Drezo Regalia V6 Ch. 6

Chapter 6
The Gate

<BlackStar A.K.A Alex>

Oct. 30, 2054. Friday. 1:14 AM

BlackStar stood hidden in the dark corner of the room. He patiently waited as he stared into the group of old men and women sitting around a round table. The room were abuzz with flaring emotions. They debated heavily with one another,their arguments rabid with malicious intent as if each person were trying to shoot the other’s argument into nothingness.

“When are we going to go with the plan?” A bald old man with red clothes slammed his fist on the table. “At this slow rate, we will never move to the next phase of our operation. My time is precious and I need to be back at my office.”

“What are you so worried about, Kio?” An elderly lady around the age of forty waved her hands in front of her. “The plan is moving fine as it is. The time is not even right anyways.”

“What are you talking about Jasmine? The time is perfect.” Kio growled. “Just pulling money around will not get things started. We need people to take the first hit.”

“Hit? Economically, I think we are doing fine.”

“No, we are not. Stocks have decreased by fifteen points. Any lower and I’ll end up losing a million dollars!”

“Is that my problem? No.”

“It is. Haven’t you been paying attention?”

Suddenly a calm, but enchanting voice cut through the chaos. “Ladies and Gentleman. I’m glad that you are all here.” Angel walked in the door. Everyone in the room became silent as they watched.

“Angel, what are you doing here? You are not an elder to be just waltzing around here to do whatever you want.”

“Does it matter if I am elder or not? I have just as much say in this council as any of you.” Angel replied without a care in the world. He pushed back his hair that was falling in front of his face. He then stopped next to Jasmine and caressed his hands on the back of the seat. “I have a reason you know, to be here. Honestly, I don’t like being in the same stuffy room as you old farts. Staying in here any longer with you guys and I’ll feel like I would age a year older. I mean seriously, you all need to go to the hospital to get your blood pressure checked.”

“Why you little brat. Just because you are the son of General Flairgon you think you can get away with this?” Kon replied harshly towards Angel. His nerves were bulging down his neck signifying him that he was peeved.

“Don’t bring up my father. I don’t want anything to do with him.” Angel spat. He glared at the elders in front of him and briskly walked over. Sitting down on one of the opened chairs, he placed his feet on the table. He grinned and folded his arm in front of him.

“What are you doing? That is General Flairgon’s spot!” Koi spoke out in outburst.

“Not today. He won’t be making it here today. Ever.” Angel spoke without a care in the world.

“Let the man speak,” said Jasmine. “Hearing what the little one has to say should make things interesting.” She chuckled.

“Are you insane? This is no place for General Flairgon’s son to be here.”

“Baldy, shut up.” Angel’s hand dropped to his side and brought the silver cross into his hands.

“Imbecile, to speak to your elder in such disrespectful tone. Don’t you know we can make your life miserable?”

“Really? I highly doubt it.”

“Calm down Koi, let the man speak.”

Koi grumbled and clenched his hands.

“The stone will be completed by the deadline. The students at the Academy are developing quite nicely. I will be starting to put a team for the next mission.”

“So soon? They only have been in the Academy for short amount of time. Developing one’s psychic ability does not happen overnight.”

“I do not believe so. What I have planned for them is pushing past their limit. So with that being said, I only have come here to inform you what I would do.”

“You haven’t gotten the stamp of approval yet. Who do you think you are?”

“I’m Angel, of course.” Angel brilliantly smiled.

Groups of hidden assassins emerged from the dark and stationed themselves from behind each chairman. Every single one of them gulped.

“What? You dare?! Guards! What are you doing?!” Yelled Koi. He had a knife against his throat by specifically BlackStar’s hands.

“They’re all dead. There is no point in calling them out you know.” Angel took his feet off the table and leaned forward. “Where did you even get such a poor quality guards anyway. Either way, all of you guys will be no more. All your assets had been handed down to your predecessors. The old must go you know.”

“BlackStar! You should know better than to turn on your employer.” Kion yelled in anger. “I raised you for who you are today. You should be taking my side!”

“Mr. Kion Blue. I can not thank you enough for taking me in, but there is a difference between what I must do for the betterment of the organization. Even still, your words in taking care of me is completely different in my mind. Starving, being beaten, and even tortured, I’m not so sure that would be considered taking care of me.” BlackStar calmly stated.

“Why you wretched ingr-”

With a fluid motion of his hands, BlackStar cut through Kio’s throat. Blood squirted outwards into a spray.

“I must say BlackStar. You couldn’t wait until I was finished speaking?” Angel chuckled. Each and every one of the council member were killed right after BlackStar. Not a single one faltered nor gave in to the pleas for begging for their life for they didn’t have a chance to state their words.

“I am sure you hate giving explanations to someone who is going to die.” BlackStar flicked the knife in hand and wiped the blood on the dead man’s clothes.

“Well, you took the fun out of it. I enjoyed seeing their haggard face when they heard what I had to say and what I would do next. Though these rats are not worth my time for my art. Instead, it would be better if we dissolve their bodies. What do you think BlackStar?”

“I do not care.” BlackStar turned around ready to leave.

“I was worried that you wouldn’t wanted to partake in this cleansing. For I thought you went soft hearted, but it seems that your skills had not dulled a single bit playing in the game nor has your conviction been shaken.”

“Is there a problem?”

“No, not at all.” Angel pulled out a large black obsidian the size of his fist and placed it onto the table. The Obsidian strangely glowed and swirled with red and gold.

