Drezo Regalia V6 Ch. 7

Chapter 7
The Spark

Oct. 31, 2054. Friday. 8:32 PM

Drueeemm. Dreeeum. Multiple fans whizzed continuously in circles. Kiyro was sitting in front of the fan cooling himself down. For a Halloween night, it was hot and sticky. He wished that the Air conditioner was working right this minute, but instead, the humid air stuck to his skin like glue.

The van clattered as it hit against the uneven pavements, Kiyro’s team were all sitting inside a van where no exterior light entered. Instead, a single light bulb lit up the dark interior, but even still it flickered on and off from every unexpected hit.

Each and every one of them were wearing urban camouflage clothes. They all had a small bag attached to their sides, and even a couple of weapons hidden away in their pockets. The silver collar that donned their necks were gone, and instead, each one of them wore a black bracelet on their right wrist that was almost invisible underneath their long sleeves.  Not only that, they also wore a type of Alive Gears that wore sunglasses that connected to the internet. His avatar appeared right above his right eyes informing him that the radio transmission was active.

“Damn it.” Cursed Alex, his face look pale as he leaned his head against the wall.

“Are you alright?” Eve asked with worry. She look over her shoulders wondering if Alex would hurl any second. Her hands were fumbling over a brown paper bag ready to hand it to him if he needed it.

Alex slowly raised up his hands. “I’m okay. I just don’t do to well with getting into a new car. The last time I did, I almost hurled.”

“Really? I mean, the last time I saw you you seem perfectly fine.”

“I was trying to save face.”

“Ah, I see. You were trying to show off to Anna huh.” Eve winked and lightly nudged him jokingly.

“It is considered ungentleman-like if I hurled behind her seat. Ugh-” Alex covered his mouth and he flopped over defeated.

Kiyro felt a tug of worry when he heard Eve joking about Anna. He wondered if she was okay. Instead he quickly squashed it away, he knew that Anna could take care of herself.

He leaned back and closed his eyes, today was a strange day. From the out of body experienced that they underwent in the strange room to finally ferried away on a ship inside a truck. The truck reminded him of an ice cream truck, but larger in size that could fit a large amount of people. He could remember everything that had played out in the past hour.

“Alex, Daulton, Tonia, Eve, Will, and Kiyro.” Angel’s voice sweetly called their names, but Zero could hear a hint of darkness underlying in his voice.

Kiyro felt the usual chill when he was examined by Angel’s gaze. It felt like all of himself was exposed in front of Angel without even stating a single word.

“Yes?” Everyone called out and stepped forward.

“You will be group number 11. Please head towards Area 9. We will be going on a small ‘fun’ and ‘interesting’ trip.” Angel stated with a smile.

The way Angel used the word fun and interesting made Kiyro freeze up. He felt very uncomfortable when he stated it in such a way.

Everyone except Alex gulped. They wondered what their unusual activity that would happen, especially this man who they felt was a threat to their life. They all nodded in silence and headed over towards whey they needed to go and made it over towards their designated room. Laid out before them on the middle of the table were camouflage suits with oni masks on top of it. Even a Alive Gear was present for each person to wear right next to their clothes.

“Get changed. We’ll all be going out and doing a field test.” Alex stated as he went over to get changed.

“Field test?” Tonia asked confused. “I’m not completely understanding what you mean field test.”

“He means for us to go outside and use our powers.” Daulton stated bluntly. “I didn’t expect it to be so soon.”

“Wait, you knew this was going to happen?”

“A majority of the people expected something like this to happen. I mean, who wouldn’t want to test their psychic power.” He said it with a bit of enthusiasm, wondering how much stronger he has gotten and using in a real life situation.

“Please don’t burn down a building.” Tonia rolled her eyes. “You’ll become a pyromaniac and an arson.”

“Hey! I’m not that crazy. I have morals you know.”

“We’ll see.”

“Tch,” Daulton clicked his tongue. He pulled off his old shirt and pulled on the camo t-shirt.

