Drezo Regalia V6 Ch. 4

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Chapter 4
Eight Star Dragon Generals


Oct. 24, 2054. Saturday. 3:46 PM

Zero’s group finally made it to the 39th floor. The climb through the spiritual world took a lot longer than they anticipated. Even though they had carefully pushed through, trying their best not to die, at most, the highest number of deaths was around five at minimum. This caused an average of losing fifteen levels in total, but it was the experience points gained through the spiritual world that helped them. It was three times higher than the normal world. 

If one stayed alive long enough, the three levels, they had lost easily returned. However, even though the fight was difficult, the young dragons and their companions persevered. Their demeanor and fighting style became tighter, faster, and more robust at every level they handled. 

One pair of dragons and their companion could now take on four to five mummies by themselves and keep their aura armor on for longer. What caused their delay in moving through the 

dungeons were the swarms of powerful mobs that would attack them in waves. 

They were in front of the entrance to the 40th floor, attempting to clear out the large mob of varieties of mummies that blocked the way. Every single one of his party members was still alive and pushing forward. The narrow hallway had opened into a large clearing that allowed more movement for the dragons and their companions. 

The thundering clashes of dragon’s roar and their companions’ swords clashed against their enemies. They tore, devoured, and fought in an attempt to stay alive. 

“Move!” Valiant yelled. He grinds his claws into the ground, springing forward with his claws outstretched. With a swipe of his hands, the Soldier’s mummies unfurled onto the ground. 

“Zero, another swarm is coming!” Reed yelled. She pulled her sword back from the magician mummy in the middle of casting. She interrupted just in time before the magician could decimate their group. 

“I’m on it!” Zero sprinted forward in his dragon form. His muscles tightened and loosened, giving him the burst of energy that he needed.  

Zero moved before the large group of mummy soldiers and swung his sword like a bat. The first front row of mummies clashed and fell onto the ground. Black energy dissipated from their body and disappeared into nothingness. 

Agnis dashed forward, her arrows shooting far from behind him, backing him up. She did not let a single one past Zero and kept the far-ranged mummies from pushing past him. 

This allowed Zero to fight with an even footing, with the large mummies swarming on all sides. He slashed and danced, doing a guerrilla-like fight.

There were three types of mummies mixed in the swarm. The first was a magician type named Mummy Magician that cast magic from behind, the second were soldier types with a spear and a shield named Mummy Soldiers, but out of them all were the third type that was heavy set with powerful attacks called Bombers. 

A lumbering Bomber ran forward towards Zero, and the surrounding mummies split ways allowing the Bomber to rush head first towards Zero. Then, alarmed to see a heavy-set mummy running towards him full speed, he twisted around and bolted towards the right towards the wall.

Using the momentum, his feet pushed off the wall, and his sword dashed forward into a horizontal slash, cutting into the Bomber’s fat that bulged out of its stomach. Guts spilled out, causing the Bomber to stumble forward. Zero used this chance to lop off its head. The adrenaline was running to the max, giving Zero the extra boost of energy that he needed. 

Time felt like it was going slow; the enemy sword slid downward in front of him by a hair width. He jumped backward in time before he could be cut in half. 

Dancing around on light feet, he moved gracefully around his opponent. His sword struck in a flurry of continuous strikes that became blurry for the eye to follow. Black flame burst off from his blades, creating an eerie fire. 

Zero took care of the swarm, with Agnis backing him up from behind. Then, with a flick of his wrist, he went through the final mummy that stood against him. 

He felt a surge of energy being replenished and his aura around him becoming brighter. His aura was getting brighter, and the surge of energy was the sign that he had leveled up. There were no messages that popped up on the screen telling him that this was a game world. 

There was a vast difference between the physical and spiritual worlds in the game of Growth. He noticed that the leveling-up system was different but still had the same concept of allowing one to grow. Everything in the spiritual world was based on one’s will and belief to draw upon the limited power in their body. 

“Not too shabby.” Zeraph finished off another Bomber by himself. The Bomber disappeared into the black mist, leaving nothing behind. 

“I’m not sure if I’m glad that’s over or worried about our next fight.” Then, zero’s black sword Kamori disappeared into thin air. 

“It’s not too bad, you know. We have eleven levels left to go before we complete this dungeon.” 

