Howling Chapter 13


Ted’s wolf reference~

Chapter 13

“So what do you have to say Blood Earl.” Ted spoke in a gruff voice that made me nervous. It was low, but threatening filled with dominance and pride. Even Ken stood up sharper, looking at Adam with suspicion.

“Simple really. We’re going to the Witches Lagoon in the Bellburkley, Missouri.”

“Bellburkely is that even a name?” I muttered, thinking that the naming sense for the town was strange, but then again the world already have strange names plastered on street signs so it wouldn’t be such a big of a surprise.

“Yes, the few towns in Missouri for supernatural creatures.”

“Why stop there? What purpose do we need to meet up with a witch?”

“To get a love potion of course.” Adam look at me dead serious.

“What?!” All three of us shouted in unison. This was the first time where three different Alphas of different pack actually synchronize together. In which case it was a huge accomplishment for Alpha’s don’t always see eye-to-eye.

I stared back flabbergasted at what he just said. Did he just? No, way. I should’ve known. There just wasn’t any reason why he would ever be serious in the first place.

“What kind of crap are you spouting?!” Ken was furious at the lax atmosphere around Adam.

For a moment there, I thought Ted would choke up and go into a full out fits of rage, but not in a second later, he burst out laughing. His large bear like shoulder shook, the whole room trembled, and I couldn’t help but fear that the room would cave in any second now.

“Adam, you seriously don’t ever change do you.” Ted chuckled, he wiped tears off his eyes.” Ever since I met you when I was a child you had a knack for saying the most ridiculous things in the world. Now you want love potion? Which female finally caught your interest to even attempt to do something so ridiculous?”

Suddenly Adam stared directly at me, making me extremely uncomfortable. What was he trying to imply anyway with that look? The only thing I could think of was that he was having a blast leading every single one of us by the nose.

“I fancy a little angel that fell from the sky with pure white wings that saved my life.” His finger tapped against each other while a smile blossomed on his handsome face.

Yep, I know that smile. For six years that I have been around him, when he wanted something or planning something devious that creepy smile would blossom on his face. It was charming yes, no to be more exact downright sexy, but for me I knew what it really meant. It meant trouble with a capital TROUBLE.

I could already sniff it a mile away, and when he get like this is was time to run. Run as fast as my wolf paws would take me. His eyes pierced through me, telling me if I ran he would chase. Oh man, what the hell did I get myself into? I need to make sure that I watch what I drink for the next few days.

“She must be very difficult for you to handle for you to resort to such tricks.”

“You don’t know the half of it.” He chuckled.

“You’re not serious are you? You put your love potion first before the actual mission at hand?” Ken stated in complete disbelief


“You’re absolutely nuts!” Ken threw up his hand and slammed it down in front of Adam.

“I don’t believe so. Don’t you believe in true love or love at first sight Mr. Tendo?”

Ken went silent, he wasn’t sure how to reply. “Maybe.”

“Well, Mr. Tendo just like how your kind believe in Mates or Soul Mates, our kind believe in something similar. We call them our Belladonnas.”

“A Bella-what?”

“Our poisonous nightshades our Belladonnas. They are our other half, our poison that slowly kills us from the inside, melting our heart away with just a gaze. For without that poison we die a gruesome death.”

I felt myself becoming really uncomfortable. His gaze swept through my body, making me shudder. Goosebumps started to erupt every single part of my body, my hands started to feel sweaty, and I started to break out in nervousness.

“That’s sound horrible in itself Adam. Are you sure that’s what you call a mate? More like the black widow that eats her husband during their mating season.” Ted shook his head at such thought.

“Oh, but you see for us vampires that have immortality we don’t experience many emotions and love is one of them my dear friend.”

“Love? That’s a first coming out of your mouth, though it makes me wonder what kind of twisted love you have.” Ted was amused with Adam’s answer.

“Then you shouldn’t use such underhanded method to use it on that girl. It’s unethical!” Ken was disagreeing with Adam furious.

I was finally able to tear my gazes away from him and look around me as if the things in his room was the most interesting thing in the world, while patting Samantha’s head.