Kiyro, Will and Alex were already stripping down to their boxers not even caring about being half naked in front of two girls.

When he glanced up, he saw both Tonia and Eve silently staring with interest.

Alex noticed both their gazes as well with a cheeky grin, he flexed his muscles in front of them. He wiggled his eyebrows, and arrogantly puffed up his chest.

Tonia squealed in delight, while Eve blushed completely red.

“What are you doing?” Will turned towards Alex and then look over towards the girls. “Seriously?”

“Why not? It’s called fan service to the girls.” Alex laughed and went back to putting on his pants.

“It should be the other way around. I rather see a smoking hot body with a nice S line curves in my view instead of your body.”

“You’re just jealous, kid.” Alex mischievous grinned. “If you want to get girls, you have to get them to check out your body, especially to see your well defined muscles. How do I know this? The answer is obvious, look at their reactions.” Alex snorted into a chuckle.

“It’s true!” Tonia exclaimed with a smile on her face. “I give a perfect godly 10 on Alex’s figure! His delicious pecs, amazing six packs, V shape lines that defines near the hips that you can lick, lean but strong muscles on his biceps with even a nice tortoise shell muscles on his neck with that stunning face. Sign me up!” She shamelessly stated with a glint on her eyes.

“Please. We don’t need such descriptive words.” Daulton paled a little.

“You need a more defined muscles.” Tonia flat out spoke towards Daulton, pointing out areas where he was needed to work out. “I say a 7.”

“I’m not sure if that’s even considered good.” Daulton scratched his chin, than slipped on the belt.

“Getting a 10 is miraculous enough.” Kiyro laughed.

“Will is 7 but his face makes up for it. Zero is 9!”

“How come he get’s a 9 and not me?”

“Because Kiyro has almost the same body type as Alex. He looks like he works out a lot, but he’s a bit leaner for my taste.”

“I feel my ego dropping.” Daulton sighed.

“It’s okay. All you need to do is work out a bit.” Kiyro was finishing changing, he grabbed the mask and patted Daulton on the shoulder. “It’s not something difficult to do anyways.”

“This is stupid.” Will shook his head. He grabbed his mask on the table and started to head out the door.

“I think he’s a bit upset about his score too.” Kiyro whispered over towards Daulton.

“I heard that.” Will spoke annoyed.

“See.” Kiyro lips curled up on his face. He was holding back a chuckle from bursting out.

“Well then ladies, either you can start showing us your nice figures while you change or we’ll be letting ourselves out.” Alex winked towards Tonia. “I would like it if we got a glimpse or two.”

“Shameless!” Tonia punched him in the chest laughing.

“You wound me, dear lady.” Alex clenched the area where he got punched and feigned defeat. “A free show doesn’t hurt you know.”

Eve turned scarlet, ashamed that she had a feast watching the guys change. She started to push  Alex out the door.

“Okay. Okay.” Alex threw up his hands. “I was just teasing.” He left chuckling.

Eve then turned her attention towards Kiyro and Daulton. She motioned her head for them to leave.

“Our little beauty wants us to go.” Daulton taps Kiyro on the stomach, catching his attention. He walk out the door, leaving Kiryo behind.

Kiyro followed a couple seconds later, he passed Eve who was still blushing red like a ripe tomato. While he pass by her, he whispered, “So what’s my score?”

Eve coughed and roughly pushed him out. The door close behind him with a click.

Alex clicked his tongue when he heard the door lock and his face returned back to being serious. They waited and five minutes later, the girls came out. Their clothes fitted perfectly to their body, especially for Eve. One could see her perfectly S line body and beautiful face that match well with the clothes. Even Tonia look nice in the clothes that they were given.

Kiyro had to admit anything that Eve wore, she look amazing in them. Though the clothes in game were a whole another story, it made her look dazzling.

“You forgot this.” Eve handed him an Alive gear. She was still slightly red as her gaze casted down onto the ground.

