Howling Chapter 23


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Chapter 23

“You’ve escaped?” Mr. Kingston squeaked, looking at me in fear. His large belly jiggled up and down from his rapid breath. He was seriously a sorry excuse of a vampire, putting shame to the name of all vampires around.

“Yes.” I lunged towards him, my hands outstretched grabbing him by his arm.

He squealed in fear as he desperately flailed his arm to stop me from getting any closer. I smacked his hand away like flies, and drew him into my deadly hands. My arm snaked around his neck, wrapping him into the crux of my elbow. I was behind him, choking him out.

“Disgusting Vampire. Taking the life an innocent child for your sick pleasure.” I snarled. “The world won’t miss someone like you!” With a swift turn, his neck snapped. He floundered a little bit and moment later he stopped moving. I let him go as he fell onto the ground motionlessly.

I knew that Mr. Kingston wasn’t completely dead. My eyes searched around for any nearby weapon, instead all I found was a wooden single drawer. Quickly walking over, I tore the leg off it easily with one pull.

The jagged edges was all I needed to use against completely eradicating Mr. Kingston. I took confident steps towards him with a simple downward strike, I slammed the broken part into his heart. In matter of moments, his body convulsed erratically. Then it stopped and turned into fine black dust. Mr. Kingston was dead and I was glad that this monster was gone.

I got up onto my feet, relieved that one of the monsters were gone from this world. The second one was Ogma that I knew that I needed to stop somehow. Right now it was either escape and get chased or use this one chance to slip towards him in this chaos and kill him. The thought of bringing in my pack into this war was something that I didn’t want to do.

Seeing them die in front of my eyes were the last thing I wanted, and instead I steeled my heart to go after Ogma. He was going to die today in my hands even if it was the last thing that I had to do.

With great dedication hardened in my heart, I ran forward searching for his similar scent. I dodged through as many other werewolves and vampires in this large castle like estate. Every turned I went, I somehow ended up in some foreign rooms that seem to have multiple humans locked away and used as personal blood donors.

Vampires would go in to have their fill of blood, while the werewolves would stand out in front of the door. Every two rooms I came across were another group of werewolves and vampires that were preoccupied with their fill. It wasn’t only male vampires that came through the different rooms, but also high class female vampires that I have seen a couple of times in popular hollywood movies. I was a bit surprised that a couple of them were even vampires in the beginning.

Still there were a couple rooms where I felt more than one, when I slinked by the window, I saw something very disturbing. Twenty different naked humans were strung upside by their foot as tubes were stuck into their neck, arms, and legs. It horrified me to see so many people being siphoned off for their blood, there wasn’t just young people, but variety.

This place was a blood farm for humans, and Ogma was the leading hybrid that was kidnapping people left and right to be harvested. I had a very bad feeling that Ogma had the backing of possibly half of the vampire society in this blood farm. Majority of the Elders and vampires saw humans as food, so harvesting them like this wasn’t any different. One would think that they were just slabs of meat from the way that they were hang, making my stomach queasy.

Even still, I used my keen nose to follow the faint trace of Ogma as best as I could. Each turn that I took, I found that he went in one of these guarded rooms. They were dead human bodies that were being pulled out, making me feel even more angry than before.

How could he treat humans like trash, they were like food banks that get sucked up in one go and thrown away when empty. At least for Adam, he had the common courtesy to take as much as he needed through a regular blood donation bank then drinking them up through contact.

Wait….why am I even thinking about him now. He had abandoned me and took Samantha to the Dragon Sanctuary to finish the job, plus Samantha was a lot more important than me, so I knew exactly what the mission entitled. I was a disposable tool to get the mission done. Even though such thoughts went through my head, a sharp pain constricted my heart. The thought of being abandon made me feel alone once again.

You are not alone. Seline voice whimpered. I’m here with you.

