Howling Chapter 21


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Chapter 21

I stormed back into the hotel pissed. How I wanted to punch the crap out of something right this moment. With a loud slam of the door, I entered. Everyone stopped and stared at me confused.

“Tila?” Jaz asked me worriedly, she got up to help me with the bags. I handed the drinks to her, before I got so pissed that I might throw it onto the ground. “Tila? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I snapped.

“If you’re this pissed off then something is seriously the matter. What happened. Spill it.” She quickly placed the drink on the side, and placed her hand on her hips.

“Asshole Ken that’s what.” I snarled. Seline was whimpering in the corner of my mind, not even attempting to come out. She was to heartbroken and sadden by the sheer thought of what she saw. I don’t blame her, Seline was my wolf and my annoying friend.

“Oh gawd. Did he do something to you?” She spluttered, her hands going up to her mouth in a gasp.

“Everything.” I pulled back a chair and sat down with a flop. “He has the nerve to show his bastardly face to me!”

“Calm down, Tila. You’re scaring Samantha.”

I held in a sharp intake of breath and let out all the anger as best as I could without exploding.

“Tell us slowly, so we can best understand.”

It take a whole lot of effort to say what I had to say next. I was just to pissed to even think logically, I just wanted to destroy something right this moment.

“He’s mated.”

Jaz, Rose, and Ray let out a sharp gasp. They stare at me completely dumbfounded, while Adam stare at me confused.

“No, he didn’t.” Jaz spoke in disbelief. “Who?”

“Old pack member. A bimbo name Abby.” I snarled not liking the name, coming out of my mouth. I wanted to tear her to shreds just for Seline, but I knew that wouldn’t be a good idea right now. Having a pack war wasn’t something we needed at this moment. This was the only thing keeping me from lashing out with fury just for Seline.

“Wait. Wait. Wait. Hold up. You saw the mate mark?” Ray asked.

“Yes. Plane as daylight.”

“This is seriously wrong.”

“You’re telling me.” I huffed. “And do you want to know what that crazy bimbo said? They are having an open relationship. Seriously?”

“Oh hell no.” Jaz was furious. “Is he insane?” She threw up her hands in fury.

“Apparently he is.” I sat up straight and crossed my hand in front of me. “He’s far from insane, he’s broken.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised. He had the nerve to come up to you without even telling you. Open relationship.” She scoffed. “That’s like saying in human terms ‘let’s share with each other and get Aids’ so we can both die slowly.”

“Woah, that’s a little harsh isn’t it?” Adam asked with wide eyes at our rage.

“No. It’s exactly what we meant. Sharing a ‘mated’ bond with another female or male destroys the pair’s link. We can tell when our mate has cheated on the other through the bond.” Jaz showed her neck, where a lily flower tattoo were shown. She tapped her neck, directing everyone’s gaze towards it. “This bond isn’t just for show. It tells the others that we are claimed and that our souls have become attached with one another into a single being. It’s almost like a marriage vow and its very sacred in the werewolf clans.”

“So if I’m understanding you correctly, the flower tattoo on your neck tells everyone to stay away and also have a special link with another, correct?”

“Yes, both male and female have a unique pair of tattoos. The more you break the bond, the more pain the other will feel and the flower on the neck will wither away, eventually completely disappearing. The one who broke the bond first takes the longest for their tattoo to disappear, while the one who didn’t takes only a couple of times before it’s gone.”

“So where does a male get their mark?” Adam asked, curiously staring at Ray. Everyone knew that both Ray and Rose was the newly ‘mated’ pair.

Jaz giggled as he looked coyly at Ray and then at Rose. Ray turned his head away uncomfortably, while Rose cast her head down onto the floor completely red. “Wherever the first place she marked him.”

“That would be?”

“Usually near the heart, some goes a little bit lower…” Jaz wiggled her eyebrows towards the two and Ray eyes turn into daggers, telling her to shut up.

“I see. So it seems you two got busy huh?” Adam asked unfazed at the two who was blushing red. Instead a glint of mischief spread across his face.