In the darkness, black shadows appeared out from behind Angel and blitzed towards each dead body. A sudden chill swept through BlackStar as he watched the shadows moved towards each body. From each body, a transparent figure emerged from the dead. Each one of the figures were roughly grabbed and pulled away from the body. They were dragged towards the Obsidian in the middle of the table.

A high pitch scream could be heard, shrieking in fear. BlackStar couldn’t help but shiver at the deathly scream and watch the whole scene play out in front of him. So far, he and Angel were the only one who could see the shadows, while the others were shivering in unease. Even though a few of them couldn’t see it, their senses were telling them something dangerous was in the room. Alex knew that he shouldn’t interact in what was happening in front of him. His nerves were screaming that these shadows were not human, but something more dangerous.

The dark spirits that were pulling the clear spirits threw them towards the Obsidian. A sucking like power pulled the spirits into the rock like a vacuum till finally nothing was left. In seconds, every single one of the spirits disappeared into thin air leaving only the empty shell of the dead, the assassin, and Angel.

BlackStar didn’t fear humans and he was not the type to easily get scared, but the strange humanoid shadows seemed more like monsters. They were something completely out of his realm and strength. He knew from this point on that there were things a lot stronger than him, darker, and more primal that couldn’t be explained by science alone.

He now believed that there were something more than what just meets the eye. BlackStar knew that he was not hallucinating or taking any medications. Everything that was happening before him was happening for a fact.

What was more scary was that the mastermind behind all these dark spirits were none other than Angel himself. In their heart, a new growing fear towards Angel grew and they knew that to follow Angel was the correct path in there life if they don’t wanted to die by his hands.

The heavy silenced in the air was broken by Angel’s voice. “Well, that was exciting wasn’t it?” Angel lips slowly turned into a grin, becoming bigger and bigger.

Not a single breathe could be heard.

“I wouldn’t say that was exciting.” BlackStar was the second one to speak. “I could say that was quite a learning experience. What was that?”

“Nothing strong. They’re the lowest kind of dark entities.”

“You’re saying those were the lowest grade there is?” BlackStar couldn’t fathom there were things out there that had even stronger oppressive energy than the one that they just saw. The oppression that the dark spirits gave off was already suffocating enough and there were something out there that was worse? With a gulp, he felt his arms tingle.

“Yes, don’t you know? Just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not out there.”

“How did you find them?”

“Me find them? That’s where you are wrong. They have found us.” Angel grinned. “They have always been watching BlackStar. It’s just that we never paid attention till now.”

BlackStar felt his skin crawl from the way Angel spoke. He felt that Angel knew more than he had let anyone to believe. Honestly, he didn’t understand what Angel was thinking and planning. The whole slaughtering of the Council Members on the East Coast was planned but the backlash would be hundred times worse. Angel knew all this but he still went through. What was his goal? He just didn’t know.

“What’s wrong, BlackStar? Your mask has momentarily slipped.” Angel’s voice shook him out of stupor.

“Nothing at all.”

“Really? I believe that is a lie, but if you insisted that there is nothing to talk about I will not push it any further. Well than, I’ll leave the rest to the group to clean up this mess.”

The other assassins started to move around on cue. They had begun to pick up the dead bodies and started to carry them out.

“BlackStar.” Angel turned around one last time.


“I need you to send me a file of the twenty-four best students that we have ready to test out on field.”

“I will get it ready for you in the morning.”


Angel turned and left with a whistle. His left hand was twirling the silver cross necklace around in circles. BlackStar quietly followed after and went straight back to the Academy.




Oct. 30, 2054. Friday. 3:33 AM

Angel closed his eyes, letting meditation wash over him. He felt his spiritual body drift out of his body. He was standing in front of his sleeping body that sat on a wooden chair. With steady breathe, he walked through the darkness towards his goals.

There was only one thing he had to get, a soul of an innocent and pure. They were not many out in this world who retained such childish innocence. Even children of these days were tainted even younger than before.

Reaching into his pocket, he rubbed the silver cross. “Take me to the nearest purest soul.” He whispered. A sudden dark energy clouds pervaded out of the silver cross. The clouds wrapped around him like a dark cloak, a large black ghastly wings spread out onto his back. An ugly creature’s head, appeared on his shoulder connecting the ghastly wing.

“Yes, my master.” A screeching like voice replied back towards Angel.

The monster’s black wing flapped hard, lifting him up in the air, they flew. Like a comet through the sky. Angel watched the world from the sky, he saw different color aura’s appearing below him, telling him that they are living humans. Some houses were covered in shimmering white light that blocked out the darkness from entering, while others had black aura invading the homes.

It wasn’t until he flew a little further, when he heard a an angelic female’s voice spoke out with calm and vigor. She didn’t waver, but instead prayed with convictions. Serenity and compassion filled with happiness and love. “Our father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.”

Angel landed a bit away from the girl. The dark aura disappeared into his silver cross. He straightened his clothes and walked in with a sinister grin on his face. He walked towards the young girl who was praying in the middle of the field, where she sat face forward, placing her elbows on the cut down stump. “Our father, which art in heaven, Hallowed; be thy name.” He repeated her words with glee.

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, As it is in heaven.” Her voice continued to ring with calmness.

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.” Angel’s foot became heavy, and a bit sluggish. He glanced towards the young girl with hatred and jealousy burning in his eyes.

“Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, As we forgive them that trespass against us.”