Thanks, Seline. I felt a little better hearing her come back to life. I could tell that she was still in pain after the whole ordeal, they were a tinge of sadness and hurt that I could feel, but it was quickly squashed. Instead she was on high alert as me.

We need to get out.

No. We’re going to kill Ogma.

Are you nuts?! That’s suicide.

Do you want a Magical War to happen? Then all the people that we love will die!

Seline went silent. She understood instantly what I meant. So you’re saying sacrifice our lives to save million others?

Something like that, but I’m not planning on dying here today. I plan on winning and getting out of here alive. I spoke with confidence. I knew that my words seem empty, but that was all I could do at this moment. Instead I had a budding feeling of fear that if I failed, their might not be another chance.

If you say so. I’m with you all the way. Seline spoke.

You’re already with me since the beginning. I chuckled.

I know. I just wanted to tell you that.

Even though she said that, I felt a bit more relieved that someone was still with me to the end. Seline has become like a sister. We were conjoined at the hips literally unable to move without the other. We fought, yes, but we also started to appreciate each other’s presence. She was someone who I could talk to during the times when I was alone.

Suddenly loud sound of ruckus and noises could be heard from behind us. I snapped around, wondering if we got caught, but instead saw werewolves and vampires fighting among each other. I didn’t know what was going on, but it was becoming a free-for-all.

Some of the werewolves were ganging up on the vampires that attacked them, while the vampires shredded the werewolves in half. They were other vampires that sided with the werewolves or ran away from the mess that was being created. I could tell that the vampires that were attacking the werewolves were their enemies.

Body count of the dead was quickly rising, more and more werewolves from the Ogma’s pack streamed out from the hallway to back up their comrades. It was a full out war between the werewolves and the vampires. I was wondering who they were to attack Ogma’s forces without a second thought. Then I saw on one of the vampire, a rose necklace that signified the Velvet Rose Clan.

“Adam.” I quickly breath in a sharp intake of air. The thought of his clan here right now shocked me. What the hell was his clan even doing here, battling against the top werewolf pack in America? Did he plan all this to? To go to war with the werewolves all over again?

I didn’t know, I didn’t have time to think to deeply about it. Two werewolves ran towards me on opposite ends, I sprinted towards the one on my right and knocked the the werewolf’s teeth completely out. He faltered and fell backwards in pain, while a Vampire came over and shot him with a silver bullet.

The fallen werewolf spazzed out uncontrollably till he completely stopped moving. I on the other hand twirled around, ducked underneath an punch, and bulldozed into the werewolves giant chest. His large embrace completely wrapped around my small frame and squeezed as hard as he could.

My breath faltered as I gasped for breath. I knew then and there that if he squeeze me any harder, I would have broken ribs and possibly even punctured lungs. With a savage head butt, I temporarily stunned him, giving me a slight chance to slip out of his hold.

He grunted in pain. I stomped down hard on his foot, then followed with a knee strike. I heard something pop, but I didn’t take time to see what it was. Instead, I used the momentum of the man cringing forward to do another harsh knee strike into the man’s guts. It didn’t take seconds to put the man down without much trouble.

The vampires that were fighting the werewolf a moment ago was finished with their prey. One of the female stopped and wearily watched me, but then she was surprised to see me.

“Tila?” Her voice was calm with a slight sweetness to it, making anyone in the vicinity perk up to listen to her voice.

“Sophia?” I cocked my head in surprise. It has been five years since I saw Sophia. The last time I saw her she was a little girl. Not only that she had become a drop dead gorgeous knockout of a vampire. Her flaming black hair that seem to be alive, beautiful porcelain skin, high cheekbone, full bust, and her height was a little taller than me. She was an Elder Vampire, and came from the one of the ancient elder families. “What are you doing here?”

“Tila!” Sophia ran over and gave me a fierce hug. “I’m so glad that you’re alive. I was afraid that you got killed.”