“Something like that.” Grunted Ray. “Who cares if we have one or not. Did Ken have his?”

That reminded me, I haven’t seen a single mark on Ken anywhere on his body that I know of, but then again I didn’t have a good look so I wouldn’t know.

“I don’t know nor do I care. He can go die for all I care.” I spoke. No way would I want to go and check him out. The thought infuriated me even more. Why would I need to check if he had the mark or not, what he had done in the beginning was unforgivable.

“That means you still have a chance.” Ray spoke.

I turned towards him disbelief. He really was starting to get on my nerves. “Chance for what?”

“That this whole thing could be fixed. You can have a mate that you love.”

“Please, Ray. I love you as my brother, but there is no fixing this. I don’t want to nor ever want too. There are some things that can’t be forgiven so quickly and this is one of them.”

“Still, he’s your mate.”

“Enough!” My voice went out into a full Alpha mode. “I understand you have found yours and I’m grateful for that. Think about it, would you like it if Rose rejected you in the beginning and then got a different mate? Even to go so far as being marked? How would you feel?”

Ray look horrified at his love, and his face became crinkled into full rage at the sheer thought of it. “I understand.” He quickly stated as he brought Rose into his arm into a full bear hug.

Rose squeaked in pain and she pulled him apart. “It hurt Ray. You’re squeezing me to hard.”

“Ah, sorry love.” He replied, letting her go gently. The thought of harming his mate made him worried as he look to make sure she was okay.

“I’m fine.” Rose pecked him on the cheeks. For a moment there the two went into their own lovey dovey world that it made me cringe.

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Please be considerate for the young, the singles, and the one who doesn’t have her mate here with her!” Jaz shouted with an annoyed tone. “We all know your mates, but do you have to display so much public affections?! We don’t want to see anything more than a rated E for everyone here right now.”

The two untangled from each other completely red. I could tell that Jaz was missing her mate by the way she look at the two, but at the same time she was doing it out of consideration for me.

“Sorry.” Ray replied embarrassed.

“Anyways, how does the bimbo look like so we know who you’re talking about and keep a watch out for? I’ll make sure that Alpha doesn’t get close to you or the bitch.” Jaz replied.

“She’s blond and her whole attitude screams whore. You’ll know who I mean instantly.” I bluntly replied.

“Wow.” Adam whistled. “You guys don’t hold back on your words towards your adversary.”

“Is that a problem?” I raised up my eyebrow towards him.

“Absolutely not. You can say whatever you want.” Adam shrugged, not really caring what I would say.

“Good.” I got up and walked over towards the bed. I flopped down and turned on the TV. I needed something to preoccupy my mind, and talking anymore about him made me annoyed. Time went by like a snail, I had a hard time keeping my mind off of the whole thing that had happened today.

Seline finally seem to stir in the back of my mind. Tila.


Don’t hate him. It’s not his fault.

What the heck are you talking about?! Its is all his fault!

No, its because i’m a black wolf. A cursed existence.

Please someone put some sense into your thick brainwashed skull of yours. You’re not cursed. You’re just you. They are black wolves out there in the natural world, and look at them. They don’t get killed and there doing fine.

But I’m a werewolf, it’s different.

No, it’s not. I was getting sick of this curse werewolf crap that it made me furious. All it means is a story to scare little children. So throw that thought out of your head and quit beating yourself.

I’ll try.

You better.

Seline went silent for a moment. I never told you what happened during the week that you had slept did I?

No….I was starting to not like where this was going.

Well, during the week that you were asleep. I stay around with Ken.

I held in a sharp intake of breath, not liking what she would have to say next. I hope that it wouldn’t scar me for life. And?

We talked.

That’s it? It was a bit difficult to believe that they just talked. Seline was a very introverted wolf when it came to talking with Ken. She never had the courage to talk with him in highschool like that, making it surprising now that she did.

Mostly for werewolves, when they found their mate the males would quickly mark their mate to keep the other werewolves away.

Yes, he said he wanted to get to know me first. He didn’t want to mark me and that he wanted to know the real me.

