Howling Chapter 8


Chapter 8

“Alpha.” Jaz spoke through the earpiece. She was on top of the building, looking down through a scope of her sniper rifle.

“Go ahead Jaz. What do you see?”

We were all a couple blocks away from the biggest club in the city. The famous Silver Valkyrie known for its hard partying, beautiful ladies, and amazing music. Lights dashed across the board, flashing the Silver Valkyrie’s sign in bold white and blue. A couple of heavy set large bouncers wearing security shirt was present in front, checking each person that came through the door.

I was in a dark blue dress that hugged my curves. I tried my best to find shoes that weren’t to high when I walked. I usually despise high heels, but there were alway exception. Next to me was Ray in his black and white suit, driving towards our destination in a Black Ferrari that we had rented. Even though I love sports car, right now I didn’t want to drive and destroy my own White Acura NSX that I love to drive during missions.

“We got two in the front. Three on second floor. Not only that, it seems that the Black Wolf Pack are here. So far I see three in line waiting to get in.”

“You serious?” I hissed. I didn’t like where this was going. Even though the large number of human scent was present, it still meant that we had a very high chance of alerting the other pack.

“Are the others ready?” Ray asked.

“Copy Jaz. We’re in position and on standby for back up.” Jayden, Jaz’s twin brother spoke.


“By the way Tila, after we meet up with Dr. Everston where is the sanctuary?”

I was silent unable to answer his question. Where were we going after? Why didn’t I ask such an important question till now? Usually I don’t slip up, but today just felt strange. Almost as if I’m on auto pilot and letting my body just go with the flow towards a mindless direction. A pull I just couldn’t stop myself. “I forgot to ask.”

Everyone went silent. They were surprised that I would make such a simple mistake. Till seconds later everyone started to chime in.

“I’ll give him a call right now.” Ray spoke quickly, flipping through the phone and pulled it up on the dashboard screen till the phone connected.

“Why hello mutt. What brings you calling?”

“Tila needs to know where you would be sending us too when we get this girl out.”

The line went silent for a moment. “Yellowstone National Park. It’s a sanctuary for magical creatures.”

“Isn’t that in Wyoming?”

I stiffened and cursed in my head. Why the heck do we have to go back towards that blasted state where the Blood Moon Pack Territory lies? With a half cough and a squeak, I asked. “Isn’t there another sanctuary out there?”

“No. The best one in this state that’s closest to us is in Wyoming. Someone like her needs to be there or we got every known hunter going to try to steal her away.”

“Wait. What?! It’s that serious?” Ray suddenly slammed his break, causing us to lurch forward. He stare intensely at the dashboard in anger. “Are you kidding me? You want Tila to go get something that dangerous?”

“Dangerous is a matter of opinion. She’s not dangerous….yet.”

“What do you mean not dangerous yet this is our lives that we are talking about!”

I reached over to calm Ray down, I understood his anger, but I felt like I have failed my pack for not asking the right question. Seriously what is wrong with me today?

“Dr. Adam Julius Everston. You need to tell us what kind of magical creature we are going in for. If the whole nation is going to go after her, what makes you think that nobody won’t try to sneak into Yellowstone national Park?” I spat out with my Alpha tone unconsciously.

“Oh~ I like that tone of voice sweetheart. It makes me shudder.”

I rolled my eyes. I shouldn’t have used my Alpha tone at all. It made this sick bastard turned on. “Spit it out already.”

“Okay. Okay. Anything for you. We got a class S magical creature that needs to be extracted and she’s a dragon.”

“What?!” Both of us spoke out in alarm.

“Dragons? For real? The ones that spit out fire, ravages lands, and even store hordes of gold, that kind of dragons?” I blurted out in disbelief. S class Magical Creatures were known as mythical legends that could destroy a single city. Vampires and Werewolves are only considered A class, while they are others out there that can butt heads with us in the A range, but anything higher is considered devastatingly dangerous. Dragons aren’t something one would normally come across just by walking through the park.