“Give us this day our daily bread. And do not forgive us of our trespasses, As we do not forgive them that trespass against us.” Angel’s grind his teeth, he was getting harder and harder to get closer to her, but he still moved forward without a single falter of his steps.

A beam of bright sunlight erupted from the clouds, shining down from the sky. “And lead us not into temptation.” She cried out with a strong voice.

“And lead us ALL into temptation!” Angel was now shouting, trying to overcome her voice.

Darkness swirled around him and even invaded the space around the little girl who prayed diligently. Her face was contorting in pain as if something was pervading her mind. Angel’s words were overlapping her’s making it more difficult for her to pray.

“But deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, The power, and the glory.” She replied with a pained voice. The wind picked up, blowing her yellow hair.

“Deliver us to evil. For thine is the kingdom of darkness, The power, and the glory.” Angel’s steps were becoming more confident, while the girl’s voice was becoming smaller and smaller. The light were weakening and dimming into nothingness. Dark storm clouds were entering from the right, blanketing the sky in black.

“For ever……and.….” The girl’s shoulder was getting crunched up into a ball Angel stand next to her and was smiling with an evil grin.

“Forever and ever.” Angel slowed his words into her ears.

“…..ever….” Her voice was thinning out, suffocating her to the point of making her unable to breathe. She was gasping for a breathe, trying to say the last word.

“You are not loved.” Angel’s words were like delicious poison. His hands raised up behind her back as he caressed her gold hair. “A.M.E.N.” A black light that came out from his silver necklace turned into a black crossed sword and appeared before his hands..

With a gasping ecstasy, he thrust the black sword into her back and out the other side of her heart.

The girl shuddered out in pain and the last whisper of her voice echoed throughout the field. “A…..m…en.”

Angel broke out in laughter, he threw back his head with a devilish grin on his face. “I win!” He shouted with vigor. “I win again! Hahahahahahaha!”

A sudden blast of wind smashed into his body, knocking the wind out of him. He was suddenly flung out towards the sky and went back crashing into his body. The words of Amen continually ring in his ear over and over again.

“No. No. No. No!” Angel woke up screaming, he slammed his hands on the chair. A sharp crack was formed, causing the chair to waver under his weight.

Going out of his body and to use more of his ability to manifest and interact with the physical world with a spiritual body has taxed a huge amount of energy, especially in murdering someone, which required even a bit of his life energy in his physical body. This ability was something he couldn’t use too often, nor would he use it for minuscule tasks. He needed to rest and recover.

“I was so close! Why now?! Why!?” He got up and was angrily walking around back and forth. Even though he was mentally and physically exhausted, his anger fueled his body.

With a deep breath, he slowly calmed down his anger. “No. I won. I know I have won. She is dead.” Angel was chuckling under his breathe and he broke out into a loud laughter. She was dead even though he had failed to get her soul. The ecstasy of killing was still lingering in his fingers. “Yes, I won.”



Oct. 30, 2054. Friday. 3:54 PM

Kiyro had finished class and sat in the lobby. His head was against the sofa and he was taking a small nap.

“Kiyro.” A female’s voice called out towards him.

Kiyro woke up and turned to see who had called him.

“Kiyro Koga.” This time the voice was louder. Angela was tapping her clipboard in annoyance that she had to call out to Kiyro twice.

Kiyro groggily glanced up. Angela stopped in front of him with her hands crossed in front of her.

“I need you to go to the Room number 13 right this moment.”

“Kiyro tiredly stood up. “Is there something wrong? I got a raid to continue with later tonight so I can not stay out too long.”

“This will not take you that long. Now if you’ll excuse me. I have important work to do.” Angela replied haughtily. She twirled on her high heels and strutted towards her next destination.

“If she didn’t have such nasty personality, she would be someone worth talking too.” Kiyro frowned. He headed towards the direction where Angela spoke off.

Room 13, a special room that didn’t allow any students or teachers to enter. A forbidden room that was rarely used. For him to be called towards the room made him wonder what he was being called for. No one knew anything about what was even in the room, nor had anyone been in it before.

“Why now? What for?” Kiyro wondered. He was not to keen about being singled out. When he took a sharp right turned, he stopped just barely in time to before he crashed into someone’s back.

“You been called here too?” A familiar male voice called out towards Kiyro.

“Daulton?” Kiyro examined around him and noticed that twenty-three people were present.

“Kiyro!” Eve called out in excitement. She came running towards him with a large smile plastered to his face. “I’m glad that you are here.”

“Eve? You too?”

“Yea, I was surprised when they were this large amount of people present here you know. Even Will and Alex are here as well.”

“They are?” Kiyro leaned over to the side and saw both Will and Alex in the large group. The majority of the people were surrounding Alex, bombarding him questions.

“Teach, what’s going on? Did you call us all out here?” A female student that seem to be fresh out of middle school asked Alex.

“About that.” Alex rubbed his hair trying to figure out what to say. “It wasn’t me. I got the same message to come to this spot.”

“Really? You don’t know what’s going on?”

“Yes. I’m just in the same boat as you guys.”

“That sucks.”

“I bet he’s lying.” A young man pushed aside the girl and stand in front of Alex. His beady eyes glared towards him with disdain, while his black hair covered part of his face. He had to pull it back to see through. Kiyro had a vague feeling that he saw that young man somewhere. He just couldn’t put his finger on who.

“Why would I lie? I came to this Academy out of my own violation. I haven’thing to gain here.”

“Another bogus. I don’t believe in the words of the adult. You have put us through constant trials to improve our abilities. For the people who had failed, we all know what had happened. They’re dead.”

