Howling Chapter 19


Chapter 19

“Tell me once again, why we are stopping here to change our ride?” I asked Adam. Not liking the thought that we have to get off the safety of the ship for land. “We’re literally a state away, and the river makes it all the way through to the Yellowstone National Park.” I frowned. We were all getting off the ship.

“Not safe. The magic on the ship is expiring today. Enchanting the whole ship wasn’t easy. I had to pull some strings to make it happen and Shelby’s magic doesn’t last forever. Plus any further and we’ll get caught. It’s best to create a diversion.”

I understood, but what surprised me was the information about the ship being cast with magic. At first I didn’t completely believe Seline at first, but for him to obviously state it as if it was a normal everyday thing was what caught me off guard. He made it sound like magic spells came in dime a dozen and one could just buy it off the local supermarket.

Cool air whipped through us. I shuddered, even though it was a summer day, I felt unusually cold. Was I getting sick? I hope not, just thinking about getting the summer flu made me cringe. I remember having one three years ago, on that day I was stuck in bed hurling my stomach out nonstop. It took three days for me to get better, even with the werewolf genes it didn’t do much for the cold.

We all slipped into the quiet town, minding our own business. We headed straight to the nearest hotel that Adam had booked for all of us. It was a simple hotel that you find in the countryside. Half run down, broken, and in construction, while the other half looking immaculately clean. Majority of the other’s waited outside, while I followed Adam. An old lady with baggy clothes and large spectacle greeted us at the reception.

“Welcome to Diamond Hotel.” She coughed onto her paper and pen. She smacked her lips and stared at us.

Adam flinched backwards, his eyes narrowing into slits. I could tell that he wasn’t pleased about this town low class service.

“You’re name is?” Her voice went up an octave.

“Simon Edaville.”

“Give me a moment.” She spoke out in a shrill, giving us all a headache. Flipping through a couple of papers, she rested her hands on top of her paper. “So you’re Mr. Edaville. What are blood sucker like you doing out here in the country with a werewolf?”

She glanced up with her beady eyes. First at Adam and then at me. “I thought blood suckers stay in the confines of the city walls.”

“My wife and I are here with our friends to go sightseeing, old hag. What else would I be doing here?”

“Hag? I’m a banshee and I would appreciate if you don’t call me a hag.”

Did he just say I am his wife? Well whatever it’s just a cover story, though I wondered how the heck was she continually screeching with that annoying high voice. The sheer amount of pain that it gave made me want to bang my head against the wall just for it to stop. What was worse was that she was a banshee, making this a lot worse than I thought.

“Honey, I would love to chat with you another time, but right now I would appreciate it if we get our rooms. We’re all dead tired and listening to your voice is giving us a headache.”

“Your welcome.” She stated delighted with a big grin on her face. “That’s the best compliment I heard today. I take it that you want morning breakfast included in your stay correct Mr. Everston?”

“Yes. Yes.” Adam was in a hurry, not wanting to stay any longer. We were all antsy to get out as quickly as possible. The other werewolves were already out in the lobby, waiting outside for they couldn’t take the ear piercing headache of a voice any longer. I too was ready to throw in the towel.

“If you stay past eleven an extra charge will occur. So please leave before eleven for your check out.” She slipped him six keys towards him.

Adam swiped the keys in a hurry and moved away from the reception. He shook his head a couple of times to get the ringing out of his ears and step out.

“A banshee? Seriously?” I asked him in disbelief. “That’s the worst customer service representative to be there working. Where the hell are we to have banshee’s working on the counter?”

“Like I said the last time. This is Navis, South Dakota. The home of the dark supernaturals.”

“Dark supernaturals?”

“You can say they are considered a darker race or maybe what humans call them  demons would be better?”

“Demons!?” My voice went up an octave. Did he just say demons?!

“Quite down, angel. You’re going to offend every supernatural being here if you shout that word out any louder.”

“You just said that word.” I hissed. “What the heck are they Magical Creatures, Supernaturals, or Demons?” My voice was a lot lower than before.

“Not now. I’ll tell you inside.” Adam threw Ken and Ted keys. “All of you guys need to share a room. There enough rooms for everyone.”

“How many beds?” Ted asked. He didn’t seem to mind in sharing a room at all.

“Three king size beds.”

