Howling Chapter 24



Chapter 24

“No. No. NO!” Seline words and emotions bubble out of my mouths to the point where I was screaming. Uncontrollable tears erupted from my eyes. I was shoved back from the body and Seline completely took over, leaving me caged in a bubble. Our heterochromia eyes turned both purple as she took control.

She desperately ran up towards Ken and caught him falling backwards into his arm. Waves of pain, hit me from Seline’s emotions giving me a horrible headache and pain that shot up and down my spine. It was terrifying to the point where it damaged my very being. Never in my life had I ever experienced such raw emotions slamming me like a sledgehammer till the point where I felt naked and bloodied.

A blast of black energy shot out from our body, causing everyone in the vicinity to stumble and fall backwards. Ogma on the other hand was thrown so far that he vanished from sight.

Seline shakily caressed Ken’s face with horror, tears erupted as she cried. Her black hair fell forward, covering half of her face. Even her eyes searched for any life in Ken’s eyes.
Ken opened his eyes, and coughed up blood as he look up lovingly at Seline. With a gentle smile, he reached over and caressed her face. An electric shock trickled through the body even effecting me who was behind thick walls. It was gentle feeling that I had seen with mates, a love so gentle and pure that it broke my heart. For I cried with her as tears dropped endlessly down my cheeks.

“I am sorry Kimberly.”

I was surprised he recognized her so quickly, but I guess it was because of the mate bond that held between the two that allowed him to know. From the amount of blood that was pooling around us, I could tell that the wound was serious.

“I’m sorry,” He said again and again. “I am so sorry Kimberly that I rejected you in the first place. Please forgive me.” He cough up more blood as it trail down his pale face.

“I-I already had.” Her head hung down staring at his eyes as tears flood down, making it difficult to see.

“I’m happy.” He gave me soft smile, his eyes begun to waver and slowly close.

“Ken. Ken! Don’t Die on me!” Seline cried out in desperation, she lowered her lips towards Ken, kissing it in the hopes that he would just magically spring to life.

With a last shudder of breathe, she felt his body die and in that moment, the world around Seline broke.

“Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” She howled into the air. Our black hair started to grow till it hit the ground. Her purple eyes turned bloody red, giving it an eerie glow.

In that moment I felt, rage, anger, sadness, lost, and regret, but what was worse wasn’t my emotions that drove me insane it was Seline. Her mind broke and swept me completely off guard, even the barrier that was around me was devoured by the harsh reality of pervading darkness that even I could do nothing to stop it.

I fought desperately, but her broken emotion was powerful to the point it even drove me insane. Nothing in my life have I ever felt such soul shocking raw pain that I even had the thought of wishing to die with him.

Love was a madness. I knew it. I knew what it would do, breaking apart one’s mind, then the heart, followed by the spirit. That was exactly what had happened to Seline. Her mind became a cacophony of disturbed emotions and thoughts. Instead her words continually to chant as it invaded my mind till I was chanting with her.

Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill.Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. DIE!

Then everything became quite. The breaking of her shattered heart became pitch black as it warped her. It became so unearthly quiet that I felt fear, terror, anger, and pure evil, radiating off of Seline. This was not normal, and I was dragged along with her.

“I’ll kill you.” The words whispered out of our mouth. “I’ll kill you all.”

The werewolves who were watching shuddered at the words that spilled out of our mouth. Every single one of them could feel the intense darkness that seeped out of us. Madness glossed our very eyes, making them lifeless and the bent to kill was the only thing on our mind.

Our body broke, shifting and rearranging into Seline’s black wolf form. We were three times bigger than my white wolf, our eyes were bloody red, our fur were pitch black like the night. Even our fangs were jutted out of our mouth, making us look like monsters.

Lifting up our neck into the sky, we howled into the dark night, screaming at the moon. We howled with passion, anger, sadness, and hate. Our scream called out to every werewolf soul in the vicinity as they all felt our emotions. For Seline hated every single one of them who had taken away her mate.

Each and every one of the wolves in our vicinity was forced to change as we called out to challenge every living werewolves in our vicinity. We weren’t going to let this go. Oh no, we were going to make them pay. Our blood thirsted for the blood of our enemies till it quenched our thirst.

Everything around us was blood red, everyone was our enemy. With a simple push of our feet, we darted to our first kill. A satisfying crunch of broken bones broke in our mouth as warm blood seeped down our fur.

We push forward and ran, tackling werewolves left and right. Our claws rendered many bodies in one fell swoop as our teeth shredded through fur, bones, and muscle. We were ruthless. They were no such things as compromise, or even forgiveness. Death was our answer.