“Right oh kiddies. The one and only. She needs to be sent towards the dragon sanctuary in Yellowstone National Park till she’s ready to face the world.”

“She’s a dragon for crying out loud. She doesn’t need us protecting her.”

“That’s where you are wrong. The young ones are very vulnerable. It takes over hundreds of years before they mature, and the only strongest hotspot of magical energy that they need is at the YellowStone National Park. Plus high level, ancient magic protects the state park, so not anyone can just walk in there.”

“Then what about the humans. Don’t they just walk in?”

“Yes, but there a difference story. It protects dragons specifically and the humans get deterred away if a dragon is nearby.”

I cursed at myself. This was seriously a very very bad case that I immensely regret picking up. “I quit.”

“You can’t back out now.”

“Why not?”

“Simple, I’ll hunt down every last one of your pack members if you back out now my little angel.”

Jay growled in anger. “How dare you threaten our Alpha!”

“Calm down mutt. It’s not like we’re not putting ourselves in danger as well. If Black Wolf Pack steals her were going to be in serious trouble.”

“How serious are we talking about?” I asked.

“World Class trouble.”

“Fuck.” I punched in front of me. Why now? Why now of all times. “How is it going to affect you?”

“Simple really, we can go with end the world scenario. It’s not just us we’re talking about it’s the whole magical creatures community.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to kill her?” I carefully asked.

“Oh no. Definitely not. That just going to make it a lot worse. Do you want all the dragons in the world to come out of hiding and hunt you down? Level cities, incite a Magical all out War and cause the Apocalypse to happen?”

I gulped. The thought of all the ancient dragons coming out of their slumber to kill every last one of us sound like a very horrible idea.

“It’s best that we leave dragons alone, especially keep them sleeping for centuries.” Adam darkly spoke. I could tell that he was not pleased at the predicament that we were in as well. “Well then, the back ups are ready to pull you out when you are ready. I’ll see you in a little while, my little angel.” With a click the phone hung up, leaving both of us stunned and silent.

“Send word out to the pack that I want them moving to Wyoming now towards National Park. Tell Jayden to leave anything heavy behind. We don’t have any leisure to pack everything right now. Also contact the other packs around the other states and also Bloo-” The words were stuck in my throat and difficult to spit out, making me frustrated. “Blood Moon pack as well. Tell them we are coming in with an hot potato and need clearance to cut through their land.”

“I got it Tila.” Ray nodded. He was already mentally sending out orders to the packs.

I pushed open the door, and got out. My head was heated was starting to throb with the swirls of thoughts that danced around in my mind. Taking in a deep breath, I let out as much of my worries away. It’s okay, that bastard won’t be here anytime soon. I thought to myself. This made me feel a lot better than before.

Tonight was definitely a beautiful summer night, making it a great time to be out and play, but all I could think about was getting in and out as quickly as possible. Quickly I walked towards the bouncer, flashed my V.I.P card that Adam’s gave me, and I was allowed in effortlessly. I knew the other werewolves had saw me go in. They gave me dark glares as I walked past them. I could tell that they were itching to fight. I on the other hand ignored them and continued forward.

I walked with confidence, grace, and power, everything an Alpha was without using the Alpha’s power. Every step I made, the humans shuffled away, giving me space. Honestly I didn’t mind, though this was the problem of being an Alpha. Everyone, I mean everyone paid attention to you. There isn’t any turn off switch that I could just do in a flip of a button, it came with being an Alpha wolf and I was quite proud of it. This title and power of an Alpha was given to me by my pack, and I wore it with great pride.

I was the distraction for today’s mission. Most of the time, I use my Alpha’s power to influence the amount of gazes towards me, while the others went in search for our target. There are always more than one way to accomplish a mission, and sometimes being the distraction is the best way to get things done.