“Thanks.” Kiyro picked it up from her hands.

“Well then, it seems everyone is ready. Let’s go.” Alex clapped his hands, catching everyone’s attention. They made their way out to the door and towards a small van where they were shuffled in.

Inside the van they saw Angela, Angel, and five more other students. Kiyro saw that one of them was Russ. His beady eyes filled with arrogance caught, Kiryo’s temporarily, but he turned his gaze away and snorted in disdain.

“Well, it took you guys long enough.” Angela was in her lab coat and gave them all a frown. “I need to administer your locks on your neck. Come on.” She motioned them to come forward.

Kiyro pulled himself in and sat in front of Angela.

Angela pulled out a black bracelet and clasped it onto Kiyro’s arm. She then reached up and unlocked the silver choker around his throat with the Alive gear that she had on her eyes. With a click, the silver choker unlocked and clattered onto the ground.

Kiyro unconsciously rubbed his hands against his neck. He felt empty, having the weight taken off.

“Don’t think about chopping off your hands. It has the same function as the choker, but its reaction time and poison is ten times more lethal if you even attempt to force if off. The chip in the back of your head will set it off.”

“Wait, we been chipped?” Kiyro felt angered that he was forced to take part in their crazy experimental antics.

“Of course, did you really think that the choker was all we put on you guys? We’re not stupid in letting our test subjects go. So be a good boy and sit over there so the others can go through this process.”

Kiyro balled up his fist. He wanted to punch this lady in the face for forcing him to become an experimental subject. Seconds later, he felt a warm hand touch his balled up fist. Looking over his shoulder, Eve was grasping onto his hands and shaking her head for him to calm down.

With much difficulties, he unclenched his fist and walked over towards the empty seat across from Russ. The others followed after, getting their chokers taken off and given a new one. They all walked over and sat on the same side as Kiyro.

When everyone was finished, Angel cleared his throat. “Well, little kittens. We’re going to have some fun. Rest up and our little game will begin when we get to our destination.” Angel clasped his hands in front of him.

“Where exactly are we going?” Russ spoke out.

“Don’t worry. I’ll explain everything when we get there. Put on your Alive Gear and connect with it.” He got out the van. Angela followed behind him. “Well now, enjoy the ride.” With a slam the door closed.

“This is bullshit.” Russ cursed. “I mean what the hell does he take us for? Animal experimentation?”

Kiyro understood, Russ feeling exactly. Even if they were pitted against each other in the game, in the real world they were all on the same boat.

“At least we’re treated okay. I mean, we’re not under fed.” The teenager with a muscular figure and crew cut hair spoke with his hands against the back of his head. He was leaning back as comfortably as he could.

“I bet they’re hiding something from us. I mean, after that stunt that they pulled out with Room 13, I wouldn’t be surprised what crazy experimentation will happen next.”

“I’m actually looking towards it. This mundane life has gotten a bit more exciting if you know what I mean.”

“Sometimes having a mundane life is a good thing.” Kiyro spoke.

The teen look over towards Kiyro curiously. “You are?”

“My name is Kiryo. This here on my right side is Eve, Will, Alex, and Daulton.” Going down the line.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Timothy.” Timothy pulled out his hands to shake. Kiyro grabbed it with a smile and firmly shaked. “To my left is Russ, Karen, Stork, and Cain. My battle buddies in the game. Why did you say that?”

“I’m just saying, sometimes having too much excitement can get one killed.”

“True, but that’s why we all dive into the game world. To have a different life and have fun.”

Kiyro nodded in understanding. “Though, there is a difference between risking one’s life in the game then in real life.”

“Still, it’s a nice change.” Timothy was thrilled to finally get out of the Academy.

Their conversation was short, but Kiyro did not say anything anymore. The others started to talk among themselves as he put on his Alive gear. The Alive gear hummed on and once again connected him directly online with the game of Growth. It scanned his retinal and connected to his Avatar.

A couple messages popped up in front of him.