“You couldn’t just buy the whole place out?” Ken asked.

“Do you want to pay for it? Because the last time I checked I’m the one that’s paying for it. Plus if you want to shout to the community ‘we’re here’ go ahead. We’ll have Rogue werewolves crawling in our vicinity in under an hour.”

“You do know you booked a large number of rooms. I mean seriously that’s already telling our enemies ‘we’re here’ kind of mentality. Someone as rich as you coming out here in a small town is suspicious as it is.”

“That’s why our cover up is a married couple that’s going out on a vacation with their friends.”

“Who’s the married couple?” Ken voice was on edge. He then look towards me, waiting for me to answer, but Adam did instead.

Adam slinked his hand around my waist, and pulled my in suddenly to his side. “Her and I of course.” He gave everyone a brilliant grin.

Rose and Jaz squealed out loud in delight, fangirling and chattering among themselves as if this was some kind of show. Ray rolled his eyes and shook his head in disbelief at the two.

Ken on the other hand wasn’t amused. Instead he seem to be getting furious that Adam’s hand was wrapped around me. My cheeks twitched and I frowned. I pried off Adam’s finger and tried to push apart, but instead he wouldn’t let me go. His finger dodged my attempt to pry it off and tighten even harder.

“So let’s go and unwind ourselves.” Adam started to scuttle me away from the group towards the room.

Ken was pissed off in what Adam was doing, but he didn’t get a chance to say anything. Instead I was quickly ferried away towards a room, where Adam unlocked the door and pushed me in.

It was a small dimly light room with three beds. The curtains were closing, blocking in the light. Jaz walked over and pushed the curtains opened. Sharp bright light entered through. The once dreary room was quickly gone and instead replaced a more calm and serene feel, but still it didn’t do too much with the quality of the room. It still had the crappy sheets, old boxy TV and furnitures that remind you of the 1950s.

For a moment there I thought I saw Adam twitch at the sight of the room. It took a few moment for him to straighten himself and wash away the not-so-happy face. I could tell that he was use to high quality products and being spoiled, but I on the other hand didn’t care. There was a bed to sleep on and roof covering our head.

“I’m taking the bed in the middle with Samantha~” Jaz walked over and flopped herself on the bed. Samantha followed pursuit and dived into it as well. She giggled next to her and rolled around happily.

Rose and Ray took the one closest to the door. They sat among with each other, tangled in the embrace. One would’ve thought they were together forever from the way they acted together.

I took the one with the last bed, but before I went over to lay on it. I was hungry. “Are you guys hungry? I’m going to call for pizza.”

“I am!” Jaz hand shot up into the air. “Get me pepperoni.”

“Mushroom and green peppers with mine.” Ray replied. “What about you sweetheart?” He cooed towards Rose.

Rose kissed him on the cheek. “I’ll have anything.”

Then I turned towards Adam. “There is a delivery pizza shop right?”

“Of course. They aren’t that barbaric in where they live in the stone age.”

“I didn’t say anything like that, but okay. Do you want anything?”

“Barbeque chicken wings.” He pulled up a chair and sat down.

I nodded.  I walked over toward the phone. Look at the piece of paper next to it and found the number for the local Pizza hut.

“This is Stone Castle Pizza how may I help you?”  A young boy’s voice received at the other end.

“You do delivery correct?”

“Yes. Where too?”

“Diamond Hotel room 3E. I would like a large pepperoni, another large pepper with green onions, one large cheese, a large supreme, and a box of twenty barbeque wings.”

“The total will be $52. Will you pay in cash or Credit?”


“The food will be ready in 30 minutes.”


With the click the phone line ends. I sat down across from Adam to relax.

“So, which room are you sleeping in?”

“Here of course.” Adam made it seem like it was obvious.

I look at him in complete disbelief. “Come again?”

“I said. I’ll be sleeping here with my wife.” He gave me a brilliant smile that said more than it should. I could feel myself feeling uncomfortable from his stare.

“What are you talking about. You can afford your own place.” I snapped.

He raised one of his eyebrows. “Do you want to blow our cover?”

“What cover- oh.” I felt silent, remembering the words that he had told the old banshee about us. It took everything in me not to curse out loud.


I bite my lowers lips. “You couldn’t have come up with a better lie?”

“Absolutely not. This makes it more believable and its normal.”

