing red like a tomato. Her sister gaze didn’t even meet eye contact with the boy as she mumbled something under her breathe.

“Well, my name is Ken Tendo and the one next to my mom is my brother Stan. We’re the Alpha’s son.” He proudly stated, puffing out his chest.

“So?” Tila frowned, she shrugged her shoulder not caring what he said.

“So?!” Ken was dumbfounded at what Tila said. “He’s your pack leader. The Alpha.”

“And what does that got to do with you?”

“I’m the Alpha’s son.”

“Like I said. So? You’re just daddy’s little son. Your no Alpha.”

Ken’s mouth dropped unable to say anything. Just when he was about to say something, Alpha Terrance voice barked out towards his sons.

“Let’s go Ken. Stan.” Alpha Terrance ordered.

Looking back and forth, Ken closed his mouth, and frowned. “I’ll be seeing you later Tila.” Ken ran over to his family as they left.

Kimberly squeaked and spoke up in a dreamy state. “He’s so cool.”

Tila snapped her head towards her sister and gave her the strangest look. “He’s a wannabe. You need to find a better crush, he’s not worth your time.”

“I think that’s where you’re wrong.” Kimberly frowned.

“I know what I see.” Tila huffed.

“No you don’t. You’re just being mean.”

“Nu uh.” Tila replied annoyed. She wasn’t liking how her sister was being love struck at their first meeting with the Alpha’s son. Instead she thought he was arrogant and haughty, someone she definitely didn’t want to be entangled with at all.

“Let’s go back to playing.” Tila tried her best to take her sister mind of Ken and instead back to playing together and having fun.

“Fine.” Kimberly whined with a sad face, making Tila really uncomfortable. Seeing her sister moonstruck was something that she never ever saw every happening in her whole life. It was just too strange.

Throughout the afternoon, they continue to play on the swings till finally the sun slowly started to set. The children all left, leaving the family of four to be the last one to leave.

“Kimberly! Tila! Time to go!” Their mother  called out towards them.

Kimberly and Tila stopped what they were doing and rushed towards their father and mother. Tila could still tell that Kimberly was still hung up on Ken, making Tila roll her eyes.

“Did you guys have fun?” Their father crouched down and ruffled their hairs.

“Yes!” Chirped Tila, she always like to come out to play, especially near the forest where she felt more connected too. “Can we come again?”

Simon face scrunched up not sure what to say, before he could say anything, all of them heard the snapping of branches. His head whipped towards the sound as he dragged his daughter behind him.

All of sudden five large wolves bolted out from the bushes and headed straight towards them.

Kimberly screamed in fear. Tila stumbled backwards, scrambling towards her mother. Wendy picked up her two girls into her arms.

“Go!” Simon called out to his wife. “I’ll stall them and catch up to you! Take them to the Alpha!”

Without a second thought, their mother ran as fast as her feet could carry her. Tila saw from her mother’s shoulder as her father turned into a large brown wolf. He growled and attacked at one of them, while three jumped on him at the same time. They tore and bite into her father in ravage fury as blood seeped out of his body.

Tila whimpered in fear, seeing her father torn to shreds by the wolves before her. Fear etched into her eyes as the other two wolves came bolting after them.

“Mommy! There’s two of them!” Kimberly shrieked.

The first wolf jumped up towards Kimberly, snapping at her face. Their mother sprung forward. The wolf completely missed as she darted off once again.

Tila could tell that they were weighing down her mother, the speed that she normally had was cut in half from carrying them. She knew that they would get over run in seconds.

Once again, the wolves attacked, this time they lunged and snapped down onto her legs, causing her to fall. Both Kimberly and Tila was thrown into the air as they fell onto their back in pain.

The other wolf ran forward with teeth snarled open and ran towards Tila. Its jaw dangerously snapping towards her face, but in the nick of time, their father slammed into the wolf.

Tila saw her mother change into a brown wolf, smaller in stature than their father’s size, but that didn’t stop her from fighting back. She was ten times more vicious and faster, using her size to zipline and attack.

Nine more wolves came out bolting from the trees, aiming to kill their parents and a couple trying to maul Kimberly and Tila.

It didn’t take long for the first one to go down was their father, bloodied and torn. He stood up a vicious fight, but the numbers outweighed his ability to protect his pack. Though he took down five more before he collpase onto the ground dead.

Their mother howled in fury as she saw her husband die next to her. She went out on a full out rampage, killing the wolves that got to close to her daughters. While the remaining four attacked.

Tila was able to snap out of stupor as she crawled towards the nearest bush, hiding away from her the terror that was happening before her. She saw her mother kill all four, bloodied and in pain. She limped towards Kimberly, struggling to keep her last shred of sanity till out of nowhere a large blood red wolf five times bigger than her mother slammed into her mother.

His jaws snapped into her throat, crushing it in one go. With a last breath, she shuddered as she died in the blood red wolf’s jaw. A sharp thrust of his head, he threw her mother into the trees. He then turned his large bloody jaws towards Kimberly.

Kimberly froze in complete fear, her eyes became wide as she whimpered. Tila couldn’t scream and instead stood hidden in fear.

The blood red wolf snarled and dove towards Kimberly, shredding her into pieces. He threw her onto the ground a few feet away from Tila’s hiding space with a loud thud. Tila almost shrieked, but quickly closed her mouth for the fear of being found out. It was a terrifying five minutes of her life as her gaze locked eyes with her dying sister.Her purple gaze caught hers, entrapping her in complete fear.

The red wolf lifted his muzzled head and walked away from the bloodied battle field, leaving Tila all alone with her dying sister. Time went by as she stood there hidden underneath the bush in fear that the red wolf would come back. It took a lot of effort of her to reach over towards her sister’s hand as tears erupted down her face.

“P-please, don’t die.” Tila stammered. Kimberly couldn’t say anything and instead cough up blood. “Moon Goddess! Please save my sister!” She yelled in hysteria.

A bright white light erupted from her hands as it covered her dying sister. In seconds the white light disappeared, and from Kimberly’s body a small black flames in a orb came out and floated towards Tila.

Tila quickly got up, and stretched out her hands, accepting the black orb. She knew then and there that this was her sister soul. Carefully bringing it towards her, she brought her sister’s soul towards her chest. “Don’t worry sis. You’ll stay safe with me. I’ll let you live inside of me and you can even live a normal life.” She half heartedly chuckled as she whispered with sadness. “I promise. I’ll take away all your memories and your pain. You can even go and like Ken.”

A weak smile erupted on her face. The black flames entered into her body, a burst of black energy shot outwards and around her. The two became one, leaving Tila exhausted. Tila’s left eye changed color from gold to purple, leaving her with heterochromia eyes. She fell onto the ground next to her sister as darkness started to overtake her.

Tila fainted in and out, she saw a beautiful man with black hair, black sharp eyes, and pale skin, wearing all black. The sharp scent of cologne lingered in her nose. His red lips move open calling out to her, but Tila had a difficult time hearing him and instead heard bits and pieces. She was quickly brought into his arms, giving her the warmth of protection and safety. Her vision faded in and out, sleep overtook her till the last remaining words she heard was the name Adam.

<The Past | The Future>

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  2. Over9000

    great the “seline” personality is just a fking bodysnatcher. Very forced plot point and I wished it died earlier. the thought of someone occupying another’s body while the original personality is still around gives me the heebie jeebies.


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