Howling Chapter 20


(Parts of South Dakota Forests)

Chapter 20

    “Who is it?” I called out, walking over I peeked through the peep hole. A small young man with a red baseball cap was standing in front of the door. He had quite a number of pizza boxes in his hands,making him look small in size. I could even smell the pizza through the door as my stomach grumbled.

I opened the door, and pulled out my wallet from my back pocket. The young man stopped and looked up. His eyes became wide from surprise. For a moment there his mouth hanged half open, making me wonder what was his deal. Just as I was going to hand him my debit card, Adam reached over and shook his head.

“My treat.” Adam winked towards me. He then pulled me in into his arm and kissed me in the cheek.

The young man gaze down blushing red, Adam handed him a hundred dollar bill, the pizza delivery boy quickly rummage for change. Not to far away from the pizza delivery boy, I felt a sharp gaze staring intently towards me. My head whipped to the side, and found a piercing blue eyes staring back at me. It was Ken, who was outside, leaning on the tree not to far away from us.

I could tell that he was carefully watching me. The sharp piercing gaze, the haunted look of regret, hit me unexpectedly. The way that Ken stared at me made me very uncomfortable. His eyes became stern filled with anger, when he saw Adam, his fist balled up together till it became white.

Adam also saw Ken, a smile slipped out of his mouth into an upward grin.     “Keep the change.” Adam stated, while he was staring with a smug look. I tore away my gaze and reverted back to the pizza boy who took the hundred dollar bill.My mouth opened and closed not liking the thought of suddenly being paid for. Adam took the pizzas with one of his hand and pulled me in back in the room with his other.

“Adam, I could’ve paid for that.” I wasn’t pleased at him buying everything.

“I know.” Adam gave me a lopsided grin. He closed the door on the pizza boy, who seem to peer into the room, hoping to get a good look at everybody.

“You don’t have to buy everything. I would like to contribute.” I retorted.

“I know.”

“I understand your rich, but still do you always have to pay?”


“Next time don’t. I’ll work and pay for my food, plus I can feed my own pack.”

“I know.”

The way he answered started to get on my nerves. I pulled away from him, cocked my hips and placed my hands on the side. “Seriously? Plus what was all that about?”

Adam smirked. “He was checking you out. I was just helping you. It’s a special service for you from your client.” He stressed a couple of words.

“I don’t need your help.” I stared at him strangely. Plus I didn’t care. All that mattered to me was food and relaxation before we have to be cramp up in a car all over again. The thought of being in tight spaces for a couple of days wasn’t something that I look forward too. I honestly would’ve like to stay on the ship, where I would have some leg room, instead of a car where I couldn’t do much but stretch.

“I know.”

“Can’t you say anything else but ‘yes’ and ‘I know’?”


I groaned. Whatever, I’m just going to eat pizza and satisfy my hunger. Other than that, I should just ignore Adam from now on. He was just so difficult to deal with.

Adam placed the box of pizza on the table. I walked over and grabbed a slice of Pepperoni pizza. As I took a bite out of the pizza, I realized then that I forgot to order drinks. Now that I think about it, there wasn’t anything else to drink in the whole room itself. With a couple more bites, I quickly finished off the pizza.

“I’m going to get us a drink.” I picked up a napkin and wiped my fingers. “You guys keep watch over Samantha. Also Adam, stay inside. I don’t want to be protecting you while I get something for us to drink.”

Adam huffed. He was nibbling on the pizza himself, when he stopped and placed it back down. “If you say so, my little angel.”

I was surprised that he didn’t put up a fight to follow me. This made me glad that he actually was taking this whole thing seriously and not some kind of vacation. It was already hard enough as it is to protect both Adam and Samantha even thought Samantha was my number one priority.

Walking over towards the door, I reached for it and opened it. I stepped out and stretched ready for a light jog. Once again I felt a sharp gaze shot directly towards me, my head swiveled towards the piercing gaze. I frowned when I saw Ken staring at me.

This whole mate business wasn’t something I liked, especially if I’m getting a heated gaze that seem to follow me like a stalker. From pedo masochist vampire to now stalker wolf. I’m not sure which one was even good in the first place.

I tore my gaze away from him and walked the opposite direction. Did I want to stay and talk to him? No. Absolutely not. Even if Seline was longingly gazing towards him, I was ready to give a couple butt whooping if I had too.

