Valkyrie’s Lament Prologue

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Standing on the edge of the cliff, Silver watched with helpless deposition of the grand scene before her. Far as her eyes could see, millions of four legged creatures with sharp fangs with stone hard skin ran towards her. Their speckled black skin dyed the field with eerie gleam that made one shiver. In-between each group of black creatures were large towering cyclops like monsters that lopsided ran towards them with an excited grin. The enemies were the Demonicas, the number one forerunners of the top five remaining species in the battle of life and death.

The skys were dyed with black and grey wyverns that swore with vigor as they flapped their wings. Off in the distance, she saw the infamous flag. The blood red symbol of chaos and fear: the  Levianthan. For they had swarmed through countless battle with sheer numbers and power had pushed through the many games with countless wins. They were no such words as defeat as they continued forward arrogantly as if the land before them was their own.

The wind howled and smacked her against her face, causing her silver hair to fluttered backwards angrily. Her tattered body was bloodied up from the first wave attack that decimated a half of the small remaining people. One would think that she could barely stand, but even still she held on even if she was tired. Behind her only one hundred of the last remaining living humans of their entire species were left. The final game for their lives has escalated to this point in time.

They were no escape from their impending doom for their fate was to cross path. Each thundering footsteps made Silver steel her heart even further as the rest behind her was looking out towards the feel with empty disposition. Everyone knew that they were no escape. The rules of this game was simple. Win or Die.

All they had was grim silence, but even still they did not back down. They all had fought hard to get to this point in life. Billions of humans had died just to survive, but even still they were no match. They were constantly oppressed by the Demonicas in the past and today was another day of their sheer power that they had.

A young woman with blazing red hair stepped forward in front of Silver. Her beauty were like the flaming fire that blazed through the dark times. Everyone move out of the way to let her go through, and even Silver fell back in awe at the confidence that she gave off, but even still one could tell that they were sorrow and darkness in her eyes as she stared towards the impeding enemy. She was Scarlet the Goddess of War, the brilliant star that lead the humanity forward through dark times.

Countless wins were under her belt and she was considered the strongest among humanity.

“I ask you my fellow brothers and sister to fight with me this one last time.” Her sweet voice was calm like the sea, but one could hear the dedication in her voice in what she said. “We are the last remaining heroes of our people. Let us fight once again for our future, for our love ones, and the glory of humanity that would not crumble under fear. For I would fight along with you.”

Silver held onto her words like the last dying flames that burned even brighter with hope. The others held onto her words as if it was the last thing they would ever hear from the fabled lady, and reinvigorated their spirits.

“I would be there with you to stand ground against the enemies. Our freedom is right in front of us, and we only need to grasp it with our own hands. So let us go into battle to show our enemies that we are NOT afraid!”

Cheers erupted from the voices of the people as they all raised up their weapons. Even though the people were rag tagged, bloody, and tired their flames of life lit with vigor.

Every single one of them came up towards the edge of the cliff raised up their bows, guns, and wands and fired. Powerful energy shot forth as magic mixed in with their arrows and bullets, each pelting down on their enemies like rain.

Large scale magic burst forth from the arrows decimating the enemies blow after blow. Large craters were formed from the powerful magic that was left behind by magic. As the Demonicas died, thousands more took their place. It was a never ending tide of wave that didn’t stop.

Scarlet burst forward, jumping off the cliff. The group watched in daze as she look like she was floating in air as she descend downwards. With a thundering slam, magic dangerously rippled outwards, causing thousands of near-by enemies to fall from her might. Her red sword pulled out and she swung, clearing a path for her people to follow.

Even Silver couldn’t help but feel her the rapid heartbeat in her chest. Adrenaline was pumping, her eyes glued to the scene. She and the rest of the group followed after Scarlet without a second thought, their souls blazed with vigor and blood lust. They knew that they could not run, but push forward through the endless swarm of monsters that pelted them from all sides.

Silver danced in the thick battlefield with her own sword that flashed dangerously from side to side, cutting down enemies wherever she look. She was not going to fall behind the Goddess of War.

The screech of the dying monsters, the yells of her people, and the bloody cries of man and monster battling among each other. Demonicas knew no fear and they did not stop. For they were plenty of them to swarm the people one-by-one.

Magic scattered around them like fireworks as the people fought bravely into the heated battle. They took down thousands of the enemies in a blink of an eye for the last hundreds were considered the creme of the crop of humanity’s last hope. Majority of them were males and only a handful were females remained. Loved ones dance together in their fight against the enemy, while solo hunters ravaged the ground.