“I didn’t know that. Really.” Alex threw up his hand in a defensive pose. He gave them a compassionate look telling them that he was not lying a single bit.

“You have something up your sleeves. I know it.” The young man was taking steps towards Alex with the hint to fight, but a young girl with brown hair pulled him back.

“Russ. Stop. This is not a good idea you know.” The girl quietly stated. She was nervously glancing around worried that Russ might do something completely out of character.

“Russ?” Kiyro quietly mumbled. Then it hit him. The Russ who had chased him through endless miles to gain his Draconis Library. He didn’t know that Russ was actually here at the Psychic Academy. He couldn’t help but feel slighted at the Russ that was in front of him. He knew this was the Russ, by his demeanor and his looks had not even changed a single bit.

“That guy.” Daulton walked up next to Kiyro. His lips fell into a frown as he stared towards them. “I knew he was here, but I didn’t expect him to use his actual name for the game.”

“You knew he was here?”

“Yea, I just didn’t think we would ever meet.”

Honestly, he wished he never see Russ any time soon, but lo and behold, life threw him a curveball.

“I don’t think it would be a wise idea to start a fight here if I were you.” Alex spoke in a very cold voice.

“Why no-” Russ went silent when he saw Alex’s smile. He felt a sudden chill that ran up and down his spine. With a step back, Russ gulped in fear.

“That’s a good boy. Fighting out in public will make both of us lose face you know. I’m not a fighter, actually I’m more of a peace loving person.” Alex nodded his head in agreement with what he said. “Well then, if our little conversation is over, we should all start forming into a six man team.” He clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention.

The students shuffled and started to gravitate towards people they knew. Kiyro, Eve, and Daulton automatically formed into a group of three.

“We should ask Will.” Eve quickly spoke. She was already heading towards Will who was surrounded by his own group. “Will!”

Eve waved his hands towards him as she passed through the crowd.


The girls that were surrounding Will gave Eve a nasty glare, wondering who she was.

“Kiyro is here. Would you like to join our team?” She shouted over the girls.


“Will, I thought you were going to join our team.” The girls pouted in front of him. They grabbed his hands hoping he would say yes.

“Do you not like us?”

“I mean, we thought you played with us because you did.”

“Come on Will, please.”

The girls begged Will. Will felt himself sweat and he nervously chuckled trying to push aside the swarming girls.

“Ladies, my friend will be coming with us.” Eve snaked her arms in Will’s and roughly pulled him aside.

“Hey bitch, what are you doing? You can’t just take him just like that!” One of the girls stormed up to her ready to fight.

“Try it and see what happens.” Eve shot the girls down with a stern look that made every single one of them back off in fright. “I thought so. Now if you’ll excuse us, my friend will be joining our group.” She coldly replied and walked ahead with Will in tow.

“That bitch. Who does she think she is?” The girls mumbled with disgust.

“I can hear you. Talk any louder and I’ll punch you in the face and show you what I meant.” Eve shouted back without a care in the world.

The girls became silent and slunk away in defeat with their tails between their legs, but even still they talk behind Eve’s back with anger in their voice.

“Um.…Eve?” Will was being forcibly dragged by Eve that he was stumbling on his own foot.


“Thanks, but I can walk by myself.”

“Ah, sorry.” Eve quickly let go. “Didn’t mean to be so possessive. Just thought that you were stuck in a bind.”

“It’s alright. I was going to turn them down.”

Both Eve and Will finally joined up with Daulton and Kiyro.

“So would you join our group?” Eve asked with a smile.

Kiyro couldn’t help but feel a bit of a sting in his heart when he saw how Eve acted around Will. He quickly brushed it aside and instead waited for Will’s answer.

“Why not. There’s nothing better to do. My guild mates haven’t come here so right now I don’t really have anyone to partner up with.” Will shrugged his shoulder not really caring who to partner up with.

“Hey Will. Long time no see literally.” Kiyro clasped his hands with Will and smiled.

“Been awhile.” Will let go and turned towards Daulton.

“Who might this be?”

“My name’s Daulton. Aren’t you the leader of the Hercules guild?”


“Wow, cool.” Daulton had a huge grin on his face excited to meet the famous Hercules Guild Leader.

“We need one more person. Anyone got any idea?” Eve broke in on their conversation.

“I know someone.” Daulton spoke up. “Give me a second. I thought I saw her running around in the crowd.” He slipped away into the crowd looking for someone.

“So, how have you guys been doing? I haven’t talked with you Kiyro in awhile. I heard some things from Eve here,” said Will.

“Pretty good actually. We had a squabble here and there with Russ and his goons but the Draconis Library is safe.”

“Russ? You don’t mean that kid that just picked a fight with Alex right?”

“Yea. I didn’t expect him to be here at all.”

“He’s been causing trouble back in Kingdom of Terra. Couple of my guild members have been voicing their opinion on how unjust and rude he is.”

“I totally understand that.”

“Lately there’s a rumor that been going around that he had been kicked out of WaterRose guild. Better that she did sooner than later. He’s trouble is what I can tell.”

“Really now, you didn’t know?” Eve stated with a sarcastic tone. “I for one wanted to kick him off the cliff. He literally caused us a headache.”

“It was that bad?”

“Yea. The amount of damaged he has caused had set us back for repair for a week. I mean even though we don’t have much but still. All that destruction and damage we had to pay for.” Eve groaned. “If he ever gets a castle, i’m going to burn it down.”

