Howling Chapter 7


Chapter 7

(Six years later)

Since the day of the attack, there has been a couple more attempts on Adam’s life. Though most of the time, they weren’t much big of a deal that I had to worry about.

So far instead, time moved on without much to many chaotic fights or super natural wars. Instead during those six years, I had one of those nagging feeling in my bones that just wouldn’t go away. Instead telling me that something big was coming our way. My pack, the White Raven, had established ourselves quite well in Chicago, Illinois. So far the little rowdy bunch of kids had grown up quickly and took their rightful place in the pack they moment of their first shift. Throughout those six years, I had trained my family, invested in many different businesses, and scouted out for more potential members. So far my pack has grown to over one hundred, all living in a five story apartment building not to far away from Adam’s gargantuan ego building.

That’s what I like to call it, his giant fat ego building, because on how much Adam likes to flaunt his power and wealth. He’s not that bad of a vampire, but he still gets on my nerves. I mean…Alot.

I take great pride in my family and I make sure to train them with the best teachers of the human realm that I could find. Calling in different martial art masters from around the world to teach them self defense. From learning on how to handle modern weapons and even how to build a self sustaining farm. It took millions of dollars, but that didn’t mean anything much to me, the future was the pack and investing on them was worth every dollar. I wasn’t the only one who worked to pay the expensive knowledge.

Even though I live in the building that Adam had provided, I still got had to pay rent. The rent price here in Chicago is no joke, I could literally use all the money that I have spent to build a new pack mansion in acres like Montana, Wyoming, Washington, or even Idaho. It’s that expensive.

My pack is known throughout Chicago and U.S, we are the best bounty hunters and bodyguards of our kind. It’s just what we were good at, especially my pack. Nobody, I mean nobody slips through our fingers easily without a couple of broken bones if there not cooperative. Sometimes a dead body whenever our target shoots back.

Majority of our money come from our bodyguard jobs for the mafia and high class humans in this city. I know we shouldn’t show ourselves to the people, but they are our best client. We make sure not to shift in front of them, but sometimes things happen. A quick counter measures does take place in getting rid of the so called ‘proof of existence’ in the best possible way. Sometimes death follows, but it all comes with our job. Word got around on our reputation and we were hired in a snap of a finger.

It took years to build up our reputation, a lot of haggling, squabbling, fighting, and hashing out contracts to get to where we are. Just thinking about it now makes my head hurt to the point where I get migraines.

I had turned twenty-two, and grown considerably. No more was I a stick figure female that look so malnourished with just skin and bones. Instead what took place were slender muscles arm, six packs, and a well toned body. I even still have the same short hair.

Sitting on the comfortable chair, I placed down my pen onto the table and sighed. There were just too much work in being an Alpha that I sometimes shove half the workload towards Ray. I  feel guilty about it, but he does it a whole lot better than me on paperworks, so I don’t feel that bad. In the past couple years, Jaz got the position of a Gamma at the same time Jayden as my Delta. So far those four had done a fabulous job in keeping the pack in line.

Even though White Raven pack isn’t considered the largest pack in America, it is considered one of the top ten powerful pack up there with the rest. We hit the tenth this year, while Blood Moon pack would be considered the third. All the top three packs have around a couple thousand or more. If I remember correctly the Black Wolf Pack is considered number one with their pack hitting almost a ten thousand.

I know, Seline is the actual Black Wolf, but for the others to call themselves the Black Wolf pack is kind’ve funny. Every time I hear there name, I giggle. It’s just to ironic if you get my drift.

I don’t know how they are able to keep so many in line, but they just somehow are abe too. From my understanding they own their own little town establish away from majority of the human population. My pack and I, we are the only few packs out there that live inside the city and can deal with the busy city life. Ours is the biggest one out there. Normally in the city, the packs don’t exceed over twenty for the fear of being found out, but I on the other hand knew that wasn’t going to be possible if I wanted to keep my pack safe.

New Rogues, mostly children and young adults, seem to stream into my packs. The number of Rogue children are quite high up there that I haven’t expected. Almost two-third of them are orphans while the rest are newly dropped out Rogues from other neighboring packs. I have swallowed up three-fourth of the Rogue population in Chicago, excluding the adults. There a bit more tricky to deal with and I’m a bit more wary around.

I was sitting in one of our cover up office building, spinning around trying in the chair. The chair creaked and groaned, I was so bored. This usually happens once or twice in a couple of hours. A loud knock could be heard in front of my door, I stopped and made myself presentable.

“Come in.”

The first to enter was Ray. He had gained so much body mass that right now he looks like a professional bodybuilder, but still have that same baby face. Every step he took, it drooled with sexiness and pride. He had a hint of a roguish appearance to him, giving him the bad boy vibe. Sometimes I have to roll my eyes when he walk like that, I believe he prance around like a peacock just to show off his muscles in front other girls.

