Howling Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Samantha and I was sitting in the hot tub, enjoying ourselves in bliss. The hot water relieved the aching muscles and the bubbles massaged my back. Samantha was wearing a cute one piece frilly pink swimsuit. I was wearing a black one piece that connected in the front, while the back was left exposed. I let my head rest on the edge, enjoying every moment of it.

All the scratches and cuts were gone from my body. This was one thing that I love about werewolves body was the very fast healing ability that comes with it. Scratches are easily disappear in under an hour, a cut possibly two, and a deep cut less than a day. Broken bones and anything else sever takes more than a couple days, but it still was a lot faster than a human healing speed. The only injury remaining was the bite mark that Ken gave me on my shoulder.

Jaz and Ray was also present, enjoying the hot tube along with me. Jaz was wearing a red bikini, while Ray wear black swimming trunks. Ray was playing with Samantha as they splashed each other giggling.

“Tila.” Jaz spoke.

“Yes?” My eyes were closed, enjoying the hot water to wash away my problems.

“What was that fight for? Did that prick of an Alpha rubbed you the wrong way?”

I sighed. “Yes.”

“Really?! Like how?” Jaz tensed, while Ray snapped his head towards me.

I wasn’t sure if I should tell them that he was Kimberly’s mate, though that would mean that I have to explain to them where I come into the picture as a whole. It was more easier to say that he was my mate than explaining the whole body possessing thing.

Plus there was no electric shock, butterflies, or even my heart palpating when I met him. The whole love at first sight was a complete bull. I didn’t believe it a single bit nor wanted to experience it.

“He’s my supposed mate.”

Silenced followed as shock settled in. They were completely dumbstruck at what they just heard, it wasn’t until Ray had a very big grin on his face that he spoke.

“This is great!” He yelled with enthusiasm.

“What are you talking about?” I lazily spoke. Not completely understanding where this topic was going. I thought the whole time, Ray was angry at the Alpha that I just fought.

“He’s your mate! That’s a wonderful thing!” Ray was excited on what he just learn. I on the other hand was not excited like him. Instead this was a huge headache that I wasn’t even prepared to meet so soon. I thought I had a couple more days before I have another to steel myself and control my emotions, but it seems life didn’t want me to go that way and threw me a hard curve ball.

“Be quiet!” Hissed Jaz. “Do you want the humans on board to hear you? Why don’t you tell the whole world what we are.” She chastised him.

“Sorry.” Ray blushed. “But this is good. Your other half is here. He can help you change.”

“I don’t want to change Ray. I’m fine as I am.”

“What are you talking about? Every year you have to lock yourself in the room to stop your heat from overpowering you. Having your mate with you will help relieve that problem in seconds.” He wiggled his eyebrows at me and smirked.

“I’ll be fine, plus he rejected me.” Well he rejected Kimberly, but it’s too much a pain to tell him.

“What?!” Ray voice went up an octave, he stood up heated in anger. “How the fuck can he do that to his mate!? That’s just completely ludicrous. He’s making a huge mistake!”

“Calm down.” I waved my hand uncaringly as it flopped back down into the water. “That was six years ago. Now it doesn’t matter.”

“S-s-six years? Is that why you were a rogue?” Ray asked in disbelief, he sunk into the water slowly.

“Yes. I rather not talk about it.”


“Seriously, I don’t want to talk about it.” I opened my eyes and stared at him with disapproval. Bringing back an old memory over something so trivial wasn’t something that I wanted to remember. There were too much emotions strung with that memory that it made me very uncomfortable. It was the last memory that Kimberly had and it wasn’t pleasant.

Suddenly Ray froze up in front of me, his lips turned into a snarl. I felt someone stepping up from behind me. My head tilted backwards to see who Ray was causing a fuss over.

My face fell, becoming stiff. Are you serious? Can’t the idiot not understand that I don’t like him? Ken was wearing a simple black shorts and T-shirt that hugged his body.