“Wow, we got quite a devil among us.”

“You can say that again.” Kiyro gaped at Eve. He sometimes wondered what ran through her mind to have such diabolical thoughts. “Well then, what about you?” He asked Will.

“My guild been doing fantastic. We did have a few drawbacks as well, the monster swarms in the Lightning Continent is no joke. Every night we are literally on our toes to keep the village safe from being destroyed. It took quite a bit of effort to keep it stable. I thought we were going to be wiped out a couple of times, but luckily we survived through it just fine.”

“You guys have land?”

“No, it’s just a quest. We’re more like guards for a small kingdom that has been forming rapidly these past months.”

“Wow, that’s so cool.” Eve eyes were sparkling in interest. “You got to show us around.”

“If you ever stop by, why not.”

“Sweet!” Eve stated in excitement. “Did you heard that Kiyro? We need to go to his place next.”

“Well… When we are able too. Right now, I’m not so sure being far away from the Draconis Village is a wise idea.”

“I know. I’m just saying for the future.”

“That’s cool with me.”

“Hey guys!” Daulton called out towards the group. Everyone turned around a saw a small girl that seem to be ten years old walked next to him. Her curly pig tail  hair bounced up and down when she walked. Her cute dress made her adorable.


“This is Tonia.” Daulton quickly introduced her to the group. “Tonia. This is Kiyro, Eve, and Will.”

“Hello,” Tonia softly spoke. She lowered her head in embarrassment.

“Let’s introduce our game names and something about ourselves.”

“Sure, nothing wrong with that.” Eve happily replied. “I go by Agnis and I’m Kiyro’s partner.”

“Partner? Are you guys going out?”

“No.” Eve quickly replied and blushed scarlet. “What I mean is that Kiyro here is an Dragon called Zero and I’m his partner.”

“Oh! You’re the dragon riders!” Tonia excitedly replied. “How does it feel like when you’re flying.” She closed in Eve wondering what she would say next.

“Well, Kiyro hasn’t gotten his wings yet. So we haven’t taken flight.”

“Oh,” Tonia face fell.

“So what about you?”

“I go by the name of Terren. I’m a Disciple of Infinity or you could say a priestess.”

“A priestess. Nice.”

“Well then, it’s my turn.” Daulton cough to get everyone’s attention. “My game name is M2. If you have any dark secrets you want to know about the game, i’m the man to come too. I just about know anything.” He proudly stated.

“Your M2?” Will asked quizzically. “I heard that M2 was an NPC. Not a real life character in game.”

“Well, facts get twisted you know.”

“I can see that.” Will nodded his head. “I go by Aldran in the game. I’m the guild leader of Hercules.”

“Hercules?” Tonia squealed out in delight. She clasped Will’s hand in excitement. “Can I have your autograph?”

“Woah, you’re really popular with the ladies.” Daulton stare in shock. “I didn’t expect such a reaction.”

“It happens.”

“I can see that.”

“We got everyone, but we need one more person to join our group. Though it seems everyone already joined a group by the looks of it.” Eve was searching for any stray stragglers that was not part of any group. “Nothing. I guess this will do for now.” She sighed heavily.

“But Alex said six. What if we don’t meet the requirements? Won’t we not be able to continue on?” Daulton asked with a bit worry in his voice. “I heard room 13 is known for its brutal combat system.”

“Really? I heard it’s just a lounge or something like that.”

“Either way, we need one more.”

“Let’s just ask Alex to join us.” Kiyro spoke. “So far on how I see it, he been just standing by himself in the middle. Like he said, he been summoned here, meaning he must be part of what’s going on. Even though he might know everything, he’s still part of the faculty.”

“Yea. Not a bad idea.” Eve gave him a thumbs up.

The group inched towards Alex in the hopes that what Kiyro said was true.

Kiyro was the one to go first and ask Alex. “Alex.” He stopped in front of him.

“Kiyro.  How may I help you?”

“We want you to join our team.”

“Are you sure about that? You know you might be scorned by the other students.” Alex motioned towards the students that were staring at his group with suspicion.

“Who cares about them. I remember you stated a while ago, you were also called here. You even stated you don’t know why. So with that you might need a team or something.”

“I might, what if I’m actually called in to help out with managing?”

“If you do, then you do.”

Alex thought it over for a moment.

“I see. Well then, I’ll join your merry little group.” Alex chuckled. “I look forward to what we will be doing.”

“I’m not sure I like the sound of that.” Daulton spoke. He flinched when he heard a loud booming sound behind him.

The door that was once closed slide opened and Angel stepped out the door. Behind him, Red followed closely behind giving anyone too close to him a cold stare. Everyone took a step back at the uncomfortable atmosphere that both Angel and Red was giving. They just didn’t know how Angel was giving such an oppressive feel. All they knew was that they could feel it deep in their bones.

“Well. Well. Well. It seems that everyone is present.” Angel cheerfully replied. “I’m glad that you all heeded  my call. I would’ve been disappointed if you didn’t come.”

“Why? What would you have done?” A young boy spoke up to Angel even though he shook with fear.

“I’ll leave that to your imagination. A punishment is necessary for the people that didn’t heed my call.” Angel snickered. When Angel spoke of punishment everyone froze up in fear. What did this strange oppressive man had in mind when he meant punishment? Nobody knew but they all felt a murderous vibe from Angel.