Not even two steps behind him was a willowy pale looking man, named Dr.Adam Julius Everston. He was wearing a black stylish coat and a top hat. Deliciously red lips that seem to pucker out calling for a kiss, sharp dangerous eyes, and a drop dead gorgeous face. He walked in through the door as if he owned the place. He’s a vampire, like almost all Elder Vampires, they just have that power about them. Everything about him oozed with sex appeal. He always wear a heavy scented cologne that just make you want to sneeze.

The city was a home to the vampire clan, and in Chicago the Velvet Rose has its number one coven that ruled this city. They are considered the most ruthless, blood sucking fiend in the history of vampires and this man behind Ray is the ruler of that specific clan.

“Dr. Everston has come to visit.” Ray spoke.

Adam gave a curt nod and he frowned as he looked around the room.

Yes, I know it isn’t considered the most decorative room that states an high class office, but more of a mess from the amount of papers stacked to the side. Only my desk, computer, chair, and a simple blue curtain was present. Everything else was unnecessary.

“Hello, Dr. Everston.” I spoke, catching his attention back on me. “What may I help you with?”

“Tila, my little angel.” Adam gave me a stunning smile. “You know I would like it if you stop calling me that and go back to calling me Adam like you use too. Why haven’t you come and visited me these past couple of months?”

I frowned and shook my head. “You know me. I have pack business.”

“Still a simple hello or maybe a kiss on the cheek would suffice you know.”

Ray growled towards Adam not liking the idea of what Adam had just staed. Adam ignored his growl as if it wasn’t a threat and gave him a cold stare.

“Be Careful mutt or you’ll be licking the ground.” Adam disappointing spoke towards Ray.

I sighed. This always happen between the two. I know that Ray doesn’t like Adam and vice versa, but still this wasn’t the time to be fighting.

“Back down Ray. We got business to get towards too.”

“But he was being disrespectful to you-”

I cut him off with my hands. He was always like this with me, being very casual as if we were long time friends. I honestly didn’t mind, but in front of my pack members I had to remind him a couple of times. “I would appreciate it Dr. Everston to watch what you say. Even though you are considered an Elder and our client doesn’t mean I won’t punch you hard in that handsome face.”

Adam snorted out laughing. A beautiful smile erupted onto his lips and walked towards my desk. His hand slams downwards, shaking the desk and causing the pen to roll off. I sighed. That was the only pen that I have and now I had to reach down and get it.

“Come on my little angel. Call me Adam. You know me. I don’t like it when you call me Dr. Everston.”

“I’ll call you Adam, when you stop flirting and get back down to business.”

Adam stopped in front of my desk. He bent over and leaned forward towards my ears. In a deep breath, he inhaled my scent. His mouth slowly opened, showing his deadly white fangs getting closer to my neck. “You always have the best smell of blood coursing through your veins. Out of all the mutts running around, only yours ever made me feel thirsty. I always wonder what you would taste like.” He smacked his lips a couple of times.

This was getting old. He always say the same thing that all I do is ignore him completely and shrug him off. When I didn’t respond and just sit there non threateningly, he pulled back and frowned. I know him, he always want a reaction out of me to drive his instincts into excitement, but i’m not letting him fulfill his twisted desires.

“You’re no fun, Tila. Why can’t you have some kind of reaction like all the other girls.”

“Because I’m not like other girls.”

“I know. That’s why you very interesting. Out of thousands of mutts that I have met, only yours have this irresistible sweet scent. Luckily for you, I have found you first so the others can’t touch you. You have my necklace with you at all times?”

“Yes, this was the one useful thing that you ever gave me. It kept me out of trouble numerous times. I’m not that stupid to take it off.” Pulling back my collar, I show him the gold chain necklace that he gave with the blue sapphire teardrop. “For that I’ll always thank you and I’ll repay my debt back one day.”

“Then give me your blood.” Adam flatly spoke out with a smirk on his face.

“I’ll think about it, but there are other ways you know. My pack has been working with you to clean up this hell hole for the past six years you know. KIlling rogue Vampires has become our speciality.” I accentuated the word killing and vampires, causing Adam to frown deeply. His dark eyes stared straight into mine, making me slightly shudder.

Dealing with older generation vampire are not simple, especially the ones on the top that had lived for generation. They know our kind are a deadly adversary to their own, but that didn’t stop me from befriending one. There are a couple of buttons I could push, but there always was a limit. This was one of those times.

“What are you afraid?” I chuckled.

Adam found amusement with my words. “You will one day fork over your blood to me freely.”

I laughed. “If you say so.”

“Now, then with our little flirting over, I have something serious to tell you.”

My mouth snapped shut in an instant, I folded my hand in front of me and listened. When Adam gets that serious, something bad always followed after.

“We got one of your kind stirring up trouble.”

“Which pack and who?” I couldn’t help but have a headache coming over. These kind of trouble always bring war to both sides of our kind.

“Black Wolf Pack. There mutt spies has been snooping around in this city. So far they have claimed the southern borders as their territory.”

I had a hard time believing that the Black Wolf Pack would come all the way to Chicago just to claim a territory. They didn’t live in the city nor even make an attempt to live where there were to much noise and sound, but near Arizona and Texas borders. I almost literally spilled out of my chair and onto the floor. Luckily for me, my reflexes allowed me to stop myself  “That’s not possible. Why here?”