Ken stopped in front of me, gazing down with longing eyes. His body tensed when he saw me gaze up at him with simple disgust plastered all over face.

“What do you want?” My voice was dry and my throat felt tight. I really didn’t want to talk to him, especially after I was enjoying myself in this hot tube with my pack members and Samantha. He just had to come and ruin this blissful feeling that I was enjoying.

What was worse was that Seline was stirring even more than before. I had to squander her rampant cacophony of emotions and thoughts, pushing her away into the far back of my mind. This power struggle between us wasn’t much of a challenge, but it still irked me.

“I need to talk to you.”

“You can talk now. There really isn’t anything to hide.”

“Private would be better.”

Ken grinded his teeth in frustration. He wasn’t pleased that I would be so difficult just to have a conversation. He let out a stifled breathe and he calmed himself down.

“Kimberly please. I would like to talk with you in private.”

My lips twitched. “Kimberly? Who’s that?” Looking away from him, I sunk deeper into the water. The hot water teased against my neck, my chin barely touching the tip, while my hair covered half of my face. Jaz and Ray was sitting still unable to breathe because of the tense air they had felt between Ken and me, while Samantha was busily playing with water as if nothing was happening around her. I gave her credit for being so calm in this situation, honestly I might have to learn from her and instead ignore this idiot.


I growled. “My name is Tila. Not Kimberly nor Kim or any crappy pet names out there associated to Kimberly.”

Jaz and Ray froze. They peeked at each other, communicating through telepathy, they quickly stood up. Trickle of water streamed down their exquisite body, Ray picked up Samantha in his grasp, and they both slinked out. I felt a large frown plastered on my face when the two just up and left. They scurried there way towards the nearest chair, giving me space that I didn’t want.

Wait why are you guys leaving? I telepathically linked to the two.

Tila, this is the one time, I believe that you should talk with your mate.

I agree with Ray, Tila.

Even Jaz who don’t usually always agree with Ray was actually agreeing with him. Maybe its because she found her mate a couple years ago. I don’t know, but she seriously made me feel betrayed. These two idiot soul mate fanatics, I just can’t count on them when it comes to this topic. Instead I should’ve lied and said that he was my enemy!

Traitors! Next time you get into a heated disagreement between your love ones don’t come crying to me!

Jaz giggled. What are you talking about? You’re the one that comes to me for relationship advices or what you should wear when you go out for a date.

I do not. I exaggeratedly huffed. Sinking in deeper into the water, bubbles erupted out of my mouth.

Mhmm, sure. Tila. We love you~

Tila, we’ll be watching on the side. If that bastard does anything dangerous we’ll jump in for sure! Count on my words.

Ugh! These idiots. I know there doing this because they care about me, but still. Six long years of festering anger and hatred doesn’t just simply disappear with a snap of a finger. That full out brawl was just the tip of the iceberg that has been growing steadily over time. I just didn’t know how bad it was since that fight.

Ken slinked in the hot tub across from me. He stared with great vigor that I couldn’t help but slightly squirm from his intense gaze. My fingers were itching to poke his eyes out for staring too much.

“What do you want.” I spoke first.


Before he could finish the word, I gave him an intense stare that shut him up. He coughed and cleared his throat. “I mean Tila.”

I sat up straight, and felt a light chill from the wind that suddenly blew threw. The lake always has windy air even during the summer time, but it wasn’t a bad feeling. It actually helped in cooling myself down from possibly jumping at him and ripping him to shred. All that self control I had was being pushed to the limit whenever it was him, and it wasn’t a good thing. Rage, hatred, and anger was the only emotions that associated with him and already this influx of emotions made me tired.

Ken glanced over his shoulder towards my pack and his eyes rested on Samantha. “Is she your daughter?”

He thinks that’s my daughter? I had to stifle in my laugh. Oh my lord, this is to hilarious. Really? An evil thought surface on my mind. I stare him squarely in his eye, not blinking or hesitating in what I would say next. “Yes.” A big fat lie, but who cares. I wanted to see what his reaction was, plus I already felt like Samantha was slowly accumulating into the pack and becoming a family.