“Me killed? Not going to happen anytime soon.” I snorted. Honestly I was glad that she was here. I never thought in a million years would I see Sophia so soon. She had gone off to train with the elders for a very long period of times and that time would be about a century year long.

“I’m glad you still have your sense of humor.” Sophia smirked. “You’re still that badass girl that I remember. Seriously the moment I meet you for a very long time, you’re already escaping from your captivity. I wouldn’t be surprised if you were going after Ogma now.”

My eyes became wide. “How did you know?” I asked surprised.

“Wait? What?! You were seriously going to go kill that lunatic?” Her voice went up an octave. “Are you crazy? By yourself at that infested with over thousands of werewolves? I mean come on Tila you’re not supergirl.”

“Think about it. This was the best time to get him when he least expected it, especially after all this chaos.” I huffed. I really thought I was doing the right thing, even though I didn’t have any back up nor real plan. This was honestly a one way ticket and I didn’t mind dying for a righteous cause, especially to protect my pack, but I was also serious of escaping here alive.

“No sane person would go in for a suicide mission. Why are you being suicidal. We came in here to rescue you.” Sophia was getting angry. “Adam would be furious! Seriously this whole mission would be a failed mission if you died!” She threw up her arm.

“Wait, Adam sent you guys to get me?” I was flabbergasted that Adam would do something that was completely against his thoughts. He wasn’t the type to go save one person and jeopardize a mission.

“Yep.” Sophia popped her p.

“Why? I mean I’m not that important.” I crossed my arm in front of me. “There are other werewolves out there that could fill in my place for crying out loud. Now the Black Wolf Pack knows that the Velvet Rose Clan is against them.”

“They already knew it a long time ago. So right now it doesn’t matter. Let’s talk while we escape.” Sophia pulled me through the hallway. The other vampires surrounded us as we tightly ran together.

“So tell me. Why?”

“Adam said you still have a debt to pay and he’s not going to let you go scott free with death. After this he stated you owe him big.”

“I don’t owe him anything. He owes me more.” I huffed. Not liking the thought of owing him a favor.

“Actually he told me you’ll say that, he said saving you is just a cream of the crop canceling out both of his debt, though keeping your pack safe and away from the Black Wolf Pack is the real debt that you have accumulated.”

I was having a hard time believing what she said. Really, Adam.  Really? Once again he uses my pack to get to me. My teeth grinded against each other annoyed at what Sophia was saying.

“So what is the real debt?”

We took a sharp turn to the right and ran down the stairs. We were lucky that we weren’t able to find any other werewolves out there to meet us halfway.

“He said that he sent some of his best bodyguards to protect the kids in the werewolf orphanage that you have set up at your pack house. Something about they are important to you and so he’s keeping an eye out for you if anyone tried to come in and bother them. He told me to tell you that you need to come back to protect your pack, before you do something stupid and possibly even cause a war. He said that also you might drag in your pack and the orphanage if you’re not careful.”

I frowned. Adam knew me too well. The Orphanage was an a special project that took  into both human and werewolf from around the states. The humans were sent to a better homes, while the werewolves were sent to my pack. It was a win-win situation where I used it to scout new werewolves as well as help the humans live a better life. Every single one of the children were looked after till they graduated from high school.

Doing a small time community service on my own time was my hobby and every one knew without me telling that that the orphans were special.They were not to be trifled with or anyone would get my wrath. So in that case my pack took it as one of their priority to help out when they had their own spare time. I never forced them to join, instead half of them wanted to help. While the rest supported the idea that their Alpha was helping out at the Orphanage.

“Fine. I owe him one this time.” I grumbled. The thought of owing him a favor this time didn’t sit well with me, but I was glad that Adam was helping me protect the orphanage at such dangerous times.I knew my pack would be doing well without me, especially because Ray would keep everything under control while I was gone. “So how many of you guys infiltrated here to get to me?”

“Five of us and that’s it.” Sophia nonchalantly stated as if it was no big deal.