“The next one is a boss dungeon. The first one on the tenth and twenty floors was not hard. We flew past those two as if it was nothing, though now, on the third, we had some problems; it did not give us too much of a problem.” Zero bit his lips and glanced over towards the door to the next level. “The fourth…we died three times trying to beat that Baphomet. So what the heck is a Baphomet doing here in this Pyramid?”

“Does it matter? It’s not like it’s going to eat you.” 

“It did.” Zero scowled. “I couldn’t change into my dragon form once throughout this whole Raid. I don’t understand how the others are so easily hopping back and forth from human to dragon so quickly. Shouldn’t I be able to do something like that?”

“I don’t know. I’m not a dragon.” Zeraph shrugged away his question. 

“For once, a little helpful advice would be great.” 

“If I gave you something halfheartedly, you would probably kick my ass.” 

“I would.” 

“See. You didn’t deny it a single bit.” 

“Yea. Yea. I know.” Zero kicked the pebble on the ground, frustrated. He was still determining why he couldn’t change into his dragon form like the others. Was it because he always died as a human and not once changed into his dragon form? Though nowadays, no messages state he could not change from one to another. At every turn, he was caught up in a tight situation with no space to turn big. In all honesty, if he did change, he would surely get stuck in the corridor. 

The other dragons were small enough to fit through without much problem. Maybe it was because he unconsciously thought that the space was too small that he did not change. Even in the spiritual world, the size of the building was the same. It was narrow and difficult to move too much when over eighty dragons and their companions were together in one area. 

“Don’t worry too much. You are doing outstanding in your human form. What was it? You said you had only half your power when fighting to this point?”

Zero nodded. “That other half would be greatly useful as we get deeper into the dungeon. The last eleven probably won’t be a walk in the park anymore.” 

“I wouldn’t say it’s a walk in the park, to begin with.” Zeraph chuckled. “Have you seen how tired the others look? Compared to them, you could go for another round.” 

Turning towards the young dragons sprawled on the ground, Zero noticed that all of them were panting with heavy breath. They had difficulty standing up and instead stayed on the ground, exhausted. 

“I guess so. Ten-minute break before we go fight the level forty boss?”

“That would be good.” Zeraph nodded. While he was in the dungeon, he sat on the ground and took some herbs that Zero had personally concocted. They were plants that grew inside the dungeon. Even his herbal skill to mix new medicine was possible. He found out that the plants in the spiritual world were three times more potent than the natural ones, giving benefits that he did not suspect. 

Still, even though there weren’t many plants that grew throughout the dungeon, he procured enough to give at least three to each player. This was enough to last for three whole days by just eating one.  

“You’re eating what I made. I thought you wouldn’t.” Zero gave him a sly grin. 

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t use it.” Zeraph stopped eating and glared at him. 

“But you were complaining about it when I gave you some.” 

“It’s not complaining. It’s observing the low quality that you gave me in the first place. “These 

are better quality that I would like more of. Plus, I don’t like to waste anything.”

“Uh huh, sure~” Zero knew that Zeraph was being stubborn. Lately, Zeraph was asking for more herbal concoctions he was brewing together. Finally, he was able to make some pills that would temporarily boost a single status or more. So far, he could create pills that could give up to three status bonuses, but this required higher-level ingredients that he needed to procure himself. 

Zeraph waved him off and turned around. He leaned back and closed his eyes. 

Valiant came over with Reed beside him. They sat in front of Zero, exhausted. “Hey, Captain.” 

“Captain?” Zero cocked his head confused. 

“That’s what we all decided to call you from now on.” 


“But Captain~” Valiant chided with a low helpless tone of denial of Zero’s words. 

“Yes, Captain.” Zeraph chuckled. “You should be honored, captain.” 

“Not you too.” Zero groaned.

“Anyways, Captain, have you heard any news from team two that has been conquering the other 


“None so far that I know of. The last time we heard from them was on the 35th floor if I remember correctly. 

“That’s better than I thought.” Valiant crossed his claws over each other, sitting on his hind legs, and puffed out a gust of smoke out of his nose. “I was hoping they could push through faster and 

catch up to us.” 

“True, although we should worry about our side first.” 

“Yea, I know the Captain. Unfortunately, though, I’ve heard strange rumors from our group.” 

“Rumors?” Zero turned towards Valiant confused. 