Ken held in his breathe, contemplating on what he just heard. For a moment I thought I saw anger, sadness, and then following after acceptance. His shoulder slumped forward, and he bite his lower lips.

“Why? Don’t you have one?” I sporadically threw that question out without realizing it.

Silenced followed after and he stopped to gaze at me. When I mean gaze at me it felt like I was trapped in it unable to get away from his intense stare. Searching through my eyes for the old me that he just couldn’t find. My breath became stuck in my throat, while Seline was wildly pushing out to get a closer look at him.

I had to tear my gaze away, and then I heard a small whimper from Seline. Damn him. Damn him for causing Seline to react and try to come back out.

“No. I don’t. I’m just surprised that you have one. Whose the father?”

Words stuck in my throat, realizing that I just dug myself into a deeper hole. Crap, I didn’t have a single answer. Maybe this wasn’t a bright idea in the first place.

“That would be me.” A deep husky voice slinked over and wrapped his arm around my shoulder, while he slipped into hot tube. Adam had the most mischievous smile that I ever seen on him. He was wearing a simple hawaiian swimming trunks, while showing off his amazing physique.

Yes! Thank you Adam! For that wonderful save. Wait….Asdkjlajse! Why the heck did you say that! My mind was screaming in the top of my mind like they were no tomorrow. Damn you Pedo Vampire! Now my life just turned upside down.

“Right my little angel?” Adam snuggled next to me and smirked. He leaned over and peppered me on my cheek with light kisses. “Don’t you remember that hot speechless-”

Okay, one to many information that never happened. My hand covered his mouth before he could spew out anymore nonsense. I could already feel the heated glare from Adam to Ken. Why does this vampire just like to stick himself into the most annoying predicament at the worst time ever! It’s like he just like to put himself into any form of trouble and dives into it headfirst without looking.

What was worse was this idiot vampire was licking my fingers. Licking it I tell you! What the heck?! I pulled my hand away and dunk it back into the water, hoping that his saliva would just wash away miraculously.

“Get your hands off of her.” Ken threateningly growled.

“Or what mutt?” Adam pulled me in closer. His fangs started to appear as he hissed back at Ken.

“Woah. Woah. Woah. Back off, both of you!” My hand slipped up, smacking both of them in the face, with a grunt I pushed them away before they start having a spitting contest. Any time soon, I would be covered in their spit if I’m not careful.

“Is it true. Is he the father?” Ken voice skyrocketed. His shoulder shaking in anger.

“Yes, I am.” Adam was enjoying himself completely with what was happening now. His hand snake around my waist, pulling me in.

“Oh for crying out loud. Enough Adam. No i’m not the mother and no he’s not the father.” I spoke. My lie was getting ridiculous and it was getting out of hand really fast. “But from today onwards she’s my daughter. So please both of you just leave me alone.” I was having a sweeping headache. I needed to sleep and let this day be over with. There just was so much I could handle in a day and today really pushed my tipping point.

“Well if she’s the daughter then I’m the father.” Adam snickered.

“I’m going to sleep. I have a bad headache right now. I’ll talk to either one of you later.” I pulled away from Adam, getting out of this fiasco that I had created myself. Maybe running away right now wasn’t a good idea, but right now my mind felt like mush with no answer to the solution that I got myself into.

Neither Adam or Ken stopped me and instead was having a stupid staring contest. I went over towards Samantha and squatted down towards her level.

“Samantha would you like to take a nap with me?” I knew that protecting her would be best if she was near me.

Samantha shook her head up and down. I smile. This little angel just blew away my headache with a snap of a finger. I was glad that she was here.

“Let’s go.” I held her hands, Jaz and Ray followed behind as we made our way towards our respective room. Jaz and Ray followed behind me, they looked at both Adam and Ken one last time unable to make out between the two.

