Howling Chapter 10


 Chapter 10

We found ourselves in front of a cruise ship that was docked on the side with other ships bobbing up and down with the waves. A white luxurious ship, that was considered one of the best, was floating brightly like it was going to have a luxurious party for the wealthy anytime soon. In big bold black letters splashed against the side were the words White Whale neatly painted. I could tell it could already tell it could  hold up to fifty people without much trouble. Not only that I could see the built in luxurious rooms, amazing swimming pool and hot tubs on the deck with people in it. Soft light sparkled on the calm dark waters, engines roared to life, telling us that it was ready to depart.

This was our plan B, sailing away on a cruise ship. For one, my pack doesn’t own a private luxurious ship. Its way to luxurious for us nor can we afford to pay for the docking expenses. This ship could only be Adam’s own luxurious ship that he got ready for us if plan A had failed. I wasn’t impressed anymore on Adam’s gargantuan wealth. He was a vampire that had thousands of years worth of wealth around the world. Something like the cruise ship was chump change.

Not only that Adam was considered one of the top ten billionaires in the world, he was always premiered on the wealth magazine. The number one bachelor that every girl fawned over and dreamed of being his wife. Not only that, the number of ‘donors’ for his personal blood bank reached over a thousand. I heard dark rumors on what happens behind those closed doors, but other than that it wasn’t my problem. They were his meals and I wasn’t going to stop him from having his food. What kind of crazy person am I to do something like that? Especially when ALL of these people gave it willingly.

For example, I heard quite a bit of rumors from his donors that I passed by that he was amazing in bed. They would brag about how exquisite his body was or the way he would drink off of them, though I got the feeling that half of them was lying. I don’t understand why they would brag about how Adam touched them or bought them, but it wasn’t any of my problems so I didn’t care.

Anyways, we made our way towards the ship, handed our passes and walked through effortlessly without much trouble.I let out a deep breathe that I was unconsciously holding. I didn’t realize this whole time that I was so tense. Usually during missions, I would breeze through it without much trouble, but today felt like I went back to my first body guard mission.

I became a nervous wreck when I came back from the mission and it took the whole day in settling down my nerves It reminded me perfectly of that day. Just thinking about what happened after gave me a swirling headache. Yep. It wasn’t the time to remember that day and instead focus on now.

“You alright?” Ray look over towards me in concern. He patted my hand, reassuring me that everything is going to be okay.

“Yea.” I nodded, finally letting go.

We were on the deck. In front of us were one large pool and another smaller pool.I could tell that it was a hot tub, because of the steam that was coming out of it. Five gorgeous girls with blond hair and perfect figure sat in the pool, laughing away in their bikini. All around the Scattered among the deck were other popular celebrities, vampires, werewolves, and humans chatting away with one another.

It was a surreal sight to see three different type of species all in one place happily talking away as if nothing was wrong. One could say this was an ideal moment, but I knew that this was all a cover up for us to slip in.

The ship started to rumble, and pulled away from the dock. I swayed a couple of times, before I stood up straight. Ships and airplanes don’t always do well with me, I could already fill my stomach sway in turmoil. With every willpower I could muster, I calmed my nerves and my stomach and pushed forward.

“Tila!” Jaz ran over in excitement. She had on simple one piece dress that accentuated her curves. The scar on her cheek was still prominent, but this didn’t stop her from being beautiful. She had this feral and wild beauty around her that made the scar on her cheeks even exotic.

I didn’t have time to move, and instead stood frozen. Jaz crashed into me with open arms, and hugged me furiously. “I was worried about you.” She sniffed. A wafted of familiar scent of cherry and cinnamon tickled my nose. She always has this nice smell around her that I always liked. It felt homely and it fit her perfectly..

“I’m glad that you’re okay.” With a slow pat, I stroked her head.

“I was worried that you might’ve gotten hurt.” Tears fell down her face as she pouted.

“I’m strong as a bull. I’m not going down that easily.”

Jaz chuckled. “I’m glad that you’re confident.”

“Well. Well. Well. If it isn’t my little angel and our little package.” A low mesmerizing chuckle could be heard from beside me. He glanced toward Samantha who hide in the crooks of Ray’s neck and turned his gaze towards me, lavishly staring at me with no hint of pulling back.