“That is a good question my little angel. Are you hiding something from me?”

I look at him funny. There really isn’t anything i’m hiding except the fact of being a white and black wolf. Other than that, my wolf form doesn’t come out very often even in a fight. It’s all in my human form throughout this six years. Trying to burn the excessive energy out of the wolves was always a challenge in itself. So far no one has often seen the white wolf except hearing rumors.

“What if I am?”

“If you are than even better. I know what you are my little angel and I have a task for you and your pack.”

“Are you trying to threaten me?” I growled, letting my wolf slip out. Power poured out from my body, and Ray who was listening in on the whole time took a step back.

“This is one of the reason why you Alpha’s are so uptight. Getting all jumpy over everything. Instead, think of this as a favor returned.”

I let myself cool down a little bit. “What do you want done?”

“I want you to sneak in and grab a package for me.” Adam slid a folder towards me.

I reached over and picked it up. Opening it up, I found a picture of a little girl with curly flaming red hair, round and cute face that didn’t have an ounce of tainted darkness in her eyes.

“Samantha Montgomery? Who is she, your daughter?” I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have one somewhere.

“No. I don’t have any children.” He shook his head.

“Then are you going pedofile and drinking little girls now?” I jokingly stated.

“Absolutely not. That is something I stay far away from. A child’s blood is dangerous thing to get addicted too. One slip up, we can possibly change them into a child vampire and we’ll have the massacre in the 1630s all over again.”

“Then why would I need her?” I was getting tired of his round about answers.

“Because she’s very special, my little angel. Before the Black Wolf Pack can get their hands on her we need to move ourselves.”

“Then why don’t you go grab her yourself if she’s that special.” I grumbled. He was giving me a babysitting job that I was starting to not like now.

“We can’t touch her.”

“Come again?”

Adam let out a deep breath and straightened himself. He isn’t the type to repeat himself and repeating the same thing again made him peeved.

“If we move in to grab her there’s going to be serious repercussions with the other elders. Right now the best thing to do is grab her and move her towards sanctuary. Extracting her also needs to be done tonight.”

I groaned. He really wanted me to do the impossible in under the next four hours. “What’s the pay?”

“A half a million up front, another when you deliver her towards the sanctuary. Following after, I’ll also pay a half a million every year for you to protect her.”

I whistled. This was truly a lot of money just for taking care of one girl, this also meant that the problem that arise around her would become a very dangerous situation. Something like this was something I definitely needed to talk with the pack.

“Don’t worry my little angel, I have a couple extraction plan ready.”

It was as if he just read my thoughts. I quickly brushed it aside and stared at him directly. “I need to talk with my pack about this.”

“Take your time, but you have less than….” Adam pulled back his sleeves and look at his watched. “Two hours to decide, before you go out and scout out the area or going to be too late”

“Fine. I’ll give you a call in the next thirty minute.”

“Good to hear, my little angel.” He winked and brushed back his coat. Turning around, he slowly walked towards the door. “Ah, before I forget. Don’t let her die.”

“I know.” I was busy looking down at all the information that he had given me. Adam left without a single sound.

Ray stepped forward towards the desk, peeved at how Adam had spoken to me. “Tila.”

“Yes?” I continue to scan over the information.

“Why do you deal with that prick? He’s always so bossy as if he own the place.”

“He’s one of our biggest patrons. I suggest you to remember that. Money doesn’t drop in front of our doorsteps.”

“Still, can’t we find a different client? Instead of a vampire?”

“No. Right now, he’s the best protection we have against other vampires. We don’t need another scuffle with the locals vampires when we only have so little of our pack.”

“We can take them on. We have another twenty rogue orphans of our kind willing to join us today.”

I scowled. “I’m not trying to make a my own military here Ray. Our goal is to live a better life. Though I wonder where heck do you keep finding more orphans out there.”

Ray blushed. “We been scouring the different cities and bringing in the teen and children who been thrown away by their human family. I personally thought it would be a great addition, especially those who have lost their home.”

“I see.” I know Ray is huge on pack family, but sometimes I feel like he’s pushing it a little too hard on finding more to grow our small little pack. Majority of our people are in their late teens and early twenties. A handful of elderly and a quite a large pocketful of children.

“No matter call everyone in, we got a pack meeting that we need to discuss in the next thirty minutes.”

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Honestly no, but I get the feeling that something bad is going to go down if we don’t help this girl out.”

“Alright, Tila. I’ll get everyone ready.” He brushed his hand back through his hair.

I nodded, leaving me behind by myself. Honestly I had already decided on taking this job, but I still wanted the opinion of my pack for they were my family. The Black Wolf Pack claiming territory, and then having a job of saving a little girl was something that I haven’t expected all in one day. Sometimes money might not be worth risking my life for, but my conscious told me that I should take this job.

Even Seline who have been sleeping for six years, recuperating her body and mind haven’t stirred until now. Something big was coming, and I knew that my pack was smack in the middle of it.

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