“There are strange rumors of shadows appearing on the same level as us. I know there aren’t ghosts on these levels because we are one ourselves, but these shadows were like ghosts that you see in movies. One went through me but didn’t harm me at all.” Valiant shuddered. “All I felt was a flashing hot air that struck my core, and following after, I felt regretful for dying. I never felt such remorse until then.” 

“Regretful? Ghost? Are you sure?” Zero pulled up one of his legs, wrapped his hand around it, and leaned forward. 

“Yep, Captain. I thought you’re supposed to get chills running up and down one’s spine, not shuddering hot flames that burn one’s body.” Valiant pulled Reed over to his side and brought her forward. He pulled her down onto the ground and pulled back a few clothes above her shoulder. 

“Kyaaaaaaah!” Reed screamed in a high-pitched voice. She turned around and slapped the crap out of Valiant, throwing his head backward at an awkward angle. “You beast!” 

“Ow, Reed. You’re my girlfriend. How can you do this to me.” Valiant complained of pain. He tilted his head to the side, bringing his hand to his face. 

“That doesn’t mean take advantage of me!” 

“I was only showing him the burn mark. I wasn’t going to strip you!”

“You could’ve asked!” Reed fumed. She clasped her clothes in embarrassment and outrage at being handled roughly by Valiant. “If you do that again, I’m going to punch the crap out of you!” 

“You already do that every day.” Valiant rolled his eyes and flicked his tongue out. 

Zero couldn’t help but feel a bit out of place at their lover’s quarrel. He felt he saw something that he shouldn’t have. “Ahem!” He coughed to get their attention.

“Ah.” Reed turned bright beet red. She cast her gaze down in shame and stuttered. “S-sorry about that. He’s a brute.” 

“Well, what exactly are you trying to show me?” 

Reed started to unbutton her top vest. Zero felt a rush of heat come up his face, he couldn’t look away because Reed was trying to show him something important. 

She pulled off her vest and was in a tight-fitting tank top that exposed her shoulder. Zero noticed a large red mark with black and blue blotches running down her neck and down her right shoulder. It reminded him of red lightning that struck her mercilessly.

Zero couldn’t help but feel surprised at how badly the bruised shoulder looked. Was this all caused by this so-called ghost that Valiant was talking about? How were they supposed to deal with something intangible? 

“If I could explain how it feels, my energy doesn’t flow quite well through my shoulder. I can’t seem to pull out any aura around it to protect it.” 

“That’s bad.” 

“Yea, the monster keeps aiming for the shoulder whenever I fight.” 

“Have you found anything to make it disappear?” 

“Not completely. For some reason, mint has been doing the trick by helping it recuperate faster. So far, it has been slowly receding in its natural state. Give or take another three hours; it should disappear.”  

“It should? You’re not sure.” 

Reed shook her head. “It’s an approximate guess.” 

“What other side effects have you had?” Zero hurried over to get a closer look at her shoulder. He could see a faint pulsing black light that came out, giving it a slightly sour stench. His nose wrinkled, and he pulled back in surprise. 

“I know. It gives off a strange odor too. I thought it was just me, but Valiant gave the same expression. There aren’t any other problems but the circulation of my energy being wacky, though I’m not the only one with this problem.” 

“Wait, there’s more?” Alarmed, Zero raised his voice. He quickly looked towards his group, scanning for any possible injury he could see, but so far, everyone’s armor and clothes hid the injury.

“Yea. I think twelve of us had brushed up against those strange shadows.” Reed pulled back her vest. 

“That’s not good. We’ll fight the 40th-level dungeon boss and need everybody to fight.” Zero felt a bit peeved that no one had brought this up till now. He pulled out the remaining herbs that he had left and started to mix herbs that could help the blood flow in her body. 

No new message appeared that showed his success or failures. Everything he had to do was based on intuition, making this much more difficult. Even still, he produced the basic amount of medicine without too much of a hurdle and made them into tea. 

“What are you doing?” Reed glanced over curiously. 

“Medicine for your shoulder. Bring everyone with the same predicament over. We’re not leaving till all of us are at 100%.”


“Just get them before I change my mind.” 

“Okay.” Reed got up and went towards the crowd.

“You got an idea of what you need to do?” Valiant was glancing over toward Zero with interest. His eyes shone in awe at Zero’s skillful hands, creating the medicine. 

“Somewhat; she said that the mint she ate helped a bit with the blood flow. So I got some cinnamon barks to help the circulation mixed in with the mint.” 