“Good night. You guys.” I said in a tired voice. Opening the door to suite A1, I headed in.

“Good night. Tila!” Both of them replied. Each one of them took the opposite room from where I was in. They didn’t have anything else to say and instead knew that I wanted peace.

Both Samantha and I cleaned up after ourselves, we both put on a simple tank top and short, and snuggled into the large king size bed without much effort. Sleep overtook me, and I let all the problems wash away.


Something heavy and warm was entwined on top of my legs. A warm breath tickled my neck, causing me to squirm and flip over. My hand hit against a large body that seem to open up and engulf me in an embrace. With a bolt, my eyes shot open as I looked directly into the black eyes with a tinge of red that circled around the iris. A goofy grin plastered against Adam’s face, while he stared directly into mine.

“Pedo Vampire…” I unconsciously mumbled with a couple smacks of my lips. Adam was partially naked with his chest exposed underneath the covers.

His face quickly fell into a frown and he stared at me with a priceless expression. “I am not.” He huffed not liking the idea of my words.

I wiggled out of his embrace, but was quickly pulled back in. I grunted in annoyance at the strong arms that Adam seem to have, making getting out ten times more difficult than before. “Samantha?”

“She’s out playing with Jaz two hours ago.”

“Oh.” I stopped moving and saw that she was not here with me on the bed. “What do you want Adam for you to be here bothering me early in the morning?”

“You.” He nibbled on my shoulder. “It’s not early in the morning, It’s 11:30 A.M. You must’ve been so tired that you couldn’t hear me enter in the room.” He nibbled in between each phrase, giving me a weird ticklish tingle running up and down my spine.

Yep, I was way too tired mentally than physically for me to shut down so hard last night. This only happen a couple time in a year, but for me to sleep so deeply meant that whatever got to me last night was too much for me to handle. So my defense mechanism is for my body automatically shut down to recuperate in dealing with it.

Especially on a mission that needed my attention every waking minute, for me to crash wasn’t a good sign. I had to be more careful now with the amount of stress that I was accumulating, and my other time I had such high level stress didn’t compare to what I have now. This was torture and Adam nibbling at me late in the morning wasn’t doing any justice in helping me calm down.

Adam’s tongue slide across my neck with his fangs close to my skin, I flinched. His teeth punctured from that flinch, causing a small drop of blood to escape. For a moment Adam froze in shock, his iris turning quickly red. He bite his lower lips as he saw the scarlet jewel of blood slowly descending my neck and onto my shoulder. Gently lowering his head, his tongue picked up the lone blood into his mouth. He savored the taste with his eyes closed.

Not even a second later, all of a sudden I felt a shiver of dangerous power, radiating from his body. Out of reflex, I pulled away from him as fast as I could. Adam followed pursuit, using his superhuman strength to pin me down below him. If I actually was into him right now, this would have been a hot steaming moment, but at the moment I wasn’t. Instead I was grumpy from the invasion of privacy. This wasn’t the only time he tried to sneak into the same bed as me without getting him kicked off and out the room half naked, but this was his first time ever he initiated a power struggle with my half asleep keeping me pinned down.

“What are you doing, Adam.” I growled viciously. Being pinned down in the morning wasn’t something that I liked being done to me, especially my Alpha wolf side disliked the very thought of it.

Adam eyes were glowing bright red with an hungered and lustful look. His tongues slide against his red lips, making a smacking like sound. His teeth dangerously gleamed underneath the sunlight, showing me how sharp and dangerous it look. For once, I wished that the sun would just strike him there and then to make him turn into dust, but because he was an elder vampire, such thing to happen wasn’t even an option.

“You got five seconds to get off me, Adam or I’m going to punch that pretty little face of yours.” My heartbeat was pounding in my ear, muscles started to contract with power, and my body ready to fling into action to push him off.

Adam was breathing hard, his muscle tensed, his lips slowly descending downwards towards the puncture wound.