Angel’s eyes swept through the crowd briefly and momentarily stopped in front of Kiyro. Their eyes momentarily locked onto one another. Kiyro felt a sudden shocking chill that made him unconsciously step backwards. For a moment, Kiyro thought that Angel’s eyes pierced into his soul searching for an answer that he didn’t know. Quickly with heavy breath, Kiyro pulled their gazes apart making it almost difficult to breathe.

“Kiyro? Are you okay?” Eve asked out of concern. She gently placed her hands on his shoulder worrying that he was ill.

“Yes. I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

Kiyro nodded and tried his best to steady his heavy beating heart.

“If you are not fine. I’ll tell the Instructor.”

“No. It’s fine.” Kiyro raised up his hands to stop Eve from taking any further action. He got a feeling that if Eve told Angel or Red there would’ve been repercussions.

“Follow me.” Angel turned around and went back inside Room 13. Red followed after without saying anything.

All the other students followed behind Angel wondering what the room they would enter would show. When Kiyro entered, they were in a large circular empty white room.

“Is this it?” Voices of students stare stupidly around the room. They all thought there was some kind of big secret inside, but there was nothing.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Wow, what a shocker. I’m so disappointed. I thought they would be keeping some kind of top secret hidden away here.”

The twenty-three students were all disappointed at the large empty space. This so called taboo room was just a hoax.

“Now then.” Angel was in the center of the room. Every one else surrounded him wondering what he would do. Raising up his hands, he clapped once over his head. All of a sudden the lights turned off making the whole room pitch black.

“Kyyah!” A chilling scream could be heard in the group making everyone go into panic.

“What’s going on?”

“What happened?”

“Why is it dark?”

“Gah! Someone just touched me!”

“Nooooo! I don’t want to die.”

People cried out in fear as they stumbled around trying to find there way out.

“Quiet!” Angel’s voice rang out with a clear voice. The sudden loud shout froze everyone in seconds. Not a single person moved out of fear.

The silence felt like an eternity, and even Kiyro’s senses were heightened. He used his other senses to feel around him, trying to remember where he was from the door if he needed to bolt. The light movement of the wind from the body, the heat that he could feel from a living body, and the sound of heavy breathing. He could tell that every single one of his teammates didn’t flee, but stood steadfast at his side.

A snap of a finger caused the room to be filled up with stars that seem to glow around them like dust. The stars slowly started to rotate and shoot towards each person, entering into them and disappearing in a blink of an eye. The room became a bit brighter allowing the people to see around them.

Kiyro felt a rush of energy that shocked his whole sense, wondering what has happened. The thousands of other stars that didn’t enter into a host instead twirled around Angel forming into a blazing streaks of light. Angel raised up his hands, and the light converges over his head.

“What’s going on?” Eve whispered. “Am I seeing things or is this all holographic?”

“I don’t know, but those white lights gave me a funny feeling.” Kiyro replied.

“You won’t believe this.” Will spoke with an open mouth. His eyes became wide with shock.

“What? Do you see something that we don’t?” Daulton asked with curiosity.

“There is a high density of aura-like energy forming over his head and I never seen such thing before.”

“Isn’t it just a regular hologram?”

“No.” Will whispered. “I can’t explain it at all.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“Do you think I’m kidding?” Will voice was annoyed and snapped towards Daulton.

A creaking sound of machines could be heard from behind them. Everyone snapped towards the sound wondering what it was all about and noticed a strange bed that seem to be encased in glass. With a psh like sound of air escaping, every single one of the glass container opened. Inside the containers were the first generation Sense Gear Helmet plugged in.

“This is some weird Science fiction shit right here.” Daulton swore. “I’m not sure I’m liking this a single bit.”

“You can say that again.” Eve couldn’t help but agree with Daulton.

“Well now.” Angel’s voice brought everyone’s attention back again. “It seems everything is in order.”

The large black hole that was over his head was now as large as a door and took his previous place. He was standing in front of it blocking people’s view. Everyone was craning there neck just to see what was going on.

“We shall begin.” Angel smirked. “Who wants to go first?”

Nobody moved, instead everyone unconsciously moved back.

“No one? That’s disappointing. Well then, the six of you come here.” Angel pointed towards the closest group that was in front of them. None of them moved out of unease.

“I said come here.” Angel’s voice raised up an octave in a very commanding tone. “If you don’t, your life is forfeit.”

The six that was immobilized slowly went up to Angel with reluctance. Angel grabbed the nearest one by the collar. “You’re too slow.” He growled and chucked him through the black hole.

The boy that was tossed yelled in fright, but once his body passed through the dark hole and came out the other end, he went silent. His body tumbled forward and slumped to the ground. His lively peach colored skin was slowly turning a bit pale.

“Is he alright?” A young teenage girl asked in fear.

“Next!” Angel grabbed another person and shoved the frightened teenage girl through the black hole. She too screamed but was cut short when she passed through and her voice were shortly cut off.

“Move it now or I’ll throw you all in.”

The remaining four shakily walked towards the black hole and passed through it. Each and every one of them went through the same thing. All of them were laying on the floor not moving.

“Pick them up and placed them in bed.” Angel motioned the other students to go on ahead. The nearby student did exactly what Angel said. “Next group!”

Everyone once again went silent and stood still. No one wanted to go through the black hole fearing that they would end up lifeless like the six that went ahead.

“I’ll count to three if you all don’t start lining up here. I will personally make an example out of one of you that will make you beg for death.” Angel’s words were like ice that cut through every soul.