If I remember correctly, I saw a small corner shop not too far away from the hotel. It was only a couple blocks away, and I wanted to stretch out my legs. The hotel was smack in the edge of the town, close to the forest. A quick run in and out of the forest was something that I actually wanted to do first before I grab them a drink. The lull of the forest was calling strongly to my wolf self, making me antsy.

I needed to run and now was the chance. A simple full out sprint and back was what I decided to do. I walked over towards a dark area behind a bush. Quickly taking off my clothes, and putting them away. I shifted into my white wolf form and ran.

The pure freedom of running into the forest was something that I dearly missed. The short run through the national park in Chicago wasn’t anything compared to this. I felt alive and free. Even Seline was yipping in joy at the freedom of running through the dense forest.

We jumped, hopped, and bolted through the forest till we found ourselves at a large lake. It was a crystal clear lake with flocks of Canadian Geese swimming in them. My wolf instincts perked up and saw a flock of geese on land, I bolted towards the birds. They honked in fear as they viciously flapped their wings to lift them up into the air.

With excitement I snapped at the geese, hoping to catch at least one, but failed. They were a couple of close counters where my teeth did get a mouthful of feathers, My whole fur were sticking out with feathers, making me look like a strange hybrid of feathered wolf. I shook my head, getting rid of the feathers.

A snap of twigs caught my attention. I turned towards the direction of the noise, carefully watching for any possible attack. A couple breaths later, a golden colored wolf stepped out from the shadows. His body was a bit larger than mine, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t stand against. The last time we fought we were evenly match.

I squinted not liking who it was here that seem to follow me out in the woods. It was Ken in his wolf form, his wolf form looked amazing in its own way. Power, grace, and even elegance defined him stronger in this form than his human form. He stopped and stared not moving an inch towards me.

I snorted and turned tail away from him.

Tila! Seline was jumping up and down in excitement. Let me be with him for a moment! Please!


Tila! Please! You promised!

I flinched. She was right. I did promise. Fine. You got ten minutes and we have to go back to get drinks for the others.

Deal. Thank you! She excitedly stated.

I walked over towards a bush and trees away from Ken’s sight. Closing my eyes, I allow Seline to take control. There were a surge of power, our body was changing. The fur started to dye black and our size became a bit smaller. Our eyes changed color from my usual gold to both turning purple.

It was strange to be sitting in the back of the mind, watching everything that was happening. The shift of our wolf form was just so weird that it made me wonder if the white wolf was just an illusion in the first place.

Seline stepped out and jogged over towards Ken. She stopped and stare directly into his gaze. His eyes became wide, but quickly change into acceptance. Instead he took the initiative to take a step forward and rub his head against Seline as if they were long lost lovers. A static shock shot outwards towards their touch, causing me to sharply retract myself from the pull of a mate bond.

Do I accept it? No. I felt this moment was more for Seline than me. A special moment where only both wolves would share and I was just a bystander that observed this moment between the two. Seline love was powerful, even blocking the connection I could still feel it pouring through into the cracks.

I never felt such pure love before that it took me by surprise. Was this what a mate bond means? Unconditional love or a pull of madness? I slowly understood what she was feeling, the emptiness that she had for herself all this time was filling up quickly.

Ken nudged her neck and suddenly butted her. He bent down and pranced around her, trying to rile her up so they could play. Seline took the bait and pounced. In matter of seconds, it became a game of tag. She bolted after him in a full out sprint, Ken dashed away filled with excitement.

Seline ran breathlessly into the woods, chasing after Ken. When she caught up to his tail, she nipped him and dashed away. Ken did a sharp turn and chased her. It didn’t take long for Ken to whip around and tackle her. Both of them tumbling on the ground, yipping in excitement. Their bites were playful and their excitement was a high even I couldn’t help but take a whiff of it.

I could tell that Seline was loving every minute of it, I was happy for her for the blissful moment. She barely got out and play. This was her moment, and I didn’t want to spoil it.

Time flew by without realizing it. The two continued to play through the forest as if it was their backyard. Till finally they were back at the lake. She was panting hard as she flopped onto the ground. Ken walked over and sat next to her. His head placed on her back, enjoying the up and down feel of her chest.

Seline, we need to go. I called out towards her.

Seline was to engrossed that she didn’t hear me. I could tell that she wanted to stay here in this moment of time. For some reason even I enjoyed this calm peaceful feel, but I knew that we couldn’t stay here forever. We needed to get back, especially because I completely forgot about buying the drink. Protecting Samantha was priority not romping around in the forest.

