Howling Chapter 22


Chapter 22

Pain riddled my head as I woke up with a groan. What the heck even happened? I moved my head to the side, trying to get a good picture of where I was at. The whole room was dimly lit with only a couple of lamps turned on. When I move my hand, I heard the sound of metal against metal, scraping against the side. I pulled, cold metallic metal binding wrapped around both my hands and my feet. I could tell that it was Silver by how it burned my wrist, giving me a horrible painful scar every time it touched the metal.

Startled, I tried to push myself up, but realized that I was literally hanging a couple of feet off the ground with my hands up in the air. What kind of crazy dungeon did I get myself into? Where was I and who in the right mind would want to even kidnap me?

I scanned around wildly, trying to find any clues that I needed for where I could be. All I saw was the cold stone floor, a metal table filled with medical tools, and bloodstained ground that seem fresh. The strong scent of blood clouded my nose, making me cough.

The metal door squeaked slowly opening, my head snapped towards the sound, wondering who was entering in. With jumpy short steps, a familiar man walked into the room. A large body man with a beer belly, bald elderly man, who reminded me of an evil scrooge. It was none other than Mr. Kingston, who I remember meeting six years ago in the party.

“Well. Well. Well. Look what we have here.” Mr. Kingston gave me the most disgusting smile I ever saw plastered on his face.

“What do you want Kingston?” I spat at him.

He frowned when the spit hit in full in the face, his hand wipe it away in disgust as he glared at me. “Simple really. Tell me where Adams is.”

“Why the hell would I tell you that? You already know where he is, what purpose do I serve?”

“Bitch you will answer when spoken too!” With a vicious slap, he made my face turn sharply to the right. My inner lips got cut with blood seeping out from the side. I glared at him in anger, my Alpha power spilled out from my body in heated waves.

When I get out of this place, I was going to make it my target to make this fatso pay. Mr. Kingston took a step back from the heavy pressure that I gave off. I could tell that he was squirming in fear, his hand started to sweat as he started to shake.

“You b-better listen to what I say!” He failed in threatening me, I spat out blood and snarled.

“You stupid fatso, who do you think you are to order me around? You’re not even Adam or an Elder. Do you think you can over power me with that feeble strength!” With a bash, my hands shot forward towards Mr. Kingston neck. He was close enough for me to grab him, but he stumbled backwards just in time before he could fall into my grasp.

What made me even laugh was that I smelled piss, puddling around his feet. This was just to hilarious, a vampire scared of a werewolf. The sorry excuse of a vampire, scuttled backwards out of reach.

“I-I can kill you!” He shouted back but failed to intimidate me.

I smirked. “Please try, because the moment you come close to me, I will for sure tear you apart with my teeth, limb from limb till all you are but bone and blood.”

Mr. Kingston’s eyes became wide in fear. His hand shook and he reached over towards the door. Just before he was about to get out, he was suddenly slammed into it. The door knock him backwards, snapping his face back till he got a broken nose.

A handsome man strutted out from the door, wearing blood red suit mixed with an earthy brown. Everything about him screamed power, strength, sexiness, and elegance. His wavy reddish brown hair covered his chiseled face, making him look like a typical bad boy. I could tell that he was the type that would throw females around left and right like tissue paper from the prideful attitude that he displayed. His whole stance screamed look-at-me-I’m-handsome-and-sexy-and-I-know-you-want-to-fuck-this vibe that made me snort with disgust.

I thought Adam was bad, but he didn’t compare to this guy that just stepped in. Everything about him made me want to not even deal with him a second longer.

“This is the girl?” The man stopped in front of me with a frown on his face.

“Yes,” Mr. Kingston seem to shrink even further away from the man’s annoyed gaze. “She’s the one that’s working with Everston.”

“You seriously? She not even Everston’s type. You sure you got the right one? He usually like those high class model girls with perfect figure and ass. I mean look at her.” He motioned his hand up and down towards me. “She looks flat as a board.”

I felt offended. I wasn’t flat, I just kept my chest tightly wound up at times when there is going to be strenuous activity. Having it bounced up and down when I’m running does get annoying and tying it makes it a lot more easy to move around.

“Ogma, I know it’s her. I remember her being next to Adam at the party six years ago. She is the White Raven Pack’s Alpha.”

“Really?” He stepped forward towards me, this time he was a bit more interested in me. “Are you really the White Raven Pack’s Alpha?”