“Who said I was going to use it on her?” Adam cocked a smile, matching Ken’s intense gaze. “Don’t get me wrong Mr. Tendo, but I do like a challenge and wooing her in an old fashion way.”

“Then what’s the point of a Love Potion? You’re not making any sense here.” Ted was utterly confused. Even I who was at first trying to not meet Adam’s gaze was finally succumbed to that same question that wrung in my head.

“The Love Potion is just a cover up and that’s what you’re going to tell all your pack members, saying I am smitten by a girl so we are stopping there, but in actuality we are going to get some protection charms for our little package in my little angel’s arm.”

Both of the other Alpha’s head snapped towards me, staring at Samantha with curiosity.

“She’s not a package you know.” I grunted, not liking the way he called Samantha.

Adam spoke chirply. “Why don’t you be a sweet heart and bring her over here.” With a tap of his fingers, he patted on top of the desk.

Samantha gaze up at me with fear and I hugged her, telling everything was going to be alright. With careful steps, I stopped in front of the desk and gently placed her down. She wouldn’t let go and gave me the puppy dog eyes. I felt like a horrible person that just abandoned a puppy in the side of the rode.

With a whine, Samantha hand shook. I reached over and held on, and she relaxed a little bit more. “It’s going to be okay.” With a reassuring smile, Samantha gave a small nod.

“So Samantha or should I call you D’rega?” Adam’s intimidating aura made Samantha shiver.

“D’rega? I thought you said her name was Samantha?” I asked confused where he’s just suddenly bringing out weird names left and right.

“That’s her cover name. Her dragon’s name is D’rega.” Adam folded his arm in front of him like he was contemplating something evil. For a moment there I couldn’t help but think that Adam had something else up his sleeve. Samantha shrinked towards my hand, hoping to hide behind it, but failed.

“D’rega. You need to change for us.”

“Change?” Ted asked. “What Change? Is she a changeling? Is this why we been all gathered here? Do you know how serious this is? How can you harbor an abomination, Adam. You know just as well as I that changelings need to be killed on the spot.” His voice was very tensed.

Adam raised him hands to stop him.

“Changeling?” I thought dragons, werewolves, hybrids, and vampires were enough, but now changelings?

“An abominations that’s what they are.” He spat on the ground and growled.

“Can you explain a little bit more? I never met a changeling so I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“In your lifetime, it’s best that you don’t.”

“Calm down Ted. It’s not what you think, but to answer your question, a changeling is a child that is believed to have been secretly substituted by Fae for the parents’ real child in infancy, but that’s not the real reason why they are dangerous. Its when they grow up and become psychopathic mass murderers just for the pure bliss of killing. 50% of mass murders in the US are changelings and their thirst for death increase for every body count that they kill.”

“There a liability to our magical race. It’s best that we swiftly get rid of them before they create trouble.”

Then it hit me, he also did say that they were fairies in this world. I shouldn’t be so surprised, but damn. It’s a lot to take it.

“Wait, so you’re saying fairies are evil?”

“Absolutely not. It’s only the changelings.”

“Then why do they give out there kind to humans? What sense does that make?”

“I don’t know what goes through the mind of fae, they are fickle creatures for my taste, but from my understanding is that they hate humans with a passion. Putting in their own kind to kill off the humans is something that they enjoy doing, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all.”

This made me think it over. “So there are quite a bit of human haters huh?” I unconsciously spit out.

“You could say half the magical creatures do. From the amount of natural habitat that’s been being destroyed by them every second. Our place of existence becomes harder to hide from the prying eyes of humans.”

“Then why don’t we just come out?”

Adam sighed. “It’s not that easy. The number of mass panic we would create tot he world is innumerable and a wild magical creature hunt will ensue again. The last known magical war  happened at the beginning of Christ birth and ended on his death. That day was called the Magical War between Humans and Magical Creatures.”

My lips twitched. “Really?!” I blurted out in complete dismay. “What the heck? How? What? When? Where? I mean is this even real?”

Adam chuckled. “Yes, the Magical War was the most brilliant war that I have heard in history of Supernaturals. You could say he was an iconic figure in helping us dull the mind of the humans into forgetting all about us. Making us into legends and myths, and disappearing behind the clouded darkness to help us live.”