“Five? That’s it?” I thought I was suicidal, but Sophia’s team was crazy in their own way as well. “You told me when I’m going in by myself is crazy. What about you?”

“We’re professionals. We been doing this all our life and born into ti.”

I scoffed at ther remark. “I’m a bodyguard for Adam. You think I can’t go in without being noticed and slice Ogma’s throat?”

“That’s not it. We believe you could go in, but Ogma is a whole different story in a nutshell. We need a different tactic to kill him. You do know he’s considered almost invincible.”

Honestly, this was my first time hearing that. “What do you mean? Are you saying that’s he’s some kind of superman?”

“No, just that killing him with wooden stakes, silver, or sunlight is not going to kill him. Instead you need to kill both hearts to kill a hybrid.”

“There’s two? Why didn’t I heard of this?”

“It’s not common knowledge. Hunting dangerous hybrids are done by our special ops. So it’s not a well known knowledge.”

“So where is his two hearts?”

“The first one is in the same place as all humans. While the second one is supposed to be a bit lower in his chest, but there is boen protecting it so it’s hard to get to it.”

“I see.” We made it down into a cellar. Sophia pushed back a bookshelf opening up into a passageway. We entered and walked for awhile in the half-lit tunnel.

“Where is Adam anyways?”I asked. Trying not to stumble in the darkness.

“He’ll be waiting for us when we leave this tunnel. I think about a mile away from our location.”

“That’s pretty close.” I snapped my head towards her. “What is he doing here? Does he want to get killed?” I hissed.

Sophia glanced at me funny and then let out a deep sigh. She mumbled underneath her breath and shook her head, Her gaze look at me with disappointment and she look away.

“What was that look for?” I frowned. “I didn’t like that look.”

Sophia shrugged, not answering my question and instead kept on walking ahead.

“Sophia! You didn’t answer me.”

“It’s not my place to answer. Ask Adam and he’ll gladly answer.”

“Come on, you can’t do this to me, especially your friend.”

Sophia snorted and chuckled. “You know me Tila. I’m hard headed. Like I said, go ask Adam. He’ll love answering all your question when you meet him. Maybe give you a serious scolding for a change at the amount of trouble you seem to get into.”

“Me? Get scolded? What the hell. I not a kid. Thank you very much.”

“If you say so.”

We finally made it out of the mansion and into the forest. I felt relief that we were away from that horror house. Even though I wanted to get rid of the problem and sabotage their whole operation, I couldn’t just leave my pack undefended. It infuriated me that Adam turned my whole thought around in a perfect 180, if he didn’t say it I probably went suicidal their for a second.

The built up rage that consumed me was a bit too much for me throughout that capture that the small sanity that I had was quickly abated. Though this didn’t mean I would turn tail and never come back here again. I was sure that I would once again come back and destroy this sick operation as soon as possible.

Ogma needed to either die or be contained. I wasn’t a saint and knew that justice was just an empty word. Action was the only way to serve justice in the time of crisis such as this. There were things that needed to be done, packs that needed to be gathered, and especially I needed a solid plan to overrun the number one pack in America to the ground and the vampires that were backing Ogma for his sick pleasures.

During the six years of my life, I had changed so drastically from a simple high school girl to a natural born leader. But from my power that I was given, the choices that I made had led me through countless bloodshed. Even now the fight for survival has been ingrained into my very thoughts,especially since I had lived on the city streets with my pack.They weren’t many room for love and kindness, but ruthlessness and the will to survive. Maybe that was the reason why my hands were dye in red.

There were no going back to the innocent me, Ken killed the innocent me for destroying the idea of what true love meant. Following after the hardship and the darkness of city street light confirmed that they were no room for kindness. To survive meant to throw away one’s emotions and keep pushing forward, that was what I had learned. The only love I had was for my pack and that was already a dangerous weakness that I had and it seems Adam knew me too well when it came to protecting my pack and the things that I hold dear.