Silver saw from right to left, that her people were being overwhelmed. They were just too many. Even if their power was considered the best, eventually they would all slowly lose their stamina.

Even Silver was rapidly losing, she and the rest had just came out from a terrible battle that cut down their force of two hundred to only one hundred. People fell down likes flies as their numbers were quickly diminishing from one hundred to eighty to fifty to fifteen in matter of minutes.

It was not they were weak, but their enemies were considered astronomical stronger than them. The four legged beast were two times stronger than their own strength while the cyclops were five. Even the wyverns were swooping down from the sky and picking them off one by one.

Silver was the last ten that was holding off their impending doom and it was at that moment when the crowds splitted ways. Stepping out towards them was a humanoid being with black full body armor that was darker than night, eyes that glowed eerily green, and aura that would scare anyone.

Instead from running away, Silver felt a burst of anger rise out from her soul. Her sword raise she ran forward. The cause of humanity’s failure, the master mind that hunted them all down ruthlessly without a single remorse.

“Emperor!” Silver’s word broke out from her lips in a wild yell. She held up her sword in her hand. “Die!” She shouted with such force that her throat went hoarse. Blood covered her eyes making it difficult for her to see the black silhouette.  Overwhelming pressure and blood lust escaped out of Emperor’s body, causing her to temporarily falter

She ran as her sword came crashing down upon Emperor’s head, the Emperor flicked his hand casually aside, breaking her sword and throwing her back across the field.

The others turned their head in alarm and saw who Silver was fighting and they to knew in their hearts who they wanted to absolutely kill. With a remaining burst of energy the last remaining nine jump towards Emperor with all they got. Magic spells surrounded Emperor and were casted down like lightning bolts.

Even Scarlet dished out massive thunder spells that affect everything around the Emperor, killing thousands of monsters in one hit. The Emperor was unfazed by their attack and stood bored. Not a single spell fell on him nor did he barely move. It was only with just a flick of his wrist that he threw everyone back.

Silver knew that Emperor was considered a whole different level from them, but they could not back down here or now. Their prey that they were truly fighting for was right before their eyes. She stumbled up and casted reinforcement magic on her body, strengthening herself for another bout. This was her chance and she was not going to squander it.

With a mad dash, she struck with a wild frenzy. Each hit harder and faster than the previous attack. She could hear the loud scrapping metal against metal, but even still she did not cause a single dent.

The Emperor didn’t even use his weapon and only his two fingers to parry her attacks as if they were nothing. It was in that moment, when her sword was yanked out of her hands. Her neck was grabbed tightly by Emperor’s left hand, keeping her up in midair.

Silver struggled and summoned up a berret of magically power to push him off of her, but failed miserably. Her magic did not compare to the destructive nature like Scarlet, but was considered the weakest magic in existence.

With a heartbreaking laugh, the Emperor pulled back her broken sword and pierced her in her heart. Silver felt a sharpening pain that rocked her whole body all she could see was red.

“N-no…” Her voice was weak, but in her eyes were filled with hatred. She was dropped to the ground like a lifeless puppet. In that moment, she saw the fiery blazing hair of Scarlet that ran forward to combat the Emperor. The wings of freedom danced behind Scarlet like a torch of hope, but even still Silver could not move forward and instead her eyes slowly closed.

Silver’s life was over. No more was she going to be able to with her friends. Humanity has lost its place in the game of life and death from the species called Demonicas. She had struggled to the bitter end as the last top ten surviving humans. This was already an accomplishment of its own, but even still humanity was just a small sliver of the many species that played to survive and win.

Regret, shame, sadness, loss, anger, and hatred boiled inside her heart. These demons had taken everything away from her. Her love, her life, and her identity. She had killed countless enemies. There were no room for kindness nor a slimmer of love for her enemies. Instead her last dying moment, she saw the Emperor that came down from the sky and slaughtered her and her friends mercilessly.

Why? She thought. Why couldn’t she be stronger? More powerful to keep her love one safe? Where did she fail and where did she lose sight of home from the constant battles that she had gone through.

This is the end. Her mind was raging with emotions that she couldn’t control and wished with all her might that she could skewer the Emperor with her sword or shoot a bullet into his head.

If they was a god out there, this was the one time she wished with all her heart that the last remaining friends escaped. If only she had more power, no if only she was able to have more companions that fought the Emperor they would’ve won. She was sure they would have survived.

Her mind became dull, and all she saw was black. Death welcomed her home with a frightening laugh, she knew that ‘she’ was waiting for her.



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