Seline, we need to go! I shouted, waking her up. This time, I didn’t allow her to fight back and instead forced my way in control. The black fur was starting to turn white and I stirred.

Tila! Seline cried out in a heartfelt cry.

No! We need to go! I grunted and pushed her back. Have you forgotten we have a mission? I allow this to happen for to long. We need to quickly get back, we don’t know what happened to the others.

    I…..I know. Seline said in defeat.

    Look, I promise. I’ll let you come out again.

    Thank you, Tila.

    I grunted. Pushing up, Ken got up confused. I quickly bolted into the trees, allowing my change to completely take over. My paws pushed into the soft ground, I wanted to get as far away from Ken as possible, but it seem Ken followed pursuit closely behind. There were no shaking him from my tail, instead he relentlessly followed.

We both finally came back towards the edge of the forest. I quickly slipped behind the bush and trees where I left my clothes. With a simple transformation, I changed back into my human form. The cold wind blew through the trees, biting my skin and making me shiver. I reached down and quickly changed into my clothes.

It didn’t take long for me to change. I looked around for anybody, but found no one. Casually stepping out, I headed towards the store.

“Kimberly!” Ken walked out from the trees. He jogged up towards me with a giant smile on his face.

I kept walking forward, ignoring him. He had his moment with Tila, but that didn’t mean he had moments with me. I know I was acting like a schizophrenic bitch, but seriously I’m not Kimberly. Seline was the last remaining Kimberly that I know of and I personally didn’t want to get to involved at this moment.


I whipped around. “My name is Tila.” I snapped.

Ken stopped and frowned. “But-”

“Look, I don’t want to explain everything right now, but the black wolf  you saw in the wood is Kimberly. I am Tila and I am a white wolf.”

Adam went silent. Thinking over what I had just said, I could tell that he was struggling between his instincts and the words that I just told him. Yes, both Seline and Adam had a blast in their wolf form, but that didn’t mean I did. The whole ordeal was a peaceful experience, mind shocking, but all-in-all it reconfirm my thought that mate bonds were madness that made people do crazy things. Especially Seline who seem to not think about the consequences and head first without looking. That in itself was a dangerous thing to do, especially if Ken decide to reject her again sometimes later on. Who knows what the future hold, but it was something I really hoped that would never happen.

We had a momentarily, staring contest. His shoulder slumped defeated, but I could still see the spark of hope in his eyes.

“Ken!” A sweet female’s voice called out towards him. I turned around to see who was calling him.

Running towards us was a dazzling beauty, she had the perfect figure with an S line curves, large D cup boobs, blond hair that could rival Ken’s, and a V shape face. Everything about her screamed a perfect beauty that no ‘human’ or ‘werewolf’ could rival.

“Ken! Sweetheart!” The female ran over and glomped onto his arm. His arm digging in between her chest. Something about her felt familiar and I didn’t like it.

“Abby? What are you doing here?” Ken spoke in confusion.

My mouth twitched. Now I remember who this beauty was. If my memory served me correctly it was the whore that spoke with an disgusting tone of voice towards me when I last left from the pack.

“What are you talking about? I’m your Luna. Have you forgotten we’re mated?” She coyly smirked, directing her gaze towards me in triumph. She flicked her blonde hair towards the back, showing me exactly the mark that Ken had left on her neck.

The mark was red like a hickey, but there were a flower pattern design on top of it. This was the definite mate mark that every ‘mated’ pair gets. It didn’t imply that they were married, but they were paired together. My eyes bulged in disbelief, and I shook my head. I should’ve know, this was too much of good fortune for Seline.

I heard Seline whimpering in pain, her heart constricting and quivering at the sight of the mated mark. All I could feel was boiling rage. How dare he? How dare he mark someone else that wasn’t his mate. He should’ve marked Kimberly in the past when he had the chance, not the bitch clinging onto his arm.

“Who are you?” Abby frowned towards me. “Something about you seem familiar.” She pouted.

I calmed my anger down as best as I could. Straightening myself up, I let my Alpha tone and power ooze out of my body. “My name is Tila. The Alpha of the White Raven Pack. Now if you’ll excuse me, I got things that I needed to do.”

Abby eyes became wide, she shrank back from the sheer power that I shown. I could tell that she was afraid, she was only holding up a brave front because she was holding onto Ken.