Five wolves surrounded around us, shivering in fear. They wanted to run away so badly, but something in their nature was compelling them to stay. None of them could take their eyes off of us, we were to ferocious, to big, to frightening for them to glance away. For when they look away for a split second, they knew that their life would be over in a blink of an eye.

Our voice were deep dripping with hatred and a lust for blood, we wanted them to die. Every single one of them that were present. All five of them bolted towards us at the same time in the hopes to drag us down with sheer numbers, our claws slammed down on the first, while the rest clamped down onto our bulky muscles.

We didn’t flinch instead, we plowed through the pain, we turn and snapped, breaking the jaws of two, the third was flung off our back with a hard thrust and into the trees. While the final one, jumped backwards out of harm’s way. Though luck was not on anyone of their sides, we lunged forward and devoured the wolf with a vicious tear, killing the wolf with our large jaw.

Crunch! The sound of breaking bones in our mouth could be heard loudly in the air. Werewolves shuddered in complete fear at the sheer power that we display. More wolves came streaming out in the hopes to put us down. Our muscle flexed as power coarsed in our veins. We a simple push off the ground, we zigzagged into the crowd, using our monstrous power to plow them down.

Even under the moonlight, the terror of the black wolf was like a ghost that disappeared and reappeared in front of the others. Adam and the other vampires stay back away from my rampant, and instead assisted or tried their best to survive.

For us it was an one-sided slaughter that knew not when to stop. Our sanity gone, and the only thing left is a deranged feral rabid wolf.

Swirls of red, black, gray, brown, and pale swirled around us. Everything happened to fast for me to keep in touch with what was going on. My mind was muddled, while Seline continually rage nonstop. Instead I fell into darkness, curled up into a fetus position, allowing the warmth of the confines of darkness keep me safe from Seline’s rampant emotions.

I never knew that darkness had a different side. Even though it was cold, it kept me safe, it kept me hidden with a loving embrace. I wanted to be alone, and darkness did exactly what I asked. It reminded me of being encased by a mother’s love, sleeping inside her belly that I had long forgotten.

Time felt like forever, and I didn’t know what was happening outside the body. I couldn’t take anymore of the raw rage of Seline’s emotions, and instead sought to protect myself from the tsunami. Every time a crack was found, the pervasive invasion of raw emotions would slip in and stab me repeatedly like a madman.

They were no time to rest, I had to pull in the darkness that kept me sane even if it was a small piece of me. I desperately clung onto the small light, wrapping the light in me as if it was something so precious that I couldn’t allow to vanish. My body was tattered, broken, and bloody.

I was getting tired, and the will to live was slowly slipping away. Love? Why was such things even created. Why must I suffer for that one emotion that broken Seline? Why couldn’t life just leave me alone and allow me to just live? Why? Why? Why?

My thoughts were becoming erratic. Love is madness. I repeated over and over again. A madness that broke oneself to tatters to the point of becoming a empty shell. Soul mates? What purpose do they serve but to break the bonds of two people? Ever lasting? Hardly for I had seen love break in the under one second. I have seen humans become infatuated with one another for six months to three years till they finally die down to a simmer.

I pulled in the small burning light closer to my chest. The fire didn’t burn me and instead kept me a little warm.

What is love? I asked that question over and over again. What is love? The hollow feeling of emotions slowly encased me. The light becoming a flickering flame. Hatred came closer, licking my skin like a pervert. Enjoying every minute of our intimidate time together, corrupting my very mind, heart, and spirit.

Even the word hatred mad my heart stir into a ravenous wolf, creating anger that sparked off like fireworks. I could hear Seline’s madness. I could even see her draped in black like a dark queen. She dazzled with beauty cloaked in hate, her mind was gone, her eyes were crazed.

Hatred was her passion. Hatred was her life. Hatred was her whole being and the darker part of darkness swarmed towards her like a devilish lover. They were together, dancing in their intimate embrace, erupting outwards in pure ecstasy.

Every time she waved her hand cloaked in darkness, I felt a wave of pure bliss of the death of many. Screams of tortured souls cried out for her to stop, but she didn’t. She kept going, her eyes became derange, livid with pure happiness. I thought for a moment, she reminded me of a child that was given a toy to play with, she reminded me of that moment. A purity that had gone wrong and warped into something deadly and evil.

Every time she swung her arms, I felt a stabbing pain in my heart. I knew this was wrong, but I did nothing to stop it. Instead her emotions took over me countless times, leaving me ravaged and weak.

“….love?” I whispered as my eyes became droopy. Maybe this was my purpose in life to come this far and allow Seline to exist as the black wolf. I don’t know what I am here for anymore.