“Wait, where did you find a cinnamon bark here, of all places?” Zeraph was stumped at Zero’s answer.

“There are some leftover plants here and there in those old treasure chests. So I traded with the others who found them.”

“That’s peculiar.” 

“I know. Who would’ve thought the plants wouldn’t deteriorate but stay fresh longer? There are so many things on this side of the world that are so different. It’s just so strange.” Zero couldn’t put the finger on it, but he felt they were more to this part of the game than he realized. He thought it over, trying to piece the information in his mind while his hands automatically created the medicine. 

The gift of the Seed was given to the players, which allowed people psychic abilities that could be used in the real world and the game world. He was not sure where this game was taking him, but he knew for sure that it had become much more entertaining. Though, being captured by psychic fanatic enthusiasts wasn’t what he ever expected. 

What was their true purpose? So far, his snooping around did not bear any fruit. Only baseless rumors that did not have solid proof. The time to snoop around was much more difficult than he had thought, though he had started to find out the routine pattern of the staff working in the building. 

There were some clues that he found strange in the psychic academy. The lower-level Psychics were not killed but seemed to be in some strange hypnotic trance. At first, it was unnoticeable, but the oddity could be found if one paid close attention too. 

Some of the kids were more prone to be battle crazy to the point where they became mindless in the game. Zero had seen some of the clips of their battle footage from behind Angelina when she was not looking. Their psychic ability had grown extensively, almost as if it was forced to bloom. 

While the higher-powered Psychic ability users were more curtailed to specific regimes that even Zero had to follow, he was in the class of the strong. The tests were also conducted with simple exercises of repetition after repetition. Sometimes their power would increase; other times, it would dramatically fail. What he found out was a balance of ‘wanting’ to make it happen and then ‘forcing’ it to happen.

“Hey, Captain. I’m going to help Reed. I get the feeling she doesn’t know what she’s doing.” Valiant sighed, cutting through his thinking.

“Huh? Yea.” Zero glanced up and saw Valiant getting up and heading towards her, leaving both Zeraph and Zero alone together. 

Agnis walked over and sat down with a sigh. “Hey, guys.” She replied, her hair flung back as her white hair dropped from behind. 

“Hi.” Zeraph and Zero spoke at the same time. Silence followed after, leaving everyone to do their things. Agnis did not seem to be in the mood to talk. 

Zero’s mind was back to what he was thinking before. He started to speak. “Zeraph.” 


“Have you noticed that the Seed’s power has rapidly grown these past three weeks?” 

“I thought I was the only one. I noticed that too.” 

“So it’s not just me.” Zero was thinking over what he had just found out. He thought his psychic ability was growing rapidly while they were in the Pyramid of Light. It was as if it was made to enhance their psychic skill. 

“I could be wrong, but I think this Pyramid of Light has something to do with it.” 

“You guys too?” Agnis spoke, surprised. “Wow, this is news to me. I mean, how could a game help in increasing your ability? It’s just like Zero said. It’s a bit strange. I just never thought about it till you brought it up.”   

“I had the same thought as well. Right now, from my calculations, we only have twenty-one seeded players in this group. The second group doesn’t have a single one so I couldn’t get more information than that.” 

“Wait, twenty-one of us are Seeded players here?” Agnis’s jaws dropped from shock. “I thought I felt familiar around a couple of the players, but I wasn’t so sure they were so many.” 

“Who are they?” Zero asked. “Wait, you’re not going to recruit them, are you?” He disliked the thought of people being kidnapped. 

“Why would I do that? Even though I’m the school doctor, I have absolutely no obligation to recruit them. I’d rather they found out for themselves.” 

“Oh.” Zero let out a long-winded relief. “I’m glad you are one of the few adults with a human consciousness.” 

“Human consciousness….” Zeraph’s words faded away, lost in thought. 

“So can you tell us who?” Agnis asked, a bit excited. 

“Well, you already know them. Turnip, Terry, Baku, Quill, Kai, Leona, Val, Ponza, Bee, Tanmint, Valiant, Reed, Seka, Leaf, Den, Elfon, Elron, Titi, Agnis, you, and me.” 

“That’s like all the upper-level dragons, excluding Titi. So how was she able to become a seeded player? I mean, Elron is her partner, but did she find a unique job here?”

“If I understood correctly, it was Speaker for the Dead.” 