“Wait, Tila! I can explain!”  Ken pulled himself apart from Abby. “Kimberly! Stop!” He grabbed my arms.

I growled in anger. My hands reached over and threw him over my shoulder. He landed on his back in pain.

“Don’t you dare ever call that name again!” I seethed in fury. “She is dead Alpha Ken and from this day on she will stay dead.” My right foot stomped onto his chest, pushing him down so he couldn’t get up.

My head snapped towards Abby, my lips curled up showing my teeth. I gave her the most chilling smile I could muster. “You can have this filth, whore. Come near me and I’ll kill you.”

Abby step back in fear. “Y-y-your Kimberly?”

“No.” I snapped.

“You’re the cursed black wolf.” Her words mumbled out loud. I twitched and my eyes became slits. I hated how people called Seline a cursed wolf. She wasn’t and I knew it. They weren’t anything that made her cursed in the first place, it was that damn Moon Goddess story that made every werewolf believe.

“No. I am a white wolf. Say that again and you’re pretty little face will have new scars in a second. Plus that black wolf curse is complete bull, so use that small little brain of yours and scuttle away back to your whore house and do what you’re good at. Wagging your stupid ass in front of males and leave the big thinking to adults.”

Abby quivered, I could see anger riling up in her eyes and body. Her fingers curled up into a fist. “How dare you call me a whore?!”

“What else would I call you? You’re the whore, and this one here is a sick bastard that can only think with his dick. So excuse my language when I see a traitor towards his ex-mate. A cheater, a liar, a man whore, and a coward.” I then leaned towards Ken, using my full weight. “Think about it Ken, why would your soul mate ever love you after what you have done now? Do you think forgiveness is that simple? Do you think in this life your soul mate wants to see you anymore after the amount of time you hurt her?” I spat.

I could tell that Ken wasn’t fighting back and instead he stare back with loss. I knew I hit some of his nerves, and guilt was building up fast in his heart.

“She almost believed you, when you accepted her again. She almost gave you a second chance, but this.” I swooped my hands towards Abby. “This is just sick and wrong. You slept with another female that wasn’t your mate at the ship. You should know what that would do to a mated bond, how devastating that would feel, but at the same time I’m glad that Karma bite you back on it’s ass.” I growled towards Abby, looking at her with pity. Abby seem to boil in rage when she saw my look.

“We’re in an open relationship.” Abby huffed and stated proudly. “It’s not like you’ll understand.”

I blanched. Seriously? That is so wrong period. How can one share a mated pair? I heard the mated pair bond is so intimate that once having sex with another could make one go mad. Does that mean Ken was broken already? I shook that thought out of my mind for a second I felt a tinge of pity.

I pulled my foot back and stood up straight. “Maybe in your next life, she will forgive you. Stay away from me, and especially stay away from Kimberly. Like I said, Kimberly is dead to you now. You are not worth an ounce of our time.” I turned around from both of them.

Ken scrambled up onto his feet.

“What a bitch!” Abby spat in full out anger.

“Shut up Abby. From this day forth we are done! Our ‘mated’ bond is over. I Alpha Ken Tendo reject our ‘mated’ pair with Luna Abby Silco!”

“No, you can’t! How dare you!” Abby screeched out loud in anger. “You don’t break up with me! I break up with you!”

I could hear them howling with each other, but I didn’t care. Seline was once again hurt and all I could do was wrap her around in a bubble. The pain that she had in her heart was mind boggling that it even seeped into my heart, and all I could think of was how I hated Ken even more than ever before.

Forgiveness? I don’t think such thought would be possible for a very long time. Right now, all I learned today was a ‘mate’ bond was a foolish madness that could that could get us both killed, especially Seline who was suffering the most.

I walked towards the corner store, breezed through the store for some orange juice and soda. My mind was blank and all I could feel was Seline’s overwhelming depression that made my sense feel dull. My feet shuffled forward, and I headed back towards the hotel.

Soul mates? I hope I never find mine. Seeing the amount of pain it caused Seline, it made me fear what it meant to love someone with a bottom of one’s heart. Especially if it meant seeing them become broken.

I hardened my heart, picked up the bags and stepped out the convenience store. My steps were heavy with thoughts and pain, my mind was foggy from Seline depression.

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  2. Over9000

    Seriously am just tired of the “seline” personality getting in the way and fkin things up, especially when it’s so obviously contrived. Tila should just nip the other soul in the bud aka make it disappear or kill it before she ends up mental with two personalities warring for control.


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