“B-but sir, who’s going to pick up our body if we fall down like the first six?” A young boy came up first towards Angel.

“Why, are you worried that your body will be damaged?”


“Don’t worry you will be taken care of. Now…” Angel pushed him through without him noticing and the boy stumbled forward and fell through. Just like the six before him, the body fell forward lifeless on the ground. What came next was a strange sight for the students. A strange silhouette of a human walked out from the dark and picked up the student that was on the ground.

Kiyro hair started to raise up and he could feel the temperature dropping becoming ice cold. His breathe let out a puff of hot air that he could see in front of him. Even his nerves were yelling at him that something was not right. It was as if the student was floating up in the air and being carried to the glass bed.

“Kyaaaa! Ghost!” A girl scream in hysteria.


“Holy hell?!”

“Now. Don’t mind them and just go through.” Angel calmly spoke, but the students were backing up in fear thinking that what they were seeing before them was some kind of hoax.

“I said move!” Angel’s voice boomed out loud catching everyone’s attention. Even the shadow silhouette of the human’s turned there head towards Angel. “When I said Move. Move!”

With a flick of his hands, Angel brought out a knife. The one who tried to run away, he threw the knife at the back of the student’s shoulder. The male student stumbled and fell. His screams pierced through every one, making every one tense up in fear. They all stopped and look towards the one that threw the knife.

“I don’t like repeating myself over and over again.” Angel casually walked over towards the male student that was on the ground and crying out in pain. “I have warned all of you. Now.” He bends over and pulled out his knife. Then he grabbed the boy by the hair and dragged him towards the black hole.

“When I say move, I mean through the damn gate. Not run around like pansies.” Angel threw the student through the gate. He passed through and his body slammed to the ground. The silhouette once again came out and picked up the body.

“Well then. Do we need another example?”

Everyone shook their head. In orderly fashion, they reluctantly made there way towards the black hole. The line quickly move through, and it finally came to Kiyro’s turn. When he stepped up and walked towards the black hole, he smelled a strange reek of sulfur permeating from it. He couldn’t even see the other side of the hole and it just seem to be a solid black wall.

“What are you doing boy? Any longer and I will personally push you through.”

Kiyro knew that Angel would do it. He steady his beating heart and took a step through. All of a sudden he felt a dousing of cold water that went throughout his whole body. His body tingled then suddenly vibrated. Even his ears, he heard a high pitch sound.

A sudden pull could be felt as he stepped through, and he heard a thump like sound behind him. He turned to see, but all he could see was a gray silhouette that seem to be on the ground. Next thing he noticed was that the students that came through were all standing around him.

Strange grayish looking human’s that seem malnourished, picked up the gray humanoid silhouette on the floor. They carried the silhouette towards one of the twenty-four bright lights around the black hole. When they dropped his body into the light, Kiyro felt a sudden electric like zap of energy course through his body. A bright clear umbilical cord appeared around his bellybutton, and he noticed it heading straight towards where the the malnourished humans had taken the grey body.

The best way to describe it was that he felt life. A euphoric feeling of all of his senses stimulating him all at once. He walked towards where the cord and the light was. Stepping in towards the light, he covered his eyes. He glanced down and noticed the light dissipating. The next thing he saw shocked him. It was him lying on the bed with the Sense Gear slowly hooking up to his head.

“What is going on here?” Kiyro slowly spoke. Nothing was making sense, and the worst part of it all is that he felt like he had been through this before. He just didn’t know what it was.

“Kahahahahah!” Red’s voice laughed out loud with a shocking tone of voice, that everyone froze and turned towards him. “You fools are hilarious. This is killing me. What are you guys zombies?” He leaned forward trying his best not to fall over.

Kiyro noticed that Red had a large grin on his face as if he was mocking the group. “I must say, you guys are such a riot. It’s like you saw something that you shouldn’t.”

“Excuse me.” A older man in his early thirties came forward. “What’s going on. You need to give us an explanation of this. Why are our body in this light? Where are we? What the hell are those creatures? I didn’t see them anywhere in the room.”

“Tch, this is why I hate being a teacher.” Red replied with disgust. His eyes swept across everyone and then locked on Eve.

Eve stepped backwards uncomfortably. She peeled her gaze away from him and turned towards Kiyro pleading for his help. Kiyro unconsciously stepped forward towards her and blocked Red’s view from Eve. Eve’s hand slipped towards his and squeezed his hands.

Red shrugged his shoulder and turned his back on Kiyro. Kiyro let out a small sigh.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen.” Angel was the last one to step through. He was smiling gently as if nothing was wrong. “Welcome to Gehenna or should I say Purgatory, the afterlife, or.…Hell.”

“W-w-what bullshit are you spouting.” The man who spoke to Red spoke out first. “You’re saying this is hell? Come on? Really?”

“Your right. I was kidding.…… or am I?” Angel mischievously grinned.

“Quit pulling our legs. What are we doing here?” The man pointed at Angel demanding for answers.

“There is always one of you guys that just doesn’t keep quiet and listen.” With a flick of his fingers, a black dagger appeared from his hands. He rushed up towards the man and slit the light umbilical cord. Then his hands moved up towards his neck. Blood spewed outwards from the man’s neck.

The man crumpled onto the ground, holding onto his bleeding neck. Everyone stood back in shock in what they had seen. The gray malnourished creatures shrieked in blood lust and rushed over towards the dying man. They tore through skin and bones devouring the man to pieces. Nobody moved, nor stirred. They could only stare in horror. Not a single piece of the man was left as the malnourished creatures backed off back into the dark.