I turned towards Adam. He was in his pristine, clean red and black suit that made him look drop dead gorgeous. Not all vampires are considered hot looking, honestly three-fourths of the vampire race are quite normal, because majority of them were all human before the change. The people who have turned all kept their same looks, but with extra strength and power. Other than that, there wasn’t anything really special that I could think of.

“Hey, Adam. I’m quite surprised that you actually came here. I thought you didn’t want to be seen with us.” I spoke, quite surprised that he would tag along as well.

“Hardly. This is the best cover up for you, you know.” He winked. “Plus I wouldn’t want to miss out on all the excitement. You don’t understand how dreary gets in the office.”

“Then why didn’t you get her yourself if you were that bored? There were plenty of action there you know.”

Adam wagged his finger in front of me. “I can’t do that, my little angel. You know more than I that If I show up in that club, my clan would go in war with the Grand Rock Coven. That is there territory.”

“Then I just declared war on Grand Rock Clan and Black Wolf Pack. You seriously fucked me over.” I folded my arm over my arms. Ray and Jaz glowered at Adam pissed off in what they just heard. Their lips curled into a snarl and deeply growled at him in anger. Samantha hugged Ray tighter as worried creased her face.

“Watch your language. We have an child with us now. Plus I didn’t.” He crossed his arm in front of him, shifting his stance to his dominant leg. “Black Wolf Pack and Grand Rock Coven hate each other so we’re fine. Grand Rock Coven will be more focused on getting at the Black Wolf Pack then finding for our little package here. They don’t even know what has transpired until the last minute.”

“Then why were they there? That just doesn’t make sense.”

“Simple really, one of their own member defected from the clan. Don’t worry too much about them. I have send the Grand Rock Coven a present.” He had a very mischievous look plastered on his face, making me feel very uncomfortable.

Sometimes Adam was a bit too much to handle and this was one of those time. All I could do was go with the flow and turn it against him later on so he owes me another debt. He’s a vampire, a cunning one at that. Though they were positive quirks about him, he was the type of vampire that actually strongly stuck to his promises, so far he hasn’t broken a single one with me and always came through. This was the main reason why I continue to deal with Adam and his flirtatious personality. He was loyal to his words and so far I had nothing against it and instead worked hand-in-hand with his ‘missions’ that he gives me.

“Well then if you say it’s alright, I’ll guess I’ll just go and take a shower.” I then turned towards Samantha and crouched down towards her. “What do you say? Want to take a bath and get out of that sticky clothes?”

Samantha peeked out from Ray’s side, glanced up at me and hid herself once again.

“She’s quite shy isn’t she.” Ray was a bit lost on what to do to help her open up. He slicked back his hair pleased that she took comfort in him. He was the type of guy that took well with kids, honestly he brought up three-fourths of the orphans himself. For someone who’s a year younger than me that was quite an accomplishment.

I on the other hand don’t do to well with kids. I guess I don’t quite have the temperament with them all the time. Ray was the one who peppered them with love like a mother, and one could say I was the father with my stern attitude.

“Come on kiddo. Let’s get you cleaned up and we could play in the pool.” I motioned her to come forward.

Samantha eyes brightened at the thought of playing in the pool. She then shook her head and walked over towards me with delight. I gently grabbed her hand with delight.

“Take Suite A2, it’s going to be straight down near the back. I saved one of the best for you.” Adam chuckled. The way he said it made me wonder if he had something planned, I wasn’t sure what, but I knew to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. A strange feeling washed over me, telling me that Adam might sneak into my bed if I’m not careful. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if he did. He had tried numerous times in the past, and every time he found himself thrown out of the room.

“Catch,” said Adam, he threw the key towards me.

My hand snatched the key in midair effortlessly. “Thanks.”

We both went down a couple of stairs, pushed open a door, and made our way towards Suite A2. My hands reached up to put the key into the lock, but stopped. I heard the light sound of shower being on.

I carefully pushed opened the door, and sniffed the air. Someone was in my room, and I didn’t like it all. For a moment, I pulled back to double checked the number just to be sure I was in the right room, and for sure it was Suite A2.

Scattered all over the floor were men clothes that I have never seen before. For a moment there, I thought Adam had called in a male stripper or something. He had a knack for doing the unexpected. As my eyes trailed across the floor, I then saw a couple of female clothes tousled around.