With an O shape, I stared in disbelief. This was a story that I had never heard about nor knew it ever existed. I knew that the magical creatures on Earth was here before the dawn of man, and the werewolves existed since the dawn the man as with vampires. Anything else older than that were faes, dragons, and other legendary creatures.

“And do you know what the best part is?” Adam gave a smug smile.

I shook my head slowly.

“He was one of us. A magical creature of legends.”

I should’ve know. To have such miraculous power, one needed to be in human. He was a living breathing god in this world. “He was?” I squeaked.


“That is?”

“I leave that to your imagination.” He winked.

I felt slighted. He just dangled the juicy information in front of me and snatched it away in seconds. How I hate it when he does that.

“Fine, then what does Samantha got to do with this?”

“She is our next catalyst for the next Magical War, and we are her knight in shining armor. Our job is to stop the Magical War from happening for another couple hundred years at best. Eventually the Magical War is going to happen, but now isn’t the time. We aren’t ready for a global war.”

I took in a sharp intake. Global war. That’s literally World War III in the human world. The last World War caused immense damage and destruction, but this war would be catastrophic to all races. “So that means what the Black Wolf Pack is doing is trying to instigate a magical War. Correct.”

“You got it my little angel.” Adam snapped his finger and grinned.

“Why though? Why damn us all?”

“Because they hate humans, but I on the other hand don’t. You see humans are our food, why would we kill our food?”

The way he said humans are food rubbed me the wrong way. There were times that I forget that Adam is a vampire, and he sees the world through a different perspective than mine.

“So is the Fae also behind all of this?”


“Anything else that you didn’t tell us?”

“None that I could think of.”

“That’s a bit worrisome.” Ted furrowed his eyebrows, while he brought up his hand to rub his beard. “But you didn’t tell us, why this little girl is important.”

“D’rega, please.”

The little girl nodded, she pulled of the small star shaped brooch that was on her chest. The illusion that was casted on her body shimmered and change. In the place where she sat was a beautiful pure gold dragon. Her scales glittered like the sun, her long tail wrapped around her body, while she sat up on her butt. Two pairs of feathery golden wings were attached to her back while another pair were attached to her head. Beautiful triangle shape head, pearly white teeth, long sleek neck, and a mystical color eyes that seem to change from green, blue, and gold.

“A-A-A dragon!” Ted hissed. He took a step back in surprise and fear.

“Not any kind of dragon: a Seraphim Dragon. How? Where did you find her?” Ken spoke in awe and disbelief.

“She was going to be sold off to the highest bidder at the Silver Valkyrie Club. The buyer was from the Black Wolf Clan.”

“Those damn wannabes. Why the hell would they take a Black Wolf as their symbol? There making the black wolf look bad enough as it is. Any more and it’s just going to tarnish the true Black Wolf’s reputation.”

I was sudden surprised at what he just said. I never thought he would stand up for Kimberly’s wolf Seline in a thousand years. This made me wonder what was the sudden change in heart for him to say such words. Either way, I wasn’t to impressed.

“Why do you have something against the Black Wolf?” Adam asked curiously.

“No. I don’t. I’m just saying they should’ve picked a different name.” Ken glanced towards me for a split moment.

“It’s there pack. Whatever they choose is up to them.” Adam leaned back not really caring.

“So if I understand you correctly, the Black Wolf Clan was trying to steal a sacred dragon correct?”

Adam was silent for a moment. “No, they weren’t just going to steal her. They were going to raise her and then kill her. Her blood is the finest quality of elixir for ailments, her feathers brings good luck to the wielders, her bones grounded up can be made into deadly poison, her eyes are precious collectibles, scales that can repel all magic and even an atomic bomb, her meat is the finest quality ever to exist, and her tendons are used to create mythical bows. So now tell me, why wouldn’t they not want to kill her? The profit are astronomically high to the point where you can buy off a whole country the size of Europe, and the best of all the magical power she has is almost godly. For her specific species can’t use her power in an infant stage, it takes about a hundred of years to be able to control her ability without any trouble.”

Every single one of us pulled in a sharp gasp. My head was swirling just the thought of the amount of money that she can be traded off as and the horrible things that would do to Samantha.