“What if I say no?” I glared.

“Then I’ll kill you.”

“That’s such a typical threat.” I rolled my eyes. “Is that the best that you can do?”

Ogma was surprised at my sudden words. “Fearless like an Alpha.” He took another step forward, till we were almost butting heads. “Though you have a very interesting smell of blood on you.” He took a whiff of my scent.

I on the other hand, reeled back my head, and slammed into him into a head butt. The next second I felt pain and white. Ogma stumbled backwards in pain as he clutched his head.

“Come closer again and I’ll will make sure to give you hell.” I snapped.

Ogma growled as he rubbed his forehead. He then gaze up towards me in fury, but just when I thought he would attack, he reeled it back in and calmly approached me. Out of nowhere, his right hand punched me in the face, causing me to temporarily black out for a moment.

I felt a stinging cut and blood well up in my mouth. With throbbing pain, I turned towards him in rage.

This time Ogma raised up his hand and quickly wiped away at the blood on my lips, before I could get a chunk out of his finger. He pulled back his hand and took a lick of my blood. I could see that his eyes turned blood red and a crack of smile erupted on his face.

“Quite delicious. I could see why now Adam keeps you at his side.” Ogma chuckled. “I never tasted such exquisite blood before. I think I’ll keep you around for your blood as well. Take her to the room so she could get bleed like the rest.” He turned around and left out the door.

I then took a look at Mr. Kingston and made sure that my Alpha power was on full blast. He was not going to get near me any time soon and drag me away.

Mr. Kingston shuffled around the room in fear. He called in a couple more buff looking vampires in black suits to help him out. Any time one of them got too close, I made sure to swivel my body around to give them a good knee kick. It wasn’t until one of them pull out a tranquilizer gun and shot me. After that, I once again fell into darkness.




I suddenly woke up with a sharp jeering pain in the inside of my left arm, followed after a few inches away lower. My body moved out of reflex to get away from the jabbing pain, but was halted by restraints. I was stuck and I knew that I was in deep trouble.

Looking around, I found myself in a large expensive looking room. I thought I could see a master bed through the bamboo privacy divider, but I wasn’t sure. I on the other hand was in a smaller bed that had kept me caged to the bed as if I was some kind of dog. Other than that I couldn’t see much more.

I heard the most disturbing thing ever. The moan of the female voice, and even the bed creaking. My lips twitched in horror, and I pulled violently at the straps. Is this place some kind of whore house or something? The thought made me feel disgusted.  Silver cuffs burned into my skin, making it impossible to shift or use my full force.

Damn! Damn! Damn! Damn! I continuously silently cursed in my head in anger. The voice of the female on the otherside increased in volume as they seem to intensified. I tuned them out the best as I could, and I searched for anything of use.

The most I could move was to the point where I could sit up. Time past till finally I heard a muffled scream of horrified choking. Followed after a thrashing like sound as if they were fighting. Suddenly it became quiet, and I actually wondered what had happened. The door suddenly opened, and a couple of footsteps entered.

“Take her out and burn her. I don’t want a dead body stinking up the room.” Ogma spoke casually as if nothing was wrong.

“Yes, Alpha.” The first man spoke. “What about your next meal? When would you like us to bring the next human?”

“Tomorrow at the usual time would be fine.”

“Jenny been calling for you.”

“What of it?”

“She wants to know when you will be coming to visit her.”

Silence followed after. “Later tonight. I got a couple of things that I have to do.”

“Yes, Alpha.”

Grunts and movement could be heard as they moved towards the bed, picked up the body, and left.

Followed after the people leaving, another step entered through the door.

“What is it now Kingston?” Ogma snapped. I could tell he was getting really irritated at the number of people that was entering and exiting the room.

“I wanted to inform you that Adam had made his move.”

“He did? Where is he now?”

“He’s at the Dragon Sanctuary.”

I felt a bit regret that I was just left alone forgotten. But at the same time, I was glad that Samantha was okay, safely tucked away from prying fingers.

“He already brought her there?” Ogma cursed.

“Yes, what are we going to do? We need the girl to start the Magical War against the humans. Our kind needs to be the rightful rulers of this world, not live hidden away in society as if we were some kind of lesion.”

“I know. Don’t matter, we’ll have her soon.” Ogma said it casually as if he had some other plan thought up. I perked my ears towards them, listening in on their conversation as much as possible.

“What are you going to do?”