I was shocked. For Ken the idiot Alpha to say something like that was completely mind boggling. Not only that to resist the urge to mark their mate was a huge accomplishment in itself. For the first time, I felt relief that this body hasn’t been touched. The thought horrified me at the thought of being ‘mated’ and not even knowing about it. Yea, Seline might jump for joy for it, but I on the other hand wasn’t. It just felt wrong period.

I knew that you wouldn’t like him touching us like that, so I also asked him to not do that.

My lips turned into a thin line at what she had said. I wanted to clap my hands together for what she had done, and to even be considerate about me. I felt my heart feel warm at Seline, I was worried that she would’ve taken drastic measure and went on the ‘mate’ pull instinct and did it already. That in itself was terrifying thought.

Not only that, I now saw another side to Ken who I didn’t expect to see. Still, he was mated to Abby and the thought made me mad all over again. To see my innocent wolf hurt just made me furious.

He’s not mated to her anymore, Tila. He rejected her.

That doesn’t give me enough excuse to forgive him. He shouldn’t have put a mark on her the first place. Plus I wouldn’t have to be here in this situation if he marked you guys first in the beginning.

A sharp pain of emotions, shot through both of us, catching me off guard.

I’m sorry.

I cringed. I need to be careful in what I say. My loose mouth, just don’t know when to shut up.

Go to sleep, Seline. I’m going to go get some fresh air. Staying here any longer is going to drive me insane.

Seline nodded and didn’t say anything else. I got up and left the room and headed outside and climbed up on the open stairs to the top, looking out towards the street. The sun was already setting, telling me another day has coming to a closer.

I didn’t realize, Adam had followed behind me. He came over with a water bottle, and handed it towards me. Slipping through the side, he sat next to me.

No words were spoken between the two of us, instead we both enjoyed the evening sun setting down. It was a bit strange to see Adam out watching the sunset, especially because he was a vampire. Even though he was an Elder, that didn’t mean that they liked to be under the sun, while Adam was a complete opposite of that. I would see him take sun baths, to walking outdoors in the afternoon, and now to watching the sunset without much complaint.

I couldn’t help but ask out of curiosity. “So, how come you’re out here watching the sunset? Even though you’re an elder, it’s just strange to see a vampire out and about.”

“I always like the sunset and sunrise. These are the small moments that I enjoy in life. It reminds me that I should be thankful to even be alive, especially since I’m not all powerful you know.”

“Really? A vampire being thankful about being alive. You must’ve gone through some things to be saying that.”

Adam nodded. “In the past thousand years, I had come close to death multiple times, but every time I was lucky enough to escape it by a hair breath. Being able to live another day to one day meet my Belladonna is something that I always dream of.” He quietly said, looking off into the sunset. “Not every elder gets the rare chance to meet theirs.”

“Really? I mean you guys are immortal.”

“Yes, but majority of the time, half the population of Elders don’t want to die. Like I said, death is part of life, and we vampires had forsaken that part of life and become to arrogant, prideful, and we forget that we are not gods.”

“You could’ve fooled me.” I mumbled.

Adam’s turned towards me. “It’s fear of death that we don’t want to meet our Belladonnas Tila. That fear can make any Elder vampire run the other direction.”

I cocked my head, unsure why he hadn’t. He was an Elder, shouldn’t he be also running the other way? “Why not you as well? You sound like a hopeless romantic you know.”

He chuckled and grinned. “I am.”

“Wow. That’s a first.”

“I am the rare few. The others would kill their Belladonnas before they even fall in love.”

I snorted. “Love? From everything that I have seen so far. Love is a madness and it’s something that I have learned to never fall in love. I understand completely why they would want to kill their Belladonnas. Who wants to go mad?”

Adam didn’t say anything and instead, he just stared at me. He then turned his gaze back towards the sunset and didn’t say anything else. We continue to watch the sunset, I enjoyed the natural breeze, and sound of nature in the air. It made me feel at ease.