Real Life Quest has been Updated.
Quest Completed: TempestTempest has been taken back by its owner.

Quest Complete: Pave your path and become a businessman.

You have pulled out of your stocks early and earned over $12,909. Funds will be deposited into your account. This quest will not proceed forward and has been forcefully blocked from an unknown source.

Kiryo was completely confused at the Quest that had been completed in front of him. He knew that Tempest was still back at the apartment from his last memory and was worried that the little kitten might not being fed well. Not only that, the second quest had been interrupted by an unknown source, meaning he could not do the second half the quest.

“Hey Eve.”


“Um, did you take back Tempest with you?”

“Oh, I completely forgot. I’m so sorry. The school actually allowed me to bring Tempest with me.”

Kiyro was flabbergasted at what he just heard.

“Isn’t having animals here a very bad idea?”

“Actually, no.” Alex cut in. “Bringing pets are allowed and actually pushed for. For some people in this Academy, it’s their familiar.”

“I’m sorry. You completely lost me.”

“Well the Academy has genuine witches, shamans, and wizards. They have familiars that are brought with them to study magic.”

“What kind of crap are you saying?” Russ cut-in in disbelief. “I mean magic, come on!” He threw up his hands.

“You’ll be surprised what these people know. One could say it’s magic, but a lot of it is related to psychic’s. They just have a stronger grasp on their powers and the working of the world. The eastern culture has a more indepth understanding of what kind of magic a person could do.”

Russ scoffed at the idea of witches, wizards, and shamans. “Complete bogus.”

“Why would you say that? After all that happened, you don’t believe in anything like that?” Eve spoke out in disbelief. She was one of the unbelievers and with everything that had happened so far, nothing seemed impossible.

“I will believe when I see it. This whole psychic business is a whole different level than superstitions, people. I need facts and proof.”

“Well, they do more of a ritual and casting, but they’re not too far off on the norms around the world.”

“I’m surprised that you know so much. I mean, I thought you weren’t too interested in this kind of stuff.” Kiyro was looking at Alex in a different light.

“I’m this school’s doctor. I have talked with different cultures on their standpoint on magic and energy control. It’s quite fascinating if you got the chance to talk with them.”

“There is no point.” Russ huffed and leaned over. He completely ignored him and closed his eyes.

“What’s his problem?” Tonia spoke with a frown on her face.

“Don’t ask. He just got a stick up his ass.” Daulton rolled his eyes.

Kiyro couldn’t help but not like Russ’s personality at all. He was still a rude bastard even in the real world.

“Psssst. Hey Kiyro. Kiyro!”

Kiyro opened his eyes, and look around for the source of voice.

“Psssst. Kyiro. It’s me. Slyph.” A soft voice whispered next to his ears.

He saw a small figurine popped on the screen as a little chick. “I’m over here.” He waved his cute wings in front of him.


“Shhhh! I’m going to do the talking. I got some important information to tell you. It’ll be quick. Just nod if you understand.”

Kiyro glanced around and slowly nodded, trying not to get caught.

“Here’s the deal. I just recently found your location. You’re off the coast of the gulf of Mexico and getting closer to Tampa, Florida. I’m not sure why you are going there, but you should be careful. It wasn’t till now that I got a ping for your location when you connected with the internet. It took quite some time to go through the firewall. Just so you know, make sure you keep that Alive gear on with you when you get back. It’ll help me get through their freaking insane firewall without much trouble.”

He thought it over for a moment. What made him curious was that he was a state away from getting back home, but right now what he wanted to know was why were they heading towards Tampa, Florida. An ominous feeling was setting in the back of his mind, making him anxious.

“I’ll be keeping watch in the background.” Slyph winked and sat down at the corner of his glasses. “I’ll be back. I need to make a quick check on something.” He closed his eyes and became silent.

Kiyro wondered what Slyph had under his sleeve, but right now was not the best time to talk about it. He was sure there might be some listening device implanted into this Alive gear. Quietly, he waited throughout the whole ride.