“Speaker for the Dead? Hah?” Agnis’s eyebrows furrowed, confused. “That sounds a bit….scary.” 

“Really? I think it’s quite fascinating. She gets to hear the stories of the dead spirits and even take on a quest that we have never seen before.” Seraph’s eyes glinted with a hint of mischief. “Why are you scared of ghosts?”

“N-no.” Agnis shook her head furiously. 

“You don’t sound so confident.” 

“I am.” Agnis pouted. Her cheeks became puffy. Zero couldn’t help but find her pouting face adorable. It reminded him of a chipmunk that stuffed its cheeks with food. 

“Captain~” Valiant called out with enthusiasm. “I got all the wounded.”

 Zero handed each person a few bottles of medicine that he had concocted. “Take one every thirty minutes. When everyone takes the third pill, we’ll be going in to take on the fourth boss.” 

“Thanks, captain.” An elf took the pill that Zero had made. 

“Captain, you’re the best.” A girl that seemed more like a child took the next. 

“Captain, you’re a lifesaver. I thought I was going to die.”

“Captain! You’re so dreamy~.”

“Captain! Captain!”

Whenever someone called him Captain, he could feel his blood vessels constricting, giving him a headache. Unfortunately, valiant had started the trend of calling him Captain, and it got to the point where everyone was now calling him that. He couldn’t do anything but quietly accept. They wouldn’t listen to him, even though he repeatedly asked them not to say that.

“Give up, Captain.” Zeraph chuckled. “You’re fighting against the current, and you’ll lose.” 

“But this Captain thing is getting ridiculous.” Zero protested, but his voice was not heard from the wild chatter of the other excited players. Instead, they were all relieved that they were able to recover.

“Captain~” Valiant happily replied. He would only show this ridiculous side near his friends and Zero. Besides that, he would have a dominating glare that would scare off anyone. Honestly, the Race Black Dragon was not just for show. Anyone could tell Valiant would grow into a very intimidating, vicious, and powerful dragon. 

Zero eyed him coldly. Valiant’s happy attitude was silenced in an instant. 

“That attitude doesn’t fit your image. You should drop it.” Seka walked over with her head held up high. 

Compared to the gold dragon Seka, they were like light and day. Seka would draw in the crowds with her angelic appearance, causing people to drop down their guards and worship her. The beauty of the Gold Dragon was as if she was born as an angelic dragon with her feathered golden skin and ears. Just by staying next to her, one’s spirit could be invigorated with life. An ethereal light energy is also drawn to her unconsciously, creating a halo-like effect. If there were such a thing as a greater being, she was close to becoming one without knowing. 

“My image?” Valiant stood up and became stone cold. “I don’t have an image I need to upkeep.” He scowled, bearing his teeth. His fork tongue slithered out, and a huff of green smoke escaped his lips. “Your image does not fit you at all.” He punctuated his words. 

“My image? I think I’m doing fairly well.” 

“You should’ve been born a black dragon. Not Gold. You taint the name of all Gold Dragons with your behaviors lately.” 

“Hardly.” Sekka shook her head, letting the feathers shimmer with sparkling light. 

“Stop! You’re hurting my eyes. Are you some sparkly vampire?” Valiant squinted and exaggeratedly called out. 

“Ha?” Sekka stopped and eyed him funny. Even Zero’s lips twitched from the strange comedic scene before them. 

It was a perfect scene of good and evil playing out in front of him. Every time they goaded each other, Zero noticed that the air around them started to become stifled with magical energy. One side of the large room was becoming dark and evil, while the other was becoming bright and vibrant. 

The jarring contrast of magical energy was fluctuating in front of him, and Zero couldn’t help but cover his eyes. He wondered how this dragon’s mother and father ever got along. From just watching the two in front of him, they were like fire and ice constantly at each other’s throats. 

A spark of energy from their words escalated the elemental energy into a combative mode. Not even a second later, the colorful dragons were each siding towards one or the other. On Seka’s side were the white, silver, and bronze dragons, while on the Valiant side were the red, blue, and green that naturally formed into a pack. 

“Does this normally happen?” Zero gave out a long sigh and pointed toward them. Reed, who was next to him, nodded. 

“Yea, always. They have a natural lure that you don’t often see, but having two alphas in the same room gets pretty intense. So I’m glad someone like you could stop them with a finger snap.” 