My back started to hurt, I leaned backwards hoping it would relieve my pain, but instead it made it worse. So without realizing it, I leaned towards Adam, using his body to relieve the stinging pain. Adam didn’t say anything and instead stay silent.

Eventually the sun completely went down, our backs were against each other as we look up towards the stars. The street lights turned on, casting a soft hue. I didn’t wanted to leave, the peace and quiet was what I needed. Having the company of another was also a new experience, I usually kept to myself when I needed a time to think.

Adam was a great listener as well as a great backrest. I knew I was using him for something trivial, but it meant alot. Yes for my back, but just having someone there was what I needed. I couldn’t ask Jaz even though she was my friend, she wouldn’t completely understand because she had a mate. Same with Rose and Jay, they were to preoccupied with each other. While Samantha was too young to understand what was going on, so she was out of the picture.

Hours past by, the lull of nature was like a lullaby as I slowly fell asleep.The last thing I remember was being picked up by Adam’s arm in a princess carry. I was to tired to even care as sleep overtook me hard. My head snuggled close to his chest as he normal scent tickled my nose. Something about this felt familiar, I didn’t know where I felt this before. I was carried away back to the room as I slept a peaceful sleep.




I woke up with a yawn. The bright sunlight hit my face, welcoming me of a new day. As I turned around, I saw Adam’s wide back close to the edge of the bed with part of the blanket covering him. For a moment there I felt bad that he barely had any covers, I reached over and pulled the sheets over, keeping him warm. Kicking him off the bed right now was a douche bag move, plus he needed the sleep and so far he didn’t do anything that would make me want to kick him off.

Adam slowly flipped over and faced me still sleeping quietly in bed. I couldn’t help but stare at his face, enjoying the calm peaceful look that he had. I realized that his hair has been down more recently these days, making me surprised that he took my advice to heart. He did look a lot more calming, though right now he looked even more sexier without him even attempting it.

Even his lips look even more juicer to kiss, and I had to tear my eyes away from those lips. For a second there, I thought I might would’ve unconsciously kissed him if I stared any longer. He just to dangerously tempting in his sleep that I bite my lower lips.

Without realizing it, I scooted away not wanting to be to close to him for the fear of me doing something that I would regret. Plus this was Adam, the infamous playboy…or wait was he a gentleman instead? I’m not sure anymore. He did flirt alot, but taking any further step than that was something that he didn’t do from my understanding.

The thought of someone kissing those delicious lips made me feel a tinge of pain in my heart, I shook my head at the ridiculous emotions and quickly buried it away. I turned over to the otherside, looking for a possible clock to tell time. All of a sudden, I felt Adam’s hand reach over and pull me towards his body.

I squeaked in surprise as I felt him spooning me into his arms. His head snuggled into my hair as he inhaled deeply of my scent. For a moment there I froze, unable to comprehend what just happened. Wiggling out of his embrace, I tried to get free, but his arms would not let me go.

Instead, I was able to turn around and face him face-to-face, my face stopping in front of his inches away from his lips. Adam was fast asleep, his chest moving softly up and down, while his hands were curled up around me.

When I moved once again, he partly moan in protest and instead pulled me in closer as if I was some giant teddy bear. My lips and his lightly made contact, making me freeze up completely.

Holy crap! My mind was frazzled. Thundering sound of my beating heart could be heard inside my head, throat, and chest. Fingers started to get clammy, my stomach were having a freakin tumbling show at the rate it was moving.

If I moved any further, it would become a full on contact kiss. Right now, our lips just barely touched. I could feel the warmth from his juicy looking lips, making me shake unable to think right.

How was I supposed to get out of this mess? Was Adam doing this on purpose? Was I to nice to him in allowing him to sleep on the same bed? Why didn’t I just kick him off like how I usually do? No, wait. WHY CAN”T I NOT EVEN MOVE!?!?!?!

Confusion riddle my mind and body, I could feel the slight tingle of electricity from the light contact, making me shiver. The longer I stay like this, the harder it was to pull away. That lips was just calling for me, and I was having a damn hard time to resist the pull. I actually wanted to know what it would taste like for a moment there.