“I have a couple of insiders who are willing to make it in for me.”

“That’s wonderful….but is it possible to enter? One can not enter the dragon sanctuary without being accepted in and only a very bare few are accepted by the dragons.”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Now leave me.”

“Fine, I hope you know what you are doing Ogma or so be it that I would send the hunters to hunt you down.”

Ogma chuckled and burst into a full out laugh. “You think the hunters could kill me? My dear Mr. Kingston. I am a hybrid and the strongest of my both of my kind. A normal silver bullet or even light can’t kill me. What do you think a normal gun can?”

“You don’t know about that.”

“Don’t threaten me Mr. Kingston or I’ll have your head next.” A deep growl penetrated my soul, causing me to shudder. The power that Ogma had was ridiculous and I could feel that it was even more stronger than Adam himself. “So go play with toys instead of bothering me. I heard you still suckling away at children’s blood as if they are snacks.” He said with disgust.

Mr. Kingston squeaked and shuffled away, leaving Ogma behind. The door rudely closed and I could here Ogma coming towards me. I quickly laid down still and closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Ogma got closer to the point where he was on the edge of the bed next to me. I could feel his intense gaze at me as if I was some kind of delicacy, making me feel really uncomfortable. Suddenly my right hand was grabbed and I could feel a piercing pain course through my body. I was freakin bitten!

A sudden suckling like sound could be heard, and I feel a disgusting feeling of wet mouth on me on my skin. I felt rage build up in me. When I turned my head, I saw Ogma taking a drink of my blood as if it was some kind of specialty. What was worse was that he was half naked, my hands pulled into a fist.

My left hand pulled sharply towards Ogma’s face, but was stop short of Silver Chain. I felt an yelping pain as my hand dropped. I wanted to deck him out so bad, but I could tell that I wasn’t going to get away anytime soon.

“You’re awake.” Ogma pry himself away. He was sitting on the side of the bed, looking down on me. He spoke with a lazy tone as if I was no threat. Wiping his mouth, he gave me a toothy smile.

“What kind of sick joke are you playing at?” I spat in disgust.

“Joke? Oh, no. This isn’t a joke. You are my living blood bank and your life will start here in this room from now on, giving me a little of your delicious blood. I can feel my power getting stronger, just from taking a sip of it.” He look at his hand satisfied.

Even I could feel the slight subtle difference in his body’s power. It was a lot stronger than before, making me wonder if this was how Vampire’s manage to get stronger. Taking the life energy from their host and converting it for themselves. I heard rumors about it that it was not only just the extension of their life, but also converting it to use to strengthen themselves.

“Truly you’re an extraordinary werewolf that I have never seen or heard before.” His hand reached over to caress my face. I snarled and snapped to bite his little fingers in one go if I have the chance. He yank back and chuckled. “Quite feisty aren’t you. With that being said, as my blood bank, I must make sure that you don’t go amenic on me to quickly. So I would be taking a little bits of blood here and there. With that being said, you will get fed and you will have your bathroom breaks. Until you behave, you’re going to be strapped here for my food.” Ogma waved his hand not caring that I was giving him the most disgusted look every. He got up and left me behind. I was once again left alone.

Time went by slowly, I believe for the next week or more, the cycle repeated itself. I ate, used the bathroom, slept, and had my blood sucked away. Every few days, death followed after with the human females that seem to get their blood sucked dry.

Ogma was a sick hybrid, he relished in the death of his human blood donors. I wasn’t surprised that he was crazy to the point of even instigated a mass murder. These type of people were dangerous, especially Ogma who was a hybrid. The power, strength, and even their mentality made them into a deadly weapon.

What exactly was he planning and how he was going to start the Magical War was unknown, but I didn’t like it at all. I was able to catch snippets of his conversation here and there, but most of the time they were just something that I personally had to piece together.

“Darling~” A woman’s voice cooed out to Ogma.

“What is it Jenny.” Ogma wasn’t pleased that she had entered into the feeding room.

“I wanted to have a taste of the supposed scrumptious blood that you have here.”

“No.” Ogma sharply replied. “Leave, when I am telling you nicely.”

“But darling, you are my Belladonna. How could you deny someone like me?”

“Easy.” He pushed her out the door, and slammed it in her face.

I was surprised that Ogma even had a mate. From my understanding though, she was a vampire. An evil like Ogma having a mate was just too good for him in my opinion, but at the same time from the voice of the vampire, I got the feeling that she wasn’t the good type either.