I honestly look at him funny. How was a married werewolf and vampire normal? From my understanding I thought it was considered completely rare and strange.

“What your saying is bluntly obvious that it’s a lie. I wouldn’t be surprised that we are found in the next hour.” Ray snorted at Adam. “Do you think anyone would believe that crap? A married werewolf and Vampire? That’s like saying apples and oranges are the same species of fruits.”

Adam started to deeply chuckle at Ray’s words. “You’re wrong. This town is known for having a lot of interracial marriage. The first interracial marriage in America took place in this town, following after that many come here to do the same. If you go outside right now you’ll see more than one type of monsters living here without causing any trouble. Do you think I would say something that would compromise our position.”

Ray went silent unable to refute what he had said. Then he grumbled and hugged Rose as if his life depended on it.

“Don’t worry Mr. Everston. He means no offense.” Rose giggled. Even for me her voice were very soothing and musical to my ears. I was already enthralled with listening to her.

“No offense taken, sweetheart.” He winked at her and she blushed.

Ray seem to grumble even more, but didn’t say anything else.

“Fine let’s say you’re sleeping here. You’re sleeping on the coach.” I spoke with indifference.

Adam pretended to be flabbergasted in what I had just said. “How are you going to protect me if your way across the room? I should be sleeping next to you.”

“Are you crazy? Why would I do that when you are strong yourself?”

“You have a job Tila and that’s to protect me and Samantha.”

“I thought my priority right now is to protect Samantha. So shouldn’t she be sleeping with me?” I huffed.

He raised up his eyebrows towards me amused. “You want me to sleep with Jaz? I believe sleeping next to her when she has someone would be completely disrespectful.”

My mouth became a thin line unable to counter what he just said. He was completely right. “You’re still sleeping on the sofa.”

“Dear Tila.” Adam chuckled. “There is no sofa here. You want me to sleep on the floor?”

“I-” I quickly look around searching for the sofa that should be here and so far found nothing. My hands clenched and my eyes furrowed. “I’ll sleep on the floor.”

“Absolutely not. You need your beauty sleep just as much as mine. We have a big day tomorrow and sleeping on the floor will make a drastic difference on when you fight.” Adam wasn’t letting me slip away from his grasp. He always seem to have a counter to my elusive words, making it that much difficult for me to find an excuse.

“I have a m-” Then I stop myself. What the heck was I going to say? Use Ken to counter this rebuttal. Was I that desperate to weasel my way out of this? That was preposterous. I had no feelings for Ken what’s so ever.

“You were saying?” Adam asked. The air became quickly tense. I could feel his heated gaze aimed towards me, making me uncomfortable. For a moment, I squirmed and tried my best to not have our gaze lock against each other. Even the others who were in the room, became deathly silent. “You were saying?” He said again this time with a bit more force.

“It’s improper.” I quickly spoke.

Adam snorted and laughed. “Improper she says.”

“What?! It’s true!” I was turning bright red. This was the first time when I felt so stupid about what I had said. “I’m single and having another single man sleep next me is improper.” I huffed, crossing my arms in front of me.

“So now I am a man in your eyes?” His smile turned dangerous that it made me gulp.

“Well yes…wait…you’re not human but a vampire man. I mean a man that is a vampire. Damn it! You know what I mean.” I was starting to fumble with my words, turning even more scarlet.

“What are you talking about, my little angel.” A sparkle of mischief crossed his eyes. “You were fine when I slept next to you last time.”

I heard a sharp gasp from both Jaz and Rose. Right now we were becoming an entertaining show between our little group.

Oh. My. God. I look at him in disbelief. Did he just say that? I know I heard him wrong right? He’s making me look like some kind of scandalous girl in front of my pack!

“No. I. Did. Not.”

“I know. I know. You don’t want to tell your fellow pack members the heated night that we had snuggling together. Plus it was just a week ago so there is no shame.”

Ray’s mouth dropped in disbelief. Jaz was giving me a two thumbs up at me. Her eyes sparkling and nodding her head.

“Tila! I’m so proud of you.” Jaz sniffled. “You make me so proud. I thought you had androphobia. That’s why you never had contact with a man except for pretend flirting.”

Now this time it was my turn to stare at her speechless. “What are you talking about?!” I bursted out in disbelief.