No! Wait! Stop! Don’t think such thoughts! I chastised myself trying to stop the urge. You can beat this, Tila! You can!

I breathed in deeply and slowly let out all the air in my lungs. Calm down, I just need to pull away. My hands slowly raised upwards to try to pull away. Just when I was about to push him away, I felt his arms pull me in.

In that moment, our lips made full contact.

Holy. Shinneganns. Lemon drops? What? Huh? It taste sweet? Electric tingling coarsed through from my lips and down my spine. Eruptions of warmth could be felt on contact, my mind was shot, possibly even broken.

Without even realizing it, I pulled into those lips. My hand grabbed his shirt, pulling him a lot more closer than before to the point where we were making full on contact.

Mmmmmmm~ Taste like a blend of apples and lemon drop.

Adam stirred, his mouth unconsciously moved with mine. At first it was soft, moist, and even tingling. His right hand trailed down my back and onto my butt, pulling me in a lot more closer than before. While his left, snuck itself under my shirt and scaled up my back, leaving behind a shuddering feeling of light touches. He softly groaned as I nibble on his lips, enjoying the sound that he was making.

I couldn’t stop myself, I was too far gone.The kiss deepened to the point where our lips parted and our tongue slipped in. An electrifying feeling dominated my sense, making me feel like I was on cloud nine. The way his fingers trailed down my gave it that extra tingle that made me shudder.

His fang clipped me on my lips, drawing up blood into our kiss. I heard a sharp intake of air as he hissed. Our kiss became more passionate to the point where all I could think about was the taste. With a final deep kiss, I was able to gain back the small shred of sanity that I had left. Somehow I was able to push myself away. I opened my eyes, and saw Adam’s blood red eyes, staring back at me with lustful hunger.

Slowly a full out devious grin spread across his lips. We were both breathing a bit harder than usual, I couldn’t believe what I had done. Adam enjoy every single moment of it, his tongue licked his lips, making me shudder.

I just stole a kiss. The words rung in my head like a loud bell that echoed endlessly in my mind. I just stole a kiss. HOLY CRAP!

Pulling away in shock, I got out of his embrace and rolled off the bed in a thud. The shock of hitting against the ground made me come back to my sense even more. I jumped up so quickly that I even surprised myself.

My feet carried me quickly out the doors as my cheeks turned flaming red, I ran as fast as my legs could carry me without shifting forms. I didn’t want to change and instead let the morning breeze cool me down.

Just thinking about what had happened last night and the past couple minutes made me run faster. I felt embarrassed at what happened last night, I remember clearly in being princess carried to the room.

The amount of emotional drain in one day made me so tired that it got to the point where I fell asleep peacefully in Adams’ arms. That in its whole self was embarrassing, especially someone like me who never been princess carried until now.

Honestly the whole feeling of being carried like a princess was a whole eye opening experience. It didn’t feel bad at all and instead I actually enjoyed it. What was worse was that kiss. Holy cow was that kiss electrifying. The thought of having another one even popped up multiple times in my head.

I had to squander it away as best as I could, but it was difficult.The memory was to vivid. Even the taste was still lingering in my mouth, making my heart jump in frenzy.

Wow. What the heck did I just get myself into? I finally stopped running, and bend over to catch my breath. Seriously this was one hell of a way to wake up, especially that kiss. Finally catching my breath, I straighten myself and calmed my beating heart and chaotic mind.

I steeled myself that I wouldn’t do that again and to make sure to tell Adam that was just an accident. Who the heck am I fooling myself? Ugh! With a angry stomp, I kicked the leaves and rocks on the ground.

What the heck am I supposed to say to him? He won’t take something like a half hearted answer. I scrunched my eyebrows and sighed. My heart was finally calm. I was ready to go back and face him once again, and the time walking back would give me enough time to think of an excuse. With a nod of my head, I decided to go back.

Just when I was about to turn around and head back, I felt a horrible stinging pain, followed by darkness as I fell onto the ground.

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