Klank! Kaklank!

Strange metallic sound could be heard outside along with loud voices of people.

Varoom! Vrooom!

Suddenly, the van they were in shook and began to move forward. They jostled and bolted up and down. Everyone was anxiously looking around, wondering what was going on from the movement outside. Loud honking sound could be heard, beeping through a dense crowd of cars. Even loud blast of voices of laughter and excitement whistled were louder than the sounds of moving cars.

Suddenly the van halted and the back door was roughly opened. A man wearing a pirate costume with half of his face covered in a mask appeared. “Well, well. Lookey here. We have new blood joining in the fun.” The man cackled with laughter. “Come on ladies! Get your ass in gear!”

Everyone was dazzled by the sudden bright light that entered into the dark van, causing everyone to be temporarily blinded. Kiyro had to cover his eyes so he wouldn’t be momentarily blinded.

“What’s going on?” Karen asked She was the first to step out.

“Come on! Get out!”

Everyone stumbled out of the van completely dazed. Even Kiyro needed time to be adjusted to the bright light. Screams of people could be heard as voices of laughter rung all around them. Finally Kiyro’s vision cleared and he noticed that he was in the backstage of a concert. He peeked out to the side and noticed a large party that encompassed the whole street. Everywhere he looked, they were people in halloween costumes dancing away to the beat of music.

Suddenly the van door was slammed closed, and it sped off into the crowd, leaving them all behind. Kiyro couldn’t help but feel a bit out of place, but he was mostly confused. Why? Why were they here in a large concert like party in the middle of Tampa, Florida?

A message streamed up in front of all ten of their Alive Gear.

Unknown interference has occurred.

Please stand by while we fix the problem.

The message flickered on and off, giving Kiyro a creepy feeling. He suddenly felt an oppressive aura around the message that made his skin crawl.

Real World Quest has been activated.

An eerie beeping sound could be heard in his ears. He couldn’t take his eyes off the screen of his Alive Gear, but stare wondering what would happen.

Real World Quest: Hello World~
Quest can not be refuted. Put on your mask. In five minutes, go up on stage and say Hello. World! Thank you for coming today. Tonight is the is finally Halloween!
Level: D

Reward will be automatically be dropped into your inbox upon completion.

Failure: Your life will be forfeited.

Kiyro’s eyes twitched. He couldn’t believe what he was reading. If he did not finished this quest it meant that he would die. The strange interference from a second ago could only mean one thing, someone hacked the Alive gear and directly giving him quests. Only person he could think of was Angel.

Time Limit: 04:59

Right now, he had delay time for him to stay alive. He knew that Angel was not the type to go back on his word. Glancing down at his wrist, the bracelet gleamed dangerously underneath the streetlight. He took off his Alive Gear and put on his mask. He then put on the Alive gear on top of the mask so he could see the countdown.

The Alive gear snugly fit on the mask as if it was meant to be there.

“Hey. Hey. Did you guys get a quest?” Eve was struck with confusion.

“Yea…” spoke Daulton. “I’m not sure about you, but did you get something like if you fail your life is forfeited?”

Eve and Will slowly nodded confirming his disbelief.

“Now. Now. Kids. Let’s have some fun. Today is halloween, the best day for magic.” The man wearing pirate suit cackled with laughter. “Now with your quest in place. I shall be on my way~” With a graceful bow, he chuckled. He then bounded off without even allowing them to ask him questions.

Time Limit: 03:45

Kiyro cursed in his mind. He didn’t have much time and he needed to get towards the stage that was before him. With quick steps, he quickly walked forward. The ten of them were the only one’s left in the back stage. Every step he could feel his heart pounding and the loud cheering like sound from the front.

An guitarist screamed into his mike, followed by an epic play of his electric guitar. He swung around enthusiastically till the point where Kiyro thought the guitarist head would fall off.  The rough drum beats were pounding away loudly. Kiyro was not the type of person to go out in front of a very large group, and entertain them. In all honesty, he wanted to hide. His stage fright was kicking in, but still he steeled himself to move ahead.