Yes, I could hide my presence and infiltrate any tight security, it’s not easy but possible. Still that wasn’t what I have come here to do, especially in a crowded high profile area, where distraction is more needed to create that temporarily small opening for the others to slip in and blend with the crowds..

Walking over towards the bar, I pushed the stool back and took a seat. Flashing the sweetest smile, I spoke with the bartender. “One shot of Jack Daniel please.”

The bartender nodded. He wasn’t awfully looking, he was actually pretty cute. With his firm jaws, curly hair, and great firm butt. I know, I shouldn’t be staring, but hell i’m a girl for crying out loud and an Alpha to boot. Sexual desires does increase a lot more stronger in an Alpha than the other wolf. It’s the whole reproduction thing to continue the survival of an werewolves line. In which case I found this out from Ray, being in heat was not something I ever want to go through. Ever. This was one thing I wished werewolves didn’t have and that was going into heat.

Especially when the cycle hits me every year. I had to lock myself up for a week, before I am able to come out. Its reminds me of a very bad case of bloody PMS each month, but ten times worse. I swear, I almost rape someone, a hot human to boot.

Ray found me pushed up against a half naked man with his pants coming undone. Luckily Ray knew me very well and saved me just in time before I did something I would really regret. Especially during heat there is a unusual high chance that I would get pregnant and that’s about 90%. A freakin 90%, what the heck is wrong with the werewolf community and its strong perseverance to survive? Thank god for Ray, without him I always wonder where I would be today.

I am an old school girl, where I save my V card for the right person that steals my heart away. So far no one has succeeded. I don’t care if I die a virgin, my body is sacred to me, so I don’t just go around flinging it this way and that. Plus I got a whole pack to worry about first than worry about my heat problem.

A shot glass slide forward towards me. I reached up and took a shot in one gulp. I felt a burning fire, running down my throat as it reached towards my stomach. Shuddering, I let out a satisfied sigh. One was enough for me, any more would hinder my thoughts. Right now I needed my mind to stay sharp.

“Hello, beautiful.” An pretty hot arab man walked over towards me and winked. He was wearing an upscale suit that screamed he had money. His accents was definitely had a hint of his country. Carmel colored skin, deep brown eye colors, and a strong jawline. Honestly he didn’t compare to Adam, but he was pretty high up there in human standards. “I’m Jess and you?”

“Hello, I’m Bella.” I lied through my teeth and gave a smile, leaning over towards him.

“What are you doing here by yourself this late at night?”

“Checking out the studs.” I wanted to vomit rainbows and roll my eyes at what I just said. It’s really not like me to spout such words. Honestly it makes me want to hide in the corner and blush red. It took quite a bit of practice to get to this point without going all red. I think it was all because of Adam that I can spew out such words effortlessly without even batting an eye.

His gazed drifted down my face and down towards my cleavage. I could tell he was undressing me with his eyes and I wanted to punch him badly. It took a lot of effort not too.

“So would you like to go dance with me?”

His eyes snapped up towards me as he gave me a savage grin. “Sure I would love too.” He helped me off the chair and we squeezed our way through the crowds.

It didn’t take long for us to dance, bounce to the music and swing together conjoined at the hips. His head snake towards my neck, inhaling my scent. I on the other hand was watching what was happening throughout the whole dance floor. Sometimes I would swing him around in a circle, so I could get a better angle, other times my arms would just wrap around his neck to pull him in closer.

The three werewolves that came in watched me for a couple of moments and splitted up into different directions. One went to the back of the club, the other sat in front of the bar, while the other seem to pace back and forth as if he was searching for something.

I needed them distracted so my guys could waltz in without to much trouble. My mind started rolling, and a idea sparked off in my mind. Maybe having a little bit of fun might not be a bad idea. I coyly smiled and detached myself away from Jess who I was dancing with. “I’m a bit thirsty, could we go for a drink?”

“Sure, babe. What would you like?”

I stiffened. Why do guys even  say babe, love, or baby? It makes my skin crawl and it sounded fake to my ears. Still I didn’t say anything and stifled in my protest.