“What are you talking about? I’m not some magician, you know.” 

“No, but you’re our captain.” 

“Damn Valiant and his words.” Zero furrowed. He felt the weight of a leader heavily on his shoulder. 

Reed motioned him forward to take care of the situation. 

“I get it.” Zero let out a heavy breath and walked in between the two giant dragons that were bickering. Within seconds, he jumped upwards and smashed their head onto the ground. Each one of their large dragon heads was under his hands. They stare upwards at Zero with wide eyes in silence. “We can do this in a couple of ways.”

Even though he was not tall, but a lot shorter than the dragons, the whole scene before them was astounding. A human was holding down the large heads of two ferocious dragons without a single bat of his eye. They could barely move their head from the sheer power that Zero was pushing down onto the two dragons. 

Zero put just enough force that they would stay down, and he put terrifying pressure upon the people around him. Everyone present could feel the effect of intimidation from Zero; the closer one was, the heavier the pressure of his aura.

Seka and Valiant did not budge an inch and just quietly stayed still. They knew that Zero would kick them around like empty tin cans. But, at the same time, they respected him more than they feared him, so they stood still, understanding Zero’s intent.

“I’ll let you guys go in three seconds. Let’s get this little squabble over and done with, please. 

One. Two…..Three.” Zero pushed backward, allowing both of them to get up. 

“Sorry.” Valiant was the first one to speak. 

“Me too,” Sekka replied. 

“Good; with both of you guys filled with energy, you will lead the attack in the boss battle.”

“What?!” Sekka and Valiant replied in a loud but harsh tone in disbelief. 

“Is it a problem?” 

Valiant spoke with enthusiasm. “I will gladly head first into battle.” 

“I’m not like this airhead,” Sekka pointed towards Valiant. “I like to see what the opponent can 

do before heading starlight into battle.” She frowned. 

“No problem. I have been watching both of you guys these past few weeks. So this time, we’re going in with a different strategy. Right now, we don’t know what we’ll be up against. Sekka has a knack for improvising and strategies the battle formation, while Valiant has a natural ability to be at a certain place at a certain time where the most heated battle tends to be. So this time, we’ll be using both of your talents in this next boss fight. Not only that, each one of you will be part of this battle in your own way.” Zero knew that there were better ideas than leaving all the planning of the battles to himself. He knew he was limited to what he knew, and people who were better than him in certain subjects were always better. Being the glue that held up the best was what he was becoming. 

“So, how are you going to do this?” Zeraph asked. He walked up and stood next to them. 

“We will start the eight Dragon Generals of the Drezo Regalia Clan.”

“Eight Dragon Generals?” 

“Yes, I didn’t just randomly put everyone in different groups. Valiant and Sekka have a natural ability to be a leader and the top most powerful dragons out of the group, excluding me. No other dragons rival that power, but it’s not just their strength. Sekka is decisive and calculative in her fights. She plans in the beginning and during the battle. At the same time, Valiant is more instinctual and moves where his body and guts tell him. It even rivals Sekka’s minuscule strategies, giving her an equal footing with Valiant. The thing that gives Valiant an extra push is an undead army that follows behind him. So far, he can make a hundred followers under his command.”

“So, are you saying you’re giving up your position?”

“They are not the only two pulling their weight in this group. Baku has been keeping tabs on 

your finances this whole time. He already holds the position of a financial adviser. His ability to transition multiple transactions is quite impressive. So far, all the recovery items he got cheaply and in mass quantities were through him. A Red dragon, he’s quite greedy and scary regarding business. Turnip is an underwater and naval expert. The blue dragon description truly represents him. Even though we did not have any water battles yet, I have seen him doing well in this field a couple of times. Kai has a natural affinity to almost all the elemental abilities, is a first-class healer, and is an elemental magic user. I wouldn’t be surprised if he could hold off against Valiant and Sekka. Val, on the other hand, is a natural born singer; her music gives status boost effects that dancers and magicians have.” Zero was looking toward each one with confidence as he continued.

“Bee has an elongated speech and manners. Great for politically speaking with the nobles and the government of this world. So far, he was able to get a bit of aid from the Queen by giving us supplies that Baku could not get. Then we got our speedster Den. She is our little ninja that strikes where it hurts. Sabotage, espionage, and even assassination. These eight dragons are, in their way, an inspiration to our kind. They all excel in something that they do best. I know I cannot be the best in everything, but that does not mean I can’t bring the best teams together. 