Time Limit: 01:02

With heavy feet, he climbed up the stairs, ignoring Eve’s outburst. Instead, all he could hear was the throbbing beat of his heart, going out of control. He wondered where the staff were, but in a sense, he felt as if this was all preplanned and he was a puppet walking to the master’s tune. The music finally died down and finally became silent. Just as if it was on cue, Kiyro stepped out from the back and walked up towards the front.

The band stared in confusion at the sudden appearance of Kiyro. All they saw was a young man in urban camouflage clothes and a strange mask. Silence quickly followed after, the crowd look upon Kiyro with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Time Limit: 00:03
Time Limit: 00:02
Time Limit: 00:01

With a deep breathe, he steadied his heart. Electric buzzing like sound could be heard all around him.  “Hello World! Thank you for coming today. Tonight is finally Halloween!” The electrical amp’s around the stadium rung out clearly for everyone to hear. He was momentarily shocked that his voice would sound throughout the whole area.

Real World Quest: Hello World~ has been completed. Your reward of $350 has been sent to your bank.
Real World Quest: Hello World (Part II) has been initiated.
Please say the message on your screen to the crowd.
Level: D

Reward will be dropped into your inbox.

Failure will forfeit your life.

Kiyro bite his lower lips. He thought this whole quest would be over, but he should’ve thought otherwise. Such an easy quest couldn’t be over yet. He felt disgusted that his life was being bought for this strange shenanigans. Message flooded into his Alive gear.

“I hope that you all are having a blast tonight!”

Screams of joyful shout replied back towards Kiyro.

“Let me tell you a bit of interesting history of Halloween.  The origin of Halloween is believed to be originated in Ireland, and is considered to be one of the world’s oldest holidays. Other names for Halloween or Samhan, Summer’s End, All Hallow’s Eve, Witches Night, Lamswool and Snap-Apple. It’s believed to come from the Celtic festival Samhan or in another word, the End of Harvest in the Gaelic culture. During this festival, the pagans would stock their supplies and slaughter livestock for winter. The Celts believed that Saman, the Lord of the Dead, would call the souls of the people that passed away that year to take them to the afterlife.”

Kiyro clenched his sweaty fist, but he did not stop talking. “They believed that dead people would rise on this specific day and bring troubles and sickness to the living, so during the Samahan, they would light bonfires.”

In the middle of the crowd, a blast of giant cackle of fire erupted, causing everyone to step backwards in fear. Kiyro saw two of his comrades in the middle of the large crowd, controlling the rampant fire. To the people who were watching them, they thought they were dancing around the fire and they too got closer. He had a hunch that Daulton was one of the two that was giving the blazing inferno a boost to radically sway like a demon.

“It was during this time when they would  throw in the the bones of the slaughtered livestock and wear costumes and masks to placate them. In order to make believe to the spirits that they were with their own, the living would wear costumes and masks, this way the spirits would not bother them.”

An sudden blow of wind could be felt all around them, pushing the fire into a wild frenzy. Both of them could not control the fire anymore and instead backed away into the crowd.

“To appease Saman was to give give him food, to persuade him into be more tolerant while he was judging their ancestors; this is believed to be one of the precursors of the “trick-or-treat” tradition.”

Four of his group members came out from the back and brought a load of candies. They threw out the candies into the crowd, causing a hysteria of people grabbing the free candies in the air.

“My question to you is, do you believe in magic?!” He shouted throwing up his hand in the air.

The crowd cheered and screamed yes.

“Then, so it shall be on Hallow’s night. Once again, true magic will be brought before you!”

Fireworks were set off from the back of the stage and up into the air. Sparks of fireworks cackled in the air catching everyone’s attention. Kiyro felt weird being the mood maker of this party.

Kiyro felt a familiar figure coming up from behind him. He noticed at that moment that it was Eve hidden behind the mask.