“What…………….is………………” I let out my breath and I closed my eyes as silence followed after.

“Love is loyalty.” Ray’s voice spoke out strong in my mind. Pictures of scenes of Ray and the pack rushed through my mind like a gentle flood. Every single one of the happy days to the days where we fought, washed over me. Each of my pack members spoke into my mind, calling out towards me with pride.

“Love is respect,” followed by Jaz.

“Love is humbleness.”

“Love is trust.”

“Love is giving.”

“Love is happiness.”

“Love is forever.”

“Love is friendship.”

“Love is selfless.”

“Love is perfect.

“Love is faith.”

“Love is fate.”

“Love is inspiring.”

“Love is compassion.”

“Love is communication.”

“Love is patience.”

“Love is passion.”

“Love is unyielding.”

The swelling of emotions circled around me, giving me the warmth that I need to once again revitalize me. I have forgotten from the raging emotions what it meant to actually stand against the harsh tide of true darkness of my own self. They continually chanted off endless words that brought encouragement to my heart.

“Love is forgiveness.” A sweet voice I never heard before rung in my head. My eyes opened up widely as I pushed myself up. The flames in my hand grew bigger to the point where it became pure white.

At first it was blinding to the point where it hurt my eyes as the pain that coarse through my very body temporarily shocked me. I was completely enshrined in pure white flames that burnt away my black hair and replaced with flaming white. My eyes turned gold as I felt power surge through me.

Hatred reel back from the flames of emotions of light seared through around me, leaving behind a pure air. I could finally breathe without choking on the darkness of hatred that consumed me a while ago.

A soft breeze of a male’s voice tickled my ears and whispered gently. “Love is bittersweet.” I snapped towards the sound, letting my long white hair trailed behind me. For some reason I knew who that voice was.

“Adam?” I unconsciously called out. Searching for the voice again, I strained my ears, trying to find the voice again. So far I had found nothing, but the pure jarring light that was warm and harsh at the same time.

It was strange that I had thought of him now of all times. I shook my head to take him out of my mind, but he lingered not letting me go.

A soft glow wrapped around me as I felt warm arms cushioned me into an embrace. The sweet musky smell of a man’s body entered through my nose, it was a very familiar smell that I couldn’t forget. It felt like home, a place to belong, and a place where I knew someone was waiting.

“Don’t give up, angel.” The voice spoke again, tickling my ears. “Don’t give up.” His voice trailed off into the distance as the warmth disappeared along with it. I felt alone when the warmth left me, making me sad.

Every time hatred snapped towards me with its dark tendril, I smacked it away like a flyswatter. I didn’t want it near me, nor invading my space. It angrily dashed towards me in attempt to harm me, but I wouldn’t let it. No, I stood my grounds and fought back. I wasn’t going to let hatred win nor allow the blossoming of evil take root.

Still the dedication in me to live was once again fired up in my mind. I shifted and changed into my white wolf form. Elegance, grace, power, and purpose exude out of my body, allowing me to move forward into the darkness.

I ran, and let my true self run free. Like a comet, I sliced through the darkness without stopping. Each turn, each dodge, and swivel paved ways to harsh reality of light. I was a monster that fought against the monster called darkness. My light was harsh, crude, and to the point, cutting deeply into the sick wound and taking out the festering lesion, but what trailed behind me was love, compassion, and the healing light to recover the burn that hatred tarnished and destroyed.

The blistering red wound was rapidly healing, leaving behind many scars. I knew that I couldn’t heal everything perfect. They were scars to remind me of the failure that I had went through, but at the same time acceptance of what has become.

I had forgiven myself and accepted everything.

My pride was what caused Ken to die and Seline to go crazy. This was a burden that I would carry for the rest of my life and the acceptance of what I must do. For the first time in a long time, I felt free of the burden that weighed on me. The anger that I had for Ken for hurting Seline disappeared as I forgave. Even the fear of disappearing was gone, and instead I knew that I had to bring Seline back to sanity.

This was my responsibility, even if Seline hates me forever I accepted such fate. All I could do was stop her from her rampage and killing many people. No more did I want to see blood shed on a soul that only had purity for love, but was harshly taken away by rage and replaced by pure hatred.

I ran, the light in me growing stronger as I dove into the darkness called hatred. In the darkness I saw her true self. She wasn’t the beautiful dazzling beauty of darkness but a warped contorted black wolf. She was malice bundled up in darkness. Red eyes gleaming with madness, her fur wildly messed up and tangled, skin torn and bloodied with blood dripping down her side.