His lips touched my skin, his tongue danced around the small open wound. He clasped his mouth down onto my skin, suckling in the intent to draw out more blood into his mouth. A strange electrifying feeling hit the part of where Adam was suckling.

“2” I shakily let out a gasp followed by a moan. I was shocked that something like that escaped my lips, making me quiver. What the heck did he just do to me? I felt dread creep up into my guts.

Adam chuckled, enjoying every last second as I squirmed underneath his arm.

“1!” In rage, I pushed with all my strength, his body floated upwards temporarily giving me a chance to strike. I hit him once in the guts followed after by striking him in his throat in one fluid motion. He flailed, and fell on the side of the bed with a groan, coughing in frenzy. Luckily Adam had a sturdy body that the throat strike didn’t harm him to bad.

“Now, if you have listened, you wouldn’t have ended up on the ground.”

Adam coughed again, followed by a deep purring chuckle. “That was worth every second. Your blood taste exquisite. I was right about it tasting like fine age old wine. The best of its kind too.”

I frowned at the masochist and slowly shook my head. Getting up, I walked over towards the closet for any clothes that I could wear. Surprising enough, there were quite a bit of female clothes on one side of the closet. My only thought was that pedo vampire had quite a bit of ladies that came to visit him in his bed for him to stock up on female clothing.

I picked off a simple V cut black t-shirt, and a loose black pants. All I could see was black in his wardrobe anyways so it wasn’t surprising in the least that this was his favorite color. He was such a stereotypical vampire at times.

“Are we still on Lake Michigan?” I asked, pulling away the clothes off the hanger.

“Not anymore. We’re going down the Michigan Canal towards the Mississippi River.” Adam rubbed his neck where I struck. “My little angel, you have such nasty punches. Why can’t you be like any other girls and let me help you unwind.”

“No, thank you.” I quickly put on the shirt over my tank top.

“You’re such an delectable that I just can’t resist.”

“Please resist more.” I bluntly replied.

“But no matter, to hear your cute little moan was a delicious reward, and for me to taste your exquisite blood have fired me up to chase after you.”

I whipped around and gave him a strange look. “Are you a masochist?”

Adam wiggled his eyebrow and his smirk became devious. “Maybe, but only with you.”

Yep, Pedo Vampire has a couple of screw loose in the head. I wonder if this is like all vampires or it’s just him. I don’t know, but I don’t want to think about it. “Turn around please.”

“B-b-but.” He quivered, whining away like a child that had his candy stolen.

I gave him a glare. “Or you can leave. In which case, I prefer that you leave.”

“I’ll turn around.” He threw up his hand in defeat.

As a werewolf being naked was no problem at all. I quickly got used to it, being surrounded by my shapeshifting pack, but people like Adam…was slightly a different story. Right now I wanted to waste no effort and go outside as quickly as possible without wasting time, and having him turn around was the fastest way to get what I wanted.

Taking off my shorts, my lacey black panties were shown. All of a sudden I heard a whistle in the background and I snapped towards Adam. He was peeking over his shoulder checking every inch out.

“Adam!” I shouted. “Turn around!”

I whipped my leg into the pants quickly putting in the other.

“To late~”

“Oh my god, why moon goddess. Why am I stuck with such an idiot vampire.”

The pants were completely on, while I gave Adam an strained frown. Was this how my morning will start everyday? Seriously? Can’t I just be given two seconds of peace?

“Because you love me so.” A deep chuckle rumbled in his chest.

Why is this vampire so arrogant? For crying out loud, are all males like this? Please moon goddess, someone just save me now from his prying fangs.

“Well I’m hungry. I’ll see you later.” I walked over and opened the door. And lord behold, who else but the last person I wanted to see was standing in front of my door about to knock. A slight blush erupted onto Ken’s face as he gave me a lopsided smile.

“You gotta be kiddin’ me.”

Truly the Moon Goddess hates me.

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