Real World Quest: Hello World (part II)~ has been completed. Your reward of $350 has been sent to your bank.

Eve stood silent, even with the mask on, she exuded an mystical aura. People’s gaze automatically went towards her with interest. Her voice cut clear into the people, causing everyone to be dumbstruck by her beautiful voice. Even Kiyro was surprised that Eve had such an amazing singing voice.

“On the night of Hallow’s eve.

The song of the deceased whispers in my ear of lost and sorrow.

My mind is quietly rolling with pictures of memories, words and scent of the past.

Reminiscing about what I have done to come to this point.”

Wind swirled around her, picking up her blue hair. The clear night sky, shined its lustrous moonlight down upon Eve, kissing every part of her skin as if they were lovers. The band picks up from behind her, keeping up to her voice. Kiyro could feel a burst of soft energy coming out of her body that radiated outwards into a warm tingle. His Aura vision was in full effect and he could see the light of the people in front of him were being attuned with her voice.

“Memories that flow like fluid water that fills my soul.

Joy and happiness paints the picture with brilliant colors.

Others are like thorns that pinches the heart like a sting from a bee,

Leaving behind a trace of venom that seeps into the skin contaminating me.

Then there are those that cuts deeply and leaves behind a murder scene.

Black memories that rips through the body,

Screaming and shouting on how much it has wrecked me.

All of them are like whisper in the dark.

Watching and waiting for the right moment to shake my soul.”

The blast of fire flares, causing the people to reel back. Kiyro could not help but stare in disbelief. In the midst of the fire were figures of human shadows dancing in the flames to Eve’s tune.

“An eruption of emotions that becomes a torrent of a hurricane.

Blinded by the pure emotions of hate and anger.

Forgetting the people around me,

wanting to cause more harm than forgiveness.

Till finally when the wind finally calms,

the area around me are shredded and destroyed.

To late to fix the shredded pieces except to slowly pick them up once again.”

We forget who we once truly were,

A memory that seems to flutter like distant past.

Laying down my head and hand on the cold table,

Where a jolt of cold shocks my senses,

My eyes slowly opens up as my breathe leaves behind a fog.

It is only at this moment, where I take a moment and look inside.

I remember that I am here right now.

Telling me still that I am alive.”

Was this really magic or an illusion? Kiyro could not tell but be amazed at the special effects that was being displayed all around them. Figures of people from different ages were dancing to the tune of her voice, and the people who were watching were mesmerized.

“I am still here.” Eve whispered.The last line struck a chord with everyone before her and silenced followed after. Seconds later, a burst of cheers erupted outwards in frenzy.

Kiyro could tell that the way she sung and the way the band before her sung was completely different. For the lack of a better word, he could feel passion and a mix of emotions that he did not expect to feel coming from Eve. What was more surprising was that there was a large volume of energy focused around Eve’s throat, giving it a sweet and enchanting voice that he never noticed until she finished.

“Yes, I am still here.” A eerie voice spoke out throughout the crowd. It echoed around them giving a tingling feel. People look around confused, wondering where the voice was even coming from.

“I am still here. I am still here. I am HERE!”

With a flash of green in the middle of the fire, a dragon-shaped creature burst forth from the flames shooting up into the sky.

People stare with awe at the magical spectacle that was happening before them. Never in their life had they had such an interactive fire show before them. To them, the fire looked like it was animated to life, while for Kiyro’s group it was completely different.

The green dragon flapped its wings and hovered. Green, abyss-like eyes stared down upon the people with an evil cackle on its lips.

“I am back~” The voice echoed with full pleasure. A burst of green torrent of flames shot downwards onto the ground, causing a group of people to catch on fire.

It was then an horrifying shriek spilled out from the corners of a woman. Everyone stood frozen in a daze, not completely comprehending what was going on.

A static, flickering message appeared on Kiyro’s group Alive Gear.

Devil’s Quest has been initiated.

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