She turned and faced me, burning with pure hatred. With a vicious growl, she ran towards me and attacked. I jumped and butted heads, my claws tore into her side, while her’s into mine as we inflicted heavy damage.

“Seline, wake up!” I shouted through my mind in the hopes to connect with her.

Instead she reeled back in disgust, between our mind link and snapped forward. Her darkness pervading into my light. Trying its best to overcome and destroy what little I had of myself.

Even still, my light, my love for her, shot through like a knife. It was precise, it was deadly, they were no negotiation, but to split away the growing cancer called hatred.

Her monstrous head that showed bones, muscle, and even ghastly smoke ozzed with foul malice. I could smell the rotting flesh of death and blood. With a twitch of her cheeks, her lips turned into a snarl, not liking the feeling of being the one invaded.

“Seline, wake up!”

With a growl, Seline slammed forward, not liking how I called out towards in my Alpha’s voice. I was demanding. I didn’t coodle her like a child, I called for her true self. My claws rendered into flesh as we battled against one another.

We were a flashing color of black, white, red, and gold, swirling together like paint. At times we struck as lightning of red and gold shot forward, followed after by a booming thunder. Leaving behind a crackling light of fireworks.

Every bite, every slash of my claws picked away at her darkness that cloaked her. I tore into her to find what little bit of her that existed. It was a difficult struggle that pitted my very soul against hers. We fought, and I dove deeper till I found that one spark.That one small black flames that weren’t encased in pure hatred. I shifted, turning back into my human self.

Seline was haggard, losing many pieces of her dark cloak. She too couldn’t hold anymore of her black wolf form, and instead became a mass of humanoid black energy. I knew this was going to be our last clash. I willed all my power as I jumped forward, suddenly cloaked in white wings that helped propel me forward. Even Seline for a split moment when she jumped to meet me in air, beautiful black wings sprouted outwards as we locked hand-in-hand. We struggled in midair, till finally my right hand broke free.

I desperately reached in and grabbed the dying flame as I viciously yanked it out. Each pull, hatred pulled her back, wanting to keep her trapped in her own hell. I didn’t let her go back and I fought for her soul till finally the tendrils of black hatred let her go.

In that moment the black flames withered. She was so tiny, lifeless, abandoned, and lost. With a gentle smile as I wrapped my hands around the flames, I spoke. “Seline. I am sorry for everything. My selfishness, my ignorance, and my fear of a soul mate, but let me share with you what I learned about love from my pack.”

The endorphin like feeling swept towards me, warm light encased around Seline’s dying flames as it gently coddled her like a newborn baby. “I am here. I won’t leave you.” I brought her up to my face.

Suddenly the black flames shuddered  and became condensed till finally she shot out from my hands like a star, Seline soared into the stars, leaving me alone. I knew then that she had left me for good, alone in this body. The emptiness felt so jarring that I had a hard time, getting use too. It wasn’t an easy void to fill, but it was fillable, I just didn’t know how.

I glanced up into the star’s, tears streaking my face.“I love you Seline. Now you are free.” I spoke softly. In that moment, I saw another streak of gold light just as bright as her, danced and twirled with her as they faded and disappeared.

A sharp shock wave erupted onto my head and it was then when the flood of memories dashed through my mind and I knew who I truly was. Seline left me a present that I had once forgotten till now.

My name is Tila Li, twin sister of Kimberly Li.

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Aurthor’s note: Kuhuhuhu did you like this chapter? I on the other hand was debating on how I should kill Ken. I know that sounds horrible, but there is a reason. This story is part tragedy. XD Plus I get the feeling half of you guys are fist pumping and saying hell yes, the asshat is gone! Woot! Right? Or is that just my own imagination? Probably it is…

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  2. Lord Etez

    Well the the only thing i don’t like about this story is the fucked up thing with love and a soul mate…. U find/see ur soul mate for the first time and falls unstantly in love…. Sry but this is no love just a fucking mind manipulated shit fuck that is more like a obsession driven into ur head from some kind of Moon Goddess? To hel witht that….. Love doesnt come so fast….. The only thing that comes so fast is a obsession to that what you saw first from that person and don’t care about the rest of his/her personality……. Could probably say so many more things about this whole love thingy but it would take hours…..


    1. each its own. Love doesn’t come in just one form. Sometimes it could be crazy obsession, it could be pure, other in could come in madness, other times like you said its fucked up, it could be passionate, it could be instant for each person, but the beauty of it all everyone goes through it a different way. We are broken people and sometimes we learn from that brokenness to understand the value of love. Anyways thank you for reading the story, it might not come to your full expectations, but i’m still grateful that you gave the story a chance. XD


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