Groaning and moaning sounds could be heard in the shower, and I froze. That’s not a stripper sound….I think? Wait, what the hell?! For crying out loud, who barges into my room that I was given and have sex in it? Seriously? I shook my head in disgust.

It was time for me to leave, and I didn’t want to get caught up in something that I would regret. Samantha seem confused as she tilt her head to the side, wondering what was wrong. Tainting her young soul any longer would definitely make me feel really bad, so I decided to leave and ask Adam for another room. I quickly turned around, knocking hard into the desk. A sharp pain erupted on my thigh followed by a loud clatter of picture frames falling down flat onto the wooden desk.

All of a sudden, the moaning stopped. The door to the bathroom flew open. Just as I was about to leave, I heard a deep masculine shout. “Who are you?!”

I froze. I could feel the deadly gaze, piercing into my back, causing me to stiffen.

“Turn around slowly and let me see who you are.”

Samantha was just about to turn her head, when I scooped her up and covered her eyes. I didn’t want to taint her mind with a half naked man or worse a naked man ingrained into her brain.

“I said turn around.”  Something about his voice sounded very familiar.

I slowly turned around with a scowl on my face. Whoever he was, he was going to get the bitch me. I didn’t like the threatening tone he was giving me.

When I turned, my eyes rested upon a very delicious naked looking man. A perfect body that screamed ten out of ten, accentuated abs, thick and sinewy muscles, chiseled face, thick eyebrows, and curly golden hair. He had the perfect V shape lines trailing down his hip, and tortoise shell muscles that slightly bulged outwards, giving him a firm shoulder. Even his lips were more red from whoever he was kissing. Piercing blue eyes shot towards me in surprise as  I stood there.

“Darling. Why don’t you come back and join in with me.” A very high pitch voice spoke out towards him. Stepping out of the bathroom, wrapped in a white towel, was a brown haired bimbo. She stopped and stared straight at me frozen as if she got caught in some kind of illicit affair.

“Who are you?” She spoke in a snobby attitude.

“Me? I believe it will be more respectful if you give your name first. This is MY room that your romping around naked in.”

“You’re room?” She snorted. “What is a low class plebeian doing in this ship. Your kind should get out of here with your child. This is no daycare.”

I burst into laughter of the stupidity of this chick. I was going to just leave and ask for another room, but it all changed when she spat out her disrespectful tone of voice. The alpha in me wouldn’t easily let this go.

“What’s so funny.”

Finally heaving with heavy breathe, I was able to get myself back under control. “Put on some clothes. Nobody but the whore next to  you want to see it.” I snapped.

Seline was stirring in my conscious, pacing back and forth as if something was bothering her in which case it was making me more agitated. The man quickly grabbed the sheet cover to cover himself. I let out a deep breathe that said so much more than annoyance.

“You guys got two options. Get out of my room now or I’ll throw you out.” I gave my best womanly voice as possible, trying to contain my anger.

“Bitch this is our room. You leave!” The blonde vehemently spoke with a snappy attitude.

I was doing my best to be civil and so far she was slowly but surely pushing the crazy out of me. Gently placing Samantha on the floor. I cooed at her with a gentle voice. “Sweety. I want you to close your eyes and your ears. Stay right here and don’t move okay?”

Samantha slowly nodded with fear in her eyes.

“I promise, I won’t let anyone hurt you.” With a light kiss on her forehead, I shuffled her towards the corner of the room and sat her down on a chair.

“What the hell are you doing?! Take your disgusting child out of this room!” She stormed towards me in heavy steps.

I twirled and sprung towards her with a violent growl. My hand snake in and punched her squarely in the stomach with a follow up sweep of her leg. She fell forward, crashing down onto the floor with groaning pain. I then violently grabbed her by her hair and yanked her towards the front door. I could feel her struggling under my grasp, but I didn’t let go.

Oh no, I don’t let my prey escape. Especially sluts who are messing around in my room that was given to me by Adam.

She let out a piercing scream. Desperately trying to escape my grasp, but utterly failing. Her hands were flailing around all over the place, the towel on her body slipped off, and her face contorted horribly in pain. I then threw her on the ground, leaned over, and growled closely to her face.

“I dare you to punch me, because if you do, I’ll make sure you pay.” Power radiated out of my voice, the women whimpered and curled up into a ball. I let her go and turned around, leaving the pitiable excuse of a woman behind..