“Four Score.”

Jess took my hand, and pulled me through the densely packed bodies, eventually making ourselves next to one of the three Black Wolf pack member. The one next to me was pretty well dressed, his hair combed backwards, sharp nose, and a scared face. He look at me strangely for walking over towards him. I sat right next to him, ignoring him completely as if he wasn’t there.

This riled him up and he growled. The human that I was with shot his head towards him and deeply frowned.

“What’s your problem man? Can’t you see that’s rude to a lady?” Jess stated with annoyance.

My lips were thin like a line ready to burst into a smirk.

“What are you doing here?” The werewolf spoke with a threatening growl. He turned towards me in a threatening growl. “This is Black Wolf’s territory.”

I snapped my head towards him. “I’m sorry. Who are you?” I feigned ignorance.

“I ask again she-wolf. What are you doing here on our territory?”He got up threateningly, puffing out his chest, trying to make himself bigger. “If you don’t leave now, I’llkill you.”

“Hey man, back off.” Jess pushed the werewolf back away from me. He was facing face-to-face with the werewolf in front of him.

“Fucken human move out of my face.” He snarled.

“Why don’t you step down and leave. You’re being rude to the lady who did nothing to you!”

People turned their heads towards the two, wondering what was happening. It didn’t take a second before the scared man swung his fist at Jess face. He knocked him backwards in one fell swoop. He jumped onto Jess with a hell bent fury. Security guards came running in towards the angered werewolf, peeling him off with great difficulties. A couple of them were suddenly thrown back, while the other line up his taser and shot him on his chest.

A loud static sound zapped out angrily, stunning the werewolf temporarily. The other two werewolves snapped their heads towards the scene, and ran to help their friend.

I on the other hand took the drink in hand, drank it in one gulp, got up, and left. I know what I did was start a fight, especially to when werewolves are quite territorial about their own personal space against others. With that being said, I quickly squeezed past the people and went towards the back of the club.

“You guys, what’s your status?” I pulled out my earphone that was tucked away in my clothes. I stuck it into my ears.

“I’m still waiting on you.” Jaz spoke. “We got to hurry, I think I saw a couple more cars filled with the Black Wolf Pack heading your way.”

“You serious?” I furrowed my eyebrows, pushing through the door, I power walked through the hallway, looking for any trouble that could spring up on me. “What about you Ray? Where are you at?”

“I’m in the back, searching through the other rooms. You won’t believe how many rooms this whole building has. I found a couple of secret passage just this past couple of minutes.”

“Any luck?”

I took a sharp right and found myself in front of a charcoal colored door. Reaching over, I pulled back the door and went upstairs in a rush.

“None. I got two more rooms to go through. Wait…”


“I got two guards blocking the way. I think we found our package.”

“I’ll be right there. Jaz do you think you got a chance to shoot at your angle?”

“Where are you guys located?”

“It’s on the right side, five windows down. You’ll see a small action figure of hulk on the window still. That’s the room I’m at, but from my guess it’ll be probably two rooms down. Can you see it?” Ray spoke in a jolly tone. It made me wonder, how he could be so happy during missions. I on the other hand am always on edge, worried that we might get shot or worse killed.

“Hulk on the window side? What? Never mind. Negative. You have to go in without support.”

“Damn, I was hoping you could one shot kill them.” I could hear the pout through the communications. “I’m going in.”

“What?! No! Wait for me!”

“To late. I just threw a flashbang grenade.” He snickered.

I heard a loud banging sound that caused my sensitive hearing to ring. I bolted towards the direction where the sound was coming from.

“Damn it Ray! I told you to wait!”

I skid across the floor, rushing towards Ray hoping that he didn’t get hurt. The moment I stumbled to the left, and cut closely to the corner, I saw Ray standing over the two body guards completely knocked out.

He turned around and gave me a very hearty smile. “See. Everything’s A-okay.”

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