Ogma was pacing back and forth in annoyance. His phone ringed as he picked up the call.

“Go ahead. Is everything ready?”

I leaned over to listen to his conversation as best as I could. I couldn’t hear the voice speaking out the telephone, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t fully understand the conversation from what I had picked up in the past couple of days.

“What do you mean no? The dragon near the San Francisco should be there!” Ogma yelled angrily. “Searched harder. We don’t have forever for this!”

With a slam, he threw the phone onto the ground, shattering it into pieces. Ogma left the room, leaving me alone. I went back to fidgeting with the lock on my wrist, I noticed that as time went by, the Silver chains didn’t do much harm to my skin any more. It was as if I was becoming immune to it and the chains were becoming just a regular chain.

On the other hand, I was able to steal a pen from one of the wolves that came to deliver me food. She wasn’t looking when I fished through her pocket and pulled it out. I always kept it near me away from prying eyes, possibly even using it when I need too.

Just one more day, I could feel all my strength coming back to me. I knew that I could break free any moment now. From watching the people that were coming in and out of this room, I could tell that they were least amount of people guarding when Ogma was completely satisfied and fed.

Night became day, and once again the time had come. Ogma fed off me and left, leaving me alone, but right after Ogma left someone else came in. I perked up wondering who it was this time that entered through the door. I knew that it wasn’t feeding time nor was there supposed to be a new human female coming into this room.

A dazzling beauty stepped out from the dark, her brown wavy hair, full red lips and bosom, curvy hips, and even striking red eyes stare at me with curiosity and hunger. I saw for a split moment of anger and jealously as she stared straight at me.

I knew then who this women might be from the gaze that she was giving me. She was Jenny and I could tell that she wanted to kill me.

“So the famous mutt with the most delicious blood is here.” Jenny spat with disgust. “For Ogma to keep you alive means that you are special to him in some way, but I am his Belladonna, you are just blood pack.” She angrily stormed towards me. Her hands turned black into a deadly needle like sharp fingers.

My instincts were tensed. I knew what she wanted to do, and I watched her carefully.

“You are going to die for me here and now, while I drink up all your blood!” Jenny lunged with her claws out, her brown hair trailed behind her like flames as she pounced towards me.

With every ounce of my Alpha’s power, I broke the chain with one pull. My hand whipped around with the pen in hand as I stabbed her straight into her neck. She screamed in pain, her hand thrashed around till she found the pen. With a vicious yank, she pulled out the pen, a gush of blood red blood seeped out of her neck, trailing down her open chested clothes.

I kicked off my right leg with a harsh yank, breaking the chains that held me in place. I used the momentum of my kick and kicked her on the side of her chest as hard as I possibly could.

Jenny went flying through the air till she hit the wall with a heartbreaking thump, causing her to fall onto the ground unconscious. I twirled around, looking for anything that I could stab her with, but so far I found nothing strong enough to impale her with. For a room, there wasn’t anything sharp or worth impaling her heart, and right now I needed to find something bigger. My hand pulled apart the other chains and jogged over towards the door. I leaned against the wall and waited. The rough tumble we just had was so loud that I knew that anyone outside could’ve possibly heard it.

Just on cue, two disheveled looking man with biker like clothes burst through the door. I took this chance to slammed into him with my fist, knocking the first one back towards the other. With an increase adrenaline I attacked ruthlessly. My feet sprung forward, giving me the airlift that I needed. I slammed down with a kick to the one of their head, snapping it backwards till it broke.

I dropped and lunged towards the second. My hand snaked through the air till I wrapped myself around the second with ease. With a sharp intake of my breath, I twisted. A sickening crack could be heard as his neck snapped in half. The body crumbled onto the ground as I fell with him.

With a grunt, I pushed the heavy body off of me. Time were of essence and I knew that staying her any longer and I would be caught. I didn’t want to live my whole life as a blood bank to a sick hybrid, especially a crazy one that seem to take joy in killing humans.

I ran through the hallways, dodging, punching, kicking, and hiding myself as best as I could to get away. Even if I was the only one here getting away from a thousands of werewolves, I calmed my nerves and thought quickly on my feet. H

It wasn’t until I smelled a familiar blood sickening scent did I whipped around and saw someone familiar. My lips turned into a evil curl and I snarled. I have found one of my prey and I wasn’t going to leave until this prick died.

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