“What it’s true. You could lock yourself up whenever your heat starts for a whole week. You even stop advances towards any man or woman, if you go that way. I thought my dear Alpha had gone the path of a full fledged nun. We were all worried that you wouldn’t have any offspring to continue on the survival of the pack.”

“If I’m ever gone, we have Ray here.” I tried to change the focus of the attention.

“Not going to happen Tila. I don’t have the power like you to keep everyone under control and have a strong sense of purpose and hope.”

“You’ll be a great Alpha Ray.”

“Please, Tila don’t say it like you’re going to die soon. It makes me feel very uncomfortable.”
I didn’t continue to pursue any further, knowing that it would dampen the whole mood.

“So~” Jaz cut through the silence. “How far did you both go? Did you pass Base 1, 2, 3, or maybe 4?”

“Jaz!” I snapped.

“What?! I’m your friend.” She humphed. “I should be the first one to know this.”

“We went up to Base 2 sadly.” Adam stated sadly as if it wasn’t enough.

“And what is base two?” I couldn’t help and ask.

“Sleeping in the same bed, while base one is a hug.” Adam was having way too much fun for my taste.

Jaz squealed. “He hugged you?!”

“Uh, it was just to help him feel less depressed.” I quickly stated.

“Ray, please pass me the tissue box. I’m tearing up. This is the moment where our Alpha has splendidly growing into a fine woman.” Jaz motioned a fake tear coming down her eyes. She was such a drama queen. I rolled my eyes at her action and coughed.

“I’m already a woman.”

“You’re halfway there. You need more lessons.” She pouted. Then she turned towards Adam and gave him a gallant smile. “Adam, I leave her in your hands to help her grow. She been stuck in between a teenager and an adult for to long. She needs to blossom into a beautiful lady.”

“Jaz now you’re talking crazy. Please stop. You’re scaring me.” I replied.

“I would certainly will,” said Adam.

“Your nuts Jaz. She has a mate. Stop pushing our Alpha in the wrong direction.”

Jaz snorted. “Has she advanced towards him? Is she even interested right now? From my standpoint, until she’s mark. She’s free to do whatever hell she wants.”

“This is wrong Jaz. You know it.”

“I’m being truthful. Our Alpha hasn’t even reacted towards him and the past week she just been strange. Almost not like her.”

“What do you mean?” I was starting to fear what I would hear from her.

“You were actually talking to him and making goo goo eyes.”

“What?!” Freaking Seline!

“That’s normal.” Ray huffed, not liking how Jaz was making a whole big deal of it. “That’s how it should be.”

“No it’s not Ray. That wasn’t her. The real reaction we should be seeing is right before our eyes. This is the real Tila. I don’t know who the other impersonator was, but that wasn’t Tila. That wasn’t our Alpha and you know it.”

For a moment, I choke up. My heart swelled into a big balloon towards Jaz. She knew the ‘real’ me and it wasn’t Seline pretending to be. This told me a lot about myself, the harboring feeling of resentment and fear. For the past few days, I was still afraid that it would happen again. Even though I had some what reconcile with Seline, it didn’t feel like it was true reconciliation, only a patch work to hide the pain.

“That’s…” Ray couldn’t say anything else.

“You knew we couldn’t connect with her, plus she smelled like a Rogue.”

The word Rogue slapped me hard in the face. Did Seline really smelled like a Rogue? It didn’t make any sense. How was it possible? I thought she was still a part of the pack even though we were two different souls. I stay quiet and instead listened to their words.

“Our Alpha is not a Rogue. You should know.”

“That who was she?” Everyone turned towards me looking for answers.

I couldn’t say anything else. Everyone was waiting patiently for what I had to say, some even scooted closer.

“Okay, we’re putting a little too much stress on her. Why don’t we instead changed the subject.” Adam quickly spoke. “Ah, yes. To answer your question Tila about this town. The reason why I told you not to say Demon is that this town dislike anyone calling them in the Demon category. They get offended. They like to differentiate themselves from Demons to their specific race.”

“Oh.” I replied. Once again we all became silent and awkward. The last couple statement still lingered in the air.

All of a sudden, we heard a loud knock and everyone suddenly froze.

“I’ll get that.” I quickly stated and headed towards the door, dodging everyone’s stare.

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