Even if I’m lacking in certain areas, my allies compensate for this side of me. The eight Generals of the Drezo Regalia race are as follows. Valiant, the black dragon, and his companion Reed. Sekka, the gold dragon, and her companion, Leaf. Turnip, the blue dragon, and his companion Terry. Baku, the red dragon, and his companion Quill. Val, the bronze dragon, and her companion Ponza. Bee, the Silver Dragon, and his companion Tanmint. Den, the white dragon, and Elfon are the Eight Dragon generals and their companions that will make up their respective clan and become the pillar that brings the Drezo Regalia species into higher ground. These are people that I have personally watched and observed their skills. I believe each one of them is a great asset to the future of the Drezo Regalia as a whole. From now on, they will be called the Eight Star Dragon Generals.”

Suddenly, a static-like message appeared before them in front of every single one of them. The usual notification only sometimes appeared in the spiritual world except for certain occasions. But, even in the living world, the Drezo Regalia’s residents were notified of a special historic change in their village. 


Eight Star Dragon Generals and their companions


A special appointment of the eight-star Dragon generals and their companions has appeared to protect the Drezo Regalia. Furthermore, the Dragon species has begun to form clans of their respective Race Under the reign of Chief Librarian, Zero of the Drezo Regalia species. 


Blue Dragon General- Turnip / Companion-Terry 

Naval war officer that excels in naval combat. All blue dragons and their companion under the Blue Dragon Naval Corps status will increase by 3% in naval battles. 


Red Dragon General- Baku / Companion- Quill

A Financial adviser for the Chief of Librarian, Zero, and its business, Ruby corporation has become the main establishment. All transactions done by a Red dragon under the Ruby corporation and their companion will be given a 5% discount on all market prices. 


Green Dragon General- Kai/ Companion- Leona 

Natural affinity to nature and healing. 5% increase in natural elements and bountiful harvest for all Green dragons under your command.


Bronze Dragon General- Val / Companion- Ponza 

A national singer of the Dragon Race. Her song ability draws and brings together the people of the Drezo Regalia as a whole 5% increase in basic status increases every time her song is played live. 


Silver Dragon General- Bee/ Companion- Tanmint 

An ambassador of the Drezo Regalia species. The first one to be sent to other countries to negotiate. 5% increase the chance of successful negotiation done by Bee and anyone under Bee’s command.


Black Dragon General- Valiant / Companion- Reed

The dark general brings natural fear to their opponents. Natural ability for Necromancy and fear. 5% increase in Necromancy and fear for everyone under Valiant’s command. 


Gold Dragon General- Seka/ Companion- Leaf 

The Holy General brings peace and prosperity to the dragon’s Race. Her wisdom and intellectual strategies are considered her forte. 5% increase chance of successfully winning battles all under Skea’s command.


White Dragon General- Den/ Companion – Elfon (human male)

The ninja of the Dragon race. Specializing in information, sabotage, assassination, and infiltration. 5% increase chance of successfully gaining information, sabotage, assassination, and infiltration


The eight Generals were thrilled to be appointed a title and a position by Zero. Even Zero was surprised that his words gave rise to the special Eight Star Dragon Generals. He was pleased with the status increase that was also given to the eight, which could help them out tremendously. 

“This is unreal.” Valiant was shocked, staring at the message and reading it repeatedly. “Really?” He glanced towards Zero, pleading for an answer. 

“Who cares! I got a large jump in my status points from the title of the Eight Star Dragon Generals.” Den was shaking his tail please at the information that he was given. He was darting around in happiness. 

“Impressive as always.” Zeraph grinned. 

“Kuhuhuhu, even in dark times like this, seeing our allies becoming stronger fills me with hope.” Agnis cheerfully replied. She had been quietly watching the whole thing progress until now. 

“This is history in the making.” 

“I wouldn’t be surprised,” said Zeraph. He rested his hands on the hilt of his sword. 

“Well, everything is in order, and everyone is ready to fight.” Zero gave them a cheerful smile. A lot of things were going in their favor, and he could feel that the Drezo Regalia as a whole would once again change in many unexpected ways. “Let’s go!” He shouted and pointed towards the door to the boss floor. 

The dragon and its companion cheered, pushing forward with more vigor than before. 

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