“What the hell, is she some kind of Jesus dragon. Shit that’s crazy.” Ted swore so loud that we were shaken out of our stupor.

“Then why haven’t you killed her?” Ken spoke. “You are a profit type of vampire. I have heard and seen your shady type of business. Half of U.S black market goes through your fingers.”

“I told you. I am not suicidal. I love humans and pissing off the dragon race is not my agenda, especially someone of her kind that can set us back to the primitive times. Even though I haven’t lived for more than a thousand years, I have heard what my ancestors were like living in the past. It wasn’t pretty when the food was scarce. My kind were almost died from extinction.” He growled. “So with that being said. I am rather happy with where society is right this moment and right now, we don’t need another Magical War.”

“Let’s say what you say is true, your kind has always flopped sides constantly, how are we sure you won’t do it again?”

“You just don’t know, Mr. Tendo. For when there is a better way to stop the Magical War from happening, I would take that chance.”

“The words that I hear that’s coming out from your mouth is that you only want to save your own hide.” Ken growled.

“It’s better than not having a reason at all or having the whole world destroyed. I am not a creature of the light, Mr. Tendo. And my kind does things differently than praying to the Moon Goddess in the hopes the world would change. This world is not made up of unicorns and rainbows where we frolick around the green pastures holding hands. This is war and our kind has always done well in the shadows to get the job done.”

Ken showed his teeth and snarled. “This is why I hate working with filthy blood suckers.”

“I don’t like working with mutt like you, either. But, life doesn’t always gives us everything that we want. Now with that being said, the power in the amulet that D’rega has is running out of juice. So, we’ll be stopping by the witch to add more power till we are able to hide her once again..”

Adam stood up. He walked around the table and started to head towards the door. Samantha put back the brooch back on as her human figure came back into place. “Well then our meeting is adjourned. I would like to take a slight sun bath for awhile. Tila would you care to join?”

Samantha hopped off the counter and started to follow Adam. I was surprised that Samantha actually wanted to follow Adam after the intense pressure that he gave her, but seeing how she had heard everything from Adam’s lips, it seem to me that she trust him a little bit more than before. There weren’t no fear anymore, but instead it was filled with gladness that someone was on her side, protecting even though it could be short.

Something about Samantha felt wiser than any normal child, maybe it was because she was a dragon and her intelligence were considered mature. From what she had learned herself, she had made it obvious that she was going to stick close to him. Samantha walked over and grabbed his pants.

Adam glanced down, wondering why she suddenly grabbed him. Instead she gave him a smile that could warm up any body’s heart just from looking at her, but Adam didn’t smile back. Though I could see that his expression softened, making him look more human than a vampire. He turned towards me, waiting for my answer.

“I guess so.” I walked over, picking up Samantha. “There nothing better to do but to enjoy the day and laze around. What do you think Samantha?”

Samantha nodded in agreement.

“That sunbathe is shall be.”

“That sounds fabulous, I’ll go get the sunblock. I’ll meet you out on the deck.”

Adam left first out the door. Ted was next, but before he left he stopped and turned towards me.

“Its nice meeting you. Miss Tila. I for sure going to have a heck of a story to tell when this is all over with.”

“I suppose so.” I replied.

“Either way, we’ll be team mates. I know Adam can be quite stubborn, but he does do this more than for himself. I assure you the time that I have spent with him, the more human he is than a vampire.”

I wasn’t so sure how to take in Ted’s words. For Adam to be more human sounded way to unrealistic, but I didn’t really know much about him. Honestly in the past six years, I never took the initiative to really talk with him and instead kept him at arm’s length.

“Well then. I’ll see you outside.” Ted walked out, leaving just Ken, Samantha, and me in the room.

I started to head towards the door, when Ken stopped me from exiting.

“We need to talk.” Ken spoke. “Please.”

I sighed and closed my eyes. Talking to him right now wasn’t something that I wanted to do, but letting him speak his mind just once was something I at least could allow him, especially because the way Seline seem to slam around the barrier yelling at me to talk to him.

“Fine. I’ll meet you at the back of the ship.”


“Don’t thank me. Thank my wolf.”

Ken let go, and I left without even looking back.

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