In a way I had to thank him for bringing me out of those suicidal thoughts. Once dead, there was nothing that I could do to protect my family anymore and Adam had thrown a cold reality to my face.

Off in the distance, I saw both Ken and Adam standing beside a black car waiting for our return. Ken’s face was riddled with worry and when he saw me, I saw relief. While Adam kept a stoic face not showing any single bit of emotions.

Adam gave me a relieved smile. He walked up towards me to give me a hug, but I completely ignored him and instead walked past him as if he was not there.

“Adam.” I spoke with a growl.

“Hello, angel. Good to see that you’re doing okay.” Adam chuckled.

“I wanted to say thanks.” I replied and crossed my arms.

“Really? Wow, to hear it coming from your mouth is truly a pleasure.”

“If you say so.”

“Anyways we should leave before we get caught.”

“I was just thinking about the same thing-”

Suddenly, I heard the rustling of multiple leaves. Ogma and his cronies stepped out from the dark trees ready to fight.

“Well. Well.If it isn’t my favorite nephew Adam.” Ogma stated with glee. His eyes dangerously flicker with excitement to see Adam.

Wait, what?! Ogma’s is Adam’s blood relative?!

“Uncle Ogma.” Adam coldly replied. “It’s been awhile.”

“It has isn’t it? It seem you have been quite busy haven’t you.”

“If I am?”

“Nothing much to it, though I would like you to hand over the dragon and girl next to you.”

Adam stepped forward. “What if I say no.”

“That would be sad to see one of my blood relative to die.” Ogma snapped his fingers,and the werewolves attack. It was a five on one battle, and we were outnumbered heavily. We fought with our life on the line as we bulldozed our way towards the car.

“I’ll push them back!” Sophia yelled. “Get in the car before it’s too late!”

Two of the five vampires backed Sophia, their claws dangerously swishing around like professional MMA fighters. Each strike were quick and deadly, aimed perfectly at the werewolves weak points. They didn’t stop attacking and instead continually pummel down onto the next target. They were like water effortlessly moving from one target to the next, and even I was quite surprised at their fluid combat.

I was itching to join the fight, but Adam snagged me by my hand and dragged me away. There were no time to fight back, but instead to run towards the van. The thought of seeing Sophia die in front of me made me angry. I didn’t want to lose an old time friend that I had rarely get to hang out with since we met.

“Sophia!” I pulled away and punched a werewolf by its nose, I heard a sickening crack as its nose broke. Blood spew out of its nose, making him temporarily stunned. My foot rose up and stomp kicked him on the chest, pushing him backwards onto his butt.

“Just go! I can handle this!” Sophia yelled.

“Damn it Sophia! You better not die on me or I’m going to hunt you down in your afterlife and drag you back to life!”

“I won’t!” Sophia stated confidently, she smacked two werewolves by the head.

Out of nowhere, I felt myself being tackled from behind. My instincts were on overdrive, trying to push back the sudden attacker. I could smell a heavy scent of perfume, cologne, and blood mixed together, creating its own blend of smell. I knew instantly who this smell was and my blood boiled. The bloody murder, Ogma.

This was a perfect chance to get my revenge for kidnapping me, stealing my blood, and mentally traumatizing me. I grunted and thrashed around out of his hold, till I was able to flip out. My legs snacked over towards his neck, while my other arm pulled at his left into a triangle hold.

Ogma used brute strength to lift me up into the air and slammed me down onto my back, causing me to be temporarily stunned. The flashing white lights to the excruciating pain that shot through my whole body. I had to will myself to scramble away from his giant feet from stomping on me and possibly crushing my chest.

With heavy breath, I pushed up, but all of a sudden I saw something gold streak past me in a flash. That’s when everything seem to happen in slow motions, what I saw next froze my very heart.

Ogma hands shot through Ken’s chest, creating a large hole as he stood blocking me from Ogma’s wrath. In that moment, I heard something breaking in my mind.

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