I stormed towards the room. There were one more garbage to get rid of and its was not going to just throw itself. Upon arriving at the door, I saw the man wearing just boxers with half his foot in his pants. He look up at me struck with disbelief at what I had just done.

“My words stands. Get out.” I folded my arms in front of me.

The handsome man cocked his head and took a serious look at me as if he was remembering something. His eyes brightened with recognition and he spoke. “Kimberly?”

I froze. I haven’t heard that name in a very long time.

“Kimberly Li? Is that you?”

“You are?” I slowly asked not liking where this was going.

“It’s me, Ken Tendo.”

I winced. They were only one Ken Tendo that I know of and it was Kimberly Li’s mate. The one who broke Kimberly’s heart and possibly killed her.

“I’m not Kimberly Li. My name is Tila.”

“No.” His voice became stronger sure of himself. He put on his pants and started to walk towards me. I growled threateningly at him, pissed off that he was here. The timing was just impeccable, why now? Were the gods trying to play with my life? I made sure to leave Kimberly’s past behind me and start a whole new life.

“You are Kimberly. I recognized my mate anywhere.”

Did he just say mate? My anger shot up like a rocket, pissed that he would dare call me his mate when he rejected Kimberly. “I told you. I am not Kimberly. She’s dead. I’m Tila.”

Ken slightly stumbled when he heard what I had just said. Not only that, it seems that a flash of pain shot across his face. It quickly disappeared, leaving behind a stern expression.

Seline wasn’t doing any better, she was starting to become very agitated. Flood of emotions slammed into me, making me jaded and in confusion. I quickly wrapped around her a stronger force field, blocking her sight, sound, and taste as best as possible. I didn’t want her to come out and meet him. She was already hurt enough and him being here was making it worse.

His steps become  more confident, shortening the distance between us. His overbearing Alpha’s power started to ooze out of him. The moment he sent out his Alpha’s power, trying to intimidate me. I was livid and instead I stood up straighter. I let out my own Alpha power clash with him head on. For a moment he faltered, he was surprised that I was also an Alpha.

“Take one more step Alpha Ken Tendo and there will be consequences.”

Ken froze, thinking over what I had just said. He furrowed his brow and his lips tighten into a line not liking that I ordered him to stop. Instead he didn’t take my warning and took that one step that I told him not too.

That did it for me. I sprung into action, shifting completely into pure white wolf form. My teeth snapped into his shoulder, grinding it against muscle. He cried out in pain and shifted. His teeth also snake over and bite into my shoulder out of reflex. I let go out of pain, my claws slashed out against him across his chest. Blood seeped out onto the floor.

We both pulled apart with blood in our mouth. A feral growl escape my lips, my eyes watching every move that he made. This was a fight for dominance between two Alphas. We each knew the consequences, carefully we watched each other for the next move.

A deep growl reverberated in my chest, telling Ken to back off. Ken blue eyes pierced through me angry at the sudden attack. He pounced forward with his claws outstretched, I slunk underneath and attacked him with everything I got.

It was a two way battle where I struggled on top, pinning him down. Following after Ken snapped at my arm, I faltered, giving Ken a chance to turn the situation around. We continued to tumble around the room in a heated fight. Chairs got broken, tables moved, sheets were torn, and blood were everywhere.

Ray, Jaz, and Adam rushed down towards the room. Each one of them on high alert, wondering what was going on. While others started to congregate towards the noise that we were creating.

Adam was the first to enter, and the first to stop Jaz and Ray from coming in entirely. “Quickly stop the others from coming in and get them off the ship.” He ordered Ray and Jaz.

Without a second thought, they understood why he didn’t want anyone to come in. There were a handful of humans on board, and Adam didn’t want to blantly open up our secrets. Jaz and Adam blocked the way, stopping the others from coming closer. Adam closed the door shut behind him and saw Samantha cowering in the corner with her ears and eyes completely shut.

Adam stormed forward. In an instant, he slammed Ken into the ground and grabbed me by the throat. Powerful energy erupted out from Adam’s body, causing both of us to stop with heavy breath.

My foot dangled in the air, I growled in anger towards Ken. Ken snarled back at me and he tried to squirm his way out of Adam’s hold. Adam didn’t let him escape and instead us his whole body weight to push him down.