Eve’s grip became even harder than before. Kiyro could even feel that she was shaking in fear.

“Now, anyone else would like to test my words?” Angel waited for a couple of seconds then he smiled. “For all of you who want to know this. He’s dead. Brain dead to be more exact. The best part of about it is that his spirit is forever gone too.” He coolly stated as if it was nothing.

“Are you saying that we are in another dimension?” A young girl with pigtails spoke up. “This is truly the after-life?”

“You can think of it like that. What we have done today is projected our spiritual self into a lower dimension on Earth. I assume that some of you probably have this skill from the Seed correct? Something called Astral Projection.”

Some of the people nodded.

“That’s great. For those that does not, you should now be able to do so. Now, this room is a bit special. Nobody can come in nor get out without permission. It is a great place to talk and even practice how to use one’s unique skills.” A flash of lightning appeared in Angel’s hands. A small electric ball formed in his hand creating a strong pulse of energy. “In here, your Seed skills are 3x stronger than in the physical world. I know that some of you have psychic ability to influence elements.”

“This is getting completely into the fantasy realm.” Daulton stated with excitement. “I mean, can we really become some kind of crazy powerful being?”

“I wouldn’t count to much on that.” Will spoke calmly. He was not too phased at the show of power that Angel was displaying. “Those grey creatures just devoured that man a second ago.”

Daulton face paled and stared back where the blood were spilled. He gulped in fear.

“This room will be your new training ground. Come practice here at least once a week and your game character will also grow in its ability. Your regular level won’t grow, but your skills will. The more powerful your skills are, the more powerful you’ll become.”

People were shocked when they heard about this information. They didn’t comprehend how this world affected the game world.

“I can see that you are confused.”

“Sir, if you would explain. What you are saying is highly illogical. How is it that this world effects the game world? I mean really? Isn’t that all just fantasy?”

Red once again burst out laughing from behind Angel. “You fools. Did you really think that this was all a game? Really? Till now, you believed that the game of Growth was just a virtual game that everyone could just waste their life in? You’re all fools.”

Angel raised up his hands to stop Red from talking. “What Red says is true. The game of Growth actually has a dual purpose.”

“That is?”

“To awaken.”


“Is it not clicking in your mind?” Red spoke annoyed.

“Calm down. The little chicklings still don’t understand.” Red backed off and crossed his arms. “Have you ever wondered why there is a power button in the middle of the forehead?”

“Isn’t it just a design?” Someone asked.

“No. It is where your third eye rest.”

“Third eye?”

“The inner eye or better referred to the invisible eye which provides perception beyond the ordinary sight. The emblem of Growth is positioned above your third eye. Every time you turn on your Alive Gear, the electric energy stimulates your brain activating this eye. Every single one of you have all have been unconsciously stimulating it every time you play.”

“But we didn’t know this. What good would this do? Plus, we never agreed to stimulate our third eye.”

“So?” Angel shrugged his shoulders. “Do you think that the mass would believe such a thing. Our media, our society, and the people around you had already ruled out such things as lies as overactive imagination. Plus, you have all stated ‘Yes’ when you have agreed to obtain the Seed. Human’s curiosity and desires have always won over our instincts. We all crave for power, to be a step ahead of one another.”

“This is bull.” A young woman stepped up denying what Angel had stated.

“Once again, denial is the first step towards acceptance. From all the abilities that you have gained from the Seed, do you think that you don’t believe?”

“Yes.” She firmly stated.

Angel smiled. “Then why are you here?”

“You threatened me.”

“Yes I did, but you are still here. You could’ve left you know.”

“But I would have died.”

“You’re right though, right now you can go. My first lesson today is accomplished.” Angel motioned his hands. Everyone look at him crazy. “Though I know you will be curious about what I would tell you next.”

The woman hesitated from going forward.

“I thought so. Your curiosity won you over.” Angel lips turned into a curl. “We as a humanity in whole are being called to evolve into a higher state in mind. The real purpose I don’t know, but this so far is the function of the Alive Gear that we noticed.”

“Why are you telling us this now?” Kiyro spoke. He felt that there was something that Angel was not telling.

Angel turned towards Kiyro’s voice. A sudden chill ran throughout his body when his gaze stopped on him.

“Because this was the right thing to do.”

“Right thing?” Kiyro didn’t believe it for a second. This man in front of him was a cold blooded killer. He wondered where the strange sense of moral even came from.

“Yes. You are all chosen to take part in the next phase of training to improve your skills for the better cause of humanity.”

The word better cause made think that there was a different meaning behind Angel’s words.

“Now then, every week on Sunday you will all meet up here to practice your Seeded skills. To get out, all you need to do is head over towards your body and touch your body in. It’s as simple as that. I’ll be heading out first.”

Angel turned and headed towards his body. He merged and disappeared leaving everyone behind.

“Is what he said true?” Eve tugged on his hands.

“I believe most of it, but I’m not to sure about the rest.” Kiyro answered. “From his demonstration.

The other students slowly started to leave one-by-one.

“We should go. Staying here too long gives me the creeps.” Daulton shuddered.

“I agree with you.” Eve shook her head furiously. Everyone followed suit and went towards their body.

Kiyro stopped in front of his. He glanced around to see that Eve, Alex, Tonia, Will, and Daulton all entered into their bodies leaving Kiyro behind. He turned back around and reached forward. It was like he was once again falling from the sky as he crashed into his body.

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