“Enough!” Adam yelled. His eyes turning blood red. “Are you two out of your mind?!”

I barked and growled. I could feel Adam’s hand tightening around my neck.

“Both of you shift now!”

I didn’t want too, honestly I wanted to continue to fight until one of us won. All that pain that Kimberly felt, I wanted to slam it back at Ken’s face in three folds. Forgiveness was not something I easily gave, especially a bastard like him.

“Shift now! You’re scaring the child!”

Suddenly I froze, my eyes became less feral and instead his words dawn on me. I turned my head towards Samantha and knew exactly what he meant. Shame crept up my throat, and I shifted into my naked human body.

Adam let me down. My anger dissipating quickly. I walked over towards Samantha and gently touched her shoulders. She flinched and scooted backwards into the chair even further.

This wasn’t good, I should’ve controlled my anger and instead I snapped out the moment I saw Ken. All that rage that was building up in my stomach was finally released in that fight, I knew I gave him a couple of good jabs, bites, and scratches.

Gently scooping up Samantha, I brought her out of her shiver. She slowly opened up her eyes and stare at me scared and worried. Leaning forward, I placed my head onto hers and gently whispered. “It’s alright little one. I’m here. I’ll protect you.”

Samantha broke into a lopsided smile, making me break into one as well.

“Well now. It seems that both of you guys are calm.” Adam broke me out of my little moment with Samantha. I turned around and saw Adam checking me out, while Ken wrapped himself around the tattered blanket.

“Quit staring Adam or you’re eyeballs are going to fall out.” I huffed. “Give me something to wrap myself with please.”

“Yes, my little angel. As you command” He chuckled and bowed. The blood red eyes were gone and were back to his usual color.

Ken gave Adam a possessive growl, disliking the words that came out of Adam’s mouth. I rolled my eyes at Ken’s reaction and felt peeved he even reacted to Adam’s words. He had no right to feel possessive over me.

Adam walked over towards the closet and pulled out two large T-Shirts. He threw one for Adam and the other for me. I snatched the close in mid air, gently placed Samantha down, and pulled over the t-shirt that came up to my thighs.

“Adam, do you have another room, that doesn’t have a that foul smelling Alpha male scent anywhere near me?”

“Yes, I actually do.” Adam thought it over.

“Good. Where?”

“My room of course.”

Once again Ken broke out into a heated growl of anger at the thought of me sleeping in Adam’s room. I on the other hand didn’t give two cent about it. Right now, I wanted a shower, a nice dunk in the hot tube, and going straight to bed.

“You’re not going with him.” Ken spoke punctuating each word.

“Which room is it?”

“Suite A1. My master room.”

“Key please.” I motioned him to cough up the key that I know he had.

A sly smile erupted out of Adam’s lips as he dropped the key into my hand. He then grabbed my hands and pulled me close. His head dipped near my ears and he whispered. “I’ll come visit you tonight. Plus there are extra clothes in that room. I suggest you try the nice bikini that I have laying on the bottom right drawer. You’ll look delightfully in it.”

My eyebrow went up in surprise and my lips smirked upwards with mischief. “That would be nice. I wouldn’t mind trying out that swim suit.” I pulled in and gently kissed him on the cheeks. Adam shuddered in ecstasy from that light kiss, making him automatically reached up towards me. I stepped out of his reach before he could even attempt to capture me.  “Thanks.” I winked.

I glanced at Ken who was fuming in anger. I turned around and  left with Samantha in hand. Samantha glanced up at me, shaking her head as if I done something really wrong. The look that she gave me was priceless that I couldn’t help but laugh. Samantha jumped from my outburst of laughter and stared at me strangely.

“Kimberly!” Ken called out towards me, but he was stopped by Adam that blocked his path.

“I wouldn’t think about chasing after her at this moment.” Adam darkly stated.

“Look move, Adam. That is my mate that you are blocking from me.”

“Mate? Australian?”

“You know what I mean.”

“Well, I don’t think she ever saw you as one nor give you a single chance after that little fight. Now be a good dog and back off.”

“I said move.” Ken dangerously said in a very threatening tone of voice.

“Not until you calmed down.”

There voices became distance as I walked over towards Adam’s room. I really needed a day off